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Safe Haven, Siege Perilous

Safe Haven

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Victim of Siege
looks like something happened to Mish, all his houses fell, including the Hub.
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Victim of Siege
@FrejaSP you coming back soon?
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Victim of Siege
anyone here?
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Victim of Siege
Knock Knock
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Hello SH Council members

We do have a SH Council meeting Apr 14, 2017, 2 PM EST, 8 PM EU central, I hope you you can make it and maybe the Council can get together before the meeting or I will try to find each of you to see if you have something you want taking up at the meeting.

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Hello Citizens of Safe Haven

I would like you to take a look at this idea An idea for a Safe Haven Event, Bazaar at my Castle roof and tell me if you want to help me make it happen, maybe one of the last weeks March or first week of April.
It will be at my Safe Haven Castle and also non Safe Haven Citizen can have a stall. If you feel you can help or in any way add to the event, please tell me. I would also love to see more vendors in Safe Haven before the event.

Freja, Mayor of Safe Haven
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Journal of the meeting is posted on Safe Haven forum Safe Haven Community Election

Now Citizens, go to the town hall and vote. Your votes do count too.
Who of this Citizens do you want to be the 5 for the SH council?
Ol'Rac Nnod

The Town Hall is first floor of the SH Hub, if not accessed ask for me or Mish o Sha in game or PM me here
To get the ballot, the Elections Steward will have the ballots, a book at her feet tell keyword say to the steward and you will get a bag with a ballots and a red leaf to use on the book to lock the contents so that the text can no longer be changed.
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I'm calling to a meeting next Saturday, Jan 21, time 2 pm EST, 8 pm CET
Place the Town Hall at Safe Haven Hub and Community Center.
Goal for the meeting is to meet each others and meet the nominated if they can be on. if we get more than we have chairs for, we will move to my castle roof.
Come in peace and bring ideas for the SH Council and the City as whole.

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Hello Citizens
Kelmo invite to Siege Council meeting tomorrow See Stratics Town Hall Meeting 1/14/2017 2 PM Eastern and White Council forums TOWN HALL MEETING 1/14/2017 2 PM EASTERN
I will represent Safe Haven to the meeting but it is about time we make a new vote for Safe Haven Council and choose who should be the Mayor for the next 6 month.
I will do the voting this way.
All house owners with Safe Haven or SH in the name of their house placed inside Safe Havens limit do have one vote.
Before next Sunday Jan 22, place a book in the Safe Haven Hub and Crafting Center mailbox.
In book need to be this:
Title: SH Council Jan 2017
Owner of book = House owner
Accepting votes yes/no
I nominate <name>
When we do have the nominated, I will post the list of nominated and next step is the voting for 5 SH council members.
The SH council members will then vote for the Mayor for Safe haven (one of the council members). If they do not agree, it will be the one with most votes.
All votes will be keeped for Kelmo to see and he is welcome to be there when we move them from the mail box.
I will place a copy of this message in a book at town hall in Safe Haven Hub and Crafting Center and try to place one in every mailbox at the houses. If no mailbox, I will drop it on step.
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Hi All
I want to make an Orienteering Run in Safe Haven, not sure what the correct name is in English.
I will use stewards and mailboxes as control boxes.
It start out in Safe Haven Crafting Center and Hub at Crossroad. Here I will give a keyword for a steward in the house. The steward will give the ones who join a bag with book with a hint and an item he need to place in the mailbox as control to prove he was at the post, the mailbox will put posters name on the item. It could be a book, where he write his name as title and answers to a question in it. This way, we can check, that the winner was at all posts.
The hint should tell something about next post, that will be a steward in a Safe Haven house and where to find the keyword to get a bag from the steward with a new hint book and a new control book.
I would like to make it before New Year, so if you want to help, please contact me. I need ideas and if you can make a post in your house too, it would be great.
I was also thinking we could add some kind of small gifts to the bags too, so not only the winner get something.
To make a post, you need to give a hint book to the post before yours that will help the runner find your post. So in your bags on your steward should be a book, given of owner of next post, a control book, with a question, they can find answer for in your house and maybe a small present or food or drinks.

Lets get some action in Safe Haven, we can try to post it on U.Hall to get some to give Siege a try.

If someone need steward or Mailbox, I will get one you can borrow.
Please put a book in my mailbox, with hint info for how to find your steward and with hint for what to say to the steward to get the bag. I will make copies of the book and give to the post before yours.
On your steward, you will need to place bags with a control book, where title say: <your name here>, and "by" should be name of the post = your house owners name.
Then you should add 1-3 questions, that will send them around in your house to get the answars, it could be names of parrots in the house, something placed on the fireplace or something else and info about placing this book in your mailbox when done with the questions.
I will then give you a pile of books with hints for the next post.
In the bag, you can also place a little gift. Not to many items in the bag as you then will have to restock the steward to have enough bags for all. I have no idea, if we get 3 runners or 50 runners :p
We will make a test run to see all works

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Report from meeting today
Only Sing and I was present.
Freja: hi
Singularity: afternoon
Singularity: meeting today?
Freja: yes
<1464013>Freja: calling Safe Haven Citizens to meeting room
Singularity: then im on time
Singularity: :]
Freja: yep
Singularity: should i read this?
Freja: hope more will come
Singularity: aye'
Freja: it was posted on moderator wall
Singularity: So... have any ideas?
<1464013>Freja: Lupe, Storm, you on?
Singularity: So what about a crafting day?
Singularity: Imbuing for people
Freja: sounds like a good idea
Singularity: they bring the ingreds, we make for them
Singularity: people always looking for an imbuer
Freja: yes
Singularity: I think it would be a good start
Freja: but they may fear to bring their resources here
Singularity: we can have a lock down box for them
Freja: many are scared of public houses witthout doors
Singularity: i doubt that
Singularity: this is siege
Singularity: :]
Freja: hehe
Singularity: if its something to do
Singularity: they will come
Freja: we can ban trouble makers who refuse to be peaceful here
Singularity: Thankfully there arent very many of those around
Freja: I placed a few cats to warn about stealthing thieves
Singularity: There ya go
Singularity: I think its a good start
Freja: me too
Singularity: we can do bow contests
Singularity: and mongbat darts
Singularity: for prizes
Singularity: lol
Freja: lol
Singularity: cheap and easy
Freja: only thing we need is more active players
Freja: I hope the new public will help that
Singularity: right , if ya build it, they will come
Singularity: well
Singularity: lets post it
Singularity: on startics and see how many are intrested
Freja: ok
Singularity: go from there
Singularity: get a feel
Singularity: ill ask Talia
Singularity: later when i see her
Freja: thanks
Singularity: she will be ok with it
Freja: I hope victim will recover fast
Singularity: Me too
Singularity: Even tho it was just us, we still have a plan
Freja: yes
Freja: TDO will help
Singularity: Of course?
Singularity: :]
Singularity: ill slap im imbuing on and tink and Bs
Freja: Tina can be here sometimes too
Singularity: more the merrier
Singularity: :]
Singularity: ok im gonna go do some yard work :[ ill be on later
Freja: ok
Singularity: meeting ajourned!
Singularity: lol
Freja: Smiles
Singularity: ill see ya soon
Singularity: have a good evening
You see: wooden planks
Freja: you too
Freja: and thanks for comming
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Hello Citizens
We now have a Council for Safe Haven
I will make a Council meeting Saturday, it will be open for the Citizens to watch.
I hope the council can make it if I set the meeting to start 3 PM Eastern Time US
The council is:
- Freja
At the meeting, we will try to look at the goals for Safe Haven and how to build up the town as a living town, that will draw visitors, both customers, more shop owners, more crafters, more gatherers and Hunters and also more PvP actions in a friendly way so all have fun.
Freja the Mayor of Safe Haven
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Welcome to our new Council
I will make a council meeting Saturday, it will be open for the Citizens to watch.
I hope the council can make it if I set the meeting to start 3 PM Eastern Time US
The council is:
- Freja
I'm thinking of some roles/titles for the members, now I may need a little help for the names for the titles.
1. One who take care of the shops and vendor owners and try to support them and help bring more vendor owners to the Town. Maybe also help with making events, that will draw customers to the town.
2. One who take care of promoting the town as a good place to visite and to hunt for resources. Maybe help making guided tours and events to promote the Town for PvM'ers
3. One who take care the security, maybe even bring back some Safe Haven Guards and lead them in a way, where all are welcome, no matter of color, as long they come in peace.
4. One who take care of new Citizen, help then get Safe Haven in the house name and help them advice where to find a empty plot to place at and other stuff about the Citizens and their houses.
Other issues we need to solve:
Communications, how do we get the Communications out to the Citizens. How do the Citizens find us and contact us?.
How do we handle raids of the town, killing of shop owners and their customers, killing of miners, lumberjacks around the town?.
How do we handle a Citizen who break the rules for the town?
Our main goal should be, to bring back life to Safe Haven, that include shops, PvP, houses with active players, visitors, events.
This are just my ideas, I look forward to hear your ideas too as I can't do this alone but we can do it together.
Freja The Mayor of Safe Haven
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Hello Safe Haven Citizen
We need a council and a Mayor
I'm calling all together Saturday September 6th, time will be 4 PM Est or 10 PM Central EU at the Crafting Center and Hub Crossroad.
If you want to run for being a council member, contact me before Saturday so I can add you to the list. I think the council should be 5 members, who will decide who will be Mayor.
The list so far:
Delilah The Mad
I will make a lock down box and a stack of books with names of all the candidates. Then each SH Citizen can vote for 3 on the list with an X at their name and then seal book and drop it in box so it lockdown.
Box will stay to Friday September 12, after that we will count the votes.

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Hello Citizen
We need a meeting about Safe Haven and how to keep it alive and we need a Town Council, a Mayor and I think 3-5 Council members.
I would like you to post here if you would like to run for Council member or Mayor or drop a book with your comments and ideas in our mail box at the Safe Haven Crafting Center and Hub. Also what times a meeting would work for you.
I will make a pile of the books so all Safe Haven Citizens can read them unless you put a note in book, that you don't want your book public. Please write name of the owner of your Safe Haven house in the book and when you post here.
If you not yet got Friend access to the Center, then find Mish o Sha or me ingame. If you have a house in the Town and Safe Haven in house name, you will get friend access for your chars.
I do not know alot about town councils. Are there different roles for some of the council members.
I do run for Mayor or council member.
I would like to have a Council member from each Guild present in the Town. The council members will be Admins on this forum and get access to Moderator wall.
We have a meeting room at second floor of Crafting Center, I will add the books there and books with logs from meetings.
Lets get this town up running :)
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Update about our Town Banner.
Troubadour: Hello Lady. *smiles*
Freja: welcome
Troubadour: I just wanted to let you know that the town application has been received.
Troubadour: and is currently being processed.
Freja: thanks
Troubadour: From here, it awaits spare time for Mesanna to do the construction
Troubadour: so it could be this week, or a month, or more.
Freja: yes I know she is busy
Troubadour: I will update you more as I hear anything - but most likely it will just appear some day.
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I submitted the design to the Town Banner. We should now meet the requirements.
#1 and #2, We have 26 Houses with Safe Haven as a part of house name.
#3, We have a webside, here and we have the history both on Stratics and in a book in our new Crafting Center and Hub north of Guard Fort
We have a map of the town and a design for the Town Banner. Sorry I do not post the pic yet, but maybe not all get approved.
Now the question are, when will it happen? That is hard to say, Mesanna may not have time before after they are done with the public.
What can we do and I mean us all, who love the town? We can keep the town alive, try to make events, don't need to be anything fancy, just something that keep some actions around the town and help keeping players busy/active until we see the Public on the shard.
Next NEW2 Graduation and Road Duel will be Friday August 29. I will try starting an hour later, so 7 pm East US, hope that works better.
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Hi All, I need your help.
1. To get a Town Banner we need something that bind the houses together so please make "Safe Haven" as a part of you house name.
2. We have an event each Friday in odd weeks. Please find me in game, PM me or ICQ me #7869331 if you can help. See the event calendar.
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I asked EM_Troubadour what it takes to get a town banner for Safe Haven
Here are the reply I got. I think we are close.

Hello Freja,
Thank you for reaching out to me on this. I am not certain that I will be able to attend, but I will certainly try.
For the Town Banner, you will need to meet certain requirements.
1.) A minimum of 5 houses or other establishments in the town.
2.) Something that identifies it as a town (A similar architectural theme, signature piece (one town on Atlantic all has the Codex Deed used as their signature), etc. Something that visually draws the town together.
3.) Some identifiable town history (Town/guild website? History on Stratics? etc.)
If you have all three of those, you will need to submit to me the above info (A map of the town would be great as well) along with the specific location where you would like the banner and a design layout for the banner (please use Inside UO for this). If you need assistance with the banner design - let me know and I may be able to assist.
After that, I will turn it in for approval and we wait for construction.
Thank you,

Here are my reply:
Thanks for the reply. I hope to see you but if you can't make it, tells ok, we plane to make more events like this

1.) I think we made that, even when we are from different guilds. We are 12+ players who love being a Safe Haven Citizen
2.) I will speak with the others about this one. Will Safe Haven as a part of house name do?
3.) The town sure have longer history than most player towns here. I will try to update the info on the town forum. This event will build to the old history.

I will need help to the town banner, I can't make Inside UO work on my new PC :(

I have an old guildstone
(I placed long ago and Hoffs found somewhere) named "Citizen of Safe Haven, CHS, I would love it to be a part of the banner. The town center had always been the large guard fort at East Brit Cross Road http://frejasp.dk/images/Safe_Haven_2014.jpg, and if allowed, I would love the banner to be at the center of top floor.
The place already some of the need for a town center, look here too http://frejasp.dk/images/SH_Center2.jpg and here http://frejasp.dk/images/SH_Center1.jpg
If not allowed up there, then maybe in front of the north/east building
I was thinking about the guildstone or if not allowed, a stone just saying, Safe Haven. Then an NPC maybe named "Merchant of Safe Haven" standing with a small table, showing some wares. then a red npc in war mode with a PK like name or just Brigand. Then maybe bench or something.

This below is not a part of what I ask for, I just wanted to show it.
I have an old dream, that Mesanna someday will allow a few npc vendors there and make repaid deeds work there, but that's an old wish from when I made an alternative to the deco Luna context, 5 years ago.
It could be a real town center, but I know, that's only a dream :)

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Hello Citizen
Safe Haven Road Duel and Evt. NEW2 Graduations party
I would like to bring back a little of the old spirit from the past of Safe Haven. We will host an informal event with duels on the road but I may need a little help from members of Safe Haven.
It will be Friday in odd weeks, 7 pm EST US time, evt. with a NEW2 Graduation first.
I will mark an Arena on road north of Freja's Castle. Where the duels will take place. I don't want to set rules, other than ask nicely for no looting unless the dueling players make other deals for the fight.
I need someone to take care of troublemakers, who was not a part of the duel, who try to loot the ones who die in duels. A few red guards could be great.
If someone could keep tracks of the fights and who win, it could be great too and maybe post about it with a few screen shots.
At the event, all doors to Freja's Castle will be open, so non fighters can watch the fights from there. Here I need a few TDO* who can kick troublemakers. I'm here thinking of some of the crafters in TDO*
It is meant to be informal, but maybe it would be nice with someone to write down who want to fight together and call them when time, a kind of duel master.
I would like to see 1 vs 1 fights but also 1 vs 2 or maybe 1 vs a group of NEW2, crafter and other non PvP skilled.
I did choose a Friday, as I can be on late.
Please make a post here or PM me what you may be able to help with and if you have ideas.
More info here: http://stratics.com/community/threads/new2-graduations-and-safe-haven-road-duel-events.319016/

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We got the old Citizen of Safe Haven, CSH guildstone back, Hoffs/GIL found it somewhere. It's not the first Safe Haven, SH stone or the Safe Haven Regulators, SHR but a stone I started Oct 2004 together with a guy named Saevel. The stone was mine but we changed it to CSH and with Saevel as guildmaster. Saevel failed to run the guild and after a month, we remade the guild as Safe Haven Citizen, SHC. We never ever saw Saevel again. I later found out who Saevel really was and that explain the drama around him. It was a crazy time with drama in several guilds. This guy wanted control over the main guilds on Siege, he did take over at least one guild and made a lot drama around a few others.
I don't know if the stone for Safe Haven Citizen, SHC still exist.
I was running SHC for a year, then the town died again. This stone however will be great if we get a town sign like Gilfane and Barter town, it can be a great part of the sign, even when this stone failed.
You see: Tina Tink [FF] (Freja's Family)
: You are now loyal to Saevel.
Guild Message: Guildmaster changed to: Saevel
Guild Message: The guildname has changed: Citizens of Safe Haven
Guild Message: The guild abbreviation has changed: CSH
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Hello Citizen
I'm looking for ideas for Safe Haven Events. I may not have the time and energy to be the one who run them but I will do what I can to be a part of them, when my playtime allow it.
Lets start a brainstorming.
1. PvP duels on the road or on top of the large guard fort.
2. Bazaar on top of the large Guard fort, crafters telling about their shops and maybe showing some wares (not expensive) and a Inn with lots of food and drinks. Maybe a duel areal outside for the ones who get bored of a crafter event and some tables with food and drinks there too
3. Maybe some kind of orienteering, where people have to find some posts at the public houses, maybe with a steward giving a book with hints for next post. The one who make it first will get a present from the last steward. The keyword for next steward can come from a player they have to find or a waiter npc in the house, where they need to guess/find the keyword for.
4. A guided tour around Safe Haven
5. I need to start do NEW2 graduations events again.
Just a few of my ideas

Freja and Tina Tink
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Great to see you all here. I hope we can use this place to put a little focus on our town.
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Welcome Citizen of Safe Haven
The forum is a little upside down, if you can't find the form to make a new post, look upstairs.
You can also add a comment to a post, but that part seem a little bugged yet.

When you make a new post here, there are an option to set the post to Public, Members or Staff = Whole Siege Community, Citizen of Safe Haven or SH council members.

Vs the forum, the posts made here will alert members/staff, that new messafe is posted.
It's also only place we can control who can see a post. The other forum, found in the menu line, is public, so everything posted there is public.
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