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Safe Haven, Siege Perilous

Safe Haven

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Hello Citizen
Safe Haven Road Duel and Evt. NEW2 Graduations party
I would like to bring back a little of the old spirit from the past of Safe Haven. We will host an informal event with duels on the road but I may need a little help from members of Safe Haven.
It will be Friday in odd weeks, 7 pm EST US time, evt. with a NEW2 Graduation first.
I will mark an Arena on road north of Freja's Castle. Where the duels will take place. I don't want to set rules, other than ask nicely for no looting unless the dueling players make other deals for the fight.
I need someone to take care of troublemakers, who was not a part of the duel, who try to loot the ones who die in duels. A few red guards could be great.
If someone could keep tracks of the fights and who win, it could be great too and maybe post about it with a few screen shots.
At the event, all doors to Freja's Castle will be open, so non fighters can watch the fights from there. Here I need a few TDO* who can kick troublemakers. I'm here thinking of some of the crafters in TDO*
It is meant to be informal, but maybe it would be nice with someone to write down who want to fight together and call them when time, a kind of duel master.
I would like to see 1 vs 1 fights but also 1 vs 2 or maybe 1 vs a group of NEW2, crafter and other non PvP skilled.
I did choose a Friday, as I can be on late.
Please make a post here or PM me what you may be able to help with and if you have ideas.
More info here: http://stratics.com/community/threads/new2-graduations-and-safe-haven-road-duel-events.319016/

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