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Safe Haven, Siege Perilous

Safe Haven

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Hi All
I want to make an Orienteering Run in Safe Haven, not sure what the correct name is in English.
I will use stewards and mailboxes as control boxes.
It start out in Safe Haven Crafting Center and Hub at Crossroad. Here I will give a keyword for a steward in the house. The steward will give the ones who join a bag with book with a hint and an item he need to place in the mailbox as control to prove he was at the post, the mailbox will put posters name on the item. It could be a book, where he write his name as title and answers to a question in it. This way, we can check, that the winner was at all posts.
The hint should tell something about next post, that will be a steward in a Safe Haven house and where to find the keyword to get a bag from the steward with a new hint book and a new control book.
I would like to make it before New Year, so if you want to help, please contact me. I need ideas and if you can make a post in your house too, it would be great.
I was also thinking we could add some kind of small gifts to the bags too, so not only the winner get something.
To make a post, you need to give a hint book to the post before yours that will help the runner find your post. So in your bags on your steward should be a book, given of owner of next post, a control book, with a question, they can find answer for in your house and maybe a small present or food or drinks.

Lets get some action in Safe Haven, we can try to post it on U.Hall to get some to give Siege a try.

If someone need steward or Mailbox, I will get one you can borrow.
Please put a book in my mailbox, with hint info for how to find your steward and with hint for what to say to the steward to get the bag. I will make copies of the book and give to the post before yours.
On your steward, you will need to place bags with a control book, where title say: <your name here>, and "by" should be name of the post = your house owners name.
Then you should add 1-3 questions, that will send them around in your house to get the answars, it could be names of parrots in the house, something placed on the fireplace or something else and info about placing this book in your mailbox when done with the questions.
I will then give you a pile of books with hints for the next post.
In the bag, you can also place a little gift. Not to many items in the bag as you then will have to restock the steward to have enough bags for all. I have no idea, if we get 3 runners or 50 runners :p
We will make a test run to see all works

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