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Safe Haven, Siege Perilous

Safe Haven

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Hello Citizen
I'm looking for ideas for Safe Haven Events. I may not have the time and energy to be the one who run them but I will do what I can to be a part of them, when my playtime allow it.
Lets start a brainstorming.
1. PvP duels on the road or on top of the large guard fort.
2. Bazaar on top of the large Guard fort, crafters telling about their shops and maybe showing some wares (not expensive) and a Inn with lots of food and drinks. Maybe a duel areal outside for the ones who get bored of a crafter event and some tables with food and drinks there too
3. Maybe some kind of orienteering, where people have to find some posts at the public houses, maybe with a steward giving a book with hints for next post. The one who make it first will get a present from the last steward. The keyword for next steward can come from a player they have to find or a waiter npc in the house, where they need to guess/find the keyword for.
4. A guided tour around Safe Haven
5. I need to start do NEW2 graduations events again.
Just a few of my ideas

Freja and Tina Tink
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