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Safe Haven, Siege Perilous

Safe Haven

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Welcome to our new Council
I will make a council meeting Saturday, it will be open for the Citizens to watch.
I hope the council can make it if I set the meeting to start 3 PM Eastern Time US
The council is:
- Freja
I'm thinking of some roles/titles for the members, now I may need a little help for the names for the titles.
1. One who take care of the shops and vendor owners and try to support them and help bring more vendor owners to the Town. Maybe also help with making events, that will draw customers to the town.
2. One who take care of promoting the town as a good place to visite and to hunt for resources. Maybe help making guided tours and events to promote the Town for PvM'ers
3. One who take care the security, maybe even bring back some Safe Haven Guards and lead them in a way, where all are welcome, no matter of color, as long they come in peace.
4. One who take care of new Citizen, help then get Safe Haven in the house name and help them advice where to find a empty plot to place at and other stuff about the Citizens and their houses.
Other issues we need to solve:
Communications, how do we get the Communications out to the Citizens. How do the Citizens find us and contact us?.
How do we handle raids of the town, killing of shop owners and their customers, killing of miners, lumberjacks around the town?.
How do we handle a Citizen who break the rules for the town?
Our main goal should be, to bring back life to Safe Haven, that include shops, PvP, houses with active players, visitors, events.
This are just my ideas, I look forward to hear your ideas too as I can't do this alone but we can do it together.
Freja The Mayor of Safe Haven
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