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Safe Haven, Siege Perilous

Safe Haven

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Hello Citizens
Kelmo invite to Siege Council meeting tomorrow See Stratics Town Hall Meeting 1/14/2017 2 PM Eastern and White Council forums TOWN HALL MEETING 1/14/2017 2 PM EASTERN
I will represent Safe Haven to the meeting but it is about time we make a new vote for Safe Haven Council and choose who should be the Mayor for the next 6 month.
I will do the voting this way.
All house owners with Safe Haven or SH in the name of their house placed inside Safe Havens limit do have one vote.
Before next Sunday Jan 22, place a book in the Safe Haven Hub and Crafting Center mailbox.
In book need to be this:
Title: SH Council Jan 2017
Owner of book = House owner
Accepting votes yes/no
I nominate <name>
When we do have the nominated, I will post the list of nominated and next step is the voting for 5 SH council members.
The SH council members will then vote for the Mayor for Safe haven (one of the council members). If they do not agree, it will be the one with most votes.
All votes will be keeped for Kelmo to see and he is welcome to be there when we move them from the mail box.
I will place a copy of this message in a book at town hall in Safe Haven Hub and Crafting Center and try to place one in every mailbox at the houses. If no mailbox, I will drop it on step.
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