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A report in the jail of Trinsic (RP)



Town was peaceful when I got on duty and guarding the gate was more like relaxing and chatting to the locals.
Anita came to the gate limping, reporting that magincian soldiers had attacked Skara Brae but were beaten back.

She nay was hurt badly and after a short visit at the healers talked to me that the drow were concerned about their bad treatment in town.
Told her that nay changes of the law would be made and that the Drow would have to live with the rules.

Iljian reported later on that Liana had been attacked by two drow and a woman in the woods when she asked for the Drow’s permits.
I have nay idea if them were drow or why them would attack Liana and will need more information for it before I know how to react.

*a note is added to the report*

Your Grace,
If you are still looking for activities for the Midsummer festival then I would volunteer to do an archery contest and if you have need of it before a drawing contest or something similar.



Hugo was at the gate when I started duty, but as he is one of the Kaldorian that nay attacked us I left him be and just kept him out of town until things are settled. Hugo, Corwin, Cecil and Shelly are to be asked to leave before you attack them, anyone else you can hit and then tell to leave.

A messenger from Britain arrived telling that a bean counter would arrive looking at the financial situation of the Duchy.

A group of orcs came from the woods to the gate asking for tribute and gold and a sketch of gold I handed to them nay convinced them and they attacked, but we managed to chase them back into the woods.

Lady Faeryl came and I informed her about the drow that had attacked Liana and showed her Liana’s report, where she says that one of the drow used a bow. Faeryl said that nay one of their group uses a bow and wither were renegade drow or someone disguised as drow to make trouble. She also mentioned that maybe Naeloth was behind our recent Drow troubles and would take a look at it.

Iljian talked to Lady Reann about Liana and is concerned that she might be ill and asked me that I should give her some time off if needed and I agreed.

Rest of my duty was quiet and except Gerek claiming that he killed someone accidentally, though nay body or accusation was heard from anyone, all was quiet.


*copy of a letter is added to the report*

Dear Captain,

I would hereby like to apply as Guard under your command. After the talk we had last monday about most of the elves having disappeared, i've been pondering. I have no interesting in gaining rank, i'd only like to offer my bow in service of the Duchy and take part in actively guarding Trinsic.

Tenna' ento lye omenta.

Gwen Irima Maranwe

*copy of a letter is added to the report*

Thank you, for your offer milady and I will gladly accept your help.
Though it is nay necessary for you to apply as guard to help the town, though I will gladly take you up on your offer.

I hope we can talk soon and discuss the situation further and come to a mutual agreement.

Kaelyn, Captain of the Duchy Guard


Talked with Gwen today about her application as guard and we agreed that she could be a guard in the rank of a recruit and wear Duchy armor and colours.
She nay is to be ordered around too much and can follow her own duty times.

Envoys from Skara came and talked to his Grace about help against Magincia which tries to take over their territory. His Grace agreed to help them and I agreed that when we send patrols to then moongate we will also check Skara Brae and that if we are called we will assist Skara Brae in the defence of their town.

*sketch below shows the meeting with Skara*

I promoted Rani today to armswoman and sent her to patrol around town.
Gwen reported that she and Rani had been attacked near the first bridge by some Kaldorians, but managed to escape.

I gathered some guards and marksmen and we headed south to the moongate, but nay found any sign of Kaldor.

One of the Marksmen got lost south near Strongholt and got attacked by Kaldorians and fled back to town. He got chased though by Kaldor who wanted to arrest them in town and so a fight broke out and we arrested Lady Soulshadow and let the other Kaldorians go.

Sir Isidore talked to the Kaldorian Commander and seemingly got to an agreement and we let her go and I hope we can agree to a more permanent peace soon.

Rest of my duty was uneventful and I hope it stays so for some time.


*a note is posted for people to see*
Please avoid the area around Strongholt as Kaldor will attack anyone trespassing there on sight and we nay need more troubles.

At the moment all Kaldorian are banned from the Duchy lands until an agreement concerning the recent troubles can be reached

Kaelyn Captain of the Duchy Guards


Town was quiet and peaceful and so I instructed a paladin to guard the gate and headed to the Rose for a drink and to listen to some of the poems.
Gwen and some visitors recited some lovely poems and even the Duke was moved from his wine glass and listened

Anita headed off to patrol around and then to Skara Brae as she needed to find a teacher there for her tasks.
She returned a little later on reporting that some Magincians had been near Skara and warned her off to visit there.
A little later five men dressed in Magincian colours came to the gate claiming someone had attacked Skara and so me and Anita went to Skara and patrolled the town and the outlying buildings, but found all in order and returned to Trinsic.

The town was still quiet and peaceful and Anita and Lady Reann later did another patrol to Skara Brae and then even to Magincia where they upset the locals a little, but managed to leave without a fight.

Lady Reann informed me that the ban of Lady Vierna is lifted and she can enter the town of Trinsic again.

Some crazy magician who says his name is Jim Slooth was around own today and I think he used dark magik, making him look like something dead and nay living. He bewitched Zefar or something as the boy behaved strangely and had red glowing eyes when talking to him.
I ordered Jim to stay away from Zefar and if anyone sees him too close he should be thrown out of town.


*a copy of a report is added*
A report

I had just got on duty and was walking from Barrier Isle when I saw two masked figures with a young human woman. The woman had long dark hair, a short skirt and less than modest armour that didnt look like it could do much against even a wet fish to protect her exposed skin…


She seemed scared and the masked figures looked as if they were harassing her, I drew my weapon and asked the girl if she was alright and what was going on… to which she replied she was fine and the two masked figured took it upon themselves to tell me to go away and mind my own business.

A few Drow words were splattered about their speech and so I asked to see their permits; one didnt seem to know what I was talking about and the other told me to go away again. I demanded to see them again saying they would be under arrest if they didnt show me… so they pulled their weapons (if they werent out already, I dont recall).

A fight broke out and the young woman joined in (I love my job SO much) … I tried to make my way to West Gate, hoping for assistance but I was soon taken down by arrows and metal (perhaps a broad sword? Something pretty heavy. Damn hurt).

I regained consciousness only to find one of them wielding a big wooden club which was quickly swung down on my head, unluckily for me it took two blows to knock me out again.

The next I recall, I was drenched and coughing as water was thrown over me. I didnt see anything as I was blindfolded by that point. I heard words spoken in Drow from what could have been three people, Im not sure - it could have been two. Drow all sound the same to me. Although I can say, one was definitely a male and perhaps the other two (if there were two) were female.

I got beaten up pretty badly amongst laughing and shouted words in Drow. The only thing I remember them saying in Common was Heres my Permit, little guard … before I lost consciousness again.

I was hit quite a while and kicked and stamped on, slipping into unconsciousness for a lot of it I am happy to say.

The next I knew I was awake and untied (did I mention I was tied up? Well … I was!). I lifted my blindfold and found myself by Trinsic moongate, up on the embankment.

I made my way to the gate, and thats it really.

-Sergeant Liana.


Today was the festival and Quinn April, Stewan, Isidore and a few others were busy preparing the town and making it festive.
Because of the festival a truce had been called out to various parties and we out some extra paladins to duty watching that nay fights break out and everything remained peaceful.

Tables and stools were placed throughout the park and Stewan prepared his famous dishes and handed out drinks.
I intended to do a drawing contest, but with the festive guests and the fun they had I decided to do a few sketches and show them around for entertainment.

*a sketch shows the festival area and visiting people*

After people introduced themselves and had the chance to eat and drink Lord Isidore called out something he called Caledonian conest.
Basically you grab a very heavy log, balance it and then you throw it away from you and the one that throws it furthest wins.
Many people tried their luck with this one and the contest too quite a long time and sadly I missed who won it and I will report the winner tomorrow.

*this sketch shows the contest*

People returned then to the refreshments and the festival continued for a bit until more and more people left for home and the town grew quieter.


*a copy of a report is added to the report*

For the Attention of Captain Kaelyn
Subject: The Scara Brae Market

Today was the Scara Brae Market, and as part of my overtime I went along with Armswoman… *a few attempts of remembering are scribbled out* … an Armswoman to oversee it and make sure no fights broke out and there was no stealing and the likes.

There was dog fighting (is that legal?) which could be bet on and later on mongbat vs. dog fighting; I tried to persuade the Armswoman to put her little vicious poodle thing in, but she didn’t seem to think they would believe it was a dog… oh well, would have been some easy winnings.

There were lots of things for sale, all too expensive for me unfortunately (have I mentioned recently that a pay rise would be a nice idea? Just consider it…). They included: armour, fish, weapons, wood items such as staffs and furniture and the likes.

There were quite a few people present and all round it was a good turn out, the weather was nice and there was very little trouble.

The only trouble we had was some Eastern man being difficult when asked to remove his gigantic bow; and thinking it was alright to just remove the string and stroll into town … the Armswoman and I followed after him, but as the Armswoman was too busy chatting to some pirate looking man, he got ahead and then we couldn’t find him. He probably got in a huff and strolled out of South Gate, or heard what we intended to do with the stick… and so ran off to hide; either way, he didn’t come back at least from what I saw.

I stayed for a while to watch, spoke to Stewan about some things and as there seemed to be no trouble and things quietened down a bit, I left the rest of the afternoon in the capable hands of the Armswoman and her poodle.

All in all it was a good, enjoyable, peaceful afternoon.

-Sergeant Liana

*you see a sketch of a large room filled with people sitting on benches, facing a man on a podium who seems to lecture about something.
The man looks to be in his late thirties with long hair and in dandy kind-looking clothes. He seems to be reciting from a book which if you look closely has the title ‘101 boring anecdotes’ and it seems he talks rather boringly.
The only spot of colour in the picture is his slightly red nose, as if he had a drink too many and his features are resembling to Lord Ikus.

His audience seem to be slumped in their chairs and most have their heads lowered as if they had fallen asleep due to the boring speech.
In the front row you can see the Duke of Trinsic peacefully slumbering and other nobles of the realm seem to be also asleep.
In the second row you can see a knight in armor who despite that most of the others are asleep still seems to follow the lecture. He has long hair and a beard and resembles closely to Sir Bevier*

*you see a sketch of a squirrel that sits on the ground and reaches up with it’s front legs to get a walnut from a small branch*


When I got to town I was informed that some Kaldorians had attacked and wandered through town and later on one Kaldorian sneaked around town until we beat her up.

Sir Ikus visited town and asked for his Grace, but left pretty quickly bored by the daily duties.

Kimi asked to be accepted the same as Gwen as assistant guard and after arguing for some time I gave in and accepted and she is an assisting guard with the rank of a recruit.

Else nay thing to report and the town was quiet when my shift was over.



Town was pretty quiet when I started duty and as Dawn wanted to guard the gate I patrolled to the Rose. The Rose was quite busy, but might also have been that nay one dared to leave as someone had left his pet dragon outside and it looked hungry.

Luckily the dragon nay ate anyone and left with it’s owner and I continued my uneventful patrol then back to the gate.

Everything was quiet and I decided to use the time for some quick sketches when Tammy passed me shouting and cursing followed by some smelly orc.

I took up the chase and together Tammy and me killed it in town and I left it to Tammy to dispose of the body. I think she dumped it into the sea, though would nay surprise me, if we see another mounted orc head as trophy on the market again.

A jester came and convinced to play a painting game where one of us drew something on paper and the others had to guess what it was.
Was fun though we nay discovered any new talented painters yet.

*the sketch below shows the painting contest*

Rest of my duty was quiet and uneventful.


*you see a picture of a wolf and a small elven boy resembling Zefar outside the gate.
While Zefar is talking to a man holding many muffins he also has a muffin in his hand but does not pay attention and holds it so low that wolf mages to bite from it unnoticed while the boy talks*

*you see a picture of a man in a tavern surrounded by man women, who are all caressing and kissing him.
The man is dressed in fine clothing and looks blissfully happy, enjoying the attention. If you look closely you can see that the man resembles Adammair. In the lower corner you can read ‘For Adammair, may your wishes come true’*


Town was quiet as many seemed to be visiting the Kaldorian tavern which from reports that Stewan gave had lots of drinks and naked women dancing.

Zefar and Stewan had visited and Zefar reported that it was boring because all were drinking and Stewan reported the thing with the naked women.

Daniel and Liana came on duty and I took Daniel on a patrol to the moongate and then to Skara Brae where we also found everything quiet and preaceful.

As everything was quiet I told the guard they could take some time off and that I would call them if needed when a wounded traveller arrived at the gate.
He told me an Orc had blocked the bridge and asked tribute from them and when they refused wounded them.
I hurried t the bridge and really an orc was blocking it and also challenged me to a fight, but I managed to beat it up and left it’s remains in the woods.

We need to make more patrols and hunt orcs in the vicinity as they grow pretty bold these days.

Later on we got a report about strange happenings along the road and as we checked it we found the remains of three people among some strange mushrooms.

*sketch below shows the mushroom and corpses*

Iljian me and Jack helped to drag the corpses to the healers and when I returned to the road Iljian had prepared firewood and was setting the mushrooms alight.

I have nay idea what happened, but the healers said that the corpses are nay those of humans and something else them nay have seen before.
We guess that someone did some magik or placed the corpses and then ‘summoned’ those mushrooms, so we better keep alert of such things.

Meygan got pardoned by his Grace and Sir Ikus because of her good behaviour. Her case is closed and I paid back her bail money and hope that she really is changed.



Town was quiet and on my first patrol with Rani we stopped by the Rose to have a drink and chatted with Gwen and a few visitors.

Gwen said that she and some others would head to the savage lands to hunt for some Golems and as I suggested they could drop by at the Covian tavern she said that she spends too much time already in taverns.

Town was quiet and as Iljian and Brynhilde stayed to guard the town I decided to have a look at the opening of the tavern and to see if I could find out anything.

I was a bit early and the tavern was not as full as it should become and I took some time to look about and see what guests had visited.
It seems some orcs had considered easy prey as I saw an orc corpse close to the tavern and some soldiers chasing another.

Tavern looks quite lovely and has a nice second floor, but I asked for some watered wine and sat down to watch a bit and to listen to the conversations, trying to find out anything interesting.

*sketch below shows the first floor of the tavern*

Slowly the tavern filled with people, though I saw too many from Vesper and Kaldor for my liking and as there nay seemed to be anything interesting gossip to be gained I decided to take the opportunity to head to Minoc and visit my parents.

There was also the argument that there were a handful of Kaldorians in Cove and I nay wished to be captured and set out on an island, so I quickly took my leave and headed for Minoc.

My family is fine, though things still nay have fully settled in Minoc and my mother complains that all my father does is complain.

Town was fine when I arrived in town again and I got news that Kaldor and Vesper had started a fight in Cove.

A Covian recruit started insulted Taryn and we had to threaten him until he left, but Taryn attacked him just outside that gate and hurt the recruit and Mela too.

I fined taryn for that and told her to stay out of town until it is solved, but she refused and as Daniel and me tried to arrest her Taryn, Tammy and two miraculous a minute before appearing helpers arrived and helped her.

We got beat up and left in the woods and I want warrants for Tammy and Taryn and will deliver descriptions of the two that helped her.

Also we might have a problem with Britanian guard Seamus as he may have helped them against us.

Maybe it would be better if we ask the Britanian guard to help other towns and avoid Trinsic in the near future, else they better keep Britain safe than make troubles for us here.

I would like to have a trial for the four attackers in their absence to set their punishment as my suggestion would be a fine of 10.000 gold or four hours stocks separated in two days for the assault of me, Daniel, the Covian recruit, Mela, another Covian. Also twenty lashes each and a banishment of a week from the town of Trinsic.

But I would like to talk to lady Reann about it and will deliver the warrants tomorrow when I feel better.



Today I got late on duty and almost missed the safety training Iljian and Liana had prepared for the citizens.
For that we met in the building besides the bank and talked about basic tactics, how to behave if the town gets attacked and what to do in the event of fire and so.

*sketch shows the lecture*

Afterwards we had some practical training where we had to put out a small fire and decide how to treat wounded people.

It all ended at the healers where Iljian explained again to us which wounded would have needed to get treated as first and for what to look out.

*sketch shows the healers*

Town had been quiet and the Paladins had nay thing to report. Got a report of a sick elven girl named Ebony and that she might behave violently.
She appeared later on at the gates but one of her caretakers was there and took her with her, before she could injure anyone.



Town was peaceful today and though a few people passed through and nay one started real troubles or fought.

Meygan had her usual staring contest and smaller insults with some man at the gate, but nay physical violence broke out and the two left each other alone then scowling.

Sir Ikus intended to talk to Vesper, but as the Swaggers was closed and the person he wanted to speak nay there he returned to town. I think if Sir Ikus works with Lady Kimi they are more effective and get more done as Sir Ikus seems lost sometimes or maybe just distracted.

A drow called Phyrra came into town looking for Anita and said she is a servant of her.She said Anita had told her to look for a treehouse near the tavern and so Alusair lead her there where she stayed.

Was a nice and relaxing shift and I hope it stays so after I get rest.


*sends a letter to Iljian*

Dear Iljian,
Lady Jade Bastet asked if the ashes of the drow Shaex have already been given to Lady Alynora.

And if not if we could hand it over to lady jade bastet too?


*a copy of a permit is added to the report*

The wearer of this permit is allowed to enter the Duchy and the town of Trinsic.

Name of the person allowed to enter:
Gwen Oblodra

Name of the person vouching:
Lady Jade Bastet

Permit number: 30

Kaelyn of the Duchy of Trinsic

*a copy of a permit is added to the report*

The wearer of this permit is allowed to enter the Duchy and the town of Trinsic.

Name of the person allowed to enter:
Phyrra of House Hlaund

Name of the person vouching:

Permit number: 31

Kaelyn of the Duchy of Trinsic


Had an uneventful shift and decided to fight the growing paper heap on my desk and enjoy more rest time.
Decided also that it was time to promote Armswoman Brynhild to full Guardswoman and hand her over a jailkey and more work and responsibilities.

Some people voiced concerns about the drow with Anita and I have to agree that he strikes me as one that needs to be watched.
Also that Anita gathers servants is something to be watched and I hope that no troubles with the other drow will arise.

I am still not sure about Meygan and her played friendliness disturbs me and some others too, maybe she needs someone to explain to her that it takes time and trust before people trust her.



Liana and Iljian managed to arrest Carn today and put them in a cell. When I go to the prisoner I saw him stumbling out of the cell and Liana said that he had tried to attack her.
I ordered him to be brought to the barracks cells and sent a letter to Muldran and Callum to ask them to check Carn and decide about him.

*sketch shows Carn in his cell*

I also asked Lord taggart to have a look at him, but he nay knew about such a creature and nay could help.

We leave Carn in a cell until we know if he is possessed or a danger for people and then decide what to do with him.

Some Vesperians came to talke with Sir Ikus and in the end agreed that a treaty will be drawn and hopefully signed.

*sketch shows the Vesperians talking to Sir Ikus*

Rest of my duty was uneventful.


*a letter is sent to Callum or respectively Muldran*

Dear Sir,

We managed to capture the creature that calls itself Carn and we would like to have your assessment of him. So we ask if you could take a look at this creature and tell us if it can be saved, or if it is lost and should be killed.

We will pay you well for your expertise and hope that you can help us in that matter.

A short description about Carn’s symptoms are that he is allergic to Garlic and likes to drink animal blood. He is often delirious and threatens people with death and curses.

Kaelyn Captain of the Duchy Guards


Town was fine and quiet when I got on Duty and I sneaked off to get some errands done, while I set some paladins to guard the gates.

When I returned Lady Faeryl was waiting for me with the drow names Irinia Jakrah and asked me to write a permit for her, which I did.

Stewan opened a stall to sell off food when a savage woman called Kinu visited and wanted to trade. We talked a bit to her and she claims that she is with nay tribe and wandering the lands and visits here for trading.

*sketch shows the savage trading with Stewan*

Stewan traded some cake and bread to her for some meat she had hunted in the woods.
An Orc came to the gate then and wanted to trade shinies for the savage Girl Kinu and Meygan agreed to take the shinies from him.
We refused though to hand over the savage to the orc, but the orc was angry and attacked me and Meygan and cut my arm with his blade.

We managed though to chase it off into the woods and Iljian treated my wounds which seemed to be infected with some stuff the orc had put on it’s blade.

A delegation from Vesper came then to talk to his Grace and Sir Ikus about the peace treaties and Iljian got the nobles to greet them.

*a sketch shows Vesper and the nobles at the gate*

They then went somewhere private to discuss it and I hear that Vesper brought a draft for the peace treaty.

The drow Aly’riia is back and needs to be watched, as I think she is up to nay good.

I felt a bit dizzy from my poisoned wound I had got from my fight with the orc and retired a little my shift was over.


*a copy of a letter is added to the report*

Dear Lady Vierna,
I would ask for a meeting soon in Moonglow again, as I am troubled about a certain drow and need to urgently talk about her to you.


*a copy of a permit is added to the report*

The wearer of this permit is allowed to enter the Duchy and the town of Trinsic.

Name of the person allowed to enter:
Irinia Jakrah

Name of the person vouching:
Faeryl Hun’ett

Permit number: 32

Kaelyn of the Duchy of Trinsic


I got informed that Sir Callum has asked about Carn, but as Carn was nay in any shape to be examined we decided to set a time and date to get that done.

His Grace swore a new recruit called Murk in and he seems to be capable with an axe and I think with some training will be a good guard.

We patrolled to the Rose and Moongate which were both safe and on our way to the south gate scared a harpy and a lizardman away.

Back in town I talked with Lady Vierna about some drow matters and I hope that everything got settled.

His Grace informed us then that the commissioner from the Britain council had arrived today and that he would ask questions. We were asked to remember that we are loyal to the king and answer the questions if we find time in our duty as best as we can.

Rest of my duty was uneventful and I decided to get some early rest and let the paladins take over.



Got some news today that Magincia had destroyed some of Skara Brae’s buildings and killed some people and citizens and so I decided to check Skara and Kimi came along.

As Iljian warned us to use the moongate we wandered overland first to Spiritwood and checking the outskirts of Skara Brae which seemed to be fine and undamaged.

We then proceeded to the main island and though I think the healers seemed to be busier than normal the rest of the town seemed to be well enough and nay as bad as some Magincians had claimed.

On our return to Trinsic we saw Aly’riia in the woods, but she fled before we managed to arrest her and she seemed to be disturbed bordering on insane and should be arrested before she hurts someone.

Else there was nay thing to report.



Got reports of some attacks of orcs and sightings of undeads near the moongate, but it seems the orcs were chased off and the undeads hopefully burnt and given a grave where they nay rise again.

His Grace ordered me to find work for a newly arrived citizen named Herenui.
She wants to redeem herself and seemingly was just released from jail in Britain and given a chance here to redeem herself.
Seems she is afraid of people and closed rooms and his Grace considered to find work for her in town checking the gardens and streets, giving her important sounding work where she nay can do too much wrong.

We got informed today that Alraune’s and Adammair’s house had been searched and nay thing stolen.
At first I suspected maybe some woman Adammair had scorned or some angry lover, but then they showed me the note which had been left at their house.
Iljian asked them further and got told the fully story that they had assisted Sir Decardo, Lady Cherry and some others to steal some artefact from a grave.
Something went wrong though and two of their party got killed and the rest had to flee the gave site and it seems that someone tries to get that artefact back.

I think Alraune and Adammair want to come to an agreement with their enemies and hope not to get hurt by them.

Guards should patrol by their house though when they do patrols and then head south to the rose and moongate and also nay forget to do patrols to Skara Brae too.

A Kaldorian woman was in the tavern and Kimi spotted her and we escorted her and her boyfriend Dirk out of town.

Flea market tomorrow in Haven , so I get off duty sooner today and see if I can find some things to sell for tomorrow.


*a note in old script*

Lady and Sir of the House.
Our master sent us to find you for he says you have something that does not belong to you.
We wish to return that which you took.

We will return.

Germanus and Gwalchmai
Knights of the Blood

*copy of a poster*

Haven Flea market

One person’s trash is another’s treasure

Got things you cannot get yourself to throw away, but that collect dust in your house or bankbox? Want to get at least some gold for the rubbish you bought a few years ago?
Want to get rid of presents you never liked and trade it for gold to buy something you like?

Bring it to the Haven flea market and see if anyone gives you some coins for it.

It will be held just south of Haven bank on Sunday the 15th July from 10 p.m (UK time) until all goods are sold.


Had taken some time off to collect things for the flea market, though when I checked the town shortly before I headed off to the market the town seemed fine and peaceful.

Managed to reach Haven safely with my pack lama, despite some brigand attacks, but I managed to outrun them.

Haven was a bit quieter than expected, but we set up our booths and hoped for the best.
We set up our booths and hoped for god business and at the beginning some people got curious and looked through our wares.
I managed to sell off some of my old deeds and other things I nay have use anymore, though it seems nay one wanted and snowglobes.

*sketch below shows the market*

After an hour though new customers trickled down to a few and we decided to close our booths and most seemed to be happy with their sales and the ones that bought something also seemed happy about making a bargain.

The trip back to Trinsic was a bit safer as Tessah accompanied me and I checked the town and found all well and peaceful.
So decided three was nay need to get on duty and went home for some rest and to count the coins I made today.



On Monday the storm was so bad that only one guard was posted at the gates and that I allowed the others to stay inside and only b ready in case of trouble.
But as suspected everything remained quiet and the storm blew over the lands, luckily with doing nay much damage.

Yesterday the Baron of Vesper asked for his Grace or Sir Ikus, but both nobles were any in town and I told them that I would tell them about the intended meeting.

*sketch below shows the Baron of Vesper at the Trinsic gates*

Someone hid a communication crystal in the jail to spy on us, but we nay could find out to whom it belonged.

Else there was nothing to report and today his Grace came and I gave him my report about Vesper and Herenui gave his Grace her report.

We have a new recruit from Magincia named Gaius von Sahyn, though I nay saw a lot of him as he nay felt well and went off duty early.

Stewan and Herenui managed to unclog the chimney of the bakery and returned all dirty but happy to the gate.
We got a report of an orc near the elven quarter and Lady Gwen and the Savage Kinu fought it and chased the orc away. Though we nay found Kinu and can only hope that she is fine.

Lady Reann warned me that I nay should hand over any drow to Lady Vierna and I ordered Liana though to arrest Aly’riia who ran into town and there hurt Liana.
Stewan informed me about the troubles and I ran looking for her and found her on the ramparts threatening a wounded Liana with a notched bow.

*sketch shows the drow threatening Liana*

She demanded a permit which I wrote her in exchange of letting Liana go, but then also Iljian came by and challenged the drow.
A fight started and Iljian and me managed to overwhelm her and while Iljian cared for Liana, I brought Aly’riia to the jail, where Lady Reann put her in a cell.
Her sentence will be decided tomorrow, after Lady Reann had a chance to talk to Iljian and Liana.

*a copy of a permit is added to the report*

The wearer of this permit is allowed to enter the Duchy and the town of Trinsic.

Name of the person allowed to enter:
Aly’riia Von Sah

Name of the person vouching:
Kaelyn of the Duchy of Trinsic

Permit number: 33

Kaelyn of the Duchy of Trinsic

*scribbled under it*
This permit is void

Captain Kaelyn of the Duchy guards


Nothing much to report about yesterday, except that the Baron from Vesper visited again and wanted to see his Grace or Sir Ikus.

Today I went to the Rose and saw Kinu there and she seemed fine and unhurt.
Traded Gwen some hides, wool and feathers for her apple pie and ordered Brynhild to collect some feathers with her ferret.

Seems she overdid it though as her pet got hurt when she went to patrol barrier island and was ambushed by brigands and though she managed to chase them away her ferret got hurt and had to see a veterinary.

Aly’riia seems fine, though I heard she tried to attack Lady Reann and Liana and had to be subdued. I consider her to be very dangerous and it should be noted that some other drow like Shaex and Nyl’tyr committed some horrible crimes and we should be careful to let such a drow out of jail.

Rest of my duty was quiet and as Liana, Iljian and Brynhild had matters well in hand I decided to get off duty earlier.


*A hasty note addressed to for Kaelyn*


Mr. Seagull reported that he had been robbed by a person in a grey robe and straw hat with a metal mask and an "ugly mace". He called himself "Hat", just like when Mr. Seagull's girlfriend was robbed before.

One Mr. Jack reported that the person was at Swaggers and rents a room there, and obviously I didn't want to go there to go and arrest the man even if I had authority to do so.

I will keep a look out for the man and others should do too as he seems to rob people a lot.

-Sergeant Liana


Nothing to report about the last two days, as it was quiet and with the Carnival on Sunday most people were off celebrating in Skara.

Today an orc was seen at the gate but chased off into the woods again and Gerek reported that the Swaggers had been burnt down.

It seems the baron of Vesper asked for a new streaking contest after he was seen once running naked through Trinsic.
Found a note where participants are asked to run naked from a crossroad through Vesper to Minoc and back to the crossroads again.


*a note with the Vesper contest is added to the report*

*a copy of a letter is included to the report*
Dear Lady Reann,
We still need a sentence for the Drow prisoner Aly’riia and if a decision is nay reached soon I will have to release her.

Kaelyn, Captain of the Duchy Guards

*a report about the Carnival in Skara Brae is added*


Town was still standing when I got on duty and as Corwin came to see Brynhild, I sent her off for a patrol to the rose and moongate to give them time together.

Lady Kimi talked to the drow Aly’riia and Lady Vierna also informed me that she had news for Aly’riia from her mother, but only would tell her in person.

Got informed today by Iljian that Meygan and some other man from Britain are new Magistrates, though Iljian also said that Aly’riia is to remain in a cell until Lady Reann sentenced her.

Two orcs attacked a citizen outside and we managed to wound one and chase the other away, but two citizen were hurt by them.

Also later some undead thing was sighted in town, but a few courageous guards and citizens managed to destroy it and Iljian placed it’s remains somewhere outside town.

Lord Ikus has talked with Vesperian officials about the treaty but I nay know any results yet and his Grace also said that he would need to check the treaty too.



Joshua was on duty when I got into town today and refused to tell where he had been, but wanted to have some pay, forgetting that he nay had been on duty for a month.

Iljian found a wreck on Barrier Island but nay survivors and suspects that something huge attacked them on the sea and destroyed their ship. Iljian found some blood on the ship but nay any man dead or alive and he thinks that it happened close and he found some maps with some coordinates and some abandoned food and gold.

Iljian agrees with me that pirates would nay have left any gold nor damaged the ship as it

Dirk was a pain in the ass again today and annoyed me and Lady Kimi and accused us of threatening him and being impolite to him, though latter might be true as he is *the next words are crossed out*.

A Kaldorian wanted to complain in town about come Covians, but we had to ask her to leave as she nay should have been in town anyway.
It seems she was angry about that and tried to sneak back and attack his Grace but Iljian, Kimi and Sir Devante caught her and a friend that had helped her and beat them up.

*sketch shows the aftermath of the jail attack*

We threw her out of town and hoped that them nay would attack again.

Dirk and Tessah annoyed me on my patrol and distracted me when the two Kaldorians attacked me and beat me up.
Tessah and a Covian helped me to return to town while it seems that Dirk helped the Kaldorians.

I also heard that the two Kaldorians and Dirk attacked Kimi and other citizens and hurt them before some guards and visitors managed to chase them away.

I would like to issue a warrant for Dirk Faust and also remind that Kaldorians are banned from town and should be thrown out.

I spent the night at the healers and found my bed there uncomfortable and lain through and I think we need more comfortable beds for the wounded.



Scouts reported orcs in the woods, but despite lots of patrols around the rose and in the woods before Trinsic we nay found any band of orcs and the town stayed safe.

His Grace has accepted citizen Herenui as a recruit in the guard force and asked me and all other guards to keep an eye on her.

Reported Dirk’s attack on citizens to his Grace and his Grace said that he should be banned and I talked with Liana and I agreed hat I dislike Dirk too much to set the sentence for him, so I let her.

Got a letter with the sentence for the Drow Alyr’iia and we put her on stocks and Brynhild handed out the lashes.

*sketch shows the drow on stocks*

Afterwards we pushed her down the anthole as ordered, though I doubt this will be the last we see of that drow and I wish we would have found a more permanent solution for her.


"Report, regarding Dirk Faust:

For the crimes of assault, Dirk Faust is banned for 2 days and was fined 1,125 gold. He may return Sunday night and is to be watched closely. If he returns within the restrictions of his ban, his ban is to be increased by one day.

Signed, Sergeant Liana."

*a copy of a letter is added to the report*

To Captain Kaelyn of the Duchy of Trinsic

Dear Captain Kaelyn,
I am sorry but I cannot leave the place where I am at the moment, but I have decided on a punishment of the drow Aly’riia nevertheless.

She is to be put on stocks and to receive ten lashes for attacking Iljian and her other crimes.
Afterwards she is to be thrown down the anthole where she will hopefully perish.

Justice Reann

*a blurry seal of the Duchy with a signature that might be from Lady Reann signs the letter*


Duty was quiet today except a drunken Aisha who got a bit too much rum and also tried to crawl into the barrel.
She nay was hurt and finally had to accept hat she was to fat to fit in it and left with some dignity intact.

*the sketch shows Aisha stuck in a barrel*

Stewan bought some cacao from a trader and I asked him to buy some for the Duchy too and asked him to deliver it to lady Kimi, who will also pay for it.

Had a report that orcs were seen in the woods, but nay one attacked the gate and also heard that Vesper planned an attack on Yew, but nay got an idea who won.



Got a report that two shady figures had appeared at Aulraune’s salon again and threatened them. Might be the same that broke in and searched the house, so I ask the guards that on their patrols they also should pass the salon and check if all is fine there.

Duty on the gate was quiet and I won a hundred gold from Hugo who seems to be back again. Seems more Kaldorians are about these days again and we better be more careful again.

His Grace and the Baron of Vesper had a talk and it seems the got to an agreement and will continue their talks this week.

Rest of the duty nothing noteworthy happened.


*a copy of a permit is added to the report*

The wearer of this permit is allowed to enter the Duchy and the town of Trinsic.

Name of the person allowed to enter:

Name of the person vouching:
Kaelyn of the Duchy of Trinsic

Permit number: 34

Kaelyn of the Duchy of Trinsic


Got informed that a shipwreck had been found near the south gate and that Iljian and Sir Isidore were examining it.
Me and Herenui joined them, but we nay know why the ship sank. Only thing we know is that three were nay survivors and that the ones found dead on the beach were terribly mutilated.

Sir Isidore asked me to put out a warning for the for the fishers, but as we nay know what to warn from I abandoned the idea.

*sketch shows the shipwreck*

Hugo and Victor were at the gate and were joined by Lady Soulshadow and provocations were thrown from both sides until Lady Soulshadow ordered to attack Iljian. A fight started where me, Iljian, Herenui and Lady Soulshadow were hurt and afterwards Victor came to town and handed himself in.

Sir Ikus set his sentence that he needs to apologise to the ones that got hurt and then was sent back to Strongholt and Sir Ikus tried to talk to Lady Soulshadow there, but she nay wanted to talk to him.
He said that he will try to talk to her tomorrow and Sir Ikus ordered that Kaldorians should be kept out of town but nay attacked when coming close to town.

Herenui works hard as guard and she is doing fine, so if his Grace agrees I think she can be accepted as Armswoman.


*a note is put up on the harbor*
To all sailors,
The Duchy of Trinsic is interested in any strange sightings on the seas and will pay a fee of fifty gold for any information which may help to determine the latest shipwrecks near Trinsic.

Only sober sailors might apply for information!

Kaelyn of the Duchy of Trinsic


Town was peaceful and as Iljian and Liana were on duty, I decided that I would try to compete at the cooking contest in Magincia.
I changed into some nicer clothes and headed to Magincia with a simple recipe idea. I would just take Stewan’s cookies and dip them into hot chocolate where I had added some sweet nuts and hope that it would be enough.

I was lucky that not too many cooks dared to show their recipes but Gwen had sculpted figures out of chocolate and Stewan had prepared six different dishes. So Gwen won and Stewan was second, but I was third with my simple idea of chocolate dipping cookies.

*sketch shows as the winner is pronounced in Magincia*

There were surprisingly many visitors from Cove and later on even from Yew that wished to taste chocolate delights, but all remained peaceful.

I returned to town where all had remained peaceful and returned to duty.
Talius seems to be a bit overeager and I think he should remain a week or two more as recruit until he gets to know the citizens better.

Some Covians visited the town looking for some drow to capture, but luckily nay drow were present and they left a little later on probably to go for a drink to the swaggers.

Rest of my duty was uneventful.


*a report is added*

I took Recruit Herenui to see the anthole as no-one showed her where it was yet. We cleared out a few workers that had wandered close to the end and some of the ant lions. The ant lions have been eating people again. We found the skeleton of someone so I carried it back here and gave it to the healers. They said it was a man and probably a mage because he had some scrolls, and some reagent things as well as a few other bits. They will try to find out who he was and let us know if they do, and bury the body in the usual place.

Hildy Fredrikson
Arms*crossed out* Guardswoman


Got informed that some Kaldorians had tried to enter town and had to be chased out. Seems they tried to come by boat too and through the lesser used gates, so Iljian and the other guards patrolled the town keeping them out.

The woman Jackson reported to Iljian that a huge sea serpent had attacked her boat and damaged it. It seems that it might be responsible for the shipwrecks and I paid her 400 gold for the valuable information.

Sir Orson got into trouble with a woman who refused to hand over her kryss, but Liana and me managed to calm both down. I took the woman’s kryss and informed her that such weapons are nay allowed in town and that she could get it from me when she would leave the gate.

*sketch shows Orson and the Duchy guards with the strange woman*

Some Covians came into town looking already drunk and merry and headed for the tavern for more drinks though nay made any troubles.

Rest of my duty was quiet and nay thing to report.


*a sketch is added to the report*

*You see a picture of a man and a woman sitting close together kissing each other. The woman is young and dressed in some leather uniform with a bandana on her head and the man also seems to be quite young with long hair, wears a different uniform than the woman. His uniform consists of more metal but where her uniform looks more comfortable, his seems to be for fighting.

They sit kissing in what seems to be bushes, well enough hidden that one cannot easily spot them from a close street. If you look closely at the two figures you can make out that they resemble Brynhilde and Corwin.

A small sign is placed before then reading ‘Lost until we finished kissing – Hildy & Corwin’*

*a sketch is added to the report*

*You see a picture of a big cradle with some person in it. Where you would though expect a baby there is an older man with a long beard who if you look closely resembles Orson.
Instead of a baby bottle with milk he suckles on a bottle of ale and looks happy and content.

On the cradle you can read ‘Orson still nay off the bottle’*


*a letter is placed with the report*

Your Grace,
I am sorry that this letter may arrive a little late, but there was nay quick courier ready to send a letter sooner.

I told Iljian before I left Trinsic that I was visiting my sick mother who has fallen ill and had asked if I could come to take care of her.
It seems now that her illness is worse than we thought and I will have to stay some time here and help out

I am sorry that I have to abandon my post, but I am sure the sergeants can share the responsibilities and take over my duties.

I will return as soon as I can.



Your Grace,
I am glad to write that my mother has fully recovered from her illness and that I will return to Trinsic in the next days.
I am sorry for my long absence and hope I can find still employment in the Duchy.



Arrived today in Trinsic and I was glad to be back, because Minoc was a bit too boring and provincial for my liking.

My first way was to check my house and I found some food I had forgotten to throw away and spent an hour cleaning and getting the smell out the house, before I checked upon the town.

Gwen and Brynhild were on duty and the town looked as fine as when I left and both reported that it was mostly business as usual.

I learned that Stewan was engaged and would marry an elven woman and Gwen would do their ceremony.

Thaur and man called Rand Darkmoore fought in front of the city gates and Thaur won. We made Thaur to drag the man to the healers where they managed to save his life. After questioning Thaur and Rand it seemed that the two have a long feud and that it was not their first fight.
So Brynhild let them both go, reminding them not to fight on Duchy lands and to keep their troublemaking to Vesper.

Brynhild confirmed the rumour that Kaldor is leaving the lands and asking all soldiers to return, as is seems they are losing a war in their homelands and need all troops there.
I am still not fully convinced that it is not a ruse and they will try to invade some other part of the lands to gather another foothold.

Victor visited later telling us that he also intends to leave with the Kaldorians to Gorimdor and said his farewells to us and to his Grace.

*the sketch below shows Victor saying his fare wells*

As his shift was finished Sir Orson went to check out Vesper and the quality of their ale, though returned quite soon stating that Vesper intended to burn down their tavern again.

He left for the Rose then muttering something about Vesperian craziness and that elvish ale would have to do.

When Brynhild and Gwen finished their shift I left the town with them and returned home to finish making my hut habitable again.


*a letter is added to the report*

Your Grace I arrived today in Trinsic and want to report back for any duty you have within the Duchy for me.
I hope you can understand and forgive why I had to leave and will give me another chance in your service.



Went to town later on to see if his Grace had answered my letter, but got told that his Grace was busy and would see to my letter later on.

Town was fine and so I chatted with the guards at the gate, when we noticed a man hiding in the woods. He refused to give his name at first, but later claims his name is Tim and that he wants to talk to his Grace.
Had to tell him that his Grace was nay expected today and he left telling us that he would ask for an meeting again.

Orcs arrived at he gate and at first it seemed as if they wanted to trade and one was interested in Herenui.

But then some orcs surprised the guards and ran into town trying to set the bridge on fire, but luckily it was nay damaged too badly.

*sketch below shows the burning bridge in Trinsic*

The guards had troubles chasing the Orcs out and me and some other people got hurt in the fights.

Stewan’s fiancée helped Stewan into town to the healers to get his wounds treated.
Stewan told us that he had been held for ransom at a cave and that only after the elves had paid a seventy thousand gold coins that he was released.

He is though nay hurt so bad that he has to postpone his wedding and left with me the healers after getting treated.

Town had quieted down and was safe enough again and some carpenters were ordered to check the damaged bridge and repair it as quickly as possible.



Today was Stewan’s wedding and I was running a little late, still sorting things from my journey.
I put a poster of the wedding on the wall so people could see it and followed the marked path to where the wedding would be.

I arrived just in time for the start of the ceremony and Gwen who lead it justaddressed Stewan and T’lara. I managed to get quietly to my seat and listened to them taking their vows.

*the sketch below shows the wedding ceremony*

After the ceremony there was a reception in the building with the finest foods and drinks where we celebrated with the newlyweds.

Gwen informed me that the Rose is closed due to a fire and it would take some time to get it all repaired. Was something about regrowing the trees and repairing the damage.

As most guards had free for the celebrations I thought I went on duty after the ceremony, but everything was quiet and nothing to report.



The Guild of Beggars sent a deputation with presents for the newlyweds to the reception. Scrumpyjack and Typhoid Mary our most senior beggars presented the offerings which were crafted by themselves from scraps of raw materials begged for in the usual way.

Le Pear stayed back observing the scene and chatting to Herenui who was quite taken to by Le Pear's pet ferret Pockets.

After donnating our gifts the deputaion left without eating at the table as it was far too posh for us and the foods were far finer than our wretched stomachs are used to.


Just had arrived in town and this time wore armor and my uniform when a man came running up to me shouting about orcs and boats.

Told me that tow people, a man and a woman had been kidnapped and held hostage on a boat on the city river.
So I ran into town and really saw a group of orcs threatening a woman and a man beaten senseless on the deck of their boat.

*the sketch below show the orcs in town on a boat*

When they saw me they tried to row the boat under the bridge but got stuck.
I got my arrow and shot at the orcs and got a lucky hit in wounding one, before the others had regained their wits and jumped off the boat on the streets to attack me.

With the help of Korith and some arriving guards we managed to chase off the other orcs into the woods, beating them up so them nay will return so soon.

When we returned the healers reported that the two hostages, the orcs had taken, were nay seriously injured and had left for home already.

Town was peaceful afterwards again and some old faces we nay have seen for some time dropped in again, Kilsek and Lance Sanders were some of the few who showed their faces again, but promised nay to be trouble.

Reina, a young woman from Tokuno arrived at the gate, offering her services and asking for work. As I nay have talked with Kimi yet I could only offer to buy meat for three coins a piece and an offer that I would ask for the prices of hides.

*sketch shows the meeting with the Tokunese woman*

Yukiko also came on duty then though all remained peaceful and nothing important to report.

I forgot to mention that some beggars asked me yesterday for some permits to wear their robes in town and I said I would look into it. They said they represent the beggars guild and ask for some lenience and will have to see if we can work something out.



Got to town today and no orcs in sight at least, though also no other guards on duty so I took the shift at the gate.

The woman Reina came and showed me a bundle of her hides an meat she had collected and I bought the meat for her for three coins a piece.

Need to tell Stewan that it needs to get cooked or smoked or whatever they do to make it last long without going bad and tasting terrible.

Adammair came to the gate and joked with Reina about kissing her and one of his friends took up his challenge and tried to kiss her, terrifying the poor woman.

Later when two people from the swaggers came Adammair convinced them to undress and stand naked at the gate. As this was indecent behaviour and
So fell under disorderly conduct.

*sketch shows the naked Vesperians*

After hitting the man with my staff I convinced him to dress again and they left for the swaggers mumbling something that there they get paid dancing naked on the tables.

Lady Alraune and Luid visited and also Herenui and we chatted some time, until Lady Alraune retired and Herenui and Reina went hunting for some more hides.

Adammair made some strange comments that something comes over him and controls him and that his eyes shine golden then. He asked me that if I see such, that he gets locked up and that either Alraune or Cherry are called to help him.

A white haired man named D-Fens came to the gate asking for Lady Tabbhita of the Hospitaler and I told him to look near Vesper.

I heard a rumour that adventurers have found some part of the long lost virtue armor in a cave. It seems it is true that troops of paladins wearing the valuable armor died in those caves and their armor was looted by various creatures. Maybe the Duchy can send an expedition to seek for some parts too some day.

Alraune told me that orcs had taken a Swaggers barmaid called Misty as prisoner and took Jackal’s eye as payment for her freedom.

Rest of my duty was eventless and I counted three thousand five hundred and seventy two stones which cover the west gate to Trinsic.


Of Bravery and Virtue

„Go in!“ Immediately the verbal encouragement was followed by another, physical one. The nudge in the lower back almost sent the young boy sprawling into the dirty track. In the last moment he managed to catch his fall by grabbing one of the sharp rocks at the side of the entrance and quickly pushing himself back from the gaping hole. Like before, his sulky and overall not very determined protest achieved nothing more than gain him a few minutes. His two companions, one broader, taller, older and thus the leader of the group and another, who was considered more clever, had selected him as the aspiring hero who would go first. Not that he wanted to.

All three of them, together with a candle -for light-, a bag -for all the treasure- and most importantly, a lot of youthful naivety had arrived at this point as a result of a lot of arguing. It all begun with lispy Tim, the apprentice of the old armourer, had claimed that all were in a fuss about the virtue armour that was not to be found in some of the dampest and darkest places of the world. And that everybody who could produce a part of it would be allowed to go to the academy and become a real paladin. Or a knight. Or both.

Since that the conversation had been going round in circles. Becoming a knight and a great hero sounded better than becoming an apprentice somewhere and work all day for some gold. You got to ride at tournaments, lived in castles, got big meals made for you by other people and beautiful women gave you a handkerchief -although the reasons for that were not quite clear for them yet-. And all they had to do for it was go in there and got a piece of that armour. Borton -the supposedly clever one- had said they should come here as he had been told it was only scorpions and moving rocks in here, and neither hand hands or bags to carry anything in. So the armour must just be lying about. Rocks, even if they moved -and unless they fell down from above- didn’t sound too dangerous altogether and they all had their best boots on to quickly step on any scorpion they saw. So all that was needed was to light the candle, go inside, find one of them things -they all supposed they would spot them easily, they most likely glowed or something- and carry them home and become a knight.

But now that they were actually –here- things had somewhat… changed. The entrance was larger than expected and pitch black. Even with their spare candle lit as well they couldn’t make out much of what lay beyond. And even worse, whatever lurked within sounded larger than it had seemed to be in their plan. For just being moving rocks they made a whole lot of noise altogether and occasionally the ground shook and trembled. Long story cut short, all three of the aspiring knights and heroes were scared.

Tarn, who still refused to go in and by now had to fend his companions off who tried to push him into the opening managed to twist out of their grip and made a run for it. Which was just as well, as it gave the other two a reason to get away without being actually guilty of cowardice.

*the old man looked at the two children listening to him*

And that my children is the story of the three youths who wanted to become knights but nay were brave enough. One day maybe you will dare though and look through those dark caves for the virtue armor that lies in the dark caves lost by many a paladin troop trying to cleanse those places.

*This story is an old legend by an unnamed storyteller*


Got word that the Rose tavern is almost and soon open for business again, just a bit south from where it was though.

Some visitors from Vesper and Skara dropped by and enjoyed drinks at the tavern and them nay made any troubles.

As Orson got on duty and all was quiet, I decided to explore then ant tunnels a bit more and check where some of the tunnels went.
Was nay the easiest trip and I had to run often when them things down there attacked me, but I managed to get to the central hive where all tem tunnels lead in the end.

I explored the western one and ended south of Yew in some woods where liches attacked me and I had to flee back into the ant tunnels.
As I had explored for some time I returned through the southern tunnel to Trinsic then and reported for duty again.

Herenui and me patrolled to Barrier island where we surprised some brigands and managed to rescue some careless noble from them.
Told the noble to take better care and we need more patrols to that island, too keep the brigands in check there.

We got warned about some Vampires called Tremere, but I nay know of any of them.

Vad came to town and wanted to talk to his Grace, but I had to tell him that he nay was in town. I also said that I nay could help him as I nay knew anything about those troubles.

Adammair reported that orcs had assaulted the Swaggers and forced the barkeeps there to serve them food and drinks.

One of those orcs looked at the gate from the woods but we chased it away, though it shouted that it would get the tribe, but until my shift ended nay sign of any orcs.



Today was the reopening of the Trinsic Rose and after checking that Trinsic was safe I headed to celebrate the reopening.

Gwen had decorated the tavern lovely and it is now a bit south where the former tavern was, but still close to the moongate.

*a sketch of the new Rose*

I enjoyed some drinks there until a band of orcs dropped by trying to plunder the tavern.
Devante and Lydia shot a few bolts at them and convinced them to retreat to the moongate and look for easier prey.

Devante and Lydia were slightly wounded but could continue their excessive celebrations.



Town was quiet when I got on duty and as Herenui reminded me that there was an event at the Valorian tavern I headed there and Kilsek accompanied me.

The voyage was long and uneventful as I still avoid magik portals and the tavern was well visited.
Devante, Lydia and other guests arrived there and I spent some time and some drinks there before heading back to town.

The paladins reported that everything had been quiet and I resumed duty at the gate. A jester dropped by and entertained us with a good story about the conflict of Lord British and Lord Blackthorne.

Yukiko came on duty and tested her skills duelling with Devante and Lydia, though Devante was seemingly the better fighter, winning most of their fights.

Lady Kimi the knight, not the trade minister also dropped by, listening to the story.

Only thing worth reporting was an orc who looked through the towns trash for something to eat, but with Lady Kimi’s help we chased it out of town.

Herenui asked if the Duchy considers some expeditions to the caves, looking for the legendary lost armor of the paladins and I said that the guards would join.



Herenui reported about a ghostly appearance near the elven quarter, but we nay found anyone that could understand the ghost and find out what it wants.
Herenui sent a letter to Lady Alraune hoping that she can help and find out why this ghost nay can find rest.

Tomorrow we will do an expedition at eight to a cave people call deceit, hoping to find signs of the lost paladin expeditions there.
We will meet at the moongate and head on from there.

No troubles today at the gate and all remained peaceful



Got a bit earlier on duty to have time to get prepared for the expedition and pack some things I might need.

We got a small group together consisting of Herenui, Stewan, Devante, Lydia, Tammy, Gwen and her elven folk whose name I nay remember, but whom I thank for their bravery.

At the appointed time we met at the Trinsic gate and Herenui had some magic book which transported us to the cave called Deceit.

Devante and Lydia who had brought a packhorse with them left it outside the cave and after all had decided that I should volunteer to enter into the cave, they followed me into it.

Some mummies and zombies attacked us upon entering, but together we managed to destroy them and then searched the rooms for any signs of the lost paladin troops.

Noticing that these upper rooms were well plundered we proceeded deeper into the caverns and though I got us lost one or two times and were attacked by more undead we nay ran into any real troubles.

About halfway into the cavern Lady Kimi and Knights from the vesperian vicinity rode past us, telling us that they also were heading deeper into the caves.

*the sketch shows the meeting with the knights*

Nay idea how they managed to ride inside, but they quickly rode ahead of us and we proceeded slower and more carefully, nay having any idea what to further expect.

*sketch shows the group slowly advancing in the caves*

Heading down some stairs we were attacked by some skeletons and liches, but after some fighting managed to destroy all of them.
We paused at some stone altar, which we found out was some teleporting device and transported us deeper into the dungeon.

We landed in some mouldy corridor and carefully proceeded ahead until we ended in a chamber with poisonous fumes and some angry elemental which attacked us on sight.

After a close fight we managed to kill that poisonous thing, though many of us felt ill and had to take some of the brought medicine until we felt better. We searched the caves of this thing, but nay found anything of interest and so we headed on.

Deeper into the caves a few liches attacked us, but as we were careful and had stayed together we managed to fend off their attack and destroy them.

It seems the knights who had stormed ahead had run into some trouble, as they stumbled upon us wounded and we took time to care as best as we could to their wounds.

Staying together we entered a large hall, where the rest of the wounded Knights fought for their lives against a small army of liches and spectres.
Together with the wounded knights we engaged the undeads and managed to destroy them before any more of the knights got seriously hurt.

Tending to our wounds and regrouping we then headed still deeper into this dark place and ended in a large hall, filled with coffins, vermin and lichlords which attacked us upon entering.

Only by staying close together and watching each others backs closely we managed to destroy these creatures and afterwards took a closer look at our surroundings.

We had entered a large hall with some important graves, judging from the finely engraved coffins. All throughout the room you could see rotting corpses and skeletons, though after looking at them, we decided that those also were nay the group of paladins we were looking for.

*sketch shows the group after the first wave of undeads*

Stewan and Devante wanted to look into one of those graves, but we decided that we had disturbed the sleep of the dead long enough and that we should head back, before more of those foul creatures could attack us.

*sketch shows us noticing that these halls had been robbed before*

Still it seems Tammy found some gold and gems in these old halls and I bet will manage to make a good profit off it.

In the meantime Hereneui had found some old helmet she liked on one of the corpses and decided to bring it with her for closer examination.

The trip back was easier, as we had killed most of the abominations living in these ghastly place and most of the others had rotten brain enough, not to attack us again.

Devante’s trusty packhorse was alive and well, waiting on us and now we took the time to examine the things we had found. All of us except Tammy shared our findings and we had managed to collect several hundred difeerent kinds of coins and some gems.

After closer examination we also noticed that the helmet Herenui had found in those hall had indeed belonged to one of those paladins, though it seems that the one who had found it, nay had any luck with it.

So either we have missed the remains of the paladins somewhere or this lone man had found it, before he himself had been killed.

With at least one piece found of that fabled paladin armor we headed back to Trinsic.

Town was quiet and nay thing worth reporting happened.



Forgot to mention that I gave Stewan some meat to smoke and salt, so we can use it as emergency rations. Paid him 300 gold and will get the meat in a few weeks.

Korith found a book, threatening the elves and claiming to speak for the human race. Nay saw anyone and nay sure that it is serious, but will ask the guards to patrol around the Rose more.

A man from the British guards reported on duty today, though he also nay had any news about baron Edmund as he had been sick and without news for months. He helped me with guarding duties, though there nay were any bigger troubles.

Some Lady showed some magik and a jester performed some tricks at the gate,
else nay thing to report.



When I got to the gate the Trinsic mayor reminded me about the Vesperian Festival. As the town was quiet and the paladins had everything under control I headed north to pay them a visit.

South of the Swaggers many people had put up booths, though some seemed to be very dubious.
Like the one that sold cookies and sweets with nightshade or the one that Thaur had, where he tried to sell kisses for twenty gold.

*The sketch shows the Festival*

There was a bar with lightly dressed ladies which attracted lots of men and Alraune read the people’s fortunes. Stewan and Gwen had a also a stall with food and other trading goods.

An orc was sighted close to the tavern, but Thaur who had been hired as guard managed to scare it off with his bad breath.

I got myself some watered Cider to drink and wandered a bit about looking at the booths until it was announced that the fighting contest would start.

For that they had built a small fighting arena behind the swaggers and three brave ones and Thaur volunteered to fight.
First they were paired off and the best of three fights would advance to the final round.

*sketch shows the arena*

Thaur and a fighter called Vheran managed to get into the finals and it was close, but Thaur managed to win.

*sketch shows the announcement of the winner*

Slowly the festival got quieter and I decided to head back to Trinsic and work on a painting of Thaur and the orc love he had chased away today.

When Gwen returned from the festival she showed me another note with threats against the elven folks and I think we should double our patrols to the elven quarter.

Rest of my duty was quiet and as all were tired from the festival most went to rest early.


*you see a sketch of the profile of the head of a man on the left side and the head of an orc at the right side.
Both heads are close together and they purse their lips as if to kiss each other.

The face of the man is quite rough and bearded and has the features of Thaur Macil. The orc on the other hand looks like any ugly orc with many warts and ugly looks.

Below the picture you can read the line ‘The only one that would kiss Thaur for 20 Gold’*


When I got on duty, Gwen showed me another letter threatening the elves.
I added it to the report and will see that the guards patrol the elven quarter more regularly.

The strange creature was at the gate again, but all it said was ‘mur’ and the Jester said it might be gargoyle for many, but we nay found out more.

A woman named Anaea Lykopis came into town and applied for the guards. She was is well versed with a bow and wishes to be useful in the Duchy guards.

The other woman or cat lady is called Fenwe Maren and was born near Spirituality woods. She also applied to the Duchy as guard and her main reason is she needs coin.

After checking their papers and as Sir Ikus seemed to be desperate or pleased enough with their performance, I accepted them as recruits and let them pledge the oath.

The two had had some troubles with someone from Vesper before where the cat scratched the man who had insulted the two women before.

I fined the woman for assault two hundred gold, gave the hurt man hundred and kept the rest as fine. The man then though refused to disarm his crossbow and sergeant Orson and me convinced him to leave the town then.

As my shift was ending and I was tired I let Sergeant Orson look after the recruits and show them around.


*a note is added to the report*

Humans vs Elves!!
Elf. Hear me.Humans are now against you. Stay off our land and all our civilised cities. As far as we’re concenred, you are outlaws to the human civilsations. Brittania’s land is being recarved.

The Humans!!!


Went to the Rose and nay new threatening letters had been found again.
Talked to Gerek who said that he is engaged to a woman called Dalla, but then had to return to Vesper to guard it from Orcs.

Found a camp of brigands south of the elven quarter and also chased a group of Ogres off with some well placed arrows.

Mur came to the gate but the only new word it said was ‘mur khaldun’ before it left again.

Lady Kimi visited and brought us the news that lady Tabbhita left and that the order took a new name and are led by a Lady called Arliana.

Lady Jade Bastet informed me that the family of Tremere acquired most buildings on Marble island and informed me that their tavern is open every Saturday at 8 with FREE DRINKS and food.



Olaf organised a training today and we had a decent turnout of citizens and people who wanted to train.
First training was about defending a small fort against attackers and while the one team built their fort, we had time to enjoy Stewan’s buffet which he and his T’lara had built at the barracks.
As we had uneven numbers I decided to watch this fight and spare myself some bruises

*sketch shows us at the training*

Soon they got the signal to attack and managed to surprise the defenders in blue with an archery attack while a fighter attacked their flanks.

After this first fight some more people joined and I took part in a defending situation, where we had to defend Stewan from the attackers in a barracks building.
We barricaded the door and so managed to effectively keep them out and keep Stewan alive.

At the end of the training we had a last person standing event which was won by devante, gwen and Sylvia, who after some fighting decided it was a draw.

Herenui and the Jester told me about he ghost and that a Lady with green hair called Noixitia had probably killed the person and sentenced her to haunt us.

I sent Herenui and Jackson to the place where they had found the body and let them collect the bones to give them a proper burial. I hope that the ghost finds rest then, though I intend to ask the greenhaired Lady some more things about the ghost.

Herenui told me that whenn Noixitia saw the ghost that she cried out and ran away from it and that the ghost murmured something like murderer after her.

Got no proof but should keep an eye out for that woman.

Jackson insisted that the womans bones have to be buries in Buccs Den and as it is as good a place as any else I let her.

Sergeant Orson and Olaf went on a patrol and also visited Vesper for a drink and returned to town later, reporting that all had been fine.

It seems Meygan has returned and is her annoying self again, who manages to insult people with ease.
I bet 100 gold that the next assault we have to solve will be the one on her, as she nay can lose any opportunity to insult anyone.

I am tired from training and the long shifts these last days so I retire earlier.



Yesterday’s duty was quiet and nay thing worth mentioning.
Muldran was here with a boy called Timmy, but his Grace nay could say if he knew him.

I asked Muldran if he could help with the ghost and he said that if his time allows he might look into it.

I talked to his Grace and he said that he is still busy with filling out the reports the council asked from him and that he may be less visiting the town these days.

Today we set out for another expedition to some dungeon to check for the remains of the ‘lost paladins’. Someone said that there is a deep cave called Hyloth on the Isle of Fire and rumour has it that this building was once a place of learning, before some evil corrupted the inhabitants and transformed them into evil things.

We gathered at the gate and used magik to get to that island.
Like always the magik travelling made me ill and I had to rest a bit before we could enter the place.

*sketch shows us entering the dungeon*

At first only some imps and enslaved gargoyles with their hounds tried to stop us and we made good progress.
We paused for a short time in an abandoned alchemist laboratory and gathered our strength for the rest of the journey.

*sketch shows the labratory*

We proceeded deeper into the building and had to avoid some traps and also the guarding minions, but made good headway until we came to some long corridor.

This corridor had some hidden teleporters and it took us some time and marking the place, until we managed to pass it.

Seems it was one of the more important traps as afterwards we came into a larger set of rooms where a big black demon and its minion were worshipping at some altar.

They attacked us upon spotting us and we had a hard time to defeat that high demon and its minions and manged with some bruises to continue out expedition.

*the sketch shows us fighting the black demon*

Still nay sign of any remains of paladins, though somehow I have the feeling that if three ever were any the demons used or destroyed them.

Careful because of our first meeting with that strong demon we headed deeper always looking for any signs of the remains of the paladins.

We entered a very large set of corridors full with guarding gargoyles and its minions, but we managed to beat them back at first. Then though they got reinforced by one of their black demons and we had to retreat before their onslaught.

*sketch shows the killing of another black demon*

Shot at 2007-10-11

We managed to kill the black demon, but because the demons sent wave after wave after us, tiring us down, we decided to retreat back to the entrance.

We sorted through what we all had found and trusty Sturwing had to carry it all. Hernui later told me also that Gwen found some elven parchment, but nay knows what it said.

All except me decided to use magik to return, but as I knew that I could rent a boat at the west coast, I decided to head there and return by boat.

I had good wind and could rest well enough on the voyage back to Trinsic.

Brynhild was on duty and reported that all was well in town.
Stewan had set up a stand and was selling food and as I was ravenous I got some food and got new strength.

All was quiet until Mur came by again. At first she did some magik tricks with spawning reagents on the ground.

She returned though later putting the bodyparts of an unknown male on the ground and spoke the broken words Mur-der-er.
I grabbed my weapon and torch and Stewan too tried to attack the thing, but it took up a ghostly form and vanished in the woods.

*sketch shows mur as it laid down its victim*

A man named Eric the Red visited town warning us of a man often dressed in black armor abd bone helmet, but nay as quiet as Mur. Seems that man is after some evil artefacts called books of sin and tries to get their power.

He nay could tell us more except that these items have relations to the sins of the virtues and that we should keep an eye out for it.

Got enough bruises today to last me for weeks and I hope the next days will be bruisefree again.



Rose was full when I got on duty and I met his Grace there who was talking to Sebastian and accepting him into the Duchy.

I took a break for a bit in the Rose chatting until my break was over and duty called. Finished my patrol around the Rose and had to chase away a troll and a harpy.

When I returned to the town his Grace informed me that Sebastian had sworn his oath and that I should get him his new uniform.

Got him the armor and shield and we intended to do a round through the town, when we heard an alarm bell from the elven quarter.

As we arrived there we saw some orcs attacking people and after some fighting and bruises managed to chase them away from the Rose.

Gwen was busy taking care of the wounded and we also had gotten bruises and nursed them in town.

Mur came to the gate again and said a new word ‘Giliforn’ before he dropped the dead parts of three people as tribute.

*sketch shows the tribute*

Told it that we nay take any tribute and as I tried to attack it it vanished into thin air.

Heard some rumours about some Yewish festival next week and will have to check further what they celebrate. Probably celebrating the invention of fire so they could burn people, as I know that lot.



Gwen reported that all was fine within town when I got on duty and so I took guard duty at the gate up with her.

A Father Mathew Cuthbert arrived from Yew asking for an audience with his Grace.

His Grace was expecting him and I stayed to listen to their conversation.
It seems the old mayor of New Paws died some time ago and Father Mathew is the new mayor now. He confirmed that the town will remain loyal to the Trinsic and the Council.

They talked about town relations and assured each other to help if in need and all the other diplomatic talk that is normal in such talks.

His Grace informed me about a change in uniform which will be ready about next week then. All guard will wear the purple of Trinsic combined if possible with special metal armor crafted by the finest blacksmiths of the Duchy.
The ones that wear leather will have to get the armor dyed in the lightest grey leather colour.

All remained quiet until my shift was over.