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A report in the jail of Trinsic (RP)



Yesterday’s duty started with bad news that Pierre had been kidnapped and dragged off to Yew.
Some Marksmen also reported a large force of Yew at their moongate and so we started preparing for the worst and built a barricade in front of the gate.

Luckily though it seems they had headed off to fight somewhere else and the gate seemed fairly quiet.

Sir Darkwater introduced himself as he is appointed as Magistrate in Trinsic, sharing the duty with Leisa. We talked about the duties and I think he has a long way to go before knowing our allies and enemies, as even I nay know them sometimes.

Town was for a change of pace the last days peaceful and Kaldorians were bored and decided to visit Yew, where they were shown around and nay attacked as I learned the next day.

As my shift was ending and I thought about letting the Paladins take over and chatted a bit with Alraine, Adammair, Tiggarn and Imrae at the gate when three figures came out of the woods and demanded gold from us and as they held a dagger to Imrae’s throat I could only watch and let them rob us.

They then fled into the woods but one woman hissed strangely which I think I heard the next day but nay could prove anything. Same with the other man that wore similar clothes as the robbers and seems to be with the woman.

Well at least nay one got hurt and we all got home safely afterwards.

Damn me for giving most of the guards time off after fighting the creatures to get some well deserved rest, but it left me alone on duty, as I somehow had messed up the schedules.

And it all started out to be worse.
When I reached town I got reports about brigands near the bridge, but as I charged out a caravan from Vesper with goods to help Trinsic against the creatures in time of need.

It seems though that there were some accidents as there had been some brigands waiting on the caravan from Vesper. But the Vesperians also accidentally had attacked some innocent passerbys Taggart and I think a Marksman who had shot their horse and probably a Kaldorian.

It was a right mess and I had nay idea how to solve it and just apologised
And hope nay more bloodshed would follow.

Vesper delivered lots of goods to our armory and also donated some gold to help the people that suffered under the crater monsters.

Among the items they sent us were

2 Battle Axes
5 Long Swords
5 Bardiches
5 Ornate Axes
5 Diamond Maces
several rolls of rope
and various other things I nay can list here

Thanks from the Duchy to the Baron of Vesper and we will see that the goods reach the ones that need it most.

Dorian Abronsius asked me to do some sketches, but as he wanted them ready in a few days and I got a lot of duties I had to say that I could nay manage it.
I will try some smaller sketches when I have some spare time though as I can just imagine what it must have looked like.

I resumed duty at the gate and Talked with Mordred and Shelly about Natalie and Tristian.
In the meantime other visitors and Kaldorian had arrived and the gate was fairly busy when some strangers arrived. They were about seven and some were hooded and most were armed, when the Kaldorian Gorn charged in and a fight started.

Thinking that he had been attacked I charged in to help him but a couple of strong magik knocked me down and I awoke later on and was brought to the healers. Gorn reported that he had been robbed by some of those that he had attacked and that after he had attacked them, they retreated and left the Duchy.

Healers checked me over but besides a big headache, some burns and my usual sickness after magik nay thing was wrong.

As I felt though safer and more comfortable in bed and Eike whom I had wanted to talk to before the fight was present I stayed at the healers for a little while longer.
I asked Eike to venture to Yew as messenger and find out more about Pierre and if we could get him out and how. I offered him 500 gold for the job and also told him that if they demanded a ransom we would pay up to 6000 gold with nay problem.

Kaldorians then got me out of my bed and reminded me that I had duties and could nay lay in my bed any longer and I reluctantly had to agree and resumed my post at the gate.

A short time afterwards Eike returned looking bruised and I got him to the healer and had him checked through, but he was nay seriously injured.

He told me that he had disguised himself as Rookie to come close to Pierre and had talked to him. Pierre had said that he was reasonably well, but that had seriously hurt his hand. Pierre also said that it nay seemed they had any demands and that they planned to trial him and possibly execute him as traitor.

Other sources of information said that Sir Taggart had tried to talk in Yew to free Sir Pierre too, but with nay results. Some Kaldorians informed me that Sir Taggart might be an ally of Yew and I would like to ask The Duke for further instruction about him.

The town was busy and some brigands, the ones I think that robbed me yesterday, offered the Kaldorians to free Pierre for 50.000 gold.

As them were negotiating three was a commotion outside and as I walked out I saw Pierre supported by a Kaldorian walking in.
He looked shaken but as Eike had said nay seriously hurt and Commander Soulshadow treated his badly burnt hand and then he was sent off for some rest.

On the bad news is that seemingly Vierna managed to get him free and she nay made any demands on it, but we better be wary as I nay trust her.
As I nay know what to do I will contact his Grace and Lady Moiraine if it changes anything on her status with Trinsic.
I hope we nay traded one devil for another, but it seems there were nay strings attached to Pierre’s release.

Tristian showed himself at the gate and I handed him the message I had given Eike to deliver. Tristian also claimed to be a noble and that we should stop attacking him or take him prisoner.

As he proves to be a pain and an annoyance he certainly is an unwanted person in the Duchy and may be attacked on seeing him and he has nay protection whatsoever from the Duchy.

The town settled down later on and as I am dead tired I let the paladins take over after delivering this report.


*two notes are added to the report*

To the Commander of the Yewian armies.

In the last few days your scouts have infiltrated the City and kidnapped some of our citizens or friends.

I urge you to reconsider this behaviour and also must remind you that we expect the prisoners to stay unharmed.

We know that you have kidnapped Pierre Victor from the town and currently hold him in custody.
We also have captured one of your vassals and we might come to an agreement to trade them.

I hope you reconsider this sort of warfare, as else if we are forced to aggressively invade your lands and your citizens might also suffer from it.


To the Commander of the Yewian armies.

I have heard that you intend to trial the Trinsic citizens Pierre Victor on the case of treason. I also heard that you have tortured him to probably make him confess whatever you wanted to hear.

Neither the Duchy nor the other nobles will accept such a trial as justified as you kidnapped him and then accuse him on your land.

I have sent this independent messenger in hope on an answer from you and to maybe set up negotiations to avoid further bloodshed.
I trust he will deliver our messages with nay troubles and hope that we manage to come to at least some proper agreements.

Kaelyn Officer in the Duchy Guards and responsible for trade in Trinsic


Started my shift and the freshly fallen snow gave the town a quiet and peaceful touch.
As there was a party in Valoria I decided to give the guards time off and that the paladins take over the guarding for today.

I promised Zefar some cookies after checking that all was fine in town I headed there.
Valoria was busy and some nice man called Santa handed out gifts and only asked for a song in exchange. So I sung about the guards and all people licked it and found it funny and I got a nice present.

Natalie came with Mordred and the other Kaldorians and we all had a great time.

As I was about to leave, Shelly wanted to show me some strange animal, but as we headed to the cave evil trees blocked our way and we had to retreat and afterwards returned to Trinsic.

I met Hugo and some Marksmen at the gate and handed them some small presents as I felt happy and wanted to share it.

Town was still quiet and peaceful and looked lovely in the snow and Charlotte gave us some warm cider to drink to warm us up and I let the paladins continue their guarding over the town again.



Duty was quiet yesterday except of a visit from Vierna who still is on a crusade against drow, who nay are of the same opinion as her. She claims that only drow are the ones she hates and not humans and that humans nay have to fear anything.
But I do not trust what she says and there is some other motive behind her words.

Gerek handed himself in yesterday and served a fine of 2000 gold and an hour on the stocks for the assault of Lady Sally.
He was very foulmouthed and still seems to have more brawn than brain and needs a firm hand.
So I advise more stocks to him if he gives more trouble.

Today we were set out to find Sir Devante and for that I called in all available guards for it.
When I got on duty word was out from Aisha that Yewians were about and really later on some arrived and let off some propaganda about them having won all wars.

We all had to prepare for the expedition then, but a great thunderstorm broke out flooding the moongate in water so it was nay possible to pass it.
So we had to postpone the search for Sir Devante and all hurried to get somewhere dry to escape the downpour.



Weather finally let up when my next shift started and patrols were possible without the fear of drowning in the streets.

Rose was open and people visited as the man called Santa had announced his presence and that he wanted to give presents to all who sang a song for him.
I recited two songs I had heard before and luckily people seemed to like them.

Outside the Rose there was a some quarrel and as Iljian and me tried to sort it we got attacked and both injured and had to get treated by the healer.
We nay know who started it and what it was about but some say it was a mugging, while others claim it was some gang fighting.
As we nay know who all fought and except one whom Tammy recognised as one of her former lovers we nay know whom to charge or what to do.

Lance Sanders claims that Tammy attacked him, though I am not sure if it was not a lover’s quarrel between the two. Though will have to watch Tammy as she is impulsive and Himasa also told us that Tammy had attacked him in some sort of quarrel.

Town was quiet then and some love pairs were sitting in the Rose and so I helped Sir Mordred to pick out some clothes, which Lady Buttons would make for him.

As I nay felt well from the fighting before and the town was quiet, I decided to rest earlier and rest at home.



Last days have been cold and the town fairly quiet during my shift though talon got robbed by two women and left naked near the town and natalie arrested some Yewian for punching Hugo on the nose. Also Shelly left a report about some troubles in town about Tammy and Tessah.

A sailor told me that he was shipwrecked and that he was looking for work and I handed him some gold for food and also told him that I would pay him ten gold for each dead rat. He left a note with me advertising for his work and I will show it around and send it to the poste.

Nemo was hurt badly with some broken ribs and an open wound and fainted in front of the west gate. Luckily Shelly and Imrae were there too and together we brought him into the jail and settled him onto a bedroll there.
Shelly confessed that the wound was beyond her help, but Imrae said that she would do her best and sent me to the healers for some potion.
Only know that it was something with nightshade and that the healer warned me to use it carefully and as I returned she made him drink something of it.

She then reset his ribs and I had to patrol in the meantime and as I returned she had him patched up and he was out of danger.

We got Nemo then to the Inn where he can rest until he is better and then Shelly advised me to give Tammy and Tessah a warning and to ban them next time if they do anything wrong.

Tammy and Tessah then came to town and naturally denied to be guilty of anything and said that they were nay to blame for anything.
I still told them that they shall consider themselves as officially warned and Thaur too and that their next trouble could bring them into stocks.

Shelly told me that it was a drow that hurt Nemo so badly. His name is Aranthir and is supposedly from Vesper, a drow and if he is seen in town, is to be handed over to Talon of the Kaldorians.

Town was quiet, I was cold and my shift was over so I decided to head home and warm myself at the hearth and sip some warm milk.


*a note is attached to the report*

a note for kaelyn


After you went to bed, it was quite a crazy night in trinsic. We got word that there was fighting at the gate. Lord darkion claimed that he had been attacked at the gate by tessah and tammy and their friends. They ofcourse denied everything. After that one of darkions men started to duel with tessah. When she got in trouble, the lad got jumped... This also happened when darkion duelled her. I repeatedly asked them not to jump in but they wouldn't listen. another soldier of darkion showed up and the whole game started again, he asked someone to duel him and the whole gang chased him into trinsic. Went after them, shouting to stop, and they eventually did when the man was down... Then they decided to all go try to kill twiggy, the dog of the marksmen. Aranthir liked one of them appearantly and tried to kidnap her... but luckily managed to convince him to put her down. Then she started to hit him and stuff...
Not sure what exactly them all took or if they were just trying to give me the worst headache ever. I told them that the next one I saw with a weapon would get arrested... Tammy and an elf that looked vaguely familiar to me, but I can't remember his name, they disarmed but two others saw it as an opportunity to pick their weapons back up. Me and nemo told him to disarm, but he wouldn't listen. When we tried to disarm him it was our turn to get jumped. In the meantime charlotte, hugo and reed also got knocked. So we crawled back on our feet and took charlotte to the healers. She was beaten up pretty badly, her nose was already broken from a mugging. And she was very worried and all that felix wouldn't want her anymore.
When we got out of the healers they were still fighting outside the gates, but at least this time it was eachother. Eventually they all disappeared in a gate. The only people I recognised out of the group are tessah, tammy and thaur, although I'm not sure thaur attacked anyone, but he did tell the others to attack us several times. I can try giving you a description of the others but some of them were hooded.


*a note*

Able bodied, experienced sailor looking to join a crew aboard any sea worthy vessel, any mission undertaken.

Captain Reed

Also can be reached over Kaelyn, Guard in Trinsic


Craziest duty ever and that though I had the late night shift.
It all started when I arrived at the west gate and found Tessah and Tammy arguing with some men and it was very likely that some fighting would start.

I talked to both parties and reminded them that fighting would nay be tolerated and warned the two women again nay to be any trouble.
I then patrolled the town and Natalie reported that all was sort of fine, though many shady figures around and that we should be careful.

And really as we got back to from the patrol Tammy, Tessah and some of their friends were fighting what I later learned some men from Haven.
Not knowing who was in right or wrong we tried to separate them and only managed it barely after some were wounded.
Tammy afterwards afterwards attacked a man again and for that I tried to put her on stocks but she fled.
Not of high intelligence though Natalie and me saw her later on a patrol around the moongate and arrested her. Suddenly though someone jumped out of the shadows and attacked us and also freed Tammy and a fight started where Natalie and me got wounded.

As the attacker had used some poison on the weapon Natalie and me felt nauseous and had to get treated at the healers.
Natalies shift was over then and she went to get some rest and I headed back to the west gate where I was informed that Dexius Brutus had attacked two people and wounded them before fleeing into the woods.

The Kaldorian caught a woman called Tessy Goldeye who was with Tessah and Tammy and had been helping them in the fight against the men from Haven. They had put her in a cell in the jail and then called me. As Shelly, Mordred and me wanted to question her she went into child labour and we quickly brought her to the healer, where she became mother of a baby girl.

I dropped all the charges against her and returned to the west gate only to get informed that Nemo had been seriously injured on his private parts by an angry woman. I went to the healers and found Shelly and Mordred there and also Hugo who had returned some cut off piece to be reattached.

There was too much blood and so Shelly and me waited outside until the healers had reattached Nemo’s missing piece and claimed that it would take some time until he was whole again.

Shelly looked sick from all this and so Mordred and Himasa took her home while Nemo was brought somewhere safe where he nay could get into any further troubles.

Finally the town got quieter and regained some semblance of sanity again and I was glad that my shift was over.


*two warrants are added to the report*

Warrant for: Tessah
Name: Tessah
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Skin: Light
Hair: long red hair bound in a ponytail often
Description: Average height and nothing special except often seen with the criminal Tammy
Last seen wearing: Wearing black clothes combined with leather armor – she is associated with the Swaggers Inn in Vesper and almost always in the company of the also wanted Tammy

Accused of: assaults on Hugo Windstone, Natalie, Kaelyn two times
Weapon: Kryss coated with poison or other pointed things

Accused of: Assaulting continuously people in Trinsic, resisting arrest
Tessah and Tammy attacked some people from haven and later on refused to leave and assaulted Kaelyn and Natalie. Next day they assaulted Kaelyn and Hugo again in Trinsic.

Suggested punishment is 2 hours stocks and 10.000 gold punishment or respectively 10 hours stocks.
Also at least a three week ban from town for the number of their crimes and the consideration to ban them from Duchy lands permanently

Warrant for: Tammy
Name: Tammy
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Skin: Light
Hair: long brown hair bound in a ponytail often
Description: Average height and nothing special except a foul mouth and often seen with the criminal Tessah

Last seen wearing: Wearing black clothes combined with leather armor – she is associated with the Swaggers Inn in Vesper and almost always in the company of the also wanted Tessah

Accused of: assaults on Hugo Windstone, Natalie, Kaelyn two times
Weapon: Kryss coated with poison or other pointed things

Accused of: Assaulting continuously people in Trinsic, resisting arrest
Tessah and Tammy attacked some people from haven and later on refused to leave and assaulted Kaelyn and Natalie. Next day they assaulted Kaelyn and Hugo again in Trinsic.

Suggested punishment is 2 hours stocks and 10.000 gold punishment or respectively 10 hours stocks.
Also at least a three week ban from town for the number of their crimes and the consideration to ban them from Duchy lands permanently


Felt lots better today again and Natalie was already on duty when my shift started. I went to the west gate and was informed that she was at the Rose, checking if all was fine and I went there to join her.

At the Rose I saw Tessah and informed her about the warrant, but as I did not want a fight in the tavern I let her leave without trying to arrest her.
She claims that she and Tammy will turn themselves in to Duchy justice by themselves.

Dannyl Tanaki wanted to talk with me in my office and so him, me and Natalie went back to the town. Upon arriving at the gates we saw two people attacking a marksman and managed to chase the two brigands off.
One wore a brown hooded robe and the other a man had a purple cloak, but the fighting was hectic that I nay could recognise more.

Dannyl then told me that Yuna had hired him to kill Savara and Doyle Stormraven and he wanted to know their whereabouts, but I refused to tell him.

Afterwards I resumed my post at the gate when some undead came lurching out of the woods. Natalie me and Kilsek tried to chase it off, but I was unlucky hit on the head and had to stumble back to the healers.

I heard later on that the undead disappeared into the woods again and that neither Natalie nor Kilsek were hurt.

Some woman wanted to hurt Keina at the gate, but luckily Katina was there and chased the woman off. Keina only remembered red long hair, but is not sure that it was Tammy.

Faeryl and a drow that nay speaks common called Danifae visited the town and Danifae has some spider beast with her. I let her bring that beast to the stables and then the two had a drink in the tavern while I watched them before the two of them left town again.

My shift was over and as I left the western gates I was informed that waywatchers had been sighted and I advised people to get into the town and to stay safe.



Started my duty late in the afternoon and the first few patrols were uneventful and safe and left me time to chat a but with the local citizens.

I was then called by Natalie to the jail as some Yewian recruit had been caught and word was about that more Yewish troops would attack.

We locked the recruit called Holly in a cell and went to check the moongate, but were informed that the attack had already been thrown back by Kaldor, Marksmen and other allied to Trinsic forces.

I then sent the recruit Holly back with a message to Yew and let Natalie and Kilsek escort her to the Moongate.
Natalie was against Kilsek as escort as he scared the woman, but I thought that as Kilsek wanted to prove that he is nay an enemy anymore and that Holly should see that Trinsic consists of more factions than just one.

Some people also claimed some bounties for beating back the Yewians and I paid them as agreed.
I also found an old warrant for Kilsek Von’Sah and will have to talk to Lady Moiraine about them and also about Vierna and Faeryl.



I was nay feeling well the last day and so stayed home and reported back to duty late at night.
I got informed that Yew had attacked the town and that Trinsic was trying to attack back at them, but as I nay felt up to it I stayed in town.
It nay helped me though as when I was patrolling the tavern Dexius Brutus and another man entered and Dexius refused again to be arrested.
He knocked me down and fled the town, though nay before hurting some others.

While I rested at the healers Natalie and some other wounded guards came in to get their wounds treated. It seems the attack on .

While I rested at the healers Natalie and some other wounded guards came in to get their wounds treated. It seems the attack on Yew failed, but I am nay sure how badly or why and will await a report later on.

When I felt better I went to the west gate and found some people from Haven and Tammy arguing again. Expecting a brawl between the two groups and as I was alone left on duty I warned the innocents off and let hem fight it out.

I questioned them then about the reasons and it seems Tammy and Tessah are wanted in Haven for assault.
I had to tell the soldiers from have though that I could not let them arrest the two, as they serve their sentence here and that if they wish that we help them, they need to ask his Grace about it.

As I was talking with them undeads poured forth from the woods and a fight started where I was knocked down again and had to see the healers again.

Gorn of the Kaldorians also was there and was treated against poison, but the healers threw me out shortly after looking after my wounds, telling me nay to whine about small wounds.

Shelly informed me later on that all undeads had been destroyed and upon patrolling the town before my shift was over I found it peaceful enough to get some rest.


*a note is attached to the report*

This is the note I added to Yew with the recruit Holly of Yew

Sir Klion,

I ask you again to stop your attacks on the Duchy and its allies on Duchy lands and look for negotiations for peace.

Many people already got hurt in this conflict and I do nay wish to see more misery.

But if you continue your attacks on the Duchy and its allies on it I will use all methods available to me, to force you to a peace treaty.

As a sign of our goodwill we send this Rookie, Holly back unharmed.
We just kept her armor and weapons with us, as they might be used against the Duchy else.

Kaelyn, Captain of the Duchy Guards and responsible for Trade in Trinsic


Late night shift started quiet and only a Lady Rhonwen was asking for her sister Leisa and was concerned that she could nay reach her.

Some undead thing was seen then in town and upon engaging it I got a cut at the arm and hit over the head so I lost consciousness and Hugo was hurt by it too.

When I woke it was gone and me and Hugo stumbled to the healers, though I only needed a bandage and was sent home to rest, as with the cut arm I nay could hold a weapon properly anyway.

Tomorrow we will try again to form a search party for Sir Devante at 21:30 starting again from the Trinsic Rose.


*Kaelyn tugs irritated at her necklace and looks angrily at her bandaged arm. Those damn scoundrels thought they could do what they wanted. But it was time to take some more drastic measures and show them that it could not continue so.
Playing with her necklace she sits down and stares out the window until long after the sun had settled*


We met at the Rose for the search of Sir Devante and a score or marksmen, Kaldorians and other people willing to help and set up to the compassion shrine in Ilshenar.
From there we headed to the gypsy camp but no one had heard a word of him, or seen any unusual strangers. We had to fight off some demon that barred our way but then proceeded without incident deeper into Ilshenar.

Scouts were sent out and one reported that some unusual masked people were with the savages and so we headed there to investigate.
Sadly the savages refused to let us enter and so we had to fight them and found the people in one of the Shaman huts, where they then attacked us and fled.

One of them though attacked us persistently and it took us great effort to knock him out and capture him. Upon looking closer we noticed that behind his mask it was Devante and brought him as quickly as possible back to the Rose where the healers cared for him.

It seems he was drugged heavily with an unknown substance and then made to believe that we were his enemies, but luckily it seems that he later on came to his senses and recovered fully.

What those brigands though wanted with him or why they did it is still a mystery and we better be careful that such a thing nay happens again.

I returned then to guard duty and all was quiet and fine until some undeads were seen in the nearby woods and we had to fight them off and destroyed most of them. I got injured a little and had to get treated at the healers, but they let me leave after treating it.

Tammy and Tessah were pleading about their banishment and while I argued some hooded figure paraded through town and even after I led him out he insisted upon returning. I challenged him then and tried to arrest him but he cast some magik at me and almost burnt off my hair with it.

Luckily Shizumi managed to knock him down and with the help of some Kaldorians
arrested him where he awaits his punishment in cell one.

After the healers treated my burns I went to interrogate the man and he claims to be named Greenspan and that he is looking for his daughter.
I do not think it is the whole truth, but nay a lot I can do about it.
So I set his sentence to a fine of 2000 gold, 1 hour on the stocks and three lashes.

City was still busy at the end of my shift, but peaceful so I left for home and some rest.



Training tonight with the elves and the Kaldorians, though I had to cut it short as I was called to a meeting with some local citizens who were concenred about increased brigand activity and the war with Yew.
Took me some time to ease their most urgent concerns and managed it to a meeting with his Grace where I informed him about the fighting with Yew and the Brigands.

After the meeting I went to the jail and put the prisoner on the stocks and also handed him three lashes for his crime.
As one marksman called Gordon Archer, despite being warned not to throw explosive potions, he threw one and hit me too so I put him also on stocks for fifteen minutes.

Outside the gates people trained their skills a bit but Greenspan and a friend of him started brawling, but with the help of Himasa and a Markswoman we beat both up and things began to calm down again.

Leon Copper surprised me then announcing that he was ready again to come on duty and I gave him a fresh recruit uniform and told him his appointed shifts.


*a lease is added to the report*

The owner of this Lease Abdul Ghaffar has the right to use the following building, Encyclopedia Magicka and to sell his wares there.

Encyclopedia Magicka
Rent a month 400 gold
Rent paid until end of November
Leaseholder - Abdul Ghaffar

Kaelyn in the name of his Grace Duke Irvyn Middlethorn of Trinsic


Started my shift with a quiet patrol through town and met Leon who already was on duty and then continued to go to the Rose.

Rose was quite busy but peaceful enough and so I sat down to chat a bit to the citizens and have a sip of water.

His Grace came then into the Rose and asked me to take some recruits to deliver a letter to Cove. As Leon and Shimizu had also arrived at the Rose I ordered them to come with me and together we headed through the Moongate near Minoc and from there along the road south and west.

On our way we met a large body of soldiers from haven and though they watched us uneasy they left us alone, though we heard that they might also be on their way to Cove.

We went to the town of Cove, but found it deserted until the recruits suggested we look at the barracks and lead me to them.

We found soldiers from Cove and Haven fighting there and due to some misunderstanding also got hurt a little by some haven warriors when they thought we were helping Cove.

Well after the fighting had settled and haven nay could claim a full victory, the Baron accepted our letter and sent us home with a reply.

As we arrived at the Rose we met some Covians already at the there, who drank some I guess to ease their bruises.
One of Tammy’s and Tessah’s friends called Taryn took seemingly some offence of what some Covian said and asked him outside. I told them all that if they wished to brawl they should take it outside, but Taryn cast some magik that knocked out the man.

We chased her but she escaped somewhere into the jungle. I saw her later at the gate and she claims that the Covian gravely insulted her and refused to give her a chance to fight outside and so she was forced to attack so.

I told her that she had until Sunday to sort it with that Covian and that if she nay had solved it I would put out a warrant with a fine and some stocks for her.

Olaf returned from Jhelom and asked to be a guard again and I took him up in the rank of an armsman, but I soon after started to regret it.
A marksman claimed that Gerek had taken some gold from him, but when I asked Olaf to search Gerek’s bag he ran. We pursued him for some time, but lost him later in the woods.

I spotted then two guard from Haven and questioned them. As some marksmen joined and watched us they got nervous and started to run away and Olaf and a marksmen gave chase, although I tried to stop them.

When I caught up to them I found them fighting and one of the haven soldiers was knocked out. Me and a Marksman stayed with him until he returned, but as I tried to help him some magik was cast on me and I lost consciousness.

When I awoke they were about to leave and I informed them about the banishment of all haven guards until the matter was resolved.

As I luckily was nay seriously injured I slowly walked back to town for a quiet sip of water and chatted there a little with Alraune and Adammair.
Gerek then walked in and I said that the thing before with the gold was settled, though he had to confess that he had fought with Tyler and hurt him.
So I told him to find Tyler and make it up with him, else I would have to put out a warrant again.

Lady Charlotte came in and informed me that Olaf had tried to get gold from her and as she refused he had drawn a weapon. Then Gerek had intervened and a fight had started, so Charlotte had run to fetch me.
So we went out to look for both and found them still fighting near the magik shop. Was some tough work to make them stop but I got it sorted finally and could listen to all the stories.

I think Olaf overreacted again and had to tell him that from now on he is nay allowed to fine, arrest, search or tax people alone.

He also tried to tax someone that was with Lady Jade later on, but the matter was resolved pretty quickly and it was nay entirely Olaf’s fault, but he certainly needs some watching, until he can be a full guard again.

Kent Shelta came for a trading license and I granted it before I packed up and went off duty.

Also I want to inform all that the banishment of Tessah and Tammy is over and that they are allowed into town again. Though we will still watch them closely and if the town is lots safer without them consider to ban them for longer.


*a letter is added to the report*

Dear Commander of Haven,

Due to some incidents in Cove where we were attacked by some of your soldiers and later on in Trinsic where some of your men fled and then attacked us I have to inform you that until further notice your guards are banned from the Duchy lands.

To solve this matter I urge one of your officer to come and clear these matters up, so we can come to a solution.

Kaelyn Captain of the Duchy Guards

*added is a poster*

Until further notice the soldiers of Haven are not allowed on Duchy lands.
Due to some incidents of attacks from their side on Duchy guards I see it necessary to enforce such a ban.

Exception is the memorial tomorrow where they can attend, but will be asked to leave afterwards.

I urge a commander from Haven to contact me so we can come to an agreement and solution to this matter.

Kaelyn Captain of the Duchy Guards in Trinsic

*a license is added to the report*

Trinsic Tradesman's Licence

Holder : Kent Shelta
Profession : Trader of all sorts of goods
Granted on : 6 January 07
Expires on : 6 January 08
Fees Paid : 1000 gold

This document identifies the named holder as a tradesman in good standing within the Duchy of Trinsic, with the right to trade in the products and services relevant to their stated profession without fear of official sanction or harassment, until the expiry date is reached.

The Duchy reserve the right to revoke this licence at any time if the holder is known or suspected to be in breach of Trinsic laws, or aiding others in such activity.

Permit Number 705
Trade Minister of Trinsic


Was late for my shift today as I had to get my tunic clean and it had resisted the first two tries and demanded some extra soap and hot water.

Lots of people were already assembled at the crater and the speeches to the memorial had already started and I took my place aside and listened to the many speeches in memory of Jordan Jurrel.

When the memorial was over the Commander from Haven asked for a meeting and so Lord Irvyn Middlethorn joined us at the meeting room.

I informed Commander Sari Liane and her escort Eyen about yesterday’s happenings and I was assured that it would be investigated and that Haven had nay bad intentions towards Trinsic.
The Haven Commander even suggested that we may exchange guards or even officers for some time to strengthen the bonds between the communities and I said that I would reply soon to their proposal.

When I returned to the town I was informed that one of the Brutus brothers was in jail for assaulting a Kaldorian and a guard and so the sentence will be a fine of 4000 gold one hour at the stocks and five lashes or a ban of two weeks from the town.

As the town was peaceful I then went to the tavern where I met Corwin and the both of us chatted a little about old times.
Shelly arrived there then too and she asked me to talk to her privately.

She confessed that her falling in love with Mordred was an accident and that she never had wanted it to happen, nor that she wanted to hurt Natalie. To make matters worse though her old lover Vegeta had returned shortly and due to some problem that his letters nay arrived Shelly had him thought lost.

Shelly tried to lay the blame on her, but I had to tell her that I was very disappointed in Mordred as he nay had told Natalie sooner.
Shelly said that Mordred nay had wanted to hurt Natalie, but through his telling her too late had done such a thing and drove her off.

Aye, I had to tell lady Soulshadow today that Natalie had resigned her duty and that his Grace had freed her from her vow so she could leave to parts unknown.
I had tried to persuade her, but she was determined and I hope that one day she might return to us.

While Shelly and me talked in a quiet room in the tavern, some undeads attacked the town, but were thrown out in the end, though quite a lot of citizen got hurt in that attack.

When Shelly and me had finished talking and I had assured her that I had nay quarrels with her, we left the room and found Leon and Shimizu bruised in the tavern.

It seems Tammy had refused to disarm when Dawn asked her and a fight had started. Other guards had intervened and helped to beat up Tammy, but were then attacked by some of Tammy’s friends and hurt.

I will have to put out a new warrant for her, but nay have decided yet if this one will count for Tessah again too and maybe their friend Taryn.

As my chat with Corwin had been interrupted earlier we decided to get a drink at the Rose and talk there. Corwin told me of his long absence and that he was in love with a taken woman and finally told me that he was in love with Natalie.

I told him that she had left and maybe could be found in Skara Brae, but that he nay should be too hopeful and he said that he may look for her though there.

Zefar ran in then and informed us about undeads in the city and so Corwin and me headed there and with Eike’s help managed to rescue a lady from the undeads clutches, though both of us were injured in the process and had to get checked up by the healers.

Dawn, Kadul and other guards came to check on me and informed me that the undead attack had been repelled with the help of many forces including soldiers from cove and other towns.

After these reassuring news I decided to leave the town in their capable hands and decided to sleep at the healers again this night.


*a poster is added to the report*

University of Umbra
This week the university of Umbra is proud to be able to present a collection of paintings by the young and talented artist Kaelyn of Trinsic.
Her art has previously been featured in the Sosarian Morning Poste as well as in private collections.

A Vernissage will be held on Sunday the 7th day of the New Year at 8 p.m BST

All willing to respect the laws of umbra are hereby invited

In the name of the Council


*a note is attached to the report*

The ban for the Haven guard has been lifted as the matter was resolved today and an agreements reached.

Kaelyn Captain of the Duchy Guards in Trinsic


Managed to shift my duty after the exhibition in Umbra and just strolled through Trinsic before leaving and visiting it.

Dawn reported that Tammy had resisted her arrest again and that she would provide a list of the crimes Tammy had done later on and I left for the Vernissage then.

Lady Aryala greeted me there and the visitors seemed to be quite happy with the exhibits and I am glad that I got the chance to show them to people again.
There was also some fine food prepared from Stewan of Trinsic and we all enjoyed the meals and drinks and doughnuts.

After the exhibition I returned to Trinsic and at the moongate I found signs of fighting and some wounded. Kaldorians reported that Yew had attacked at the moongate, but finally with the aid of Cove, Haven, Kaldor and Trinsic and other forces had been pushed back.

I patrolled the town then and all was quiet. Except that Shelly and Mordred were there too and you could feel the uneasiness about all that had happened in the air.

I had some talk with Mordred and though he knows he messed up, ah nay found it in my heart to forgive him for his stupidity and we parted in anger.

As the town was quiet and all safe I went home for more rest.



Name: Tammy
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Skin: Light
Hair: long brown hair bound in a ponytail often
Description: Average height and nothing special except a foul mouth and often seen with the criminal Tessah
Last seen wearing: Black clothing long skirt and shirt
Weapon: Kryss coated with poison or other pointed things

Accused of: Refusing to disarm, Assault on guards, Resisting arrest,

Description: Guardswoman Dawn asked Tammy to disarm, but she refused to do it and fought and hurt several guards before escaping.
She later returned to do more troubles and resisted arrest again and hurt some guards. But I require more information to view the whole extent of her crimes.

Suggested punishment is: At the moment arrest with at least two hours stocks, a fine of 10.000 gold and ten lashes – but it may change with the new assessment of her crimes


When I came on duty I was informed that Tammy had been arrested and after Dawn told me the number of her crimes I set the punishment to one hour stocks, ten lashes and a week of banishment.
Leon and Dawn helped me to prepare the stocks and get a nice orange robe for Tammy to wear.

Dawn then handed out the lashes and as Tammy still insulted us I added one extra lash for her so she got eleven lashes all in all.

We threw her then out of town and patrolled the town and found it peaceful and so decided to stay a bit at the Rose and chat with the guests.
At the Rose I met Abigail, the Yewish guard that had watched over me in Yew and of whom I had drawn a picture.
Though she denied of ever having seen me and I let it rest as she nay did me any harm in Yew and seemed to be a fine woman.

Town was quite busy for a while, though it remained peaceful until some Vesperians decided that they could attack Covians in town.

Hanse and some others knocked down a Covian and then wanted to take him with them, though I refused it and almost had to fight to stop them, before they saw reason.

The Vesperians left then to take a drink in the tavern and I warned two Covians Mela and Hoagie that I could nay assure their safety, but they claimed they would be fine and proceeded into town.

Naturally a fight started, which Mela started by throwing snowballs, but only Mela was hurt and the Vesperians decided to leave then and did not try to capture her.

An undead and its minion came to the gate and demanded muffins and souls.
Luckily I had some muffins with me from the Vernissage, but somehow the undead was nay happy with the minion asking for muffins and asked for more.

It attacked us then and me, the drow Faeryl and Katina were hurt in the fighting, but the undeads were seemingly happy enough with the muffins and some thing Ii had handed them before which one thought of as soul.

The healers checked us all over and said that we would be fine and I got some salve for the light burns and headed home then.


*a poster on the walls in Trinsic*

Because of the nice words I got at the exhibition and because Lady Aryala offered me to come again and present the pictures.
I would like to show anyone who wants the pictures on Wednesday the 10th January on 8 pm (UK time) at the Umbra University again.

If you wish I can tell some things to the pictures and answer questions.


Also the Umbra tavern will be open for all interested.

The Umbra tavern can be found south of the town of Umbra along the mountains almost to the border to the desert at 8o26N 47o2'E.

*a poster on the jail wall*

Current list of people are still wanted by the Duchy of Trinsic
For a full description please check the warrants in the jail.

Dexius Brutus
Dabu an Orc
Kurt maybe also named Quasim
James Goldeye maybe also known under different names

The warrants of some of the drow are in review these days and need to be confirmed.



Today the play was hosted at the Trinsic marketplace and all was ready for the performance of the new Honor play.
The town was busy but peaceful and so we let the paladins guard and went to see the play.

Dawn reported that both Brutus brothers had attacked her and that I should put out another warrant for the second brother too.

The play was about the honor virtue and was about Dupre and some gargoyles and was very well performed.
It seems that some paladins were sleeping on duty as I got reports later on that some undeads had entered the city and scared some citizens though retreated without further harm.

People talked long about the play and the tavern was quite full and took some time until the town grew quieter.

I got an urgent message with a pigeon that Covian scouts had noticed some Yewish forces approaching their city and as I could nay leave Trinsic defenceless I asked Shelly and Gorn if they would assist.

Together we headed to Cove and found them already fighting with Yewish forces and joined in to defend the town. Gorn and me were slightly wounded and as the best fighter Shelly escaped almost unscathed.

After the fighting some Vesperian forces showed and despite first wanting to help against Yewish forces attacked the rest of the Covians and only left after some casualties on both sides.

We the returned to Trinsic and I reported to his Grace all that had happened.
I took up guarding duty at the gate, working on my report when three red robed starngers came and tried to talk about their god.

A man whispered to me then that some Yewish forces had sneaked into town and as he said I was promptly attacked and wounded.

Took me some time to wake up and to return to the gate where I noticed a fore being at the gate, one similar to the ones the preachers had described before at the gate and attacked it only to be badly burnt by it and had to get treatment at the healers and stay over night.


*Kaelyn winced at her wounds and clutching her necklace felt anger raging through her body. How could they dare to attack, what did they dare.
There would be no hesitance next time they would feel her wrath on sight and there would be no mercy. Still raging with anger she sipped the drought the healers gave her and quickly fell into a drugged sleep*


Had taken today off as I was invited to Umbra for another visit at the exhibition and to show people around and answer questions.

I was glad that people came and like the pictures and also got some requests for drawing more pictures.

I returned to Trinsic after the vernissage and found all fine and had time to interview a possible guard recruit.

Talked to Rak'suun Xuunrae and found him quite interesting and pleasant to talk to. Like most drow he is ... old ... and has a story to tell why he fled his home and to make it short it was because of family matters.
But he seemed nice and pleasant enough, so I will check his application, but nay see any problems with it.

Town was quiet else though I found reports about the Brutus brothers from Dawn and will put out warrants for both again.


Letters for Captain Kaelyn


For the attention of Captain Kaelyn, Trinsic
(Copy to Duke Irvyn Middlethorn)

Dear Captain Kaelyn,

The official signatory for the Royal Britannian Council, Sir JMW Smythe, has been made aware of the requirement for extra guards in Trinsic and wishes to assist. The castle guard here is in the enviable position of being slightly overmanned, and there is a guard who has been recommended by her commanding officer as someone who may benefit from a change to her normal duties. If you are willing, Private 2nd Class Brynhild Fredrikson will be ordered by this office to Trinsic.

No time limit will be placed on the time she stays with you; it will be entirely your decision both to accept her and to decide when to send her back to Britain. Alternatively, if she wishes and you are agreeable, the posting may be made permanent.

Sincerely yours,
Indecipherable squiggle
Royal Britain Guard Force
On behalf of Sir JMW Smythe

*the same courier carries a very unofficial firmly sealed note*

FAO Captain Kaelyn:
I have had the extremely dubious privilege of having Private Fredrikson in my troop for a year. You should be warned that she has an impossibly flippant attitude and displays a complete lack of deference towards duly appointed officials. I have several times had to discipline her following complaints from members of the Royal Council and other senior persons. She is not unintelligent, but shows none of the serious attention to duty and certainly none of the respect for authority which should characterise a good guard. She occasionally displays the ability to lead others, but shows no inclination to lead them anywhere except into trouble. I recommend that you refuse this posting and allow me to discharge her dishonourably, which she richly deserves.
Signed: A G Mainwaring
Captain, Third Castle Troop, Royal Britain Guard Force

*a letter is returned to Britain*

To the Royal Britain Guard Force

Thank you for sending reinforcements to Trinsic and we will gladly accept the Private Brynhild Fredrikson as recruit in our ranks where I am sure she will become a respected guard in time.

We will await her arrival in the following days and then take care for her accommodations and training.

Kaelyn, Captain of the Duchy of Trinsic


Name: Claudius Brutus
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Skin: Light
Hair: short brown hair and a goatee
Description: Tall about six foot and strong
Last seen wearing: Silver plate armor with a red bandana and a beige doublet and a brown skirt
Weapon: Swords coated with poison or other pointed things

Accused of: Refusing to disarm, Assault on guards several times, Resisting arrest,

Description: The Brutus brothers have over the last couple of days repeatedly refused to disarm, assaulted guards like Dawn and Leon several times and wounding them.

Claudius only a few days ago served a sentence about similar crimes and nay seems to have learnt from it

Suggested punishment is: A fine of 8000 gold, 2 hours stocks, ten lashes and the day banished from town the punishment is done


Training day today and as many Kaldorians were about we decided to try some Kaldorian bagball. For that two headquarters were chosen opposite of each other and as many bagballs as there were members on a team chosen (six for this game).
We had to drag the balls to our headquarters but were also allowed to knock out our opponents.

We enjoyed a game of it which my team won, then I had to leave for some trade talks with the local turnips traders, who demand that we hunt more rabbits to safe their harvests.

Were some tedious hours which went from burning all the fields to put poison fields on the turnip fields.
We came to an agreement that I would hire some people to hunt some rabbits and finally I could return to Trinsic and my duty again.

Town was quiet though some Vesperians were at the gate.
Seemingly Tessah and Tammy and a third one which may be Taryn have assaulted Baron Twothumb in Vesper and they are out to capture them now.

I told them to send a note to his Grace and that if he agrees we also would look out for the two.

Rest of the evening was quiet and uneventful.



Not a lot to report yesterday as it was mostly quiet and I was fairly busy with my duties and nay had lots of town for guarding.

I heard about some troubles concerning Tammy, but she fled and some other smaller troubles, but all was handled in time and the town still stands.

Today the town was quite busy when I got on duty and met Baron Twothumb with some Vesperians waiting at the tavern to talk to his Grace.

I got handed a note and sent a message as quick as I could to inform his Grace that visitors were waiting to talk to him.

And really only a short time later his Grace arrived at the western gate where I informed him about the visitors and escorted him to talk to them.

His Grace and the Baron talked long about various political things though nay could seem to come to a reasonable agreement and as far as I understood it agreed to not to help each other, but also nay to fight each other.

At the tavern Alraune was caring for a Lady called Madeline who had lost her memory, but Knight Athos tried to help her to regain her memory and showed her around town and the outskirts. Later I got informed that she had remembered some herbs and that she could ride well, but nay more yet.

Two recruits came then to apply as recruits and after checking their credits I swore them in and we can welcome recruit Yukiko and recruit Meygan now in our ranks.

We returned to the gates where a strange person called Ashton arrived and said that he was known by his Grace and also that he was disfigured and nay could show his face.
His Grace confirmed the story and so I wrote a permit allowing him into town, but he also started troubles by insulting Kaldorians and Hugo.

Seemingly he had stumbled somewhere as he lay unconscious on the ground, but we had greater troubles as some undead was running through town and shouting it needed souls.

Luckily we managed to catch it after some chasing and managed to destroy the skeleton to a pile of bones.
Remind me to ask my gold bag from the priest, as the bones turned to dust but magically moved away to be reassembled to the undead again, although I put some holy dust onto them before.

Also then we heard that Tristian was about in town and looking around to stir troubles.

I told the paladins to watch out for him and to play hide and seek while me, Hugo and two guards would head to Yew and check out their tavern.

For that we got ourselves some of the popular monk robes and put them on before heading south to the Yewish camp.

We arrived there and the guards looked at us very suspiciously but with the cleverness of a clever spy Hugo convinced them that we were thirsty monks on a holy crusade to obtain some ale. After bribing them with some gold the guards led us to their holy waterhole and we seated there and tried out the different drinks.

Now I sort of know why yew wishes to conquer the lands as their ale is piss poor and only their wine barely drinkable.

Hugo said that he needed some privacy outside and left us alone while he left.

Seemingly though while outside he started a fight and we were suddenly surrounded by guards asking who we were and we had to give up our disguise and show ourselves.

We were questioned what we were doing here and we told truthfully that we wanted to avoid Tristian and thought to have a quieter drink here where he nay would be.

They seemed pretty annoyed by it and only after some serious questioning were we driven out of the city and called fools or worse and we returned to Trinsic.

Your Grace I take full responsibility for almost getting half our guard force taken prisoner and will accept a demotion to recruit.
And I hope you will not have a fit as all went well after all, though maybe a more clever captain would be good, or I just beat up Hugo for getting us caught.

Returning to Trinsic we were informed about undead and as Ashton was still a nuisance ah gave him a big sheet of paper with the word “BAIT FOR UNDEADS” on it and we waited if an undead would come.

Sadly it did nay work and we had to abandon it, but will keep it as an option for annoying criminals to make good use of them.

The town grew quiet and we let the paladins take over and got some rest.


*a note is attached to the report*

This permit allows the holder Ashton to enter the city of trinsic without removing his mask.

He will though show this permit to any guard that asks for it and nay make any troubles.



Got on duty and promptly found Hugo at the western gate and asked him why the hell he fought the last evening. He claimed that he got attacked and just had to defend himself and tried to warn us, but had to run and just decided to leave us.

His Grace asked me about it too and I was lucky that I only got a small scolding, so I intend to forgive Hugo tomorrow for his blunder.

Lady Jade came and wished an audience with his Grace to talk about the Haven and Cove war and suggested some solutions, but it seems that nay one seemed feasible and the talks ended with nay solution.

Met Alraune and Adammair in the tavern and was informed about the changes they wish of the picture and also talked a little with Lady Madeline, but she nay can remember any more than yesterday.

Yukiko then informed me that some Vesperians were threatening citizens at the bank and so we hurried over to find out what the matter was.
Escaflown was given a tip and followed to some empty building where three women jumped at him and beat him up.

The Vesperians were out for blood now as one of the assailants claimed to be Tammy, which is actually likely.
I still managed to calm things down and convince them to leave and let us handle it, but it seems we need to find them soon, else we will have more blood flowing on the streets.

I returned to the tavern to check if all was well and found all in order and was then informed by Yukiko that an undead had been killed by a lady and I paid her the agreed bounty of 2000 gold for it.

Olaf came on duty and I let him take the two recruits Yukiko and Meygan on a patrol to the moongate and all seemed in order.

The town got a little more busy and one badly hurt man was found near the tavern and had to be brought to the healers. A friend of him a monk took care of the wound and also insisting to carry him then as quickly as possible to his home where he would have the proper herbs to treat that ailment.

I returned later on to the west gate where Hugo informed me that a woman had grabbed him at his pony tail and then cut it off before running away.
It seems some Vipers have lost their sting, first Nemo, now Hugo ….

Rak’suun and Keina had some rough getting to know times it seems but later seemingly became friends and Keina asked if she could accompany Rak’suun on his patrol and as all seemed safe I agreed.

All was quiet when my shift ended and I hope it stays so.



Town was quiet and peaceful when my duty started and so we all spent the start of our shifts at the Rose, watching Lady Alraune reading her cards to people there.

Among them were Rak’suun, Liana and Iljian and I hope that their fortunes will all be well.

Rak’suun reported then that yesterday a Covain and Vesperian foughtin town, but that they could manage them both.

As the town was peaceful I made great advances with the painting for Lady Alraune and hope to have it finished this week.

Lady Faeryl asked another drow Iym’iara to go with her and visit Vierna, but as she nay felt safe Rak’suum accepted to escort her.
And really some time later we got informed that they had been attacked and so we rushed to their aid.

At the Trinsic Moongate we got a glimpse of them using a gate and me and Hugo jumped in. Ah was pretty sick when we arrived somewhere in the wilderness and it took us quite some threatening to get the both of them free, but it seems it was some overeagerness of some of Faeryl’s companions that led to the fight.

We had quite a march to return to Trinsic but made it without any further troubles and rested in town for a bit.

When I felt rested I went to the gate and found Gordon Acker throwing his potions around again. We had to beat him up, to make him stop and also he has to fight Locke Greywolfe in combat as he attacked him and then ran.

Faeryl came later into town and stated her view of the former accident and I stated her then my view of it.
I warned her nay to make trouble in the Duchy and to keep her hands of the drow under Duchy protection.

The town was quiet then and I chatted a little with Zefar, Alraune, Adammair and the Drow Korith until my shift was over.



Duty started luckily quiet and I enjoyed a few quiet patrols with some of the recruits and afterwards took some guard duties to chat with the people passing and chatting there.

Rak’suun somehow managed to get a bear as friend, but was seemingly relieved when the bear then chose Thaur as friend.

A man called john came then by and asked if I could consider him as recruit and so I handed him the papers so he could apply to the guards and later we talked.
Seems he has some practice in guarding and fighting, so if all goes well he will be another valued addition to the guard force.

The recruit from Britain called Hildy finally arrived and I swore her in and showed her around town and the outskirts.

As all was quiet we then prepared a warm rabbit stew outside the western gate.
While Hildy prepared the kettle and vegetables I went into the woods, but only managed to catch two measly rabbits.

While Hildy and me made a stew, Hugo found out who had attacked Keina yesterday accidently and it was Lil’Alure.

Hugo and the drow started fighting but it got a bit messier and one drow got hurt before we could stop it.

Lil’Alure then accepted Hug’s challenge and we quickly built a square where the both eof them could duell.

Both of the combatants agreed on some of the common rules and then started the fighting. Both dashed at each other and quickly almost faster than the eye can follow stabbed at each other. The drow got a quick slash in first but Hugo followed just a moment later. For a second it seemed that both would fall when suddenly a lucky stroke decided the fight in the favour of Lil’Alure and Hugo fell.

I told Hugo that the personal matter with the drow was settled then for now, but told the drow that I would nay again accept that attack on a child.

Tempers cooled down then a bit though some of the former spectators also wanted to show their skills and duelled a bit in the ring.

I returned to my now finished stew and Hildy and me handed out quite a lot of portions of warm rabbit stews to visitors.

The rest of our respective shifts it were quiet and nothing further worth reporting.


*you see a copy of a large oil painting showing a darkened room only illuminated by a skull candle on a dark maybe black table.

Behind the table there is an elegant looking couch held in a colour that looks like blood in the candlelight.
On this couch a woman lounges, half sitting half resting, seemingly relaxed and looks at an intricate pattern of cards spread in front of her on the table.

The slender woman on the couch is naked except a small amulet around her neck and her soft dark skin shines like silk in the darkness.

Her long silver shining hair is flowing over the shoulders caressing her breasts.
The face is half hidden in shadows and her eyes gleam mystically, shining like emeralds enhancing the gentle features of her face.

In the right hand she is holding a card which shows the high priestess and you may notice a smoky smile as she looks at it.
The hand holding the card has a pearl white tatoo on the wrist, showing an elegant design of lines, reminding of some runes of power.

Her whole body seems to radiate a tender sensation, drawing you in making it hard to take your eyes of her.
As you look closer at her beautiful features you may notice the resemblance to Lady Alraune Kestrel*


Before my shift started I headed to the Rose to repair my armor, but I forgot to get my sword repaired again, damn.

An emissary from the Dragoni Templars asked for a meeting and we talked at the jail about relations. Lady Hanabi Hyuuga second in command of the Templars said that they also are nay on friendly terms with Yew and would support Trinsic if we need any help and I accepted that offer.

On one of my patrols along the road out of Trinsic I found a dead body along the road. I ran back to Trinsic and got Hildy to check the body and scout the vicinity for anything unusual, but some fresh fallen snow had covered all tracks.

I asked Hildy then to help me carry the remains to the healers who would look at it and tell us more about it. We also asked all people in town if anyone was missing and asked them to take a look at the body.
The healers then told me that it was the corpse of a young man and that his had had been smashed in by something very large.

Gregor says it is much larger than a normal mace, more like a tree or something, but he nay really knew what.

Gregor told that to Locke and me and also showed us a letter he had found in the bag of the deceased. It was about an application as apprentice and we thought that the boy might have come from the Lyceum.

Locke volunteered to go to the Lyceum and find that alchemist Terryn Brahans and I sent the recruits Hildy and Yukiko with him and a marksman named Bowen acted as their guide in Moonglow.

In the meantime the marksmen had built some barricaded at the walls for training and I have to say they surely look solid and a good defense.

The town was fairly quiet except Lance Vanders getting a fine from Dawn and Liana and lady Soulshadow reported some strange noises at the west gate.
I need to get a priest to the west gate again and check the whole things for spooky things and ghosts again.

And if after the blessing something is still there then I will lock him up and then his gods can help him in a cell.

Locke, Hildy, Yukiko and Bowen then returned from Moonglow and reported that the man had been called Cicolas Hold and had been a student in Moonglow.
They then had gone to the mother of the boy and told her the bad news and after making sure she was fine returned to Trinsic.

Town grew quiet then and Keina told us that she was now an assistant in the marksmen regiment and I agreed that she could be a special messenger for the Duchy.

Charlotte informed us that her and Felix had been attacked by brigands in Skara and her parents got killed and her and Felix managed to escape wounded.
Felix is still at the healers, but he will survive the attack and Charlotte got comforted by Hugo.

I told Charlotte to tell all when she felt better and finished my report and went off duty.


*a note is added tot he report*

To Sir Saul Ewans

I send you my best student as your new apprentice.

He knows herbalism as well as beginners alchemy, though he needs more practice with explosive potions, so be careful when you set him on those.

I hope to see you at the Lyceum and we can try the Jhelom red there then and see if it is better than the local one.

Terryn Brahans


Training today and it was managed by Cove, so it was agreed that we all meet at the moongate.
Dr Doolittle suggested we go to Serpents hold for the training as it would be quieter there and so I had to take a portal which left me ill and weak for quite some time.

Luckily the sorting of teams took some while, but we were quite a lot of people from various places. Elves, Kaldorians, Covians, Duchy Guards and even Dragoni Templars who had come.

We decided on a capture the flag training, where you had to snatch two flags and keep them before the other group knocks you senseless.
Was quite fun though I collected some bruises again, but taught me again to stay away from magik.

Won a game and lost a game before it was ended and all returned then to their respective places. Dawn, Hildy and me sort of missed the portal, well I missed it on purpose as I hate them, but we were stuck.

Took Hildy quite a while to bribe a fisher to set us over and also the sum of 500 gold helped, but we made it safely back to Trinsic.

Arriving there the town seemed well enough and Keina reported that some Yewians had attacked the town, but that nay one had been seriously hurt.
Some banners were raised and destroyed and Mathias Janus and Lance Sanders got beat up I heard, but else all seemed fine.

Town remained quiet the rest of the evening and I finally could enjoy a quiet shift.



Trinsic Rose was open and so naturally the town was quiet and so me and Hildy left the guarding of the town to the paladins while we checked the moongate and then the went for a drink to the Rose.

Talked a bit with Lady Shoulshadow three about Yew, but neither of us managed to find a solution to make Yew stop the war anytime soon.

A man from Umbra asked if anyone could provide 2000 boards and 30 stones of granite and Lady Soulshadow said that she could get the boards and I said that I would see if I could find anyone that could provide the stones.

I then went to see the harbour master and came to an agreement with him that for the sum I paid he would see that I could rent a boat with any harbour master I like in any town.

I returned then to the gate and found there the new possible elven recruit Elrohir waiting. I talked to him for a bit and as all seemed in order took him under the Duchy oath, handed him his uniform and patrolled the outskirts with him a bit to show him around.

As in the meantime sergeant Orson had come on duty I left the recruits with him and went to train my sailing skills a little with Tiggarn.
Tiggarn was quite happy with me mastering a small boat, though advised me to stay closer to the shore, else I would get lost.

I returned quite happily to the gate after a small sailing trip only to hear that lance Sanders had attacked Claire and Keina. Seemingly Claire had taken Lance’s hat and he had gotten revenge by beating her up.
Luckily Claire was nay seriously hurt but I have to sentence Lance for a fine of 2000 gold and 30 minutes of stocks.

Town seemed quiet and I had to sort something privately out and took a break for almost an hour.

Upon my return I heard that some drows had attacked and that Rak’suun was still missing from the following chase which had happened afterwards.
We organised some search parties and looked for him but with nay success.

When we returned from looking for him we were informed that some drow had discarded him beaten up at the gates and that they had taken now Keina instead.

I found Rak’suun at the healers where Lady Cherry worked some strange magik on him, which left him changed in some uneasy way ah nay can describe, except that his eyes seem to glow sometimes.

Talon organised a search party then for Keina, but as we had nay idea where to look for her we were at loss what do.

Again it seems the drow had gotten bored of taking her and had dumped her at the city gates battered and bruised, but she will fully recover.

It seems Faeryl either has her drow nay under control or she ordered the kidnapping and torturing herself.

However I will write out a warrant for any drow that is following Faeryl or Vierna and we managed to capture one of her followers called Dhaunae.

I put her in cell three and as she refuses to tell anything and I accept that talon wishes revenge for the kidnapping of the child he watches over, I will hand her to Kaldorian questioning as soon as possible.



Town was quiet and peaceful after yesterday’s attack, but one could feel the tension all around.

Talon showed me the document proving that Katina renounced her guardianship over Keina and that now Talon and Elise are her legal guardians.

When Iljian got on duty he announced that pay day had come and I was first to receive my well earned cheque.

A drow who called herself Malfae was at the gate, but as I was unsure if she was a follower of Faeryl I let her be at first.
She then though summoned some dangerous familiar I have been warned of once before.
It was a black wisp and as we attacked it Malfae attacked us and I got hurt in the fight and had to go to the healers.

When I felt well enough to return I heard that Brynhild had been wounded too and also some other fellow and that the drow had managed to escape.

Hildy then went off duty and I took up my post at the west gate when Lil’alure walked past by us as if nothing had ever happened.
We challenged him, but he denied everything, but also refused to hand over his weapons and so we had to knock him out.

As I had promised to let Talon handle Lil’ he took him and asked for a portal to Yew. Meygan opened one for him and Talon pushed the drow in and returned a few minutes later alone.
Talon nay talked what had happened but I think we can assume that Lil’alure is nay wanted anymore.

Rest of my shift was quiet.

*Uneasily and queasy looking Kaelyn scans over the report again. Looking uneasy at the passage handling Lil’Alure. Had she been right to hand him over to Talon and so then sentence him to … death maybe.
But then he had tortured a guard and kidnapped a child and it had to be done.
Hoping her love would be home to comfort her she closes the report and hurries off*


When I got on duty and arrived at the west gate Hildy informed me that Thaur and two other had been trouble at the tavern and beat her and Corwin up.

They were though just bruised and so I told them that they could go with me to Umbra and listen to the lecture of Alraune and the tarot.
I nay understood too much of it, but I think she said that the cards would show us the ways, though we could change our ways if we really tried.

After the lecture Lady Aryala invited us to ask her Oracle, where a spirit would answer our questions. Some people stepped up and asked the oracle some questions and I think got their questions, though I nay understood many of them, but the ones that asked seemed to be satisfied.

Murdran asked about the chest he had given to John and I answered that I had not had a report from John about it from some time, but that I would check on it.

When I returned to the gate Yukiko told me that Thaur and Rayden Ebonheart had threatened Claire, saying that they would kill her and that they also attacked some elves.

I suspect that Rayden and Thaur before attacked Brynhilde too at the tavern.
Some thief at the gate stole some gold from Hugo and was running too quick away, so we nay caught him. Hugo lost about 200 gold and I noticed later that some 200 gold were also missing from my pouch.

Two drow of Faeryl’s flock came to the west gate.
One of them was the one I had often seen with Faeryl, she nay talks common and often comes with her strange pets.

She and her friend resisted arrest and to add to it a man I am pretty sure was Dexius Brutus, tried to help the two drow but we managed to chase him off.

Rak’suun and Hugo though got hurt too, but none was seriously hurt and Lady kimi tended to the pains of the wounded.

We put the drow and that damn bird too into cell two and questioned them.
They claim to be called Vierka and Alakor and nay know any member of Faery’s clan and also refused to tell us anything except insulting us.

I wrote a note then adressed to Faeryl and let the drow Alakor leave with it, so she can hand it to Faeryl.

I hope Vierka is dear enough to her, so she will start negotiations so the town can get at least some normalcy back.


*a note is added to the report*

To Faeryl Von’Sah

As you know some of your followers have kidnapped the Duchy guard Rak’suun and later the child Keina and also tortured both.

As I do not know if this is an attack from your people on the Duchy or just an unhappy incident of some of your followers, I decided to take preliminary action and arrest all of your followers until the matter is solved.

I have the drow Vierka the one with the ostard that nay talks common in my custody and intend to keep her in a cell until an agreement can be found.

Also a follower of you called Daunae is in my custody awaiting further questioning.

I expect you to deliver the drow that attacked Rak’suun and Keina into our custody. The one that kidnapped Keina called Lil’Alure already has been taken care of by the legal protector of the child.



Town was quiet when I got on Duty and I thought that all would be at the Rose, but that one was quiet too as Gwen had joined the training with Kaldor.

Rak’suun and me joined the training which led us to Papua, while Dawn and Yukiko watched over the town.

Training was quite harsh and we got quite some bruises, but it improved our tactical and avoid getting hurt skills in the end.

Trinsic was safe and quiet when we returned and Gwen had opened the Rose for the tired trainees.
So I sat down and worked on some open warrants and reports and then returned to gate duty.

Faeryl and another drow came to Trinsic then to talk and explain what had happened. She claims that it all had been Lil’alures and Viconias plan to torture and kidnap Rak’suun and Keina.
She claims that she had dealt with Lil’alure and that she also would deal with Viconia if she found her first.
I am nay sure it is the whole truth and Talon claims it is nay true, but that he settled the matter for himself with Faeryl.

I made Faeryl promise nay to kidnap or torture any more of the town’s citizens and she swore to her god Lloth to it. I am not sure it will hold, but it is the best I could get away with except to declare war on them, so it will have to do for now.

Rak’suun showed good fighting skills and also good self control today, so I decided to promote him to Armsman.

A homeless child called Dottie was found today in town and Lady Kimi promised to take care of her as best as she can, but also asks us to help when possible.
A bed for the child was arranged at the inn and the rest will have to be decided later on.

Town seems fine and quiet now and my shift is over.



My duty started a bit earlier tonight as I had to attend the meeting with Sir Muldran in Trinsic. He talked about the Black Boxes and seemed irritated when I reported that John was missing.
I had gotten John’s last report over a week ago and had thought that he might be deep in some studies before I checked on him again.
But when I checked the barracks I found it empty and him and the box gone and nay note left even hinting what had happened.

Muldran denied that it may have to do anything with it, but I do nay trust him and would bet my years salary that John’s disappearing has something to do with that damn box.

Muldran said that they were nay properly activated and that he would do so then and his Grace and Dawn followed him to where he would do the ritual.

I stayed in town and led the armsmen Yukiko and Rak’suun into the ant hole where we got a bit lost and when we surfaced we were somewhere close to Cove and had a long march ahead of us.
On our way to the moongate we stumbled upon a band of Brigands and rescued two nobles whom we escorted back to Trinsic, where they would be safe.

I got myself cleaned up from the long journey and went to the tavern then to get something to eat.
When I returned to the west gate Claire accused some men of threatening her. I told them to stay away from her and warned them off when Daxius Britus appeared from the woods. I asked him to surrender himself, but he reufed and ran.

I and some others chased after him when another man attacked me and we beat him up for it and put him on stocks for thirty minutes as Dexius had escaped.

I was then informed that Thaur also had been arrested and that he already had been put on the stocks and so we had then two people on stocks.

Thaur was sentenced a fine of 6000 gold ten lashes and one hour stocks and Brynhilde handled the lashes.

Lady Jade took care then at the healers of Thaur’s wounds and after he had then paid the fine he was thrown out of town.

Talked a little with Lady Madeline then and she is making big progress in the healing arts it seems and gave me some herbs that can help with infections and wounds, when I am in the woods.

Korith brought Viconia in and they claimed that she was innocent and when I confronted her with Keina and Rak’suun, neither recognised her.

As Korith vouches for her and the others nay recognised her, I will have to let it fall, though it seems Faeryl had her hands ddeper in this business than I first guessed.

I will have to talk to her again and confront her that I saw through her lies and that she better is more careful.

Yukiko reported that lady Sally had managed to get Claire bathed and hopefully also gotten her something decent to eat. Need to remind the guards to look more after the children and see to their wellfare.

Lady Kimi brought me the sad news that Rak’suun hand is more infected than she thought and that she nay saw any other way than to amputate his left hand before the infection could take his life.

Brynhilde did fine today and it is not as bad as her old officer said, but she still needs a firm hand. If she manages her duties as well as theses last days I will make her an armswoman too.



*’I wish I was dead’ were her first thoughts after waking and feeling ill. Throwing up until her stomach was empty did not help and that each time she had to throw up shot searing pain along her back and ribs only made her wish to die again.

Finally though her stomach settled and she fell in a drowsy sleep again clutching her amulet which seemed to give her strength.
Awaking late in the afternoon Kaelyn finally feels well enough to at least get up and eat a little.
Sitting after tending to her most important needs she sits on the chair and starts scribbling her report*

When I started my duty I got informed that Lance Sanders had been captured and that he had hurt a guard during this.
I added some lashes to his initial fine and we put him up on stocks when Hanse Davion entered the town and demanded that we release the prisoner.

We refused and continued with the punishment and Luid handed the lashes.

During the punishment the Vesperians arrived and attacked us, but with the help of citizens and some others we managed to chase them away.

Hanse was captured and put on stock until Sander’s time was up and then both were thrown out of town.

Lady Soulshadow was concerned as Vesper is allied with Kaldor and I understand their concern, but did not think Vesper would be foolish enough to start a war.

Rak’suun informed me that Keina was ill and that she was at the healers, but before I could check it I got the notice that Vesper was robbing the bank.

Some guards and marksmen hurried to the bank to sort it out but we were attacked and had to fight.

A hard fight started and I got knocked down and then only remember that my arms first hurt and I felt ill.
Then the pain started as I had been apparently bound to the stocks and got flogged

Later I heard that some knights had tried to help me, but also nay had any chance.

The beating was harsh and I broke a rib and only managed it to the healers with the help of Lady Soulshadow, who tended to my wounds.

She put some salve on the lashes and bandaged my ribs and gave me some drug so I could sleep, though I paid dearly the next morning for it.

Brett the banker dropped by and told me that three bank boxes had disappeared during the attack and the Vesperian had taken it during the attack.
He nay could confirm who took it, but that they were missing after the attack and that each one was insured for 100.000 gold coins, bringing the damage to 300.000 gold coins.

I put a notice out for the banishment of all Vesperians and need to write a note to his Grace about the attack and the robbery.

*Wincing Kaelyn returns to her bed and lets the healer put some cooling salve on her bruises, taking some of the pain away.
Every breath still hurts in her side and with tears in her eyes she manages to get home for some further rest*

*notes are attached to the report*


Name: Tammy
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Skin: Light
Hair: long brown hair bound in a ponytail often
Description: Average height and nothing special except a foul mouth and often seen with the criminal Tessah
Last seen wearing: Black clothing long skirt and shirt
Weapon: Kryss coated with poison or other pointed things

Accused of: Hurting baron Twothumb

Description: She and two others attacked Baron Twothumnb

Suggested punishment is: Holding her in a cell until his Grace can decide what to do as delivering her to Vesper is nay possible now.


Name: Rayden Ebonhart
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Skin: Light
Hair: long dark hair
Description: Average height
Last seen wearing: Brown leathher tunic and trousers and a red bandana
Weapon: All sorts of Bows

Accused of: Assaulting guards

Description: Assaulted three guards with Thaur who got his punishment already and one unknown other

Suggested punishment is: A fine of 6000 gold and fifteen lashes and one hour on the stocks

*a poster is placed around Trinsic*
Until further notice any Vesperian militia is banned from entering the Duchy
Any Vesperian militia seen on Duchy lands are free to be attacked and stand under no protection.

Kaelyn, Captain of the Duchy Guards


Managed to get up for my shift and headed to the town and at least be present.
One of the Dragoni Templar dropped by and asked about Vesper.
It seems they are allied with Vesper and would be enemies if we attack them.
I told them they are free to come as of yet, though maybe it would be wiser to stay away until the troubles are sorted.

Gordon attacked Claire and singed her dress and I sentenced him to buy a new one and she chose a very elegant red one for two hundred gold.

Talked with Sir Devante about the marksmen becoming same as Kaldorians guards of Trinsic and I said that I would nay see any troubles.

Talked with lady Elise about Gordon and she said that I could handle him as I thought fit, but I advise either throwing him out or maybe some time on stocks to make him see reason.

A Vesperian was at town, maybe even Lance but he was chased away and I hope they notice their ban from Duchy lands and follow it.

Town was fairly quiet and except that Brynhild got lost with her love Corwin and missed training nay thing that upset me.

I hope that I at least can move more freely tomorrow as my rib still bothres me a lot.


*some letters are included on the report*

Your Grace,
I guess you have heard rumours about Vesper attacking Duchy guards and I am sad to tell you that these rumours are true.
Yesterday we captured lance Sanders who was sentenced to stocks and lashes for knocking down Claire and then also knocking down a guard.

When we had Lance on the stocks Hanse Devion came and demanded that Lance is to be handed over to him and as we refused he gathered some men and attacked.

With the help of some people of Cove and other citizens we managed to beat them back and put Hanse some time on stocks and released them all afterwards.

Lance Sanders was punished and I wanted to avoid further troubles so I nay charged them with anything more.
Sadly they returned later on and robbed the bank. When we tried to chase them out I was knocked unconscious and found myself then on the stocks where Lance Sanders beat me severely and broke one of my ribs.

I also got a report today from the banker telling me that three bank boxes are missing, most likely stolen from Vesperians. Each of those is insured with 100.000 gold, resulting in the damage of 300.000 gold to the bank.

As first measure I put out a notice banning all Vesperian milita from the Duchy lands.

I do nay know how to proceed further, but as long as there are nay reparations for the robbery and their attack on the Duchy I suggest to keep the banishment open indefinitely.



Your Grace,
Sir Devante approached me today and asks that his guards can officially be considered like the Kaldorians as the Duchy’s defenders.

From my part I see nay problem with that, but I nay know if it is politically wise, as when the faction fight each other it would get us heavily involved.

For example in the Kaldor, Marksmen war, but I guess it is a risk we might have to take.




A terrible weather roamed through Sosaria tonight and due to it Lady Gwen postponed the second year anniversary to next week.

The town was pretty quiet too, but as the weather got better more and more people visited.
Among them seemingly some bandits that robbed a man outside town and when Rak’suun, brynhild, Locke and Hug tried to arrest them a fight broke out.

At first there only seemed to be two brigand, but then three more came out of the woods and all except Brynhild got hurt before the bandits fled.

I sent Rak’suun to be checked up by Lady Kimi as I think he is nay all well yet and nay fully fit for duty yet.
Lady Kimi reported then though that Rak’suun is well enough and fit for duty, probably should take it easier for some days still.


*Yawning she puts the report on the table and starts to head home. Her necklace seems to be spreading a comfortable weariness through her body, making her hurting side and back almost a distant memory*


*Kaelyn shifts uneasily in her sleep, clutching at her necklace which seems hot to the touch.

In her dream she is in a big bright room with almost a dozen bright windows, some even leading out to a balcony. The walls seem to be white marble giving the room a soft touch and only a few comfortable looking resting places are placed in the room.

As she wanders to one of the balconies and stops there looking at what seems to be a bright spring day before her.

The building she is in seems to be high above the ground and she sees other building placed like terraces one above the other when she lets her view wander.

Each terrace though is lush with green and looks natural, inviting for comfortable living. People are enjoying the sunny and seemingly warm day outside, as they are walking the marble streets and children play in the grass.

Trees giving shade are planted all along the walkways and a calm river ending in a waterfall is flowing through the city.

Looking down she sees a big lake shimmering in a calm azure with small boats crossing and moving around it.

Shading her eyes from the bright sun she looks around and a strange feeling of recognition sends shivers along her spine.
She had been to this place once before, she had travelled there, but it had looked differently.
Dangerous, ugly creatures had roamed it and they had survived barely with their lives intact and she had taken something from it with her.

Hearing a sound she tries to turn around, but she is frozen in place. A voice called out, ‘Lady Ilshen, we have done as you asked and all is …’ the voice fades into silence and Kaelyn awakes drenched in sweat, shivering.

Looking out she notices that dawn just has broken and she quietly sits down and starts writing her report*

Duty started quiet enough and as I had a request from some farmers I thought I could give Brynhild some chance to show her skills.
Sent her out to Skara to see if they could help with the rabbit plague and so Brynhild, Keina, Gwen and some other went off to check it out.

Tammy came into town, but as at the moment we can nay hand her over to Vesper I decided to let it rest for now.

I talked to Faryl who informed me that Vierna had returned and will be taking over the house again. I was nay happy about it as I had hoped that she is dead, but told Faeryl to warn Vierna to keep her people in check.

Brynhild and others returned then and made some stew out of the rabbits, but it seems they were sort of poisonous and so some that had eaten it had to go to the healers and get treated.

Hugo who had eaten of it behaved even stranger than before and Gwen climbed on a tree refusing to come down. I do nay know why they did nay try the stew before, but I had a word with Brynhild about it.

Considered to promote her as she finally managed not to get lost in the woods and then she poisons half the town. It seems her sergeant had not exaggerated when he said she was trouble.

Luckily nay one was seriously hurt and I think Brynhild tried her best, it is just too bad she always messes up, so I will try to set her up with an armsman or guard each time she is on duty, so she can learn it properly.

Town was safe and quiet in my shift and nay thing else to report.



Today was the Umbra exhibition about Montor and I took some time off duty to visit it. It was very interesting and I did nay know that we had found out so much when we went there.
The exhibition will be open the whole week for all that want to visit it still.

When I returned to the Gate Lady Gwen wanted to talk to me. She informed me that she had done business with the Swaggers and that some Vesper militia though had come to the Rose getting the ordered goods.
I told her to better trade her goods at other places so the Vesperians nay break the ban.

A smith told me to Tell Shelto that he wanted to talk to him and after talking to Alraune it seems that he may owe some gold to some people.

Some magikician in green robes, the one Devante looked for called Phlebos came into town and wanted to talk to Devante.

Devante challenged him and a fight broke out where Phlebos was hurt and some others among them Lady Soulshadow.
As Phlebos was the one that had kidnapped Devante I left it to Devante to decide what to do and he decided to hand him over then to the Kaldorians for further questioning.

He claimed that he nay had kidnapped Sir Devante, but summoned a demon and that Sir Devante was a summoned one, though I think it a lie.

Lance Sanders was seen on duchy lands and Rak’suun tried to capture him, but was beaten and almost kidnapped, but Hugo and me managed to free him and got him to the healers.
He was nay seriously hurt and could resume duties after some checking over.

Sadly though Vesper returned with Yewish people and attacked us. Me and Rak’suun and Sir Ikus got hurt and also some Kaldorians who tried to help us.

It seems that Yew and Vesper now finally have allied and want to work together.
I have to tell his Grace, though it seems Sir Ikus still thinks that he can talk to Baron Twothumb.

As I was bruised and needed rest I went off duty earlier.


*In her dreams she stood in that white tower again with the necklace on, looking over the town where people were busy. Hearing some voices she concentrated on them ‘ We managed so far and I am determined to go on. There will be hard choices to be made, but they have to be done if we wish to keep our people safe. Some protesting noises could be heard ‘But the price, it is…’ The voices faded and Kaelyn fell in a sleepless restless sleep*


Town was quiet when I got on duty today and when I arrived on my patrol to the Rose some people were enjoying a drink there.
A Vesper Militiaman was seen in town and so the marksmen decided to build a barricade at the gates.

Olk and one other Vesperian were at the gates then delivering a note for Duke Irvyn Middlethorn asking for a meeting. I showed it to Lady Soulshadow later on and she suggested that Strongholt may be a much better meeting place then Vesper.

An ex marksman called Jeran started a fight outside town and took Hugo hostage and demanded fifty gold. I paid the sum and we got Hugo safely back but the man is now wanted and to be punished with one hour stocks, fifty gold fine and five lashes.

Sir Ikus then went to Vesper for some talks, though he smelled a little for drink when he returned, so I suspect he visited the Swaggers rather.

Sir Ikus claimed that Kiran attacked him, but as Sir Ikus had nay even a scratch I just fined Kiran and let him go.

Town was fairly quiet at the end of my shift.



Kaldor invited me to their training which they held at Stronhold. As I had gotten a message to be delivered to Vesper before and the Kaldorians would probably be best to deliver it I joined them for training and afterwards Meiko was so nice to deliver the message.

Town was still quiet when I returned, except that Keina seems to have troubles at home and has asked if she can stay at the Inn until it may be sorted.

The Drow that nay speaks common returned with two of her pet spiders which attracted quite uneasy reactions from the people about.
I asked Rak'suun to tell her that the spiders were nay wanted and the two talked when suddenly a fight broke out between the two.
Rak'suun got hurt a little but the drow was hurt quite seriously and Lady Kimi had to use all her skills to save her. We put her in cell three and took the spiders with some difficulty to the stables.

I think Rak'suun provoked her into fighting a little, so I am nay sure yet how to handle it and would like to talk to Faeryl first.

Rest of my duty was eventless and I await Rak'suuns report of what really happened.



Had late night duty today and all was quiet when it started. Kadul and Brynhild reported that some Vesperian had been at the gates stating that the meeting would be tomorrow at eight and that they would bring lots of men.

I am nay comfortable with them bringing so many people, but at least this time Brynhild was right stating that at least they would come to Strongholt.

Lady Kimi reported then that Keina had ran off, looking for her sister Katina and that Rak’suun has promised nay to return before he found Keina.
I hope they are both fine and Hugo felt useless today as he was nay there and has nay idea where to start looking.

Faeryl visited the town today and looked bruised in the face. She said that her sister is back and that the two of them had an argument, which ended in a fight.
I told Faeryl that we had one of her followers in a cell and that she should tell her that she nay should bring her spiders or fight in town.

I let her go free then as I think Rak’suun provoked the fight too and as she was hurt quite a lot I think she got her punishment already for attacking.

Had a snowballfight then in town with Zefar, Kimi, Dottie and Hugo as highlight of today’s duty.

Town was quiet until my shift ended.

A request for all guards doing duty with Brynhild.
Please take her on patrols and give her some easy tasks as I would like an evaluation of her at the end of this week to decide if she maybe can become an Armswoman.
I think she tries, but up until now always managed to mess up badly and would like your opinions on it too.



Today was the big meeting with Vesper at Strongholt and so all available guards were asked to escort his Grace and to keep watch during the meeting.

Also the Vesperians showed up in force, although only the nobles and leaders of the towns went to the meeting and the rest waited outside.

Among the visitors was the Duke Irvyn Middlethorn, Lady Soulshadow, Baron Twothumb, Lady Gwen, Pierre Victor, Sir Devante, Kiran and some knights of the Dragoni templars.

Lots was talked and nay thing really said. Vesper claimed all was an accident and that Hanse was just plain stupid, but basically did the right thing.

I got angry about the silly arguments and insulted the Baron and was asked to leave the meeting.

I used the time to talk to Dawn and told her that I think she would be a good Sergeant and she accepted.

Also talked to Yukiko and Dawn and told them that they should tell the othre guards, that I wish them to prepare some disguises for wandering to strange towns. I told them to also tell the other guards and also to work out some cover story for their disguises.

As expected the talks ended and nay thing was really agreed upon.
I asked if the people from the Swaggers would be banned as well, but his Grace told me to wait and see how it would work out in the future.

Sir Ikus arrived later then at the town gate and asked to see his Grace, but I had to tell him that he was resting and that he would have to wait.

Hugo and Gerek brawled a bit and it was nay to serious, but I still would feel easier banning all of Vesper, just to make sure.

The town was quiet else until the end of my shift.


*a special edition of Ye Sosarian Morning Poste is added to the report*

The Big Trinsic Heist!

As we have just been informed Vesper not only freed their comrade Lance Sanders from the stocks, but also boldly robbed the Trinsic bank.

In a daring coup about ten Vesperian troops sneaked into the town and despite being wanted by the Duchy, managed to enter the West Trinsic Bank building and hold the employees hostage.

This well planned manoeuvre was lead by the militia leader Hanse Davion, but there is hardly any doubt that only a devious mind like Baron Twothumb could have devised such a cunning plan.

Such a hold up at the bank did not go unnoticed and it only took a short time until the Duchy guards were alarmed and tried to solve the situation by force.
Despite bravely charging the thugs in the bank, the Guards did not manage to get the upper hand and were knocked out or badly hurt, giving the Vesperians ample time to flee with a large sum of gold.

The bank does not tell us how much was stolen, but assured that only a few bank boxes are concerned and that the damage does not exceed 300.000 gold coins.

Another source inside the bank though told us that the Vesperians took lots more than the claimed 300.000 and that the Duchy might face bankruptcy or at least severe financial difficulties because of this theft.

It is rumoured that among the things stolen are the Duchy jewels, which are very dear to Lady Caroline and that she is in a fit about it and refusing to show until her jewels are returned to her.

Neither the Lord of Trinsic nor his ex Wife were available for comment, but we managed to gather some information from the current Duchy Guard Captain Kaelyn.

She informed us that the thieves only had had a few minutes before the Duchy arrived and that their interference avoided that much more was missing. She assured that Trinsic was still a safe town and the Duchy was in no way in any financial danger and that the gold of each person was perfectly safe on the bank.

She could not tell us what more was planned to get the gold back and said that “Now it is time for the diplomats to have their turn and solve that matter, else it will probably mean war”.

Below a picture of the West Trinsic Bank

We managed to snag an interview from Brett who works as Banker and from Carroll who is employed as Minter at the West Trinsic Bank.

R: Could you tell us what happened on that day from your point of view?

B: It all happened so quickly. One moment it was quiet the next there were a dozen armed people in the bank, forcing us to lie down and to be quiet.

C: Yes, I was in the vault when it happened and it all went so quickly that the only thing I managed to do was to lie down and be quiet.

R: What happened next? Were you forced to hand out the bank boxes or the gold?

B: No, we were ordered to lie down and the bank robbers took strategic positions in the bank and then all the fighting started. I just tried to get away with my life and threw myself under a table and I saw lots of other people do the same.

C: Aye, it was pure chaos and all we could do was to save our lives in the mayhem around us. No one knew if we would live to see another day.
Some employees like James Kerr are so traumatised that they have been absent from work since after the robbery.

R: Could you tell us what was stolen and what your estimated worth of the stolen property might be?

B: As far as we have determined we miss only three bank boxes and each of these is insured with a value of 100.000 gold coins.
So our estimation of the loss of the bank is 300.000 gold, but the loss of reputation to our fine house weighs at least as heavy.

C: Aye, we are not allowed to tell you any more of who the owners of the bank boxes are or what was in it, but you can rest assured that we have taken up new measures to ensure that such a thing can not happen again.

R: Can you tell us about these new measures and is there a bounty on the return of the stolen goods?

B: As you can imagine we cannot talk about our improved safety measures, but as for the bounty. If the bank boxes are returned with all their things intact the Bank will pay a fee of 30.000 gold coins and the Duchy will award a medal for special services done for the Duchy.

R: Thank you for the interview and I hope that your bank will be spared form any further troubles.

With this interview we finish our special edition of the Ye Sosarian Morning Poste and will tackle the questions if there will be war between Vesper and Trinsic and is Henry Winter really dead or did he manage to escape in our next editions.


Today was the big Trinsic Rose anniversary and as the town was fine I gave all guards free to attend it and hired Paladins to watch the town in between.

Lots of people came from all over Sosaria to celebrate this anniversary and most wore the purple of the Trinsic Rose as asked.

Below a sketch of the people that attended at one point

The evening started with a short speech about he history of the tavern and with the announcement of free food and drinks and at least after that the mood was twice as festive.

Gwen announced that the first contest would be to draw something about a tavern and to hand it in at the end of the evening.
So many started to work and for the others Gwen organised a round of Bingo.

It was great fun though as I was busy drawing I could not participate in the game too much.

After the Bingo and usual banter Gwen started the darts contest where when you missed you had to kiss someone. It was pretty popular and Keina even gave Zefar a kiss, though he did his best to hide from her.

I talked with Keina a bit in between and she told me that she had been to Minoc in search of her sister, but nay had found her. Someone had beat her up and some drow I forget the name of brought her there to the healers.
Told Keina that if she ever intends to search for her sister she should ask for an escort and worry us and I hope she sees reason.

Afterwards we had to form two person teams and try to solve Gwen’s riddles.
Me and Elion solved all of them but were nay fast enough to hand them in and so only got honorary mentions.

After that we had to hand in the pictures to Gwen and I think mine still needs some work, but I include a copy nevertheless.

We headed then out to celebrate with fireworks and I included a sketch from it too.

When I returned to have a check on the town before I got off duty I found Hugo and Tammy arguing there.
It seems Hugo had packed a diamond into a snowball and thrown it at Tammy who thought that he wanted to propose to her and she had agreed.

I assured Hugo that he nay had to marry her if he nay wanted and it seems he was relieved about it.

Town was quiet enough and so went off duty.


*a sketch is included to the report*

*You see a sketch of Trinsic Rose tavern room full with people.

Gwen is standing behind the counter wearing a jester cap and is handing out drinks to the various guests sitting there.
Devante is sitting at the wall of the bar with his chin resting in his hands, while he only seems to have eyes with what seems a love struck look for Gwen.

At the bar you can also see Tammy barely dressed chatting with a Pierre who either is flirting with her or calmly talking about some virtues.
Tammy has moved quite close to Pierre and you can see one of her hands caressing his hair while her other hand is in Pierre’s gold pouch, relieving it of it’s content.

Rak’suun is throwing darts at the Mongbat statue, but it seems he is throwing very badly as one dart is sticking out of its wing and two others have missed it totally. It seems as if the Mongbat is showing Rak’suun it’s tongue which in turns lets the drow scowl and raise a fist threateningly at the statue.

Lady Alraune sits on one table and seems to read the cards for Lady Soulshadow. Something though seems to have happened as a few Kaldorians and Sir Adammair are standing around the table looking confused and upset.
If you look closer you might see that the card of the High priestess has been revealed twice in this reading.
Behind Alraune you can see a giggling elven child resembling a lot Zefar who holds a second pack of cards in his hands.

At one table you can see Hugo and Keina playing a boardgame. Hugo looks furious and Keina cheerful as she has captured almost all of Hugo’s pieces.

In one of the far off corners where it is almost dark you can make out two figures. A stocky woman with short hair with a kind smile resembling Brynhild is sitting on a chair, holding a seemingly terrified ferret in her hands.
Kneeling in front of her is a muscular man with long hair and a beard, wearing a Kaldorian uniform and he seems to resemble Corwin.
In his hand he is holding a rose offering it to his love and it seems as if he is singing to her.

Sitting a table away from them is Iljian who is covering his ears from the seemingly wrong keyed singing besides him. The chapter Iljian is reading is “Detective work without being beating up for beginners”

Just outside the tavern a woman with long braids sits besides a man on a log. They are kissing each other and only have eyes for each other. If you look close you can imagine that the woman could be Kaelyn and her friend resembles Tiggarn.

You can see Thaur just behind the corner lifting Kaelyn’s purse, as she is oblivious to anything except her love*


Felt tired today as dreams still nay let me sleep properly when I got on duty.
All was quiet at the gate and in the town and so I patrolled once around the town and found it equally peaceful.

When I returned to the gate I was informed by Dawn and Kadul that his Grace was at some lecture in Spiritwood.

His Grace returned later on and reported that someone had been murdered during the lecture and Keina was so shocked that Lady Alraune took her in to her home and look after her.

His Grace ordered that we keep our eyes open as there seems to be some evil spreading and he suspects it originates in Yew.

I was also ordered to check out about the missing banker James Kerr, but the only thing I got told was, that he was still missing and that his bed and room seem to be abandoned for a few days at least.
It seems as if he packed some things and then left the town, but nay one knows where or why.

Back at the gate Hugo and Locke were quarrelling about who can stand on a special spot and Hugo was threatening Locke to stab him.

Town was quiet and as Dawn was on duty I took the chance and sneaked off for some rest.


*This night Kaelyn slept restless again, dreaming about the tower and the awaiting conflict there awaking unrested*


Town was quiet when I got on Duty and a patrol around town showed the same result.

Some trader had put up a food stand and offered his wares there and people enjoyed it . Tammy and Taryn were assaulted by some Covian there, but they chased him off and as he deserved the beating I let it slide.

Kent came into town and asked that if anyone asked for him that we should say that he left for Vesper. Seems his gambling debts are still nay sorted and we better watch out for him.

Ikus asked for a meeting with the Duke, but it nay seems too urgent.

Spent later some time with Gia and she is an interesting woman and quite nice, though reminds me somehow of Tammy.

Rest of my duty there was nay trouble and all was quiet when I went off duty.


*Kaelyn slept restless again, dreaming of the lush green terrace city.
She was there listening to the discussion about needed sacrifices to keep the city safe. The necklace wore heavily in her sleep and it seemed to drag her down and suffocate her.
With a gasp she woke up, gasping for air and grabbing at her amulet which seems to burn on her skin.
Carefully climbing out of her bed without disturbing her love she heads to the mirror and checks for burns.
Relief floods her face as there is nay sign of any wound on her neck and cuddling close to her love she tries to find some sleep*


Came on duty and the town was quiet and I remembered that the Rose was open and that there was a weeding of a Covian.

I decided to visit the wedding but nay could find a poster, so I just told the paladins to look after the town and headed off.
All was fine at the Rose and it seems Gwen and some Marksmen also were on their way to some adventure.

I headed to Cove and found it quiet, but found a poster there that stated that the wedding was at Moonglow.
I arrived there too late for the ceremony and only had time to congratulate Taegan Trix and Hoagie and wished them a happy marriage, before I had to be back on duty.

Below is a sketch of the wedding

I returned and all was still pretty quiet and Iljian and Orson were on duty.

Talon and Keina went off to talk at the tavern and Kimi watched over them and helped them to talk.

I nay felt too well and took some time for a walk, but nay felt better upon returning.

Some drow had tried to rob Kimi and Iljian at the Gate, but Iljian had beat him up and put him in cell three.
His punishment is a fine of one thousand gold and one hour stocks and if he disagrees and makes any trouble add three lashes for stupidness.

Eike visited, but I nay felt well and had to go off duty and left the town in Iljian’s hands.


*Kaelyn fell asleep upon lying down in the bed, falling into another one of her dreams. She dreamt again of the terraced town and the argument and of the woman whom she thought she recognised.
Awakening in the middle of the night she thought about it again. She had made sure yesterday by returning to Umbra and watching he exhibition again.
The woman on the Vase had been Ilshen and the town she had dreamt of.
The town could be Montor when it was intact and not destroyed and haunted like now by monsters.
Her necklace felt heavy and she was wondering if the burdens of Ilshen maybe rested upon he shoulders.
She would have to ask about he necklace and maybe she had disturbed some ghosts rest and this was the punishment on her.
Iljians advice had been sound, she needed rest and also time to find out what was happening*


Town was well when I got on duty and Brynhild and Yukiko had all well under control.
Sir Vernon Hunt came and paid his rent for the next month and reminded me that I am behind on my duties for the leases.
So I checked all the contracts and found many of them had run out and so I wrote a note to put up on the walls as reminder.
Also wrote a letter to the poste telling them that they are far behind on rent.

Armsman Rak’suun has asked to take some leave so he can recover from his injuries he obtained in the last months and I agreed to it.
I hope he manages to defeat his inner demons which seem to be in almost every drow I met, which nay tried to follow the path of Lloth.

Also nay sign yet of John and we have to assume that he may be dead, because of that damn black box he received from me.

Lady Jade came and complained about Iljian that he took away Gerek’s weapon and left her guard defenceless.
I nay know why Iljian took Gerek’s weapon away, but if Gerek is with Lady Jade he nay may bear a weapon openly, but leave him his weapon as lon’ as he nay makes trouble.

I let Brynhild and Yukiko show me their disguises and I was surprised how well they pulled it off after some practice.
I asked Yukiko about Brynhild and she thinks that Hildy will do well enough, so if another guard is satisfied with her duty I will promote her to Armswoman.

A trader sold food and drinks at the gate and it was very delicious and most welcome to the barracks food.

Some of the Vesper militia came to town though they are banned from the lands and a fight started. Brynhild and some others were hurt, but it was nay thing too serious.

As time wore on it got quieter and I prepared to write my report when some strange people arrived. They said I should apologise and they refused to disarm. Lady Tristre stood by my side when they attacked, but we were nay match for them and got beat up.
Other citizens though had more luck and managed to chase the attackers away. One mentioned that the attackers wore shields which the Vesperians also like to wear and it is nay unlikely that them returned for some revenge.

I nay felt so well and got off duty for some rest


*This night Kaelyn was dreaming about the tower and the weight of her necklace which seemed to take her breath away. She heard voices again talking about something important and as she turned and expected to see Ilshen, she saw Kimi.
Kimi was standing there and smiling at her with a row of long teeth and then she transformed into something. A Kitsune and it was looking at Kaelyn and then she awoke and did not manage to get any more sleep this night*

*a note is posted on the Trinsic wall*

The following people listed have a week to renew their licenses, before the buildings are rented to anyone who wishes to.

Arakasi Kioshion - Trinsic Fine Skins – Tanners / The Trinsic Cut - Butchers
Lady Gwyn Quaintly - The Trinsic Pearl- Jewellers
Milo Blitz - Sons of the Sea / The Rusty Anchor & adjoining stables
Tifa Lockheart - Honourable Arms - Weaponsmiths and the adjoining Brotherhood of Trinsic
Balthazar Den’Var - Shining Path Armoury
Trade's Men Guild - Barracks building in East Trinsic near east bridge, both rooms

Ye Sosarian Morning Poste – if you nay pay up for the last year all your belongings in the Trinsic tinkers will be confiscated as payment.
A guard will be posted outside to make sure you nay transport off the priniting presses

The following buildings are available for rent

Baked Delights- Bakers
Rent a month 200 gold
Rent paid until end of
Leaseholder –

The Travellers Inn –
Rent a month 500 gold
Rent paid until end of
Leaseholder –

The Tinkers guild including the Poste office
Rent a month 600 gold
Rent paid until end of
Leaseholder –

Trinsic Stablery
Rent a month 200 gold
Rent paid until end of
Leaseholder –

Kaelyn responsible for trade in Trinsic

*a copy of a letter is added to the report*

Dear Poste.
As you are behind with your rent for seven months now and seem to be unwilling to pay the missing rent I see nay other option than to confiscate your printing presses and all the other things belonging to you at the tinkers.

You have one week to come up with the money, else the Duchy will claim all your belongings in Trinsic and sell them to get some of the missing money back.


*a sealed note to Captain Kaelyn*

Captain Kaelyn-

I'm sure that you have noticed my inner torment in the last few weeks. Indeed, I fear that most of the Duchy does as well. I am taking a few weeks of leave in order to clear my head, and when I return I hope to once again be a...."normal" guard of the Duchy.

I thank you for your patience, and I pray for the Duchy's well-being.

*gracefully signed*

Rak'suun Xuunrae

*a letter is sent to the Umbra University*

Dear sir Ambronsius,

I would like to talk to you about the expedition to Montor.
I would like to get your advice and would like to talk to you as soon as possible.


Kaelyn Guard of the Duchy of Trinsic


When I got on duty all was quiet and Lady Reann was doing some work in her office.
We chatted a little and had an eye on Tammy who was training with Hugo in the woods and then I had a meeting with Sir Abronsius.

After the meeting I returned to duty and found lotsof people at the gate and the marksmen had built up some barricades for training.

I was talking with Lady Kimi when I heard some fighting outside and ran out to see what was happening.
Vesperians with the help of Draconi Templers were attacking and slowly pushing our forces back. I rushed at the attackers and tried to stop their advancement when a blow to my shield made me stumble and something hard hit my unprotected side, knocking me unconscious.

When I got back to my senses the fight was over and the Vesperians had withdrawn, but many of us were hurt and needed the attention of healers.

Below is a sketch of the aftermath of the fight.

I headed to the healers an decided that as seemingly Vesper was willing to declare war it was nescessary to ban the personal of the Swaggers and the Draconi Templars too from town.

After getting patched up at the healers and drawing up the documents I returned to the gate to check if all was well again.

Gerek had arrived and was seemingly unhappy about the ban.
His employer at the swaggers was also at the gate, asking about the ban and after hearing from me decided to fire Gerek so he could enter the town.

I ask the guards to keep their eyes and ears open and if you learn that Gerek still works with Vesper he is to be thrown out immediately.

Rest of my shift was quiet and me and Alusair chatted with Zefar, Kimi and Dotiie until we went off duty.


*Kaelyn lay in the bed thinking about her meeting with Abronsius. She had confessed to him about the necklace and the dreams, but he had not seemed too worried and was more interested in the necklace than in her.

She had done as he advised and put the necklace away for her sleep, but she had not managed to fall asleep and after trying for some hours finally had put it on and fell asleep in minutes.

With her sleep though her dreams returned about the tower and the conversations. She enjoyed looking over the lush lands when she looked outside in her dream, but could not manage to ignore the voices arguing behind her. She tried to understand what was being said but she only could make out a few words which were like, ‘Ilshen you have to see reason.’
‘Sacrifices will have to be made if we are to survive.’
‘We can only try our best, you know this better than we all do.’

These and similar sentences were what she thought she heard before waking up, the necklace weighing heavy on her.

She sat up and quietly went to the desk to write down her dream as she had promised.

About four in the morning I awoke from a dream about Montor. I think I heard Ilshen and some other argue about something.
‘Ilshen you have to see reason.’
‘Sacrifices will have to be made if we are to survive.’
‘We can only try our best, you know this better than we all do.’

Such things were mentioned in my dream before I awoke.

Closing the book and returning quietly to bed Kaelyn tried to snatch more sleep before another day of duty would call upon her*

*a public note is posted throughout Trinsic*

Until further notice any Vesperian militia is banned from entering the Duchy
Any Vesperian militia seen on Duchy lands are free to be attacked and stand under no protection.
Added to this are now also the Swaggers personal and associates until the conflict is resolved.
Also included are the Dragoni Templars who attacked too.

Kaelyn, Captain of the Duchy Guards

*a permit*

Gerek is no longer working at the Swaggers and is hereby allowed entry on Duchy lands. If he associates himself with Vesper again this permit is void and he is to be thrown off Duchy lands.

Kaelyn Captain of the Duchy Guards


My shift was quiet today and there is nothing to report.

I got a descrition of tammy about the man that attacked her, Sir Janus and Hugo in Trinsic.
From her description it was a rather tall muscular man who called himself Gerard, but nay must be his real name. He has white long hair and wears silver platemail and a grey kilt and doublet.

I saw this man before entering Trinsic, but nay had a description yet.
He left he town soon afterwards though and I had nay reports of any troubles.

I advise that his punishment is a fine of 2000 gold and an hour on stocks.


*Before Kaelyn went to sleep this night she took some of the sleeping draught and fell into a heavily dreamless sleep.
Her dream diary states ‘No dreams tonight after taking the sleeping draught and I feel better rested’*

*a permit*

Fabienne is no longer working at the Swaggers and is hereby allowed entry on Duchy lands. If he associates himself with Vesper again this permit is void and he is to be thrown off Duchy lands.

Kaelyn Captain of the Duchy Guards


Felt dizzy when I got on duty because of the tea I drank yesterday to sleep properly, but was fine enough to stay on duty.
Iljian, Dawn, Kadul and Lady Reann were already on duty and all was fine.

So I went to the Rose and talked to lady Gwen about Vesper and she said that she would stop trading with the Swaggers until the matter was resolved.

Town was pretty quiet and the shift looked as if I may manage nay to get beat up for once when Tammy came and told me and Iljian that she had seen Vesperians
Lining up at the Swaggers.
Hoping that it may be just a drill we looked about and met Lady Reann and informed her.
Before we could do anything we met the Vesperian force which considered of about ten militia near the healers.

They demanded that some criminals be handed over to them and that they could search the town and arrest the ones they wanted.

I refused and a fight almost started, until lady Reann intervened and asked for a talk at the jail.
I still nay see a reason what there was to be talked about but Iljian and me got ordered to the west gate.

As Hanse and Reann went to talked Iljian and me held the Vesperians in check and saw that they nay made any more trouble than normally.

Lady Reann returned then and to my annoyance stated that them could search the place, but before I could do anything Vesper headed outside the west gate and checked the vicinity.

I was comfortable with that, but then they declared that they wanted to enter town and I stated that I would nay allow that and that I would fight them.

Below is a sketch of the Vesperians outside the gate.

Hanse ordered that I should be attacked first and the fight started. I managed to hold out a minute and luckily some marksmen and Kaldorians arrived to help.
But my luck ran out quickly and three Vesperians or so caught up to me.
One tripped me and while I blocked one hit with my shield something hard hit my head and I fell unconscious.

When I awoke the fight was over, but it had taken a heavy toll on us all.
All around there were wounded people and the healers were busy to comfort the wounded.
But we had somehow managed to throw the attackers back and chase them off Duchy lands.

I went to the healers where them told me that I had a slight concussion and some minor cuts and they let me go after I paid them their fee.

I met Tammy at the west gate who informed me that she and some others had visited Vesper before and beat up Hanse and two others.
Seemingly this then led the Vesperians to come to Trinsic and look for the ones that had attacked them.

Sir Ikus came then and talked to a Vesperian woman who claims that it is all Hanse’s fault and that Twothumb nay has any control over the militia anymore and that we might be needed to help the baron to regain his power.

As I was still pretty shaken I retired earlier.


*Kaelyn slept uneasy again this night and dreamt about Montor again.
She was standing in a big room somewhere high, probably a tower.
Behind her there was arguing again, about forces that threatened the town and what could possible be done.
Two maybe three people spoke urgently at one woman, trying to persuade her to give in and sacrifice something so the further destruction could be stopped or delayed.

In her dream Kaelyn managed to turn slowly and finally managed to catch a glimpse of the figure the people were talking to.
It was an old woman with long white and silvery hair. She looked frail but still radiated power from every expression she made.
It seemed that she was indecisive what to do, as if not being able to decide what would be the best for her people.

The other people talking to the woman and calling her Ilshen were hidden behind a hazy mist and Kaelyn could not see them clearly, but it seems they were urging Ilshen to something.
Ilshen though looked undecided as if something evil would come form their suggestions and before any decision was made Kaelyn awoke.

It was morning and the sun was up, promising a fine day.
She felt quite well and took her diary out to note down the dream.
‘I saw Ilshen tonight. She was old and looking weary and seemed to stand before a dreadful decision.
I still nay know what they are arguing about, but it seems as if the decision would decide over the lives of quite a lot of people and that there is nay fine solution.’

Closing her dream diary Kaelyn then started to go on about her normal chores.*


Town was pretty quiet today except of some minor incidents.
Hugo stole two chairs of Tammy and Tabryn and a small fight between them started in which Tammy hurt Hugo’s dog.
I fined Tammy 1000 gold for hurting the dog and Hugo 1000 gold for stealing the chairs in the first place and both paid.

The other incident was the fight with the two Gnomes from Cove who annoyed all so much and in the end Tammy and her friends that I told her she could beat them up out of town which she did.

Dottie fell into the moat while watching the fish, but I managed to get her out and all was well, except that we were dripping wet and cold.


*copy of a lease*

The owner of this Lease Stewan Seagull has the right to use the following building, Baked Delights- Bakers and to sell his wares there.

Baked Delights - Bakers
Rent a month - 200 gold
Rent paid until end of - March
Leaseholder - Stewan Seagull –
Kaelyn in the name of his Grace Duke Irvyn Middlethorn of Trinsic

*copy of a permit*

Due to a facial injury Talon is allowed to wear a facemask in town.
He is though obligated to show this permit when asked by the guards.

Kaelyn, Captain of the Duchy guards


Duty started as usual pretty quiet and safe, except some minor incident when Tammy’s chair got missing and Hugo got accused of taking it.
In the end it was all sorted out and things went quieter again.

Rayden was caught in town and as there was a warrant out for him I put him on the stocks and he got his punishment of fifteen lashes and stocks time.

Below is a sketch of the stocks

As he hit me in the face when I chained him to the stocks I added an additional lash to his punishment.
He fell unconscious after the fourteenth or fifteenth lash though and so I hit him around his ears, so he remembers next time nay to fight his sentence.

Rest of the duty is quiet and I take the time to write this report.

*few sentences are added to the report with a different handwriting*
Captain Kaelyn was seriously hurt by a Vesperian attack and is at the healers. It seems the Vesperians looked for some fugitives and attacked anyone they found in town with no consideration. Many people were hurt, but luckily I have not heard of any critically injuries and hope it stays so.

*In Kaelyn’s dream she was in Montor again looking out the window. She could hear voices behind her talking urgently, when some roaring outside grabbed her attention. Looking outside over the lake she saw steam rising from it and people fleeing in panic.
Some sort of thick threads seemed to be moving in the steam and as she looked closer she recognised a huge Kraken made out of fire whose arms started to grab at the buildings close to the water.
One of its fiery tentacles rose to the tower and came closer and closer and Kaelyn woke up with a muffled cry from her dream.

Soaked in sweat she lay down on her bed and fell into an exhausted fever dream.

In this dream the healers building where she was resting in, was floating in the water and Gregor was steering it through the streets of Trinsic. Things were swimming in the streets and Kaelyn slowly edged closer to the water to see what these things were. Something huge was moving below her and as she tried to get a closer look to identify the thing, when a huge eye of a kraken rose out of the water besides her.
Tentacles swung out of the water as if trying to grab her, but she could not manage to move.
The Kraken opened its mouth as if to eat her, paused then though and started to speak in a high pitched voice, as if of a child.
‘Kaelyn how good to see you’. Do not be afraid and lie back and let Erwin read something to you’
With those words one of the tentacles lifted her and put her into one of the beds. As soon as she lay in the bed Erwin the healer guildmaster cam over and told her that he would read to her the wise words of the saints.

He started reading from a book, but Kaelyn could not understand anything and as she looked at the book she noticed that it was a cookbook, like the one her mother had had to teach her cooking.
Although she could not understand a word the words made her sleepy and she fell asleep in her dream.

Kaelyn slept peacefully for a few hours and woke late the following day, weak and still a little feverish*

*a note is added to the report*

Monday 12th Feb Trinsic Training, to be run by Dolittle.
Meet at Trinsic Moongate at 20.30 Please pass on to your comrades.



I was still weak and had a slight fever when I got on duty.
Thank the gods all was fine and Dawn and Iljian were on duty and handling all the necessary things.

Some woman came to me about renting the room besides the Tinker’s but else it was pretty fine. Thorien made some slight trouble with nay disarming, but I am nay sure I should write a warrant for him yet.

I got a note from Spiritwood saying the missing banker James Kerr was found murdered there and I asked Iljian to get some guards together to investigate it.

Sir Ikus was here and it seems he wants to strike a deal with Vesper.
We hand over Tammy, Taryn and Tessah and get Hanse Davion in return.

I am nay sure why that should make up for all, but then I am nay a noble with their own ideas.

A Vesperian was caught in the city and as he was nay important enough to arrest him and beating him up nay enough I decided to hand him to Tammy and Taryn. They shackled him and may be able to trade him so these silly attacks may end on Trinsic.

Below is a sketch of the shackling of the Vesperian

They took him off Duchy lands and I have nay idea what happened to him.
Rest of my duty was quiet and I left sooner as I felt the fever rising.


*a note is sent addressed to the Trinsic guard officer*

We have heard about the bank robbery in Trinsic and also that one of the employees has been missing for some days now.
I am sad to inform you that we have found the corpse of a man we believe to be James Kerr yesterday in the woods near Spiritwood.
He was found with stabbing wounds in his back this morning by a woodworker and brought to the constable office for identification.

We found several papers with his name on his body and also a diary.
A more detailed report about the body is in my office and can be looked upon there.

If someone that knows him personally can visit and identify him for us, so we can return his body then to his family.

Tom Mandrake, Constable of Spiritwood

*a copy of a lease*

Building : Room west of the Tinker’s Guild
Purpose : For Festivals and festivities
Rent : 300 gold a month
Holder : Anya Mirathaya
Start Date : 12th February 07
Lease Number : 051

This document is a binding agreement between the Duchy of Trinsic and the abovenamed holder that, subject to any and all listed conditions, the holder shall be allowed to occupy the named building, and conduct the business listed above without impediment from city officials.
The building is to be considered semi private property, and will only be entered against the leaseholders wishes if pursuing a criminal, or during a state of emergency (for example, an attack).

Any attempt to prevent the holder carrying out their lawful business by a private individual or group shall be dealt with by the guards as swiftly and effectively as any other crime.

Rent shall be collected during the first week of each calendar month by an official of the trade department. Missing two months of payments is grounds for eviction.

This agreement may be terminated by the abovenamed holder, or by the current Duke of Trinsic, Baroness of Trinsic or Trade Minister, in writing, with one months notice, except where special circumstances apply.


Kaelyn responsible for Trade in Trinsic