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A report in the jail of Trinsic (RP)



My shift started slowly and uneventful and after a round through the town I took up post at the gate.
Lady Moiraine was in town and trying to coax something out of the Sheriff that was sent from Britain, but he stayed with his previous answers about Ricardo and that he must have complices.

She also informed us that Covians are banned from town and that we should take their names when escorting/throwing them out.

Lady Moiraine asked us then to accompany her to look for Ricardo's scoundrels and I complied, forgetting about those portals she normally uses.

We took a magik portal to Buccaneers Den, but I did not feel well after the magik travel to help looking around. Something on that island also bit me and I felt nauseous and had to sit down.

They did the searching of the island without me and as I did not feel better after they returned and wanted to return to Trinsic with a magik portal I decided to take the moongate rather than get myself even sicker.

Returning to Trinsic, Iljian gave me some potions and I got some herbs from the healers and returned to the gate.

At the gate there was some commotion and I saw the body of the Kaldorian Kurgan on the ground and Kai standing with Kurgan's severed head besides him.
Kai claimed that Kurgan asked him for single combat and just lost.
As Lady Soulshadow had just arrived and my headache got stronger I asked if she could handle it and just reported the incident to Lady Moiraine.

Lady Abhorsen then came and claimed that she could help with the ghost problem and I offered to pay her thousand gold if she could save the problem.

Feeling awful I went home and slept terribly only to awaken today and reporting that I need at least today off to get well again.



I was quite sick yesterday and only came to the gates for a short time to report that I would need more time to get better and also to get out a little again as the ceiling of my hut grew too boring.

John reported that a Covian had been arrested the previous day and was beeing held in a cell.

Seems more people got ill with the same sickness and the town was pretty quiet and as I did not feel well I left after a short visit.


I felt better today and went back on duty, with only a slight running nose and found the town busy and peaceful.
I got news that Sir Lyim and Lady Phaedra spend their time in Tokuno at the moment with their newborn child they called Hazel.
It seemed though as if this is supposed to be a secret and word should not be spread about.

Sir Raven informed us that Thaur Macil is wanted for mugging two women and should be apprehended without violence if possible.

I was also appointed to be sergeant by Sir Raven, though I think Iljian would be a better sergeant and more competent.

Sir Ikus came to town with a new serving maid from Vesper called Gia. She was sentenced to help in the household of his Sir Ikus and seemed not too happy about it.

Kiri insisted to cast magik at me and so I had to shoot an arrow skimming her behind to remind her to stop it. I think I need to let her do some running or anything else to keep her energies for nonsense down.



The elven people and some of the guards organised another caravan with help and this time they went to Yew with their provisions.

I stayed in town to renew some records and licenses and consider new fees for the buildings, as I am not a healer and could not help them there effectively.

They returned later on reporting heavy fighting and both sides claiming that they won. Aelred also got beaten up by one or the other side accidentally, but he seemed to be quite fine.

Pierre informed me that the drow Katyana and the half drow Keina are under his protection as other drow try to get to control her. We are also asked to look out for the two and try to keep them out of the other drows influence and troubles.
Imrae hopefully talked to the two drow under Pierre's protection and hopefully can influence them and give them some reassurances

Sir Ikus came later and after asking him who is responsible for payment he paid me two thousand gold of my missing salary.
The guards have not been paid for almost two months now and many are broke and their money reserves are running out.
We don’t want to end like Yew who fill their coffers by taxing people I hope and also often enrich their guards who hardly get paid and resort to street robbery!

Some madman ran shouting through the town insulting people and that the end was nigh. I had to hit him slightly with my sword to coax him out of the town and I think it helped that he insulted the drow Jhaniera as filth and got another hit from her to convince him to look for something safer to shout at, like a tree or so.

It seems the scoundrel Ricardo has been caught and is in cell four awaiting to be shipped to Britain on the councils command. They got a watchdog to guard him and the dogs howling is so terribly that I considered to shoot it with an arrow to make it stop.

Vernon Hunter came and asked if he could rent the inn, but I had to tell him that he has to wait until the end of the month, but that I would put him on top of the list.

Tiggarn reported that Jhelom had been under attack by monsters and a golden dragon, but that the Jhelom citizens and guards brought all of them down in the end.



As I started my shift the town was peaceful and Iljian that was already on duty reported that all was quiet and that I could make a patrol to the Rose.

On my way to the Rose I met Cecil and together we laughed at the green pothead statue of Samson.

At the Rose we met some other people and Cecil was in a merry mood and decided that it was my birthday and drew a nice picture of me and parrots.
Upon hearing this the tavernkeeper gave us two big cakes as birthday present and we took the rest we did not eat with us to town and gave it to the others at the gates.

Sir Elion asked about shared training’s again and I said that I would tell the captain about it and that it nay should be a problem to start training again.
He also told me that Lady VanQa had been kidnapped and her whereabouts unknown, but that Iglata was behind all it.

Claire has “found” some farm animals from somewhere and was trying to sell them in town, but after I asked her where she got them and that she should return them, she quickly left town.

It seems the healer guildmaster is a drunkard as he spends all of his day at the tavern, so we should look to hire a new one before any accidents happen.

The town crier shouted something about a meeting in Britain and as I wanted to head there I looked for Iljian so he could take over my shift patrolling the town.

While looking for Iljian talon and two other drow Jhaneira and Sirendele ran through town fighting each other. I nay could catch up to them, but found the two drow afterwards complaining to me that talon attacked them, just because they insulted a child.
As no one was serious hurt I told them to get their wounds dressed and to nay behave like babies until I find out the truth why they fought and sent them on their way.

Talon later stated that the two drow attacked the child and wanted her to come with them and so Talon defended the child and the fight started.
If any guard sees Jhaneira inform her that she is not supposed to talk to any of the children nor to approach them. If she is seen doing so after getting warned, throw her out of town for that day and nay need to be gentle.

I found Iljian at his usual spot with a drow I did not recognise, but after lots of questioning Iljian confessed that it was the wanted drow Aly’riia who ran upon me trying to capture her.
It seems Aly’riia is blackmailing Iljian as he stated as long as he does the drow’s bidding Liana is safe.

Iljian accompanied me on the rest of my patrol but at the tavern he recognised Sirendele as the one that had kidnapped him and that she was still wanted. Upon confronting her she and her companion fled the town to the moongate where we lost their trail.

Iljian was confident that he could guard the town alone and I headed to Britain to check out what the town crier was shouting about, but the throne room was empty and it seems it was old news.

I returned to town to find it quiet except a few visitors and we chatted friendly until my shift as over and I let the paladins take over the rest of the night.



Sorry that this letter may arrive a little late as I could not find a messenger to deliver it to Trinsic and so sent it with a boat heading to Trinsic from Skara Brae.

Due to a letter Iljian found at the Trinsic jail, that stated that some ransom money would have to be delivered to crossroads, I questioned his Grace’s servant Fitzpaine.
Fitzpaine stated that the Duke had gone to Spiritwood over a week ago, looking for a certain Michael and had already missed several reports.
So me and sergeant Orson quickly headed to Spiritwood and asked people there, but no one could tell us about his Grace, or his whereabouts.

Sir Orson returned to Trinsic then while I will head to Skara tomorrow and look for any traces of his Grace.
I can be reached at Skara Brae tavern, just hand it to the tavernkeep Orrson there and I will get it.
If I do not find any sign of his Grace today I will return to Trinsic and hope that his Grace has returned safely in the meantime and that the letter was a fake.

Something I need to add is, be careful in Trinsic as some Covians attacked citizens yesterday and also some others posed as Kaldorians, also attacking people.



I returned to Trinsic today after finding nay sign of his Grace and heard that the others also nay had found any sign of his Grace.

Some person called Vermann or so from haven complained about the Duchy that we discriminate ninjas and other people by demanding to see their faces. Our Captain had a good laugh and put the book away after glancing through and dismissing it.

Thaur was fined a fine for thousand gold for his crimes, which he promptly paid and he is free to walk the town again. The Captain nay seemed to happy with that, as seemingly one of the women that was robbed was his wife, but as I guess it was rather a prank than a robbery and Liana agreed to it this fine seemed appropriate.

Aelred and others then returned with good news that Iglata had been caught and VanQa been rescued, though VanQa was in nay too good shape and was treated at the healers. Iglata was searched and put into the cell besides Ricardo and Sir Elion insisted to guard the celldoor personally day and night and I agreed to it.

Lady Reann and Sir Elion agreed to set a date for the trial tomorrow and also to interrogate him then. I think the elves should have a word about the judging as their community was hurt most from that person. Though I think that Lady Reann will get a solution that will satisfy the elven community and be juste.

As Aelred was with the party that rescued VanQa I asked him to file a short report on it, but from what I heard they found a map and were led to a cave with dragons in it from where they rescued VanQa from.

Town was quite busy and except some crazy Lady that whose hand was possessed and she claimed that it was the hand that made her do evil things, the town was peaceful.

Feeling tired from the travelling I asked to be excused and let Alusair take over the rest of the night.



Yesterday after my patrol through the town a peasant reported seeing undead at the moongate. So I called the other guards John, Kamar, Natalie and the Kaldorian Talon to the Moongate to check it out.

Upon arriving there we saw that it was a mess with body parts and other things littering the ground and the undeads walking around. We engaged them and managed to destroy them, but John and Kamar were hurt and had to spend some time at the healers.

John lost his key and went then to the Tinkers to get the locks changed and new keys will be issued out to all guards again.

Natalie informed us then that Iljian and Lance managed to find his Grace and brought him to rest to Lady Quaintly, who will look after him.
Vie inquired about his Grace and seemed relieved when we could tell her that he was fine.

Vernon Hunt asked for a license to the tavern or any other building, but I had to tell them that I would give the old rents a last chance to update their licenses.

Lady Miranda got a Trading License for smithing goods and she also can engrave weapons and things and I will add a copy of it here.

Today was very quiet and my shift was quite uneventful. Lord Isidore dropped by and said that he would take over payment the guards, though Sir Ikus later on seemed concerned that our young Lord may not manage.

Talon reported that the undeads are still about and haunt the local moongates for victims and that their base is near Yew at the crypts. I bet the deads find nay peace because the yewish militia taxed them to death and they want revenge for that.

Rest of the shift was quiet and uneventful, except that Sir Ikus made the threat to prepare a lecture on the virtues which most of us have to attend.



First day duty after my nightshift one and I was a bit tired when I got on duty, but the town was pretty quiet and Natalie and John had everything well under control.
They both made a patrol to the Rose and Moongate to see if everything was fine while I stood guard at the gate and spend a rather peaceful shift there.

Lady Moiraine came by and reminded me to tell that the children Keina and Katina are under the Duchy protection and reminded us that we all should look out for them.
Sir Talon later asked if the two children could become Duchy citizen for their protection and I think it would be for their benefit and also lady Imrae could easier watch over the two then as well. So I ask that the two children be granted citizenship of Trinsic with all its duties and obligations.

Lady Moiraine informed me that all Milo Blitz buildings will be renewed and we talked about renting out the tavern and agreed that if, then at a trial basis and for starters only for a few days to a week and under certain conditions.

Today was a happy day for Natalie and john as Isidore paid their wages and all other guards are asked to look him up for their wages too.

A man called Kage looked for work and I hired him at the tavern for 50 gold an evening and also if needed as scribe and help for his Grace and others when needed, for extra pay.

Vernon hunter rented the tailors and we will talk about renting the tavern and about the extra terms tomorrow.

Town was quiet and except Thaur being threatened by a small dog, the town was quiet and peaceful so I left Thaur to fend for himself and went home.



His Grace returned today to Trinsic and he looked quite well, though still had to support himself with a walking stick when walking.
He asked us guards and others to assist him to Spiritwood where we would continue to look for a man called Michael.
So John, Lance and me some elves,Lady Gwyn Quaintly, Keina and Eike went to Spiritwood which we found pretty quiet and so we went to the university tower.
Upon entering it some sort of daemon attacked us, but it quickly fell under our blows and we secured the tower then.

His Grace and the others then searched the tower for hints and found some in a book which was about a white Lady in the icy lands.
The party left then through a magik portal to that place and as I nay like that gate I returned to Trinsic to guard the town.

Lady Gwyn Quaintly took over the lease of the jeweller which her sister had owned before and Vernon Hunter the tailors shop and I added copies of the licenses to the report.

All was quiet and nothing out of the usual to report in town until my shift is over.

*some licences are added to the report*

Building Lease

The owner of this Lease Vernon Hunter has the right to use the following building and to sell his wares there.

Adventurers clothing - Tailors
Rent a month 400 gold
Leaseholder - Vernon Hunter
Gold paid until end of October

Kaelyn in the name of his Grace Duke Irvyn Middlethorn of Trinsic

Building Lease

The owner of this Lease Lady Gwyn Quaintly has the right to use the following building and to sell his wares there.

The Trinsic Pearl- Jewellers
Rent a month 700 gold
Rent paid until end of
Leaseholder - Lady Gwyn Quaintly –

Kaelyn in the name of his Grace Duke Irvyn Middlethorn of Trinsic


Started my duty and prepared everything for the archery contest with preparing the buttes and got informed that orcs ahd attacked the elven quarters and demanded tribute from passers by.
I am glad that some people then visited and showed us their skills with a bow and we had quite an interesting contest.

I will present the scores of the archery contest then

Scored Told Difference
Vanessa 660 500 160
James Dawson 570 400 170
Devante Stirling 570 700 130
Kaelyn 480 350 130
Gilraen 480 570 90
Nathaniel hawk 470 430 40
Felix Kendall 470 400 70
Aelred 300 470 170
Meiko 300 450 150
Gwen Irima 300 350 50
Moiraine 220 390 170
kirtian 125 300 175
Talon 117 90 27
Himasa 87 180 93
John 67 120 53
Carl 57 90 33
Esmeralda 45 100 55

So congratulations to Vanessa for winning the first prize of a special engraved bow and 10.000 gold.
Also congratulations to Talon who had the least difference of told and shot score and won a special engraved bow and 5.000 gold.
Good luck next time to the others and Esmeralda who won a special engraved bow and some arrows to train, so she might win next time.

Thank you all for coming!

Rest of my shift was quiet and uneventful and I am glad that I have the next day off to rest and enjoy some time with my love.


Sorry it seems my last reports got lost somewhere, though maybe they just got thrown away as there was nothing to report.

Except that Eike stole a sash from Kai and is wanted for that it was fairly quiet.

Todays duty would have been the same except for some big bald brute with a huge mace that refused to disarm or leave town and hurt me and another innocent citizen by attacking us. He claims to be someone called the invincible or something similar Raul and was bald and in red armor and wielded some huge maces.

Lady Moiraine and the healers tended mine and the other woman’s, whom I still don’t know anything about but she fought very well, wounds.
Lady Moiraine’s medicine as terrible as it tastes, helped and I could leave the healers walking on my own two feet again.

I paid Liliana her salary for her sevices as help at the tavern and have included the note to the report.

*a note is included to the report*
Paid Liliana for services to the Duchy on the 18 October the amount of 77 gold.

*another note is added*
I am sorry to tell your Grace that I was robbed after collecting the gold for one of the buildings rent and the assailant escaped with the gold.

I wrote about it in the last report but have noted it down in the trading records.
As it was my fault the gold was lost I will understand when the gold will be deducted from my salary.


Found Eike and questioned him about the sash he stole from Kai and he admitted that he had returned it, though Kai did nay seem satisfied with it.
So I set Eike to get something nice to Kai, else we will sentence him to stocks and I am sure Kai would take some revenge on that.

Rest of my shift was pretty, though I have concerns about John and asked Lady Moiraine to check up on him.

Today some strange people were wandering through the town and as Iglata was to be questioned by Lady Moiraine and Iljian, we took extra care by checking people.

It seems the questioning went quite smoothly but John was attacked on one of his patrols at the southgate and barely managed to get to the healers for treatment.
Iljian and me checked south but nay found a sign of the man, though it seems the brigand had had a run in with some other people and had to flee.

It seems John was more hurt than we thought and he had to stay at the healers by Lady Moiraine’s orders, as she also wanted to check up on him more thoroughly next day.


Ugly big bald brute, about 6 foot high and wearing most probably red iron armor.
His supposed name is Raul and he is most likely ugly, with a scarred face and an eye missing. His weapon of choice seems to be big maces and he is very dangerous when he uses them.

He is wanted for bearing arms in town, resisting arrest, assault on a guard, namely Kaelyn and a citizen that tried to help.



Today’s duty was rather quiet and uneventful. Only Himasa’s sleep outside the gates, which could not be disturbed by anything was unusual.
Iljian and Iljiana’s shift also seems to have been quite uneventful and mine Kiri’s and John’s shift was also quiet.

Got a message from the stable master about my pigeons and he had to inform me that all had died of some bird sickness and that I could not hold any until the cause of it is found out, so no anymore die.

John went to Britain to investigate more on the Sherry the mouse mysteries and will report about it soon.
My shift was uneventful and I let the paladins take over the rest of the night then.


Today Umbra held a special course of how to tackle crimes and trying to solve them. So me, Himasa and John went to Umbra and from there to the Lecture Hall to listen to it.
It started with some basics about why crimes are committed and for what to look for and after some discussion the tutors set up a crime and asked us to solve it.

They showed us a body of a paladin with a description of what wounds it had and what items would be on the corpse and we then had to question some witnesses in the hall.
One said that the paladin was from Luna and so we headed there and found another paladin that told us that the “murdered” one was a teacher and that he had two pupils. We asked around because of the two pupils and one guard told us that one had been seeing leaving the town running to some tower in the woods.

We followed to the tower and found the paladin there and found out that the paladin had done the crime most likely unintentional because of great pressure.

It was a good lecture and training and John was doing very well and solved all of it a lot easier than me.

When we returned to town it was quite busy but peaceful. Some of the Vesper barmaids and their owner were in the tavern and fooling around.
Miss Sally arrived then and met a Sir Rob Blackwood, whom she said is a citizen of the Duchy.

Seemingly the Vesper people assumed that Rob should be in Vesper and tried to force him to return. I interfered and told them to leave the town which they grudgingly did, stating though that they would call some Vesper militia for help. I asked Miss Sally to go somewhere safer with this Rob, but she said everything would be fine and that he is a well knows citizen.

While I escorted the Vesperians to the gate Gerek assaulted Lady Sally and bruised her badly, but Gerek managed to flee the town.
A short time later though more Vesperian militia arrived and they cornered Miss Buttons and Sir Blackwood in the tavern with the intention to return him to Vesper by force.

As the situation was hopeless and John still injured I ordered him to get some help and tell the healers that they would have business soon enough.

Gerek smacked a bottle of ale over Rob’s head and when I tried to help, me and Miss Buttons were beaten down and left unconscious.
Mr. Blackwood was seemingly kidnapped and brought to Vesper and we nay know anything more about it.

Miss Buttons was like me covered with bruises but also not seriously hurt and we both spent the night at the healers.

I would ask if Gerek can get a town ban for two weeks for his attack on Miss Sally and would ask what to do about the kidnapping of Sir Rob Blackwood.


Was bruised and hurt all over, but the town was peaceful and quiet when I made my first patrol. Seemingly there was some magik convention and people left through portals near Trinsic gate to some unknown place.

A patrol to the Rose was uneventful and I stopped there for a short time to chat and have some milk and was asked about Iglata and told them to ask Milady Moiraine or Lady Reann.

Upon returning to the gate I saw Lady Moiraine talking with commander Jurell, who was here on business to investigate the craters. We escorted him to one and after Jurell poke about in it some undead things appeared though we cut them down quickly enough. The commander seemed troubled about it and ordered us to watch it closely before he hurriedly left the town.

Some Covians were troubling the Sheriff in the jail but it seems their commander was delirious, as he mistook Milady Moiraine with Lady Soulshadow and after seeing Aisha ran off shouting as if the devil was after him and all his men ran after him.

Lady Gwen and Sir Taggart and some others came then to talk with Lady Moiraine about Iglata and it seems we cannot prove that he did the murders and all seem to be very upset about it. Most made clear that if we let him go that they would kill him on sight, so we need to find to prove his innocence or guilt.

Rest of my shift was uneventful and I will go home and give my bruises some good rest.


Today was market day and the town was fairly busy, though we had some troubles as some booths took longer than expected to set them up.
But Sally and Ivan managed to set up their booths near the bank and quickly had lots of customers asking for their wares.

I set up a small booth then too selling sketches I painted for people and a song I sung for a customer.

Business was fairly well and all of us sold quite a lot and I donated all the money I made to the orphanage.

Rest of the duty was quiet and uneventful.



Had shared duty with Natalie today and all seemed to be pretty fine.
Some people from Vesper were frantically running through the streets and we had to remind them about the law of not running armed and to make nay trouble.

Sabrae and Jaraxle had a fight in the street but nay thing serious happened and I had to fine Sir Jaraxle as he had started. I urge though the guards to have a further look into this business as I think that the drow Sabrae and also Faeryl sort of provoked the fight and we are looking for proof of it.

A woman was robbed outside of town by two brigands, though Iljian and Natalie quickly looked they could nay find any sign of them. The lady was nay seriously hurt though and also nay lost any valuables as she quickly ran. As usual the brigands wore masks and brown robes and nay could be further identified.

The co owner of the swaggers asked if he could rent a building and after he got someone ah think somewhat reliable to vouch for him, I will take it under consideration.

Some lawyer from Vesper asked that the employees of the Swaggers can sell their wares like food, drinks, alcohol and whatever else they offer at the swaggers on the streets. As we have the Rose and the Trinsic tavern close by I denied them the license and warned the lawyer nay to bring up that subject again for three days or he would be put on stocks for it.

It seems we have a new jailor and he seems to be a sort of well educated and cultivated one, a nice exception of our last ones and certainly an improvement.
Lady Moiraine let me look over his recommendations and they all seemed fine and in order, so I told the baroness that I think that man a good choice.

Lady Ravida offered to donate food and ressources to the orphanage and will provide those goods at Sunday at 9:30 at the Britain Moongate and that we provide an escort for her.

I will try to set up some guard training for all. I will prepare a bag and the guards will have to find out to whom it might belong, ask people and then tell me the solution. You can share information but if you think you know to whom it belongs to, please only tell me so others can find it out too.


Was a quiet day today and Natalie shared my shift. I finished the song and managed to get Kai read it to Commander Soulshadow and both seemed to like it.

Himasa was attacked by some Ninja, but seemed unharmed and Keina found a note about a kidnapped person, whom we should ransom at a graveyard.

Natalie and me searched but we nay could find any sign of them and had to stop the search without any result. I hope it was just a prank and would like the other guards to look into it when they have time.

Just before my shift ended some Knights Hospitaler brought in a person called Shade and asked if we could put him in a cell for the night.
I agreed to it and he was searched and stripped of anything dangerous and put into cell one until they get him tomorrow.


Lady Ravina visited today and brought the donations for the orphanage which I stored in the armoury until Miss Sally can get them. She was very gracious and Miss Sally will have lots of food and cloth in the months to come.

Faeryl walked into the town and before escorting her outside again I questioned her about the troubles she and Jaraxle seem to have. She accused Jaraxle of kidnapping a drow and of Shelly helping him.

So we then questioned Jaraxle and he stated that he had been attacked and just had defended himself and later even helped Shelly to carry the drow to the healers. He even showed Iljian and me where they had fought and also Katina confirmed Jaraxle’s statement.

During the questioning a Drow spied on us and refused to leave and attacked Iljian and me. Iljian got wounded early in the fight and had to return to the healers while I fought on for some time until Dawn came looking for me and the Drow fled.

Iljian issued a warrant for the drow and she might be a friend of Vierna and doing her bidding.

Iljian was not seriously hurt and questioned Shelly and Jaraxle then further and despite his different opinion I said that I see nay reason to accuse Jaraxle of kidnapping.

I think Iljian is right in his Judgements he did of Faeryl and Jaraxle and I want to recommend him for doing a very thorough investigation.

Town was busy again and full with the Hallows eve festival and I retired after my shift ended.
I saw Gerek out of town but was too tired to bring him in for his assault on Sally.



Today was the punishment of the criminal Iglata and so we got all available guards prepared for duty, as we expected troubles.

John helped me to set up the stocks and meanwhile the Templars spoke to Lady Moiraine about further investigating the Iglata case.
A crowd had soon gathered near the jail and we brought out Iglata and chained him to the stocks where our new jailer then punished him with forty five lashes.

After the lashes he was dragged to the blacksmith where two hot irons waited to brand his palms. The crowd was quite angry at him though and many of them demanded that he was to be killed.

Through all that we guards managed to keep the prisoner safe and then returned him to his cell and the crowd slowly dissipated.

We had gotten a notice that one of our guards had been captured by the Yew militia, but before we could send someone to investigate it, a yewian guard asked if we had any of theirs in a cell.
After a short talk we all recognised that someone had played both of us as fools and wanted to make us fight each other.
Further investigation will be needed to find out who was behind this ruse and the yewian left satisfied after checking that neither side had any prisoners of the other.

Faeryl was then seen entering the town and Iljian, John and me surrounded her and tried to arrest her. She dicided to try and run for it, but after a quick chase Iljian managed to knock her out and we put her in cell number one.

Lady Reann then talked to her and set the sentence the same as Iglatas and it will be done as soon as possible.

The rest of my duty was fairly quiet and uneventful.


*wearily Kaelyn puts the pen down and rubbs her tired eyes. Thinking about what a terrible day it had been. She had tried to poison Iglata, but somehow he must have known something was wrong and had refused to eat anything of the food she had brought him. At first when she had reentered and seen it, she had considered using her sword to kill him, but then reliefed she had taken the food away and almost fled the cell with it.

He was still alive and she had not killed him after all. Though she had confessed all of it to Lady Reann afterwards and expected to receive a severe punishment, she had been surprised by her understanding and kind words.
Afterwards she had confessed to the two knights Sir Medric and Athos and had asked for their advice and they had tried their best.

In the end it was the question of sacrificing her heart for stopping Iglata and after thinking of all the people she would lose she knew that she could not pay the price.

Relieved about her failure Kaelyn walks out of town to find some rest in the arms of her beloved.*


Was still beat from yesterday’s duty, but luckily most of the people went to the swords and shovel for the festival and contest there.
Dawn and me remained in Trinsic and looked after the prisoners and patrolled the streets.
Lady Reann later set up Iljian to guard Iglata during his sentence of hard labour and all went without trouble.
She also questioned me and Iljian about the evidence we have on the Faeryl case and will question Jaraxle again.

Thaur is looking for a red haired elf called Arylee and would like to know her whereabouts, as she might be in danger.

An orc walked through the town and he seemed friendly enough and stated it nay liked fighting too much. Seems his name is Dabu and Thaur considered making him his companion until he heard the orc nay likes fighting.



When my shift started Reann had Iglata already breaking stones and then hauling them off.

On my first patrol I noticed something strange floating in the water of the canal. On a closer look it was the body of an old man, that had drowned.

I called some paladins for help and together we lifted it put and brought it to the healers, who confirmed that he had drowned and nay had any other wounds.
The healers stated that the man had been drunk when he drowned, so I will file it as accident.

The man nay had anything of value on him , except a book with the lines
Too old to sail
To old for love
To old for time
To old to live

We got a new Jailer named Kilian, whom lady Moiraine seems to trust. He is of average height and stature but has grey to white hair, from his previous work maybe.
Iljian and me showed him around and explained the basics to him.

Some undeads attacked the city gates, but with a valiant effort we managed to beat them back. I have to mention Lady Reann and Iljian fighting bravely and Himasa who hid behind Shelly as he is afraid of such things.

After that Shelly was attacked near the gate by some creature with green scales.
We nay are sure what it is but the Kaldorians took it with them to try to question it or to dissect it.

Shelly returned afterwards and reported that after some questioning they could make out that the beast just wanted some treasure. They did nay kill the creature, but let it go as it seemed nay too much danger and will probably never dare to approach humans again.

I brought Faeryl some food and water and she questioned me a bit about the laws, especially about the trial by ordeal and trial by champions and I think she will try to appeal for it.

It seems the Trinsic will have a moot and all our free days and leave has been cancelled, which annoyed some of the guards who had different plans, but it nay can be helped.



Was late for my shift today and Natalie was already off for training and Reann was checking out the duties for Iglata.
Iljian also arrived for his shift and so I asked him if he could patrol the town while I had a look at the training.

I found Natalie, the Kaldorians and the elves training at the moongate under the watchful eye of Sir Elion.
Sir Elion send a group off to the Yew gate to wait there until the other group could build some fortifications for training a defence battle.

The group at the Yew gate was attacked by Yew guardsmen though and ended in a rather large fight. They claim one of the Kaldorian attacked them, though I am not so sure about that and would advise that any guard from yew seen on Duchy lands should be brought in, necessarily by force, to be questioned.

I tested Natalies fighting skills and she has improved quite a lot from the last fights and is a very competent fighter now.
Iljian called me then from the training grounds, informing me that some brigand was in town and we both chased after her. After some long chasing through town we fought at the ramparts before we lost sight of her in the woods.

I was later informed that someone or something has killed Iglata, but reports were too confusing and Lady Reann stated that she would write a full report on it and only that we should be on the lookout for strange dogs again.

Faeryl was informed about her sentence of 45 lashes and three days labour and she nay took it likely. Claimed she would rather die than accept the sentence and in short threw a tantrum.

Shelly was attacked by a female drow who shouted something like “Die for Loth”, but luckily Shelly escaped unharmed. Despite me and two Kaldorians chasing the drow she escaped and I will put out a warning of her.



On starting duty Lady Reann ordered me and Natalie to collect all strange looking dogs, to check if one of them might have been used at the murder of Iglata. I told Natalie though to take it easy and to save our strength for the moot and so we sort of leisurely captured the stray dogs throughout town.

Lady Reann examined all the dogs we brought in, but nay could find any proof that any of them had been involved in the crime.

As everything was quiet I took some time off to get some of my armor mended and to *some words are crossed out and you can with some imagination make out the words sit, relax sun* patrol the city thoroughly.

On my way back from the patrol we were informed that some Yew guards had attacked at the moongate and that some people had been injured and that fighting occurred at the south gate.

His Grace upon hearing it rushed with us to the south gate and we found a wounded woman, probably from Yew there and his Grace offered to take care of her.

At the moongate the fighting had stopped and it seems the guards from Yew retreated, though there were wounded on both sides, luckily nay one was seriously wounded.

As I returned I found his Grace still caring about the woman and was informed that they had come here for trading and to talk to the Royal Marksmen.
I informed her that relations especially after the last skirmish are very strained and that they either send an envoy or ask for a truce with the Kaldorians.

Sadly the trader from Yew had lost some of her goods and I asked Lady Ravida to escort her safely to the moongate.

Town was quiet then and as my shift would have been over soon anyway I headed home.


*Kaelyn put the quill away and reread the report carefully. Wondering about the trader she decided to ask his Grace next time if he knew her name and to see if any recompensations might be made. That Lady had piqued her interest as she nay had been like the others, wanting to fight before talking, sadly though most of Yew nay shared her opinions.
Deciding that the matters of state and friendships are not to be solved by one or two people Kaelyn closes the report book and heads home*

*copies of warrants are added to the report*

Warrant for: Unknown
Name: Unknown
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Skin: Light
Hair: Unkown
Last seen wearing: Wearing leather armor covering her fully and a leather cap
Accused of: assaulting me and Iljian
Weapon: Kryss coated with poison and poisoned darts

Description: Iljian called me into town for helping him to apprehend a criminal.
We chased her through town and she resisted arrest and fled into the woods.
I think though she might have attacked another citizen before and is considered to be dangerous.

Warrant for: Sabrae
Name: Sabrae
Gender: Female
Race: Drow
Skin: Dark
Hair: White
Last seen wearing: Dark leather armor or shroud
Accused of: kidnapping and torturing Jaraxle Von'Sah
Weapon: Magik

Description: The drow Faeryl, Sabrae, Kilsek and Jhulae were found guilty if kidnapping and torturing Jaraxle Von'Sah

Warrant for: Jhulae
Name: Jhulae
Gender: Female
Race: Drow
Skin: Dark
Hair: White
Last seen wearing: Dark leather armor or shroud
Accused of: kidnapping and torturing Jaraxle Von'Sah
Weapon: Magik

Description: The drow Faeryl, Sabrae, Kilsek and Jhulae were found guilty if kidnapping and torturing Jaraxle Von'Sah

Warrant for: Kilsek Von'Sah
Name: Kilsek Von'Sah
Gender: Male
Race: Drow
Skin: Dark
Hair: White
Last seen wearing: Dark leather armor or shroud
Accused of: kidnapping and torturing Jaraxle Von'Sah
Weapon: Magik

Description: The drow Faeryl, Sabrae, Kilsek and Jhulae were found guilty if kidnapping and torturing Jaraxle Von'Sah


Last quiet guard duty before the moot and it started all so well.
I got notified that The drow Faeryl must have put in some new evidence or as I heard it given up some information on her friends, so Lady Reann changed her sentence to banishment from Trinsic.

Himasa wanted to rescue the girl from those barbarians near Yew and so we all got a disguise and headed there. Himasa looked a bit strange in a dress, but nay one challenges us, though we also found the fort empty and abandoned.
We left a note and returned empty handed only to find the guards chasing a man through the streets.

We finally managed to stop him, only to hear that he had run because he was frightened of us and that he wanted to know more about Ricardo.
I asked Natalie to accompany him and sent him on his way to get the information he wanted.

Iljian insulted one of the elves and when I asked him to stop refused to do so.
I sent him off to the docks and when he returned he handed Natalie a not asking for leave for two weeks from duty.
I took the note and added my recommendation that he nay could get off during the moot and will hand it to his Grace tomorrow.

I did some sketching practice with the recruits and the results were passable, though I doubt we could arrest anyone from those pictures.


*a copy of a lease is added to the report*


The owner of this Lease Tifa Lockheart has the right to use the following buildings, Honourable Arms - Weaponsmiths and the adjoining Brotherhood of Trinsic - Trainning Hall and to sell her wares there.

Honourable Arms - Weaponsmiths and the adjoining Brotherhood of Trinsic - Trainning Hall
Rent a month 500 gold
Rent paid until end of November
Leaseholder - Tifa Lockheart

Kaelyn in the name of his Grace Duke Irvyn Middlethorn of Trinsic

*a sketch is added to the report*
*you see a sketch of building that looks remotely like the Trinsic jail an uncluttered street. Along the wall of the jail you can see several people sketched and as you look closer you may make out the figures of Kaelyn, Natalie, Shelly, Cecil who all seem to laugh at a figure that is running in front of them.
The figure running on front of them is a woman in sandals, a long skirt, a leather bustier and a skullcap on her head. Her hair is long and flowing behind her which suggests that she is running quickly.
The most prominent features about the woman running are her long pointy ears and her tail, which seems to be smoking and the reason why she is running around so frantically. She is trying desperately to put out her smouldering tail with both of her hands while running.

If you look very closely you can notice that one figure that looks like Reann is holding a torch in one of her hands and on her face you can see a more than amused smile*


First day of the moot went quite well and was not as chaotic as feared.
The decorations the Gwen, Quin, and the other helpers had put at the park were wonderful and all the visitors were in awe.
Nobles from all over Sosaria came and even Jurell dropped by to sit and chat at the prepared tables and had a snack.

Iljian reported in ill and so we were a bit short handed with guards, though maybe Natalie can take over Iljians guarding shifts then.

I hope the coming days will stay as peaceful and enjoyable as this one.



Second day of the moot and this day the nobles went off to talk and left their followers to entertain themselves with blood and bread.

For that we had prepared the market place near the docks with food and drinks which the serfs ample provided and Sir Hanse sorted the jousting.

Quite a lot joined for the jousting and it took a lot of bruised and bandaged wounds to determine a victor.
I think one of the Yewian won the tournament and some knight got second, but we guards were a bit distracted as some undead things attacked some people.
Those sack of bones though were quickly disposed off as everyone wanted to get a hit in and probably take a bone as collectible from the moot home.

I drew a funny picture of Himasa for Keina and will add a copy of it to the report. Lady Ravida rented the magik shop and I gave her a lease for it.

Sir Mordred asked again for Natalie and she should get a shift where she can see him soon.

So all in all a successful day and I already have two ideas for pictures again.


*a note is added to the report*

The owner of this Lease Lady Ravida has the right to use the following building, Encyclopedia Magicka and to sell her wares there.

Encyclopedia Magicka
Rent a month 400 gold
Rent paid until end of November
Leaseholder – Lady Ravida

Kaelyn in the name of his Grace Duke Irvyn Middlethorn of Trinsic

*a picture is added to the report*

*You see a sketch of a man leaning on a wall seemingly relaxed. The man is quite young and wearing iron armor and a kilt. As you look closer you can make out the features of the man and you see that it is Himasa and that he has his eyes closed as he leans at the wall.

Besides him you see a young child wearing her hair in pigtails. She wears a bandana and a skirt and is quite slender and has the features of Keina if you look close enough.
In her hand she is holding a sling and is throwing something at a figure that is above Himasa. The figure is all dressed in black and looks like a Ninja and seems to have a huge sword in his hand. But it seems that Keina’s shot as well placed as he hangs limp at the wall and so Himasa should be safe.

Under the picture you can read the letters “Keina saves Himasa again from Ninjas”*


Third day of the moot and this time it was an asking and answering of nobles, though I nay heard a lot of it, as a new recruit named Yula asked if she could join. After Lady Moiraine had talked to her and she agreed, I brought the new recruit to the armoury and handed her the new armour.

In the streets some undead were seen again but with Iljians help could be disposed off quickly. Rumour has it some Yewian Necromancer set this undeads on to Trinsic in hope to kill either some Yewians attending or other citizen else.

The rest of the questioning seemed to be quiet and his Grace asked me then for a talk and said that he wanted to make me captain of the guards. I think that Iljian would rather deserve it, as he is the more clever and braver one, but I suspect Lady Moiraine has special missions for him.

Undeads were reported at the moongate and Iljian and me hurried there only to find some there. Fighting ensued and I got hurt and had to retreat to the healers, where they bandaged me and claimed that none were serious wounds.

Later I heard that the undead had also hurt several marksmen and also Iljian, but luckily nay one was seriously hurt. I also was informed that one of the marksmen killed of the last things and that the moongate was again safe for travel.


*slowly and with a painstricken face Kaelyn places the pen away and thinks about her promotion. Captain then with the responsibility over all the guards to keep them safe and the also to keep the Duchy safe. Sighing Kaelyn gets up and limps home praying to the gods that they will help her to do the right things*


Fourth day of the moot and it started badly later to get worse with a message that Shelly had been kidnapped and that someone demanded ransom for her.
Natalie showed out the woman to me and as Commander Soulshadow was about I let her handle the diplomatic part. She knocked out the one that delivered the message and promised her to slowly cut her to pieces if she nay would show us to Shelly.
Some other Kaldorians were called to accompany us and so we went through a portal to some place in the woods where we found Shelly unharmed.
We let the beaten up brigand go and returned with Shelly to Trinsic, though I swear that magik gates are dangerous as I felt sick after walking through them each time.

There was a poem contest in town and as I also had prepared a small one I participated, though I arrived late and only heard the end of Cecil’s tale.
I recited my poem and hoped for the best, when I was informed that a lizardlike
Creature was roaming the town. Seemingly it had tried to attack Lady Soulshadow, but Sir Mordred had chased it off.

Ravida informed me that Keina wanted to learn some herbalism under her tutorship and I agreed as long as Keina nay learned the dangerous potions.
I also handed out a new lease for the armoury, which is added at the end of the report.

The teacher called Green looked for Lady Moiraine again and he claims that he is known in many arts and can teach lots. If we wish references we should just ask in Vesper at the Inn and that he would try to talk to the baroness tomorrow again.

Undeads were reported near the gate and parties were sent out to destroy them, though masses seem have to be summoned as myself and some others were hurt while trying to destroy those things. Luckily it was only bruises and scratches and I nay even went to the healers for it.

Was talking to Keina, Zefar and a Drow when some man approached the gate demanding gold. Despite me handing him the few coins I had to avoid a fight near the children a fight started and I was knocked down again.
When I regained consciousness the bandit had gone though Katina was wounded too and as the drow care for her, I managed to get to the healers where I collapsed.

Upon awakening I wished I had rather died as I hurt all over and felt violently ill too. Healers said that I had slight concussion and lots of shallow cuts and even more bruises and that I should not be so whiney.

As there will be the archery contest later on I better put out posters with the rules now.


*a poster is added to the report*

Trinsic Archery contest!

Consider yourself adept with a bow?
Know what an archery butte is?

Then come to the Trinsic Archery festival and show us your skills with a bow.

Before the contestants start they have to tell me what they think they will score in the 10 shots they fire at the buttes.
The contestants will fire 10 shots at an archery butte and the score will be added.
Only non magical bows are allowed and no magic jewellery or quivers or special trick arrows.

The one with the highest score will get a prize.
Also the one with the smallest difference of announced and shot score will win a prize.

The contest will be on Thursday the 9th November after the relay racing which starts at 8 UK time (21 cet) at the Trinsic training grounds, which are in the northern part of the town in Trinsic Trammel.


*a note is added under the report*

The poem I wrote for the contest, feel free to use it.

Peace, or why some people miss a boot in the morning

A moonlit night with happy dreams
Disturbed by a cat's angry screams

A boot is thrown into the night
And all is quiet and I sleep tight

*a lease is added to the report*

The owner of this Lease Balthazar Den'Var has the right to use the following building, Shining Path Armoury and to sell his wares there.

041 Shining Path Armoury
Rent a month 400 gold
Rent paid until end of December
Leaseholder - Balthazar Den'Var

Kaelyn in the name of his Grace Duke Irvyn Middlethorn of Trinsic


Fifth day of the moot and it should be one of the eventful ones, though unlike we thought.

Ah arrived a bit late for duty and it seems that Baron Twothumb had already held the marathon and at the same time there was to be some lecture of the virtues.

The lecture room was quite full and some Knights were there to share their views on the virtues and answer questions.
I only stayed a little while as I helped Yuna to get her a new spear and some reagents. We then returned and listened to the lecture, as afterwards I would hold my archery competition. Though when we heard thunder growling we knew that the contest would have to be postponed and really as the lecture ended a thunderstorm unloaded over Trinsic, making the contest impossible.

So most of the guests either hurried home or to the local taverns to spend their evenings safe and dry.

As far as I was informed the archery contest will be held at Saturday to a be announced time.



Sixth day of the moot and all seemed so serene and quiet when I started my duty.
So I patrolled and as I passed the counsellors hall I knew why it was so quiet, as the contestants for the brawl had to undressed and were searched, as they were not allowed any armor or weapons.

Streets were pretty quiet and tavern though fairly busy, was safe as well, so I decided to guard the gate and spend some time sketching.

As the fortune tellers then arrived in town, I accompanied them to the tavern where the reading was to take place and found out that the fighting had already started. While fortunes were read more and more bruised people returned from the fight until a winner was declared, called Sumi.

Resuming my patrol with Yuna we found a Covian and one from Haven arguing ans insulting each other. Seemingly one soldier from Have had provoked one from Cove before and In the end the one from Haven was knocked down.

I asked them to settle the argument like soldiers in a duel outside of town and both agreed. The soldiers lined up and the duel with agreed rules started and was quite soon over with the one from Cove the victor.

While Natalie got her fortune read, which seemingly was good as she beamed after hearing it, Yuna and me had to control an overconfident Gnome. But luckily the Covians who had the responsibility of the gnome cooled his ego by throwing him into the river.

I reminded Gerek that there was still a warrant for him and that only the moot saved him from a jail sentence. He and his companion were very upset about it and were provoked by another person about it.

The stranger and Gerek started to quarrel and a stray arrow wounded Gerek’s companion and Gerek and me chased after the offender.
We caught up to him in the woods and I agreed that Gerek could give him a sound beating for his offense.

Gerek helped his friend then to the healers and as all was quiet again we asked the paladins to take over the duty to guard the town again.



Last day of the moot and I got to duty early as I wanted to prepare for the archery competition. When I arrived at the gates I found Dexius Brutus and Tammy arguing and so I separated them and sent them on their ways.

Later I found out that Dexius had attacked Tammy but luckily she was nay seriously injured, so I will let it off with a warning during the moot.

The park was again lovely decorated by Quin April, Ivan and others and as hid Grace arrived he informed me that my archery contest would be held before the speeches.

Thank you all that came and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.
So I will now announce the winners and participants of the competition.

scored annouced difference
Zach 440 400 40
Morik 390 400 10
Davion 340 200 140
Drisda 310 400 90
Eve 300 300 0
Soname 175 220 45
Terris 135 325 190
Mela Arkay 134 200 66
Tiggarn 57 110 53

The person with the least difference of announced score and shot score with a difference of an amazing zero was Lady Eve.
She earned all our praise and a fine bow and a check of 5000 gold which she hoepefully spends on something nice.

The best shot with a score of 440 was Zach Moorgard and as prize he won a special bow.

The prize for the least score went to my love Tiggarn and he won a special bow and a kiss from me.

Thank you all for participating and I hope to see you at the next contest.

We were then informed that the following speeches would be cancelled in favour of drinks and other fun in town and so people wandered either off for enjoyment or home.

A drow named Chareari visited Trinsic. She seems quite young with a scar on her right cheek and claims nay to be a follower of Lloth. She asked if she could join the guards and also said that she was raised by humans near britain.
She said her foster parents are getting old and wants to support them by earning some additional gold.
I handed her a recruitment book and asked her to think about being a guard and if she decided to be one to talk to Lady Moiraine.

Town was getting quiet and so I decided to let the paladins do the rest of the guarding and headed home to spend some time with my love.


*a message is attached to the report*

Trade Minister Kaelyn,

I, Hutula Sanctos, am offerring to pay the rent owed to the Duchy of Trinsic, by the Morning Poste. Not only will I pay what they owe, but I shall pay their rent in advance for a period of two years. Hopefully we can meet soon so I may present you with the check for these fee's. I hope all is well with the Duchy and yourself.

Lady Hutula Sanctos
-Sosarian Trade Federation and Union, and the Village of New Paws.

*another message is added to the report*

Dear Lady Hutula Sanctos,

thank you Milady for your fine offer.
I see no problem of you paying ahead and await them whenever you can come to Trinsic.
Ask for the guard Kaelyn and someone will hopefully point you to me.

Kaelyn Guard and responsible for trade in Trinsic


Report is a bit late as I was at the healers all night but let me start at the beginning.

All started quiet and peaceful and so I headed to the Rose and found all well there too. Chatted a bit at the Rose and then returned to town only to find Dexius Brutus being chased by Katina and Keina and some other man and knocked down then near the bank.
After a short inquiry it was clear that Dexius had tried to rob Keina and Katina had helped her sister, so I thought some stocks would do him good and asked them to escort Dexius to the jail.

Dexious though feeling better again made a run and we lost him near the Moongate and I warned people about and at the Rose about him .
Returning to the gate I saw Thaur arguing with two women and one of them claimed to be his wife and so I asked them all not to make any troubles.

Later other people from Vesper including Tammy and Lance Sanders who had paid a woman to shout out his greatness, arrived in town.
Them all went off to the tavern and only a bit later Lance informed us about a brawl at the tavern. When I arrived there I found three slightly wounded people and to me it seemed like a normal tavern brawl and so I warned them all off and was about to leave the tavern when some woman shot at a Kaldorian.

I chased her near the Moongate and fought her there until I stumbled over a rock and an arrow hit my leg and the pain made me black out.
When I awoke my leg was crudely bandaged and the woman that had shot me tried to excuse her actions with some fancy lies, before leaving me.

I managed to get to a gypsy camp before blacking out again and found myself with a lighter purse at the healers today.
Seems the gypsies took the opportunity to get their payment for saving my life, though I should nay complain.

Healers say I lost some blood and need to take care of the leg for a few days, but that else I am fine.


*copy of a warrant is attached to the report*

Warrant for: Dexius Brutus
Name: Dexius Brutus
Gender: MaleRace: Human
Skin: Light
Hair: Light
Last seen wearing: metal plate and other iron armor often mixed with some red clothing
Accused of: Trying to rob Keina, resisting his punishment
Weapon: sword and other bladed weapons
Description: Dexius had tried to rob Keina and was knocked down for it. While trying to get him on stocks he ran for it.

Suggested punishment is one thousand gold and an hour on stocks.



Could hardly move today due to my hurt leg and when I limped home from the healer, Ivan came running claiming that some thugs had tried to rob him.

So we went over and surely there was Thaur with an axe in his hand and another Lady with him, who might be his lover.
Thaur naturally denied trying to rob Ivan and claimed that he had the axe in hand to scare Ivan as he was insulting him.

I am pretty sure Thaur was again trying to pressure people to hand him some gold, though it is hard to say if it was robbery or not.
So I warned Thaur a last time stating that if such a thing ever happened again, he would face consequences for his thugish behaviour.

I would advise some community work for Thaur if he shows his roguish behaviour again in town, like sweeping the streets or cleaning the stables.

Ivan asked for an escort out of town and I saw him safely out.
My leg hurt like hell and so I had to retire and could nay stay any longer.



My leg felt better today and so I resumed my duties at the gates again.
His Grace arrived later in the day and informed me that he expected visitors and that I should lead them to the tavern or later on to his office where he would be working.

The gate was not very busy and with John and Kiri both on duty I could rest my leg pretty well, as Kiri did the patrols through the city.

When a visitor arrived and asked for his Grace I lead him to the Duke, thinking that it was his expected visit, but the man informed us then that he wanted to join the Duchy. His Grace and me talked to him and he seemed to be a nice man and will hopefully do well as guard and he left writing his application.

I then did a short patrol and found the people his Grace was waiting upon at the tavern and I led them then to his Grace for their talks.

I returned then to the gate and was informed by Kiri that John had left to some scouting after he had made sure the Rose and the moongate were clear.

As all was quiet I sent Kiri home and kept guard at the gate myself, sketching a bit in between and the rest of my duty was quiet and uneventful.



Today was training and so at the start of my shift I headed to the moongate to join Natalie, Yuna, Himasa, Elion, Gwen and Ruadnit for a training session.

We did some pair training and had some nice fights, though Himasa, as a Kaldorian army warrior outfought us all. I think though we need to find a better place to train as we gathered a crowd at the moongate and people were wondering if there was some kind of attack on Trinsic.

As the training came to an end a bunch of rough looking people arrived from the moongate and among them was an orc, with the name Dabu.

I questioned them and they said they would keep an eye on the orc and that I nay should be worried. As there was nay more we could do, we decided to head back to town and maybe listen in to the lecture about virtues.

So we assigned some paladins at the gates to guard and most of us headed to the lecture, where the knights already talked about the virtues.

Himasa canme in and whispered to Natalie that a mugging was taking place at the moongate and so we hurried to get there.

Upon arriving it was chaos. Fighting all over the place between some elves and some bandits and also some of the guards were already fighting.
Knowing that we had to end this fight as quickly as possible we all engaged the attackers

So we engaged in the fighting and managed to knock some of the attackers out, but then a hard hit knocked me out and I fell unconscious.

When I awoke the brigands were gone and only Himasa and a few others were standing there unhurt. I asked Himasa and the others to help the hurt ones to the healers and luckily there it was stated that none was seriously hurt.

I have an aching head and Natalie some broken ribs, but nothing that will not heal in good time.

I ordered all wounded guards on light duties until they felt fit enough for normal duties and headed home to get some rest myself.

Warrants foe the attack at the moongate will follow when I feel better again.



Came on duty today all sore and hurting again and Natalie and Yuna were guarding the gates. Lady Kimi was at the gate, but sadly I had not enough time to talk to her.

The guards reported that all was fine except some Vesperians that had arrived a short time before and seemed to make some troubles at the gate.
I recognised Tammy and asked her about the troubles with Thaur. She stated she had made up with Thaur and I let it go.
Tammy then though started to insult people and I told her that for that she receives a three day ban. As she disregarded it and was seen walking in town I will make a week ban on it and if she fails to follow it will be punished with an hour at the stocks.

Yuna's daughter stumbled around drunk in town with a bow in her hand shooting at random targets with it. Luckily she nay hit anyone and I managed to disarm her and put her in a cell over night to sober up.

The man James Morris asked for some work and if possible something as scout and if it nay can be helped as scout. He was quite honest and talked about his failings and also that he does it for the gold and nay for his love of the Duchy. We should give him a chance but nay give him any important things to do as he confessed that he betrayed Cove already twice.
He filled up a form and his Grace will then decide for what purpose we may employ him.

Dexius Brutus was seen in town, but as I wanted to arrest him he threw down his weapon and fled into the woods and I lost sight of him there.
For that I will just double his punishment to two hours of stocks and a fine of two thousand gold.

I talked then to Sir Green and we agreed on Tuesday at the Counselor Guild behind the jail at 22:30 CET in Trinsic.

I met Lady Kimi afterwards and we headed to the tavern for a drink when some undeads attacked the tavern and the people there. A fight started and I got hit hard at the side I was wounded two days ago and lost consciousness.
Lady Kimi brought me to the healers where my reopened wound got stitched and when I felt up to it made good on my promise to pay her a drink.
At the tavern the guests, who were from Cove stated that the other skeletons had been destroyed and that some Avatar was behind it.

As I felt to weak to head home I returned to the healers and spent the night there.

*a note is attached to the report*

Lecture: Age of Darkness - 21 Nov, 22:30Cet Trinsic Counselor Hall

Come and listen to the new appointed Trinsic Teacher Grand Magister Green who will on Tuesday the 21st November at 22:30 CET (9:30 UK) hold his first lecture at the Trinsic Counselor Guild .
He will talk about the Age of Darkness, namely about Mondain, Minax and other menaces..

The lecture is expected to last about an hour and question are welcome.

All children of Trinsic that visit the local classes are required to come and all other people are invited to listen and participate too.

Kaelyn Guard and responsible for Trade in Trinsic

*a poster on the walls in Trinsic*

The Vesperian Tavernkeeper of the Swaggers Called Tammy is hereby banned from the City of Trinsic for seven days until the 27th of November.
She got this ban for her dirty and insulting manners and her attitude to the local guards and citizens.
Hopefully she will use this time to learn to think before speaking and return to Trinsic with better manners

Guard Kaelyn


Got my side rebandaged before I got on duty and met my love in town.
Luid the guard on duty reported that all was fine and so Tiggarn and me decided to head to the Rose and have a drink and enjoy some quiet time together.

Luid joined us on our way to the Trinsic Rose, but as we entered angry voices
greeted us. It was the tavernkeeper Gwen who was shouting at an orc.
I recognised the orc as Dabu and informed all that this orc was a criminal and nay wanted on Duchy lands.
As Gwen asked us to dispose of him, we dragged him outside and when he tried fight knocked him down. At the same moment though two thugs attacked too and tried to help the orc to flee, but we managed to capture on, though one other managed to flee.

Miss Ruadnit recognised the man as one of her kidnappers and so we questioned him, but except his name Bill MCDoyal from Serpents Hold, which is most likely a false name, he nay said anything useful.

As he nay had hurt Lady Troi I sentenced him for a fine of 3000 gold which will go to the orphanage and some time at the stocks.
As he though was nay considering the error of his deeds and continued to insult people, when he was bound on the stocks, I ordered that he get a sound beating afterwards and gets thrown out of town with a town ban for a week.

A drow named Chareari Jasmine Tucker, who was raised by humans and looks fer some employment applied today with the Duchy. She wishes to join the guard and after handing her an application and telling her that I nay see a reason why she nay can join, I told her that if lady Moiraine agrees I would take her.

Town was fine then and I took some time off to sail with my loved around and escape the madness of guarding for a bit.



All was quiet when I started my shift with Luid and Natalie having the town under their control.
Ivan was chatting with them at the gate and suggested that he could be a part time guard. I told him that if he could show me his skills by fighting with Luid I would consider it, as we are a bit low on guards these days and could surely need some extra help. So I got him some armor and the two of them sparred on the field outside of the town. Ivan was clearly nay match for Luid but he was good enough that I agreed to make him a part time guard with the same rank as a recruit of the Duchy.
I will have to sort out the pay he will get, but I think it will depends on how much he works in his position.

Afterwards I started to set up the benches and refreshments for the coming lecture and was glad that about fifteen people joined us for the lecture.

Sir Green held am interesting speech about the History and although I nay knew most of it, it was exciting to listen about it. He told lots about Minax and Mondain and about battles and other stories.

Some though almost fell asleep and for such a case I had brought some cookies and milk to waken them up during a break in the lecture.
Sir Green was not quite fully satisfied with his lecture though most people had found it quite well conducted.

It was getting late and most people had retired after the lecture, so I dismissed all guards and let the paladins take over guarding duties during the night.



Start of my duty was quiet and so I got my painting gear and started to continue my picture, while Natalie patrolled to the Rose and back and reported that all was well.
Ivan came to the town and chatted with us at the gate when suddenly a bunch of ruffians arrived at the gate. I recognised Dexius Brutus and the Orc Dabu and told Dexius that he was wanted and the Orc banned from the Duchy grounds.

At first Dexius seemed as he would hand himself over to us but then he made a dash to his comrades. I tried to intercept him and was attacked by the others and a fight started.
In the meantime Sir Taggart had also arrived and tried to help us to arrest those thugs, but one by one they managed to overwhelm us and after a nasty slash from Dexius which made me very ill I lost consciousness.

When I awoke they were gone and with help all wounded managed to get to the healers. Ivan was nay hurt too badly and left the healers too, though Natalie nay felt well and decided to sleep there.

Due too the poison I had to stay a while until I felt well enough to head home on my own too feet.


*a note is added to the report*

This is the description a man handed to me and I added the features I noticed to it.

Description of the attackers:
First Man : wore verite platemail, purple bandana and a black beard
Second Man: white bearded and haired axe wielder in red armor, some of it was plate
Third Man: Leather armoured with long blonde haired mage, with a goatee
Fourth Man: red bearded man with side braids, leather armor combined with green clothes over it and he cast magik.
Also the two known criminals Dexius Brutus and Dabu.


Today was training day and this time Kai the giant from Kaldor was leading it.
For this session he lead us to the Luna Arena where four of us were designed to hold several combat items and on command we would put one of those on the ground for the fighters to pick up.
Then four fighters were picked and all had to strip down and hand in all their belongings except their trousers, bandages and healing potions.

Then the fight started and we handed out the various items as Kai called us up
And the fighters took them as quickly as hey could.

Doolittle won the first fight when he got his hands on a bag of regents and as magik user put it to his advantage.

The second fight was won by the Trinsic Guard Zothan and the following free for all fight was some sort of tie between the elf Gwen and the Kaldorian Himasa.

After the training we returned to town and me and Natalie took up our Duty.
I was just writing a trading license to a trader when I heard loud shouting outside.

Some man in red plate armor with a bow was refusing to disarm and to show his face to Natalie and fled into the woods when we closed in on him.

Natalie and me took up the chase into the woods, but I soon lost sight of Natalie and pursued the man alone. As one of the brigands that had attacked us this week had worn red plate armor and a bow I was so eager to catch him that I ran into a trap of his and a well aimed arrow hit me so hard through my shield that I lost consciousness.

When I awoke Shelly was looking worried at me, but after some checking I found that only my side hurt and that there was no visible blood.

So I headed to the healers who put some lotion on my hurt side and told me to rest and look for a job better suited for me.

Not feeling up to argue with them I told the paladins to take over and returned home to rest.


Trinsic Tradesman's Licence

Holder : Jack O’Mally
Profession : Fisher
Granted on : 23 November 06
Expires on : 23 November 07
Fees Paid : 500 gold

This document identifies the named holder as a tradesman in good standing within the Duchy of Trinsic, with the right to trade in the products and services relevant to their stated profession without fear of official sanction or harassment, until the expiry date is reached.

The Duchy reserve the right to revoke this licence at any time if the holder is known or suspected to be in breach of Trinsic laws, or aiding others in such activity.

Permit Number 704

Trade Minister of Trinsic


Got on duty and tried to work up some paper work that had been left over on my desk the last few days.
Town was fine and Dawn and Natalie patrolled the town and reported that everything was fine and the Trinsic Rose busy.
Finished with my paperwork then I showed some stranger the Rose and also intended to have a look there, to see if any of the brigands were there.

Tammy was at the Rose and I reminded her that she still was banned from the town until Monday and to add to my luck I found Thaur in the Rose.
I asked him to sit down and started questioning him about the man called Kurt.
Naturally he denied to know anything, so I set him a deadline of five days to come up with answers or he would pay for his affiliation with those thugs.

Iljian came into the Rose and reported trouble outside, so we went outside and found that orc Dabu holding a woman hostage. The woman though managed to stab the orc with a knife and flee from him without a scratch and as consequence we quickly knocked the orc down.

Returning to town a woman approached me about a building lease and we agreed shortly afterwards about a contract and I added a copy of it to the report.

Snudrud the goblin made up some troubles and stole some coins from Natalie and some other small things of people and I decided to put him on stocks for half an hour and people seemingly enjoyed to throw things at him.

I met his Grace in the tavern then and we talked about a new quarter master and I suggested that Iljian would be perfect for it as he is reliable and good with numbers.

As all seemed fine and I had not been beaten up yet, I took the chance and went hone safe and sound.


*a copy of a lease is attached to the report*

Building Lease

Building : Baracks building in East Trinsic at the eastern bridge, both rooms
Purpose : Business and Storeroom
Rent : 1000 Gold
Holder : Trade’s Men Guild – Contacts Serria Thorbirch, Captain Maur
Start Date : 24 November 06
Lease Number : 050

This document is a binding agreement between the Duchy of Trinsic and the abovenamed holder that, subject to any and all listed conditions, the holder shall be allowed to occupy the named building, and conduct the business listed above without impediment from city officials.
The building is to be considered semi private property, and will only be entered against the leaseholders wishes if pursuing a criminal, or during a state of emergency (for example, an attack).

Any attempt to prevent the holder carrying out their lawful business by a private individual or group shall be dealt with by the guards as swiftly and effectively as any other crime.

Rent shall be collected during the first week of each calendar month by an official of the trade department. Missing two months of payments is grounds for eviction.

This agreement may be terminated by the abovenamed holder, or by the current Duke of Trinsic, Baroness of Trinsic or Trade Minister, in writing, with one months notice, except where special circumstances apply.



Trade Minister of Trinsic


Today I was my turn to guard his Grace in town, but luckily ther were nay meetings and his Grace spent most of the time writing letters.

The gate was quiet and I managed to finish my painting to Reann and I hope she will like it, as most others that looked at it liked it.

His Grace told Iljian today about his new position as Quartermaster, though Iljian nay seemed too happy about it.
His Grace also asked me about my Captain’s uniform and as I always stumble over cloaks, I took Iljians advice and dyed the sleeves of my uniform red, to show off my rank.

His Grace retired and Iljian, Natalie and me were on duty as the town became busier. Iljan noted some strange person out of the gates who claimed wanting to kiss someone and nay dare to show a face.
Though we tried to catch the person it fled into the woods and was lost out of sight.
Upon returning I stumbled over Dexius Brutus and as expected he resisted arrest and also had some other people to help him. A big fight started and although Lady Shelly and Himasa helped us we could not catch Dexius or any of the others and so I will place a higher bounty and punishment on him for assaulting guards.

Me, Natalie and Iljian had to visit the healer, though luckily nay one was seriously injured.

Natalie will take some time off on my request to settle some personal things.


*a letter is added to the report*

Letter to Kaelyn


As promised, please find below my proposal for the increased pay scales for the guards. If you are in agreement, please implement this with Iljian, assuming that he accepts the appointment as Quartermaster.

Proposed pay scale:

Captain: 10000
Sergeant: 4000
Guardsman: 2500
Armsman: 1500
Recruit: 1000
Specific skills such as trackers and stealthers: 500 additional to basic pay if skills are used in service
Quartermaster: 1000 additional to basic pay
Jailor: 3000

Irvyn Middlethorn
Duke of Trinsic, Servant of the Realm, Defender of the South, etc etc

The personal seal of the Duke of Trinsic:
An eagle flying, holding the branch of a thornbush in its claws; surrounding are the words "Mine honour is my life; both grow in one; take honour from me, and my life is done."


Day was beautiful and town seemed fine so me and Himasa whom I had met at the gate went to the Rose for a drink. On our way we met Shelly who reported that some brigand had tried to rob her, although we searched around the moongate we nay could find any trace of that thug.
Her description of him was that is was a male with a ponytail and few hairs in red armor.

The Rose was pretty busy and Kirtian gave me some piece of rock to examine and said that it probably was blackrock and advised me to treat it carefully so I would not be blown up with it.

I searched for John but nay could find him, so I went off looking for him and found him wounded at the moongate and a brigand close to him. I chased the brigand and John in the meantime managed to alert Iljian for help, but the criminal escaped through the moongate.

John who said that he nay was hurt too badly accepted to research the piece of rock and I ordered him to keep it out of town for safety reasons.

While John went to check upon the rock Iljian and me returned to the town and Iljian paid me the first Captain’s salary of 10.000 gold
Now I can finally fix the roof of the hut and get the hut and can send my parents some gold too, as they are still struggling at Minoc.

As the evening grew on I sent the remaining guards off duty and after ordering the paladins to take over went home to celebrate with my love.



As I started duty at the gate I saw something sneaking about and after investigating found it to be an orc. Two other people seemingly accompanied that half tame beast and said that it would be nay harm, but I insisted that it be removed.
As the orc refused to leave I prodded it with my sword and a fight started, but luckily Himasa was there to help and together we beat up the orc so it fled and also the other two people who tried to assist that orc got hurt a bit.
As nay thing serious had happened to any of us I let them leave and continued to guard at the gate.

Thaur came and still had no news about the brigands and I was chatting with him when an orc ambushed me and knocked me down. Luckily Himasa was close by and managed to chase the orc away, though he reported that Thaur did nay thing to help me against the orc and just hid behind a tree.

I only had a few bruises and a lump on my head and after the healers told me to leave them in peace I returned to duty.

A trader called Michael asked for contact to all traders as he wanted to do business with them, but I only could show him the Trinsic trading list as contact information.

In the meantime Iljian and Natalie had started their duty and patrolled the town as I still nay felt too well, but all seemed to be quiet.

Later on Iljian went off duty and John took over his shift and reported to me that he nay had found out anything new about blackrock.

I informed the guards then about tomorrows expedition to someplace in Ilshenar, as requested by sir Skully and I asked all available guard to join in.

Thaur nay seems closer to give up any of his brigand comrades than before and as his ultimatum runs out tomorrow I decided his punishment.

When he next enters town he is to be arrested and put in a cell.
He is sentenced to two hours of stocks, a fine of one thousand gold and also there will be put a notice into the poste where we will rent his services away for a day to the highest bidder, which will then go to the Duchy.

Rest of the duty was uneventful and the paladins took over.



As the Rose was open the town was pretty quiet and so I let the paladins guard a bit while I went to the Rose for a drink and good company.
His Grace was there and also the thug Thaur whom I remembered that after he had his last drink I would arrest him and see that he gets his punishment.

Sir Callum came and talked to his Grace and asked me about blackrock. He ordered me to warn John about it, as it is more dangerous than Muldran had thought.

Ivan arrived then and together we arrested Thaur and led him to the Trinsic gate. While John searched Thaur and collected the fine of two thousand gold for him, I set up the stocks and we put Thaur in then.

I considered auctioning off his services to the highest bidder on the next day, but as some vesperians offered two thousand gold for his services I accepted it.

I made Tammy of Vesper sign a contract for the services of Thaur for the maximum amount of seven days and they took him with them.

We also had a manifestation of the demon that had threatened Muldran, asking for the other boxes, but I just claimed that Muldran had taken them and the demon left.

The rest of the evening was quiet, except for the annoying goblin that was almost beat up by Kaldorians as he tried to steal things from them.



Today’s duty was quiet and nothing really to report.
Some drows visited the town, who seem to be followers of Lloth, but they nay made any troubles.

Patrols to the Rose only showed a lost Ogre which was quickly chased away, but else it was fine.
I chatted a bit with Shelly who is looking for Gwen to talk about Sir Devante and I hope that the marksmen will see reason and stop this senseless war.

Some Knight came to the gate later on and dropped some gems in remembrance of the people that have fallen in the defence of the town.

Rest of the evening was quiet and uneventful and nothing worth reporting.



Dexius Brutus
For the delivering of the thug Dexius Brutus to the Trinsic guards, the Duchy offers the reward of 2000 gold.

It is nay necessary to deliver him whole and sound, but he should at least be conscious and certainly be alive.


Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair: Light
Last seen wearing: iron plate and chain armor, combined with red clothing
Weapons: Bladed weapons of various types

He is dangerous with his weapons and also quick at running and might be associated with other brigands.



As the Duchy of Trinsic suffers from continued undead attacks these last few weeks, it was decided that for every destroyed undead on Duchy lands the Duchy will pay a bounty of 1000 gold.

To prove that an undead has been destroyed, collect its bones and show it to a guard who will check the rests and then dispose of them.



The trip was nice and relaxing and when I came to duty today to escort the expedition I felt well an rested. We all met at the Umbra Moongate and the explorer Dorian Abronsius and one of the Knights Hospitaler had brought a packhorse.

We went through the compassion gate and then headed south east over some bridges into the desert. Some beast too stupid to know fear attacked out group, but they were quickly killed or forced to retreat and we made good time to a gypsy camp.

From there we headed north and encountered more dangerous things, from fire hounds to imps and giant scorpions. Finally we arrived at the shrine the kaldorians worship, but some demon and a dragon were guarding it and we were lucky to kill those beast off, without losing anyone.

Abronsius the ordered us to guard him and told the others to help looking for things he could examine. After some careful searching and digging some old stone tablet was found and also a broken vase and a locked box, which we all carefully out away and which will be examined later.

We then headed on to some resting point and after refreshing ourselves we headed through Montor to look for more ancient artefacts. As demons and other creatures still lurked in abundance in these ruins we nay could search as thoroughly as we wanted, but still in the end after a lot of fighting against some succubi, we managed to find more ancient treasure.

Tired and beat we returned to the compassion moongate and there handed our findings in to the Dorian. Though a stupid Vesperian I think they called him Niels refused to give up what he found and lady Ravida had to bribe him with gold, so he gave Sir Abronsius the artefact.

When I returned to Trinsic, Gwen informed me at the Rose that Tammy and Tessah had attacked her, though only wounding her lightly. It seems they were annoyed at her, as she had thrown them out of the Rose as they had insulted Gwen and after their attack they went to Trinsic.

When I arrived at the west gate some fighting was going on and Tammy and Tessah were running into the woods with a score of marksmen chasing after them.

I then decided that they be fined with a 2000 gold fine each and that they both would have to apologise to Gwen in person for what they had done.

Later on Tammy and Tessah returned to town and I informed them about the fine, for which I gave them a week to pay and to apologise.
Tessah paid for them both and they promised to apologise tomorrow.

Some other people with hoods, the ones looking for Winter, were at the gate and tried to pick a fight with Tammy. In the end I managed to convince all to behave and they all left to have fun elsewhere.

I then went to the Rose and congratulated Cecil to his birthday and we celebrated a little and I also talked to Mordred a bit about Devante, though neither Shelly nor me have managed to talk to Gwen about Devante and the attacks on Serpents Hold.

Rest of the night was quiet and Shelly and me joked a bit around about Mordreds hair and about the stubbornness and pride of men.

Shelly complained about some poste reporter and I will send them a letter asking them to consider their debts to the Duchy and to do me the favour to write nicer things about the Duchy and Shelly.

I also think his Grace should talk to Devante about the attacks one Serpents Hold and see if we nay can find a solution for it.


*You see a picture of a man with dark hair and a beard who looks like Cecil of Kaldor and is seemingly happy. He is wearing a jester cap with lots of jingling balls on his head and his Kaldorian uniform else and is about to blow out lots of candles on a cake.
On both sides of him, his beloved bears are also looking at the cake and it seems like every moment they will charge to eat it.
On the cake you can read "Happy Birthday Cecil" and under it "We all love you Cecil and wish you many more happy birthdays"

*following are signatures of people*

in love Kaelyn


*Running ….. trying to run… all is so slow … a pain and then … more pain …

Kaelyn shivers in her high fever haunted by dreams and the wound responsible for it oozes some sickly looking secret from her hurt hand*


*Dreams of pain and hallucinations haunt her feverish sleep, until some soft words almost manage to reach her and soft touches take some of the pain and uneasiness away. Still with a fever but without the piercing pain in her hand she falls in a restful sleep*


*Lost with no feeling of time, only interrupted by sipping some water and then falling exhaustedly into sleep again. Dreams about someone hurting her and asking questions she could not answer haunt her dreams*


This happened on the day I disappeared and hopefully will clear up what happened.

Before my duty started I went to the Rose to get my gear repaired and Lady Draxandruu took the time to mend my shoddy armor.
At the Rose there were also Tammy and Tessah and Lady Gwen informed me that both had apologised to her and that all was more or less fine.

Some drow used some forbidden magik and one of her skeleton creatures attacked a gypsy and wounded it before we could dispose of it. We warned the drow but as she summoned another of her skeleton minions we killed off the minion and beat up the drow and Elion told her that he nay wanted to see her around the Rose for a week.

I returned to the gate and Mordred informed Natalie, Ivan and me that Kaldorian scouts expect an attack from the marksmen at Serpents Hold and therefore all Kaldorian were called to the defence of the island.

The gate was fairly quiet and later we heard reports that the Kaldorians again had managed to beat back the marksmen, but luckily nay one had been seriously injured.

Some man attacked a Kaldorian and also injured another and from the fighting style of running and hiding and the use of poison it is very likely a yewian, who finally fled through the anthole.

Town fell quiet again and Natalie and Ivan went off duty for some rest when a drow told us about some men in white and black uniforms coming though the gate.

I went to investigate and found six armed figures marching to Trinsic making remarks about wanting to beat up Duchy guards.

Not taking them seriously I finished my round and saw them again at the tavern where they quickly surrounded me and demanded that I hand over my weapons and follow them.

As I knew that nay good fate would await me anyway I tried to run from them but was beaten down quickly.

I awoke in a yewian cell feeling sick and had to throw up in the cell which brought me more pain by them tearing out the fingernails off three of my fingers on the left hand.

They asked some questions about Trinsic and that I should tell them what I knew, but I barely understood them as unwell as I felt.
Then the one that asked the questions cut me and all drowned in a fever dream from which I nay can remember lots, except that I thought I was going to die

The poison the torturer used had almost killed me as I learned afterwards.
Seemingly they nay considered me injured enough and left it untreated and so the poisoned wound infected and almost killed me.

Only because they were curious and thought I might know something, though I rather think they did not want to waste the six thousand gold they had paid for my capture, they sent someone to care for my wounds.

Still it took a few days of heavy fever until I finally could get up again today. I felt weak and my side hurt, but my wounds were tended as well as could be expected.

Some darkly clothed person entered the jail claiming to be a servant of some high one and he could nay remember my name and called me so just “female” and he said that he would use the magik of “baptism” on me to pray to his gods.

For that he ordered the guards to let myself wash and then they handed me some blue wide robe that scratched terribly on my skin.

I then was led to the building of the shaman and he told me that he would teach me of his gods magik, but that I would have to perform some tasks before.

So me and the other guards were ordered to gather some wood, but as I was weak I hardly got anything together and while we were gathering wood a black dragon came storming out of the woods attacking some guard.

They managed to kill the thing, but some of them were wounded and some trainee called Abigail was ordered to look after me.

She was quite nice and seemed one of the first friendly people at that place and we talked a little before we were ordered to some training.

The training was nothing else than some beat up the recruits and hope they get tough from it. For that a maze was built with boxes and Guards with practice weapons were posted in it.
The victim, in this case me and other trainees” had to run and try to make our way through the mace. Me and the others were beaten up pretty quickly as we nay even were allowed armor and as I complained that the officer was all talk and no action himself, he almost took my head off with a bolt.

I said then that I would like to try with a shield and grinningly the officer said that if I made it through he would let me go. I surprised them and took all my strength and rushed through ducking as best I could behind the shield and made it through, but the officer just told them to grab me and they dragged me aside again.
He then took away the shield and let me run without it again and I was knocked out quickly in the maze and put aside.

I nay felt well, as after the sickness and then another knocking I nay wanted to play punchingball for them. They set up the maze and all went in and started beating each other up, when suddenly a Kaldorian jumped out and attacked the officer and distracted him from watching me.

At the same moment Talon grabbed me and carried me off into the woods and later as I managed to stand led me to the Trinsic moongate where other Kaldorians escorted me to town.
I asked Talon how they had found me and he said that some man had reported to have seen me at Yew. So Talon had started to scout and then set up this rescue mission.

I arrived at the gate and was glad to see Natalie who reported that the town was in even worse shape than me. Seemingly Jurrel had messed some magik up and released monsters throughout the town and then called in the guards to keep them at bay from overrunning the town.

The eastern part of the town has been declared as an emergency zone and all people are advised to avoid it. Also it seems the magik infested the park and awoke the trees and filled it with evil magik as they attack people that try to pass.

I will put out an order later on to secure some of the western parts of the town and leave the defence of the eastern parts to the royal guards with only temporal assistance from the town guards.

In this chaos muggings and assaults still happen as The markswoman Charlotte reported to have been mugged and also Shelly brought in a thug that had failed to rob her.

As I nay felt up to properly put her on stocks and Shelly had given the thug a proper beating I asked Shelly to throw the thug out of town and if she wanted to beat her up again.

Some man claimed to have informations about Yew and asked for a personal meeting and I agreed that we could talk in a cell after Natalie had taken all his weapons.
He nay told much except that we would meet again at some neutral point and the he would have useful information for me and I agreed to come and meet him tomorrow.

Cecil looked after me and I was joyed to see him and his bear managed to sniff out a person hiding in the jail, who ran as soon as the bear came to close.
Also some Yewian was caught sneaking in the town, but fled when challenged.

As it seemed unwise to sleep in the barracks I asked the Kaldorians if they had a safe place for me to stay and rest and they brought me to one of their places in Strongholt with a nice comfy bed and I fell asleep as soon as my head touched the pillow.

Just awoke and finished this report and will put it with some other notes in the jail.


*a note is added to the report*

To the hands of Sir Irvyn Middlethorn, Lady Moiraine, Lady Reann and Lady Lisa Llywd

Your Grace and other noble persons,
In case I ever get captured by enemies or other people again, I wish that nay guard or allies get in any dangers trying to rescue me.
Also we nay should bow down to blackmail and only if sensible negotiation can be made a trade or ransom should take place.

I wish nay to put the Duchy in any problems in case of my capture, so I ask that if unreasonable demands are made, or that a rescue mission would be very dangerous, that I be considered as lost and another captain be named in my stead.


*another note is added to he report*

A note concerning Iljian and Natalie and all other scouts of Trinsic.
If you can manage it, I would like to ask for a meeting on Wednesday the 13th at 19:30 at the Trinsic jail concerning a mission.


*a poster is added to the report*

Citizens of Trinsic

I guess most of you have read the letters of the Yewian Tyrant Klion D'Gar offering mercy to the ones that kneel before his heel.

Why should we trade our freedom under a faithful to the crown, Lord Irvyn Middlethorn, against the tyranny of a powerhungry warmangering despot?

What has this so called Lord Protector of Yew ever done for Trinsic?

Declaring war on Trinsic!
Capturing and torturing its citizens!
Intimidating Trinsic's citizens and anyone who would side with us!

Do not trust the lies of this madman!

It is not your well fare he seeks, but cheap lands to conquer and for that he uses the soldiers of Yew without caring how many people die because of it.

Fellow Trinsic citizens, if you don't want to live under the heel of a powerhungry Tyrant, do your best that the Yewish army does not set a foot upon these lands.

Or next time it might be your children that have to fight in his army for his next delusional conquest.

Say NO to a Yewian Tyranny, fight with all you can do for a free Trinsic following the Duchy under the crown!

A concerned citizen


Rested more before I got on duty and a meeting with Natalie and Iljian.
As I had agreed on a meeting in Minoc, I asked both to check it out and warn me before entering the Minoc tavern if anything was wrong.

As I arrived there Iljian signalled me that everything was quiet and so I entered and waited. The appointed time passed and after waiting fifteen minutes longer I decided to leave a message and then left for Trinsic.

Returning to Trinsic, we were in time to accompany his Grace to the meeting with other leaders. We met Lady Soulshadow, Lady Gwen and Sir Devante at the conference room and some politics was discussed and they wanted to continue the discussion at some secret location when the Duke felt unwell and had to retire for the evening and the meeting was postponed.

I then talked to John about his mission to do anything he can do to stop the crater spawning creatures and we both agreed that if the town got overrun more, it would have to be evacuated.

For now I asked the guards to keep the western part free of those creatures and to help the wounded but nay to press to the crater for themselves.

I talked then with Sergeant Orson and asked him about retirement and being a farmer, but he refused and I ill consider to find him something easier to do.

The monsters still come from the crater and nothing we can do stops it and we can only hope that all the help we get from the royal guards and others holds them at least at bay.

I heard that the Kaldorian Talon married the markswoman Elise and they both are very happy and I wish both the best of luck.



Training today and as I felt better I decided to test the game with he explosion bottles. So I got a llama and carried a Keg of the stuff to the moongate where Himasa, Dolittle, Gwen, Sir Eliot and two elves I do nay know awaited the training.
We set up a field and made two groups with two people each and last one standing would win and then had some matches. It was quite interesting but I still have to work on the rules and Gwen showed great experience with throwing the potions.

After the training I went on duty and as expected it was all the same with monsters rampaging from the crater.
His Grace was still at the meeting and so I patrolled the town finding it dangerous as expected.

I made it through the town in one piece and afterwards chatted with visitors at the gate.
Thaur seems to be fine after his punishment and loaning to Vesper, though I doubt it helped to make him a better person.

I read the newest poste about how yew had saved me from Kaldorian torture and was so angry about it, that I considered closing their office down at the spot.

Lady Soulshadow though reminded me that it would nay be sensible and that a letter with a threat and maybe a dead rat added to the letter would have more effect, with the demand that they write a corrected and true version.

Some undead creature was reported in the woods and as we saw it crawling towards the town I shot at it and Natalie and Himasa helped me to blow its bones apart.
We tried to destroy its bones with fire, in the hope to put the spirit to rest and really have to find that evil spirit that's ends us those things.

I was on my round to the Rose when three thugs charged me and tried to rob me.
I made a run to the gate and alerted the Kaldorians there that I needed some help, though I fell to a blow to my head at the gate and lost consciousness.

I awoke quite some time later and the thugs were luckily gone and I stumbled to the healer where they looked at my wound and told me that I would live.
As a wyrm tried to attack the healers I had to distract it and lure it away from the injured and the healers were right as I nay felt any pain while I was running from the beast.

When I returned to he gate I found the others in good health and Natalie reported that another undead being had scared away the attackers.

My shift wore on quite calmly then though lots of strange people visited and Talon brought his wife Elise back to the gate with her hands tied and he then tied her to a lamp post.
It seems the two were playing a game of some sort, but as it seemed harmless we just watched it amusedly.

The three thugs from before seemingly had not had enough and returned and attacked Talon and knocked him down.
A big fight followed throughout the town and outside and most of the thugs were beat up, but as Trinsic is in a state of emergency, we will nay put people in cells as we nay know if we can hold the jail.

I told the Kaldorians and the others that they could take anything they liked from the thugs and then to kick them out of the town.

It was tired and my old bruises started to hurt again and my new ones also told me that it was time to rest and consider a cooking career.



Trinsic was still in chaos when my duty started but the royal guard did their best to keep the creatures from the crater under control.

I went to the Rose and all was fine there and Lady Gwen had a dart contest where you could win a diamond if you scored over 75 points in five throws.

Lots of others tried and came very close, but I am nay sure anyone managed it.
Lady Elise was also at the Rose, but there were nay news of Devante, nor enough leads to send out a search party yet. I asked her to inform me when she would lead a search party and I would see that some guards could be spared.

I headed back to the gate where John and Natalie also had started their shifts and together we tried to sort the Chaos called Trinsic as best we could.
John still nay had any lead about the crater, but we hope something will come up soon.

Some merchant claimed to have seen strange people at the docks, but I told him that at the moment the guards only managed to guard the western parts.
So I asked Hugo and Kirtian to check it out and Hugo returned after a short while shouting that some people tried to invade. So some Shelly, Himasa, Hugo, Natalie and someone from Vesper, me and some others hurried to the docks though ran near some of the crater monsters and some of us were delayed.

As I managed to reach the docks I saw Shelly being escorted upon a ship and Himasa and me jumped after her on it and freed her from her bonds.

Himasa and the free Shelly then knocked out all the ones that had tried to take her and we sailed back to the docks where we got off the ship.

The ones that had tried to capture Shelly refused to say why they had wanted to take her but I recognised one of the woman as Abigail, the one who had looked after me in Yew.

As she was a rookie and they had surely been under some silly order, I thought it best to let them go and of them decided to head to the moongate.

We all escorted that woman, but as we went some man popped out of the shadows and attacked us. Himasa and Visko and Natalie went in pursuit while me and Shelly escorted the Lady to the moongate.

Later on we learned that they had managed to knock the man out and that he was Tristian D’Gar, the son of Klion D’Gar.
Nay having a cell for him, nor the guards to proper guard him, we decided to give him into Kaldor custody, so they could question him.

Kelly and Himasa questioned him and afterwards I learned that there is a bounty on each of Trinsic’s defenders and that Yew nay has Devante.

The fighting is now still going on, but the paladins will take over now and I get my rest.