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A report in the jail of Trinsic (RP)



Yesterday was quiet and except that annoying man Colin handing out his pamphlets about the Duchy there was nay troubles. Colin though was annoying and I decided that he could practice his free speech best on stocks, though his Grace stated that he is crazy anyway and nay should stay on stocks for that.

*sketch shows Colin on stocks*

I still will nay allow this man ter talk against the Duchy in town, but he is nay ter be harmed for his folly.

Today was quiet for some time but then we had a burning plant outside the gate. If left burning there it might have set more on fire, but Kai managed to douse the fire with a water barrel.

On a patrol through the town the healers showed me that strange mushrooms were growing in the town. They have a ghastly, putrid, thick, lingering reek and I ordered some people to clean it up as best they can.

I nay know why some plants grow so strangely in town these days and might be some form of attack we nay know about yet.

*sketch shows the mushrooms near the healers*

Lady Reann tested the mushrooms on her wolves and as them nay took ill, we guess that them are nay poisonous at least.



Been quiet yesterday and was a little late to the Vesper Games ceremony, but Corwin was nice enough to put in a Trinsic Team for us.
Stayed a bit there for the free drinks and then headed back to Trinsic which was still standing, though I had fresh reports about some mushroom problem. Also noticed that the jungle near my house has grown a lot denser and is starting to overgrow my house.
Must be the same thing that makes such problems in town with the plants.

Rest of the day was quiet and uneventful except some crazy swaggers folk offering everyone a straw hat-

Today was the first tourney in Vesper and it was the boxing match.
Nay one from Trinsic was there to brawl, but then with Mordred still away and Trevor absent we nay had one of the usual brawlers to compete anyway.

*sketch shows the fighting ring*

First place went to the Vesperian Eliot Heath who managed to closely defeat some Skara Braen named Gurney.
Third place went to the tavern floor cleaner Jack and Thaur was beaten by almost all as was expected.

Back in Trinsic Jenny D’Griff visited and reported that she had had to flee Cove and had taken refuge in Delucia. Warned her that even claiming a noble title might not spare her assassination attempts and the best would be to sue for peace with Vesper and Cove.

Eric delivered his report about the Antholes and for his good report I will promote him to guardsman.


*a neatly folded note is left on the desk of the Captain, her name is on it*


The other Gwen (the drow one) visited Trinsic earlier today. She wished me to tell you that she had regained her sight and memory and returned to herself again. She also wanted me to pass on her gratitude for the aid of the Guards in her time of need and said she would not forget about this if Trinsic would ever be in need.

Gwen Irima Maranwe

*a copy of Erik’s report*


Here are my findings from investigating the Antholes yesterday.

I entered the Anthole at the Trinsic entrance and quickly fought my way to the central area to work out that to get to Trinsic you must go through the southern most hole from the centre. I then worked my way round the different holes to work out which hole led where, discovering that the Eastern hole brought you out near Vesper and Cove, the Northern hole brought you out near Minoc and the most Westerly hole brought me out near Yew.

Here is a sketch of the centre. Missing is a close up on the Western hole as I came across trouble when working out where it led, so I was unable to return to draw the area.


Erik Bloodaxe, Armsman

All guards please take notice of these findings as we may use these tunnels for missions where stealth is needed.

*a copy of the official Vesper report is added*


Still nay felt too well yesterday but it comes and goes, so I went to the healers and had them have a look at me. Them said that I was fine and that it all was probably in my head and that I needed some rest if I ever wanted to go well again.
They believe I am crazy, but then maybe if I take it easier I will feel better and as things are easier the guards can handle it easily enough and I am still here if there really is any need.
So I talked with his Grace later on and asked him if I could have time off, but that I would be around town and helping, but nay officially work as guard and leave the post of Captain to Dawn.

I was a bit late then for the dartboard contest in Vesper, but managed to get in there in time, though I nay threw my best. Javelle from Skara won with Lauranthalas second and Sir Bevier third.

*sketch shows the dartboard contest*

Afterwards Van ordered us to west Vesper for the archery contest. That dolt should have told me that his West Vesper is called Minoc!
There Devante had a tie with Javelle though Devante managed to win with Javelle second. Third was Lady Reann who in her competition for place three or four managed to score a highscore of over two hundred.

*sketch shows the archery tournament*

felt a bit better today and headed ahead to the bagball tournament behind the Swaggers. Van had everything prepared and Cove;Vesper, Skara and Trinsic each managed to provide a team for the games.

Vesper seemingly has trained for such for a long time as they easily won gold, with Vesper second and Skara third.

*sketch shows the bagball field*

Felt a bit tired and headed then back to Trinsic while most others enjoyed the free drinks at the Swaggers. Devante is still looking for a wife though claims that Swaggers women are too easy for him to get and so nay challenge for him. Still he fears that mongbats will one day attack and burn down his house and asked us guards for special protection against the mongbat king.

Lady Moirane seems to have returned from her long voyage and General Kalannar was at her side. They asked Lady Reann and me how the lands fared and we answered them as best as we could.

Rumours have it that the thing they build in Moonglow might be finished soon and Erik went to check it, but nay could report that anything had visible changed.

Tomorrow at 8 close to the Swaggers will be the jousting tournament and Lady Reann already said that she will take part, so come and see!



Today was the jousting tourney in Vesper and many people came and competed in this contest. After a lot of bouts Lady Reann managed to win with Hoagie from Cove second and Jack from Buccaneers den or wherever coming in third.

*sketch shows Lady Reann winning the jousting*

I spent a bit time with Zefar and Devante at the Swaggers, where we were served some milk and cookies with chocolate bits in it before returning back to town.

On a patrol through town I was alerted by a foul smell and following it I came upon a patch in town which was overgrown with fetid reeking mushrooms and besides one giant mushroom I could spot a corpse.

I alerted Lady Reann and Zefar came along and Lady Reann suggested that I should fetch some fire potions to burn the mushrooms.

*sketch shows the corpse and mushrooms*

I bought some fire potions from Gwen and headed back to Lady Reann who had more experience with those things and let her burn the mushrooms as best as possible.

*sketch shows the burning*

While I carried the corpse to the healers lady Reann went and informed his Grace about the dangers. The healers told me that the middle aged man had died due to some poison which had made his skin ooze blood and also sort of decayed his insides. They said that such toxins are nay unheard off, but that them nay grew near Trinsic and that you would need big amounts to kill someone.

We can only assume that the mushrooms are deadly poisonous and that they should be burned and nay one touch them.

My house is still overgrown, but at least I nay have seen any mushrooms yet there, though if I nay can stop the plants the only option to stop it might be to burn down my house.

I talked with Dawn that I nay am fit for full guard duty and she said that she would handle it and that I nay need to be worried. I got a note that Kai has taken some time off, but as it is rather quiet anyway I told him to take his time.

Tomorrow Van will hold the ‘Last Man standing event on one of the islands in Vesper, near the Swaggers and it will be again at eight.


*Request to the captain is added to the report*


There has been an increase of Ronin and Rouge Ninja activity these last couple of weeks in the Tokuno Isle, I humbly request that I take a break of absence while I help bolster and organise the empires forces to put down this rebelion.




Bit lazy with report writing these last few days so I keep it short.
Last man standing competition from Vesper was nay as it sounds like a mass brawl but a series of duels.
First place went to Ellioth Heath from Vesper and second Demarian Tel’var from Trinsic.
Third place went to the drunkard Thaur who certainly smelled to bad so anyone wanted to fight him.

Next day three events happened. The relay race was won by Vesper with Skara second and Cove third.
Lots of people competed at this event and we all tried to tip the cow at the same time. Quickest one was Fingo of Cove, followed by Elliot of Vesper and third quickest was Desios.
The third event was to summon an animal and then let it fight.
The best magician who had his summoning under control was Elliot Heath who summoned a scorpion followed by Gurney who managed to summon a snow leopard to fight it.
Third place went to Sophie in her match who also managed to summon a snow leopard.

Next day was the last event with the relay race, but I nay managed to make it and have nay idea who won.

Managed to go to Moonglow though and saw the magicians mess up the machine the first day where nay thing happened.

Next day they managed to blow it up when showing it off, opening a portal to a place where demons and other beings roam.
We can only hope that it nay all blows up like Magincia.

His Grace informed me that he was asked to join the council in Britain to talk about the problem in Moonglow.

Alusair checked Moonglow today and said that though demons came out of the gate, the guards managed to push them back and avoided a situation like Magincia.
Erik checked there later on and reported that Moonglow itself was demon free but that upon entering the gate into the copy there was heavy fighting with the demons.

Stayed quite some time with the healers to find out what is the matter with me, but them nay could find what is amiss and sent me away after poking me for two days. They hope to have something ready in a few days, though I guess it will just state that I am crazy and that I imagine everything.


*a bunch of papers are added to the report*


Still nay report from the healers about my condition and the town was quiet when I walked through it. Stewan reported first that the moongates all looked strangely and that it may be an effect from the accident in Moonglow. He also reported that Moonglow was safe and that the guards and volunteers there kept the demons under control.
Some dark wisps have been seen there though and it is a bad omen if such things appear in a town.

Stewan informed me that Eliot Heath won the triathlon and so I guess Vesper won overall. Will need to wait for Van’s official report to say how many points each team made.

Jackal complained to me and Dawn that the Demarian keeps stalking his wife Amarante and Dawn said that she would have a word with him, to get it sorted.

I went then to the moongate and checked saw that it had changed colour and looked sickly dark. As others had used it before I tried it too and promptly stumbled out into some wilderness.

Seems those damn gates are somehow infected too, but when I stumbled in another time I ended up where I wanted, namely Moonglow.

As Stewan had reported the town was fine, except the crater and the strange black death gate to another Moonglow with Demons.
I got reports that the Demons and other creatures in the copy Moonglow were kept at bay and that the town should remain safe enough with the defenses we have there now.

I returned to Trinsic and found everything there peaceful enough and chatted a bit with Hoagie, Stewan and Barbaretta before resting.


*a sketch is added to the report*
You see a picture of a man in armor with a red kilt riding on a donkey. On the man’s head is a jesters cap with many bells and over his armor he wears a dirty and torn jester suit. He also wears a pair of short pants like children wear it and a pair of ridiculous big looking jester shoes. He seems to be drunk as he hardly manages to stay seated and with his left hand he grabs hold at the poor monkey’s ears while in his right he holds a bottle labelled as ale.
The man has a stupid look on his face and an unkept beard and if you look closely you can make out that it is Thaur.


Kai managed to mess up with his trained magik somehow and got stuck in the body of a cat. Aye a cat, but lucky for him Alusair found him and asked scholars how to transform him back.

Them came up with a potion, but the ingredients them needed were quite rare and difficult to get. It consisted of a fan dancers fan, scale of a dragon, blood of a dark demon from the fan dancer dungeon, book from a ninja, five power crystals, three polymorph scrolls and a drop of Kai’s blood.

Some of the goods we had already and Alusair and Declan volunteered to get the black demon’s blood and managed to get it, though both seemed very tired after returning.

It took some time until the scholars had the potion right and they had to work all night for it. Alusair reported next day that it was successful, but there was one small side effect. Kai is unable to do any of his tricks transforming into things and that is good in my opinion.

Moonglow is still under control and I heard that even new reinforcement from Britain have arrived keeping the town safe.

Talked yesterday with a man named Rylan from Moonglow and he reported that he had been kidnapped near Minoc and held prisoner there for weeks before escaping. Only thing he noticed were that his captors looked like Brigands and one was called Michael and that they operate around Minoc.

Today was fine, except an Ettin pestering the elven quarter, but a paladin I had sent to patrol chased it away.

Michael appeared at the Rose today and was feeling depressed about not being able to help Moonglow more and that Trinsic nay sent him more support, though his Grace assured him. I had to tell him that we did our best and that Moonglow was quite well under control and would not become another Magincia.
He also complains that Trinsic nay gives him and Moonglow more support and that he has to carry< all the burden alone and he is sort of right. I nay have though more guards to send to him at the moment and the situation is under control with other reinforcements arriving there.


*a note is attached to the report*

Just a note to inform you of what seem to be some strange rabid wild wolves around Trinsic. I was attacked today by no less than three wolves, one of which looked like it was chewing some sort of black rock. I suggest you inform Trinsic Citizens to keep a lookout and take care if leaving the city.

Signed, Reed

*another note is attached to the report*
It appears that kai managed to get himself stuck as a cat... his training is clearly lacking and as such he will not be reporting for duty while he is a cat.
i have told Alusair once i stopped laughing and she will be looking into this matter.

i suggest you advise all young samurai guards not to become a cat while exposed or near the other moonglow... and sort out some form of training for Kai so he realises his mistake... he may not be as lucky the next time.

Reann Lothain.


Nay have written a report for some time, as I am still off duty and have faints of dizziness the healers nay know what ter say about.

The defense of Moonglow is still the same after weeks, though it seems even the demons nay attack as much as before anymore.
Them probably noticed the canons on the other side of the gate and just make sure we nay invade them, though for me it seems that the copy of Moonglow might collapse any day.

With the help of Cove and Vesper we opened a healing station at the Black Moongate and also helped out after Britain had sent reinforcements.

*picture shows the healing station*

His Grace still has nay returned yet from his duties and it seems the council meeting has been postponed. Probably them haggled about the rumoured rewards to give the defenders of Moonglow.

I got robbed by a white haired middle aged man with a beard two days ago and though I immediately alerted the guards we nay found any trace of him. He was of average height with dark looking eyes, wearing black metal armor and a blue sword.

Gwen informed me that she will give Artemis’ son Alexander into her mother’s care until he returns and can take proper care for him.

Stewan told me that drow beat up Van and threatened Madeline, so I asked Lady Reann to talk to the Drow and dissuade them to harm Madeline and keep their fight with Vesper. One of the Drow was Sabrae, so I think it is Vierna’s lot that blackmails Van. Seems the drow forced Van to sign a paper that says, that drow are allowed and welcome in Vesper.

There is a new reporter from the stratics new who wishes to be informed about your stories and news. So if you got anything you want to tell him or newsworthy send it to [email protected] and it may make it into his newspaper.

Some orcs with help from necromancers attacked the town, but as I nay was in any condition to fight I fled and alerted the other guards and paladins who threw them out. I nay know anything about casualties and so though as the healers nay reported any deaths I guess we fended them off quickly enough.

Stewan reported the pirate Jackal attacked Lady Jade and so he is banned from town and is to be arrested on sight. Whoever manages to catch him can claim a bounty of 5000 gold for him with the Duchy.

The report from the healers arrived and I have added it to this one, and it nay looks good and I will have to consider what to do with it.


Report on Captain Kaelyn’s health

After Captain Kaelyn reported a few days ago that she suffers from strange dizziness and feeling ill we have checked her over several times, but nay have found anything out of the ordinary. With her history of feeling ill when in contact with magic and no explanation for this phenomenon we had to come to the conclusion that she is healthy in body and suffers an illness in her mind.

As she is nay fit to fight nor seems to be overcoming what we can only describe as craziness, we can only advise that she stays off duty and can only hope that she regains her sanity some day.

As some of our healers have pointed out from the first day she became a guard, she never was very stable nor really capable of being a guard and it seems that she broke under that pressure and nay is able to serve the duchy as a guard.

Personally I would advise her to take a safer and for her more capable position in some tavern or tailor shop, where she nay has much pressure.

Yours faithfully.

Guildmistress of the Trinsic Healers, Janis Goldflower


Went to the Vesper goose chase yesterday at the Swaggers and was a bit late and people from Cove and around were waiting for it to begin.
We were told that there would be 15 geese placed around Vesper and that we would have fifteen minutes to find as many as we could.
We were given a sextant to write down the coordinates where we found them and good that Tiggarn had shown me once how it is used.

I only found three geese, one at the tanner, the other one at the museum and the third at the docks before I had to return. The two winners had found five geese each and were Hoagie and smelly Thaur, which both got ale for free as far as I understood it.

After the goose chase I checked by Moonglow, but found everything safe and sound there and headed back to Trinsic.

The town was fine and Lady Reann said that everything had been safe these days and I got some rest.

Iljian informed me today that the waters of Trinsic are even more dirty than usual and some strange algae and fungi grow in the water and besides it.

The Britannian guards complained that we kept Trinsic in disrepair and ordered us to take more care of it.

*sketch shows an argument with the Britannian guards*

Iljian and Lady Reann looked further into the matter and had nay returned before I went to rest.


Iljian wrote a warning which I have included in this report.


The waterways in and around Trinsic have been influenced in so far unknown way, causing an extreme growth of algae and plants that can be dangerous to the health. All citizens are advised not to drink the water or use it for any other purpose. If in dire need of water or if you feel affected by the water or if you notice anything strange, please contact the guards immediately.

Thank you
Guardsman Iljian