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A report in the jail of Trinsic (RP)



Friday was pretty quiet and except that the tavern was open and fairly busy nay thing worth noting happened.

Saturday the Jester Raj’har came and asked Stewan to come with him to see his grandmother about the gargoyle’s book and I also sent Ataman as guard with them.

A woman who called herself Tea’ni Lanoor came to see me and said that she wanted to join the guards, as Yew was after her life. While we talked something struck me from behind and when I awoke the woman was gone and all my armor and clothes too.

The healers said that I had a concussion and needed rest and I informed Dawn who was on duty then, that maybe someone wanted to impersonate a guard and that they should be careful, before I returned home.

Today Lady Vierna asked to see his Grace and said that he might be in danger, but refused to tell me more before she could see his Grace.

Stewan reported about his meeting with the gypsy woman and that she was upset that nay one cared about the gargoyles.
She handed Stewan a list of reagents to acquire and to search for a magic circle in Trinsic. Stewan got all the reagents but nay found any magic circles in town, though some near the town.
We suspect the spell will hopefully show us where to find that gargoyle book and now have to await Rah’jar, to lead us to the gypsy woman again.

A man attacked the guards at the gate, throwing some burning bottle at them and injured Sebastian and Ataman lightly and fled into the woods.
Sebastian followed the man and managed to find and catch him. He returned with him to Trinsic where we put him on stocks and kept his gold as fine before throwing him then out again.

*sketch shows the man on stocks*

I still had a headache from yesterday and returned earlier from duty but a bit outside town three people surrounded me and asked for my gold. As I was outnumbered with nay armor or weapons and a huge headache ah handed over the gold I had and fled to my house.

Them nay followed me and I reported them to the next paladin who alerted the town guards to watch for those brigands.



Today it was freezing and adding to it the paladins nay found any sign of the persons that had robbed me.
The Rose was quite well visited and I stayed for a tea to warm myself up before I continued my patrol and returned to Trinsic.
Muldran, Cherry and Decardo visited, wishing to talk to Antaro the new owner of the mage shop.

Someone again had written a slur against the drow on the side of the provisioner’s shop and I paid some peasants to clean it away.

*sketch shows the writing*

On my second patrol I met a flustered Lord Isidore stating that two women had tried to rob him and that he wished to get safely home.
I decided that it was safer to escort his young Grace out of town and we ventured to the moongate and the young Lord left safely for home.

One of the goblins had put wood on the bridge wanting to burn it and it took some talking and threatening to convince it to leave it alone.

*sketch shows me, Eike and the goblin arguing*

Back at the town then I asked the paladins about the two women, but them already had left the town.

Some woman coming with Gath also complained that she had been robbed and Eike volunteered to investigate, but later returned stating that he nay found out anything new, except that it had been the same two women.

I then told him that I had been robbed and told him my suspicions about Yew and he headed out investigating.
He returned a short time later saying that it nay seemed to have been something organised by Yew and that is most likely was a task set by some Yewish guard. Stewan had a day before, confirmed that Tea’ni Lanoor was in league with Yew as he saw him training with the guards.

Eike said that he would look further into the matter and as he wanted to leave an orc came into the jail wanting to talk to someone ah nay understood. It tried to eat a book but when it saw me reaching for my mace it decided to run and leave the town.

*sketch shows the orc in jail*

We need to do some patrols finding the camp of the orc and chase them away before them make more troubles.


*copy of a lease*

The owner of this Lease Antar has the right to use the following building, Encyclopedia Magicka and to sell his wares there.

Encyclopedia Magicka - 400 Gold-
Leaseholder - Antar - Gold paid for December and January

Kaelyn in the name of his Grace Duke Irvyn Middlethorn of Trinsic


It was still cold today though nay snow and the town was quiet with his Grace in various meetings and well guarded.
I decided to escort Stewan and Gwen to his meeting with the Jester at a gypsy camp south east of the compassion shrine.
We had to dodge and run from various nasty things, but managed to arrive at the camp safe, enough only to found that lazy Jester fast asleep.

*sketch shows us at the camp*

After we woke him he told us that his grandma awaited us east in a cave and Stewan who knew of it lead us there.
A lich in the cave blocked our way, but together we managed to defeat it and finally found that gypsy hag.

She explained to Stewan how the circle magik worked and how to do it, but nay wanted to do it herself as she considered it too dangerous.

*sketch shows the magik circle*

I nay understood what them did and the hag was unfriendly and impatient with us, though Stewan I hope understood what she explained.

After Stewan tried it which failed she sent us off and said she nay wanted to have to do anything with our spell and I hope that Stewan really can manage it.

Knowing the way we ran from the various things that wanted to eat or kill us and managed to get safely back to Trinsic.

Devante informed me that on Thursday he has a formal dinner and he still looks for someone to go with him there.



Devante caught two ‘want to be’ thieves in town, who had tried to rob him and his Grace.
After they got their punishment the two were thrown out of town and I hope them nay return.

Next day we had dinner with Devante and it was marvellous with several different dishes all cooked by Stewan. Best was that we had ice cream as dessert and Zefar managed three helpings of those.
Played a game of guess who, where one had to guess a person we all had agreed upon and only could answer with yes or nay.

Yesterday I had nightshift and it was quiet, cold and boring and I can report that ferrets nay mind the cold. Saw them hunting rats all night while ah thought my teeth would shatter from the cold.

Today I was tired and nay warmed up when ah returned to duty, but luckily it was quiet and Mordred got me some hot cider at the gate, to help keep me warm.
Mordred and Caitrin had a friendly duel and it seems Mordred won the right to invite her for a drink. I start suspecting Caitrin loses her duels to the men she finds interesting on purpose.

Eike had a few news about Yew and said he would get me a full report in the next few days and Stewan saved my life with giving me an old fur cape.

Dust annoyed me and Alias a little and I had to warn him and threaten to beat him up, before he left us alone. Sir Ikus visited too. But only held a boring speech before leaving again for a drink, though he claims he went home to his wife.



It is still cold and I am glad that Stewan got me this fur cape which makes it bearable.
Town was peaceful until the black bandit dropped by thinking us stupid enough to forget that he escaped the stocks.
Caitrin and me challenged him but another brigand had come with him and a fight started.
Caitrin managed to knock the black bandit down, but was hit by the second brigand from behind and also lost consciousness.
I chased the remaining brigand into the woods and managed to get a lucky blow in felling him. I got my shackles out and wanted to arrest him when a woman with a shield and kryss in her hand challenged me to let him go.

Naturally I refused and she attacked me and I chased her off, though when I returned to collect the brigand he was already gone.

I returned to the gate and a little while later I was surprised that the woman returned, pretending to have found the weapon and to be a trader.
She called herself Freya and said she traded in potions and nay used any weapons. When I found a shield and kryss with her she fell silent and refused to confess that she knew the brigands.

I sentenced her to five lashes on the stocks and Caitrin hit her with a wooden stick.

*sketch shows the woman on stocks*

Caitrin, angered from the fight before hit her hard though and Freya fainted after the third hit.
Sebastian and Caitrin brought the woman to the healer and saw that her wounds got dressed and she got her weapons back when she left town.

She must have felt well enough, as she tried to rob Sebastian, but when he ran and called us for help she fled into the woods and we nay caught up to her.

Goober came and wore a ridiculous hat and I asked Caitrin to train him in the fighting skills.

Rest of my duty was quiet and I pray that it gets warmer sooner and duty is more enjoyable.



Lady Vierna came into town with the dead body of Caitrin over her horse’s back. She claims that Caitrin visited her at her home and challenged her to a fight, which Caitrin lost.

As Vierna confessed the killing and I nay could be sure what had happened, I ordered the Drow to be arrested and put her in cell three.

Brynhild searched her, also brought her then some food and drink and passed on a message from Vierna to anyone she wished to contact.
Brynhild also told me that Caitrin had gone on a patrol before and nay thing had seemed unusual, except that Caitrin had said that she was a weapon.

I sent Brynhild later then to the healers to get a report from them about Caitrin’s wounds and how she died and Brynhild confirmed it later on that she had died because of sword strokes and poison. The same weapons Vierna uses and there also nay seemed to be stab wounds in her back so she nay was assassinated.

The one brigand who had tried to rob Sebastian walked by the gate again and refused to come in quietly. While Brynhild and me chased her through the woods, her boyfriend attacked Gwen, but was also chased out of town then.

Brynhild and me nay managed to capture the woman and later she was seen in town again, but fled when she recognised that we had spotted her.
Both of them are to be arrested on sight and put into a cell until I can decide what to do with them. I will see if I can come up with a sketch for both of them.

Reina told me that she nay felt well enough to fight and so I ordered her off duty and she will stay on paid leave until she and her baby are fine.
She asked for some work inside the jail or helping his Grace, but I first have to check if there is any work there.

Antar came and asked for more work as consultant and I offered him to help with the defending of the drow, as he is nay involved with any of them.
He asked to lease two buildings as payment for defending the drow and I agreed that if he accepted he could rent the jeweller and the building besides the west bank for a year for free.

I nay felt so well with all the things that had happened and I have to inform his Grace and the other nobles and magistrates about he upcoming trial and Caitrin’s death. Also whom ter contact from Caitrin’s family and ask Goober if he can take over her burial as she also followed the virtues like a paladin

Got a headache now and feel sick and get some rest and will try to sort out this mess tomorrow.


*a copy of a report is added*
By Guildmistress Atenne of the Trinsic Healers

The Lady Caitrin's body was brought to us. I regret to say that there was nothing we could do except confirm the death. From the warmth of the body she had not been long dead, less than one hour. The body had many sword wounds, both deep and shallow. Several of the deep ones could have been fatal. Some of the wounds also showed marks of poison. On testing, this was found to be the strongest form of nightshade, commonly known as deadly poison. From the amount present, this would also have proven fatal. It cannot be said whether the wounds or the poison were the immediate cause of death, but in any case the attack would not have been survived. There was nothing to say how or why the attack occurred, nor who was responsible.


Nay felt well and got late on duty when I felt able to handle it.
The healers reported that Caitrin’s body had disappeared. Two healers swore that she just stood up and left the building.
At the same time a woman looking somewhat like Caitrin arrived in town and claims her name is Miyuki and nay can remember where she is from and what she is doing here.
She also possesses Caitrin’s things and my guess is that Caitrin appeared dead because of the strange drow poison. She has lost her memory and maybe remembers her time in Tokuno where she may have been called by that name.

As it seems nay one was killed I asked his Grace and he agreed to let Vierna go.

*sketch shows the meeting in the jail*

As Antar had fulfilled his contract I honoured our contract and gave him the leases of the two buildings he wanted.

Corwin and Mordred talked with his Grace and Mordred wants to apply as guard and his Grace asked if I would take responsibility for him.
As I think he would be a very fine guard, I said that I nay saw a problem with it, though I think the Duke nay agrees.


*copies of leaseforms are added to the report*


The owner of this Lease Antar has the right to use the following building, The Trinsic Pearl- Jewellers and to sell his wares there.

The Trinsic Pearl- Jewellers
Rent a month 700 gold
Leaseholder - Antar
Gold paid for this year

Kaelyn in the name of his Grace Duke Irvyn Middlethorn of Trinsic


The owner of this Lease Antar has the right to use the following building, The Guard house besides West bank to trade and conduct business there.

Room besides the west bank
Rent a month - 300 gold
Leaseholder - Antar
Gold paid for this year

Kaelyn in the name of his Grace Duke Irvyn Middlethorn of Trinsic


Before my duty I went to Cove as the Skara Brae market was there and got some drinks and a few arrows. Though some of what that bowyer of Skara sold as arrows was hardly more than cut off branches.

*sketch shows the market in Cove*

Duchy got two new recruits today. A man named Davey Shadowfang, who needs the coin and seems to have some experience.
The other one is Mordred who nay longer serves in the Kaldorian army and whom I think will be a good guard.

Miyuki was at the gate and played with some gem which fell into the moat whiles she talked with Stewan.
Flipper was upset about the loss and demanded that Stewan should jump into the moat and started threatening him.
We had to protect Stewan and asked Flipper to leave town. Flipper went outside town to talk with Lady Jade who had arrived in the meantime.

Lady Jade talked to Miyuki then and the two of them left town after some talking.
Dawn and Mordred went to see if Miyuki was fine with Jade and Flipper, and followed them to Marble Island.
Lady Jade gave Miyuki a new gem and the three returned and reported to me that the gem seemed to control her.

I asked Myiuki to hand over the gem but she went crazy and we had to subdue her and got her to the healers.

*sketch shows the healers*

She was so violent that we had to shackle her to the bed and we left her the Ankh pendant, though took away the gem.
In her delirium she shouted about the virtues and asked for Sir Decardo and the virtue shrines.

The two Brutus brothers dragged an wounded Stewan into the healers while we were busy there and as I guessed that them had beaten him up and tried to dump him at the healers, I ordered that they be arrested.

As them nay came in peacefully they got beat up and I decided to put them on stocks with lashes. Reluctantly they decided to tell who had hired them and I agreed that them would nay get lashes if them told all.

They stated that lady Jade had hired and paid them 200 gold each to beat up Stewan

*sketch shows them on stocks*

As promised ah nay ordered them lashed, but they had to pay as Stewan was seriously wounded with a poisoned Axe wound.
So I asked Mordred to break both their right arms and with a quick and strong hit with his gauntlet hand he did the gruesome task.

We threw them out then and as the town was finally quiet got some rest.

When I got on duty today Lord Decardo and Lady Cherry waited upon me to talk about Miyuki and I led them to her.

They talked with her and she seemed to calm down and we agreed that them would get her to safety with her parents in Tokuno.

We left through the south gate to nay attract any troubles and I returned then to the gate where I met Muldran and questioned him about gems and mindcontrol. He and Antar checked the Gem and told me that them might be used as medium but that the gems themselves nay are dangerous.

I nay am sure though and paid them a hundred gold for their expertise and
Decided that any gems should be handled carefully.

One of the drow I had often see with Jade came into town and refused to disarm. While we chased them through town it seems Jade and her friends searched the jail, but nay found anything.

We chased Lady Jade and her friends then out of town and managed to capture Flipper in the process.
While she was put into one cell one of the brigands that had attacked Gwen a few days before strolled into town and also refused to take his arrest peacefully. Mordred, Gwen and Isabel, a new recruit, showed him the error of his way and put him up on stocks.

He refused to tell his name and only said Fred when we asked, so I ordered that he be stripped and then thrown out of town.

Flipper in the meantime refused to say anything, why she had been in Trinsic or fighting and seemed to be very afraid of Jade.

I ordered that Flipper be put on stocks then and hoped that she would start to talk, but I was nay lucky.
Jessica tried to throw a fireball at Flipper but the woman managed somehow to reverse it and hit the child and Artemis was so angry that he hit her for it.

I ordered all of her things be taken and some lashes before she was thrown out of town, with a message for Jade to better try to solve all this peacefully.

Talked to Lord Fargo then and he claims nay to be a servant of Lady Jade and I had to believe him as I nay can prove otherwise.

Rest of my duty was fairly busy but nay dangerous and I have to say that the guards today performed very well.


*a report from Antar is added with the note that it cost 860 gold*

Analysis of the gem handed over to me by Captain Kaelyn

The gem in itself does not seem to be magical by itself. It resembles a star sapphire and reveals no obvious properties or abilities. Magical items often develop a glow, change the colour or display any other, not natural properties. None of this could be found in this specific gem.

A second possibility would be that the gem is merely a symbol for the victim, a reminder of a spell like hypnosis in which certain forms of behaviour would have been suggested. This, too, appears unlikely. To focus suggestions on an item would be an unnecessary risk that weakens the effect of the spell rather than strengthening it. Words or gestures could induce the same effect, without bearing the risk of the item being taken away from the victim.

Preliminary studies suggest that the gem might serve as a receptacle for a spell that was cast upon it. Darrick the Grand speaks in his book “Magic spells: Geas” (available in the Spiritwood University) about a spell that gives its caster control about its victim. While the contents of the book are mostly trivial and vague, its claims are supported by another book available in the same place, once in the original and once in an updated hand. The books suggest that powerful mages can excerpt almost limitless control over one, or possible, even several victims. Most disturbing is the fact that even control over a whole village appears possible. A list suggests several people that might have such abilities, naming famous personalities of history. Among them mostly vampire lords and necromancers.

It can thus be assumed that they will have passed the secrets of such spells on to the lesser members of their order, who could now employ them against the citizens of Trinsic.
Countermeasures against such spells are not easily devised without further knowledge about the spell and its structure. Victims should immediately be stripped of suspicious items. Reports from Kaelyn suggest that the victim becomes obsessed with the item, refusing to surrender it and even resolving to violence.

*A report left on the Capns desk*


I came on duty a bit early today and stumbled on dead body and stewan and some other man standin over it.

The man identified himself as Tristan Gevau a man livin in the wild. He said those were werewolf wounds. Ah took the body to the healers and the three of us talked a bit. That man knew things about werewolfs. He even said that they didnt leave their meal and we better burn the body.

I thought we could do it after the healers examined it. Tristan left meh and Stew hang around a bit. The moment we went to leave an opened the doors a big wolf rushed in grabbed the body and ran off. Ah tired to give chase but it was just too fast.

Ah nay know what it was but either way we might beh havin a wolf problem. Just thought yer should know


*a letter addressed to Sir Decardo and Lady Cherry*

I told you today about the woman Miyuki whom we believe to be Caitrin.
Today lady Jade got her a Gem that seemed to control her and when we tried to take it away from her she got violent and we had to knock her down.
At the moment she is at the healers and shackled for her own good. She nay will stay quiet though without her ankh pendant and it also strangely glows and I just can hope that it is nay dangerous.
She asked for Sir Decardo in her fever dreams and maybe you know how to help her.

Kaelyn, Captain of the Duchy guards


Van and some Tokunese almost brawled but Mordred and Dawn managed to sort the two out and solved the conflict peacefully.
The tokunese nay can read and so I told him that for a small fee of ten coins people would read to him, whatever he needed to.

Some hooded figure tried to tax people coming out of town and when I challenged the figure, it threw a bottle of liquor with a burning cloth at the street and fled into the woods.

A strange looking man in black clothes which Adammair identified as Carn was seen about Trinsic today. It seems he wishes to have a reading from Alraune and maybe we can capture him then. He is still wanted and I am sure dangerous and crazy as ever.

A man called Shadow was at the gate wanting to have a look at the book of Sin and saying that he has a lead on the other one that might pay off in two weeks.
I ordered him to stay away from those things and told him also that the book his Grace has kept safe is nay to be looked upon.

Got a message that Miyuki is getting better and that she may return soon.

Town had quite some visitors and one or two were interested about becoming a guard and it seems except one mugger it stayed pretty safe.

Managed to find a tinker who engraved two bows for me which I will give away as prize at the next archery contest.

Still nay written the warrant for jade and her people, but asked Eike to look into some of their business and find out whatever he can.



Mordred reported that he and Artemis had been called south to Strongholt by a farmer. Some brigand, maybe the black bandit, had killed his dog and threatened worse, if he nay would pay him gold.

I told him to inform the guards that we all should do more patrols to the elven quarter and maybe even south.
He had handed the farmer some gold so he could pay off the brigand and I said that maybe they could do a mission trying to catch the bandit at the farm.

Gwen reported that a woman had suggested that she pays her 200 gold for her own safety, but she refused to pay her. I think it is the same brigand that threatened the other people south and also tried to tax the people near Trinsic.

A black robed figure threw some fire bombs at us guards again, though Dawn and me chased her, we lost her in the woods.

Nay news about jade and the gems, but I need to find out more about it.

Mordred made some of the simple guardman tests like disguising himself and trying to paint a picture. Though his imitation of a freshly opened ale was a strange one, but acceptable. His picture of Zefar was also passable, though he will never be a great painter.

It seems there is a dire wolf or some say werewolf near the town as farmers report that they have seen some wolf like creature sneaking around their places.



Name: Jade Bastet
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Skin: Light
Hair: Long dark, often combed in buns
Last seen wearing: dark red dress and a fancy red hat
Description: Medium height and weight
Accused of: Hiring thugs that attacked Stewan, Trying ter control a citizen, attacking guard Kaelyn, Dawn, Mordred and others, resisting Arrest, assisting a criminal that resisted arrest
Weapon: magik
Description of what happened: Lady Jade and her people tried to control the citizen Miyuki with a magik Gem. When her plans were foiled she hired two thugs to scare the duchy citizens, but we captured both and they confessed.

Lady Bastet is to be arrested and also any of her known followers, so we can learn more about and why she committed those crimes.



Town was busy when I got on duty, but everything was safe and Brynhild, Dawn and Yukiko had everything well under control.

Mordred had been on a mission to Vesper, escorting some caravan from Vesper to Yew. Seems he got into a fight but managed to return safely from Yew.

As enough guards were on duty I suggested to venture to Marble Island where Lady Jade lives. Devante, Dawn, a man with long ears and me set out with a boat to get there. Due to Devante’s fine sailing we almost made it to Cove before we could convince him to turn around and set the correct course to the island.

Devante showed us the houses Jade showed them last time and we searched them as best we could, but nay found any hints about hey gems or why she tries ter influence people.
The way back was easier as we forced Devante to sail along the coast back to Trinsic.

Brynhild reported that all had been quiet and save and it remained so until my shift ended.



The guards had captured the black bandit when I arrived on duty and Sir Ikus told me that he was to be put on the stocks until he told us his name.

It seems that some other brigand were considering to free him as some tried to provoke a fight and distract us from the prisoner.
One of those provokers got caught and we put her also on stocks and as she also refused to tell her name and had assaulted a guard I ordered that she would receive five lashes and then be thrown out.

Madeline told me that the Black bandit had tried to rob her unsuccessfully again and that Mordred and some of the other guards had captured him and put him then on stocks.

I had something differently planned for the black bandit. Despite his many tries to rob people ah nay think he is a real danger and so I decided to just take all gold and clothes from him and chase him naked out of town.

Sir Ikus had suggested some different punishment, but I think this was the better solution.

*sketch shows how the black bandit is chased out of town*

I talked with Muldran about the fee for rescuing Kendra and he assured me that her well being is payment enough for him. He added that Vierna had tried to disturb the ritual and that if Kendra felt unwell we should contact him or Lady Cherry.

Sir Antar asked to talk with me and stated that Vierna had approached him, asking about the book of Sin and if he nay could convince me to let her have a look at it. I said that his Grace had decided that no one should see it and that I would remind Vierna of it.

I also need to talk with Vierna about her interruption of Kendra’s ritual and decide if I will do something about it or not.

Dawn came to talk with me and told me that some woman had contacted her in town and had asked to talk to her privately. She agreed and they went somewhere quiet where she told her about a connection of Tremere and Lord Ikus. Sir Ikus got accused of helping to protect the Tremere and when I talked to him later he just laughed it off and said that he just wants the chance to talk with Jade first.

I saw the woman that Mordred had let go at the gate and questioned her about Jade. She denied knowing anything about jade’s plan and when I tried to arrest her for further questioning she ran into the woods where I lost her.

I argued with Mordred that he let the woman run, but I have to say that I forgot about the permits and also nay managed to arrest her when I had the chance.

I will let Sir Ikus have a chance to talk with jade, before I consider harsher possibilities again.

Rebecca managed to steal the trousers of one of Thaur’s annoying friends and as he had also annoyed me before I fined him a hundred gold for running around naked in public. He insulted me first though again and so I added another hundred to his fine and I was preparing the stocks already, when Thaur came along and paid it.

Rest of my duty was quiet and uneventful.


*a note from Mordred is added to the report*

Ah came in late again as yer know. Things were pretty quiet apart frem the odd chicken turnin inter a woman.

Only thing meh has ter ask is the followin.

A drow went ter enter the city. It reminded meh much of the drow named Gwen which we had a wee fight with the other night. Ah went ter stop her but she provided meh with a pass signed by yer. Pass number 30. It said the person vouchin fer this one was Jade. Ah could nay do anythin since she had pass ternight.

Please tell us if this pass beh revoked


Skara Brae nobles and accompanying guards were visiting Trinsic talking of trade and later on also visiting New paws. Some elven Lady had decorated the street with a nice red carpet for this occasion.

*sketch shows the meeting of his Grace and the people from Skara*

My guards were a bit unhappy with his Grace and the visitors from Skara as his Grace intentionally nay wanted any Duchy guard accompanying him, but I told Yukiko to ignore the order and she went with him to New Paws.

Brigand Lady called Fred refused to disarm and resisted arrest again and was captured by Mordred and Artemis. We put her on stocks again and decided that it was ‘throw something at her’ time and I even bought some cheap pies from the inn to throw at her.

*Sketch shows Fred on stocks*

Rest of my duty was quite uneventful, except watching Gia reading Mordred’s and Artemis’ fortune and Rebecca trying to lift some coin from Artemis.



Felt dizzy today and nay ter well, so I decided to take it easy.

Bad news awaited me when I read Mordred’s report, as the Keg and Anchor had had a fire yesterday night and was damaged.

Got informed that Kendra and Lance Sanders went to Yew and Malas and that Lance threatened Kendra. We better keep a close eye on Lance and also keep an eye on Kendra to keep her safe.

A woman threw some firebomb into town and Mordred chased her into the woods where he was ambushed by at least two other people.
They knocked him down and added some beatings afterwards and it seems it was some revenge on Mordred.

As is till nay feel well, I leave earlier and hope to feel, better tomorrow.


*a copy of Mordredäs report is added*


Shortly after yer left, Lance came up ter meh an told meh that our Tavern beh on fire. Ah thought it was a joke but it was nay. There was smoke comin out of em windows an doors.

I rushed up ter get Art. With Stews help fillin the pitchers fer us we managed ter put the fire out. The buildin itself was nay damaged due ter the walls. Nay injuries occured even. The tavern was mostly empty. Some furniture though was badly damaged.

Once it was over we found the remains of four torches on the ground leadin us ter believe them beh the cause of the fire and it was nay accident. Lance added that he saw Dirk walkin about the Tavern before the fire started, but knowing his nature ah cannot say ah trust what he sais.

Although meh guardin skills beh fine meh questionin skills may beh questioned by most of yer. So I thought it would beh best next time yer see Lance or Dirk yer question em about that fire.

Ah nay stayed much longer since puttin the fire out was a bit tirin and am goin ter turn in now.

Mordred, Amrsman

P.S: I request that ah beh allowed one day of absence on Wednesday since it beh meh birthday and I would very much like ter spend it at childrens day in the Swaggers an ale drinkin afterwards with any of meh friends that want an can. Drinks bein on meh ofcourse an all the Ducheh guard beh invited.


Sagitarius informed me that Calantha and Sebastian managed to arrest Carn and another of his helpers for attacking someone. They put them on stocks and let them go, though I am nay sure Carn will ever change.

I need to see Muldran and see if he can do some magik with the oath I got from Carn. Maybe with that he can try to control that maniac.

Calantha also arrested some covian jester for unruly behaviour and brought so half a dozen covian soldiers into town who demanded his release. Not wanting a big fight Calantha decided to let the jester go .

Sir Eric the Red visited and informed us that he had got hints of the book of Destarrd and would know more by tomorrow evening. I told him that we would be ready and send all available troops to get the next book.

And Orc got to the gate and attacked Kendra. Calantha and me tried to chase it off but Calantha stumbled and hurt herself in the fall. I fought the orc off as best I could but only with the help of Devante and Ffodos we managed to beat it up.
We dragged it to the ant hole and after assuring us that it was as good as dead we kicked it down.


The book of Destard has been rumoured to be found. All interested on finding it and keeping it safe meet on Thursday at 8 pm GMT at the Skara Brae Community Centre.

New information indicates that Shadow will meet his people in Umbra at the tavern there.



We met at the Skara Townhall, but as I was late I arrived just in time for our departure to destard. As we had got the gathering note on very short notice we were only a handful and it seems that Eric nay had any better news about the location than destard.

One of the group opened a magik portal and transported us close to the entrance of the cave, but forgot to warn us that orcs might camp in those woods. As out luck had it the portal led into the middle of an orc camp, but we managed to kill most of them before their surprise was over and the rest fled into the woods.

Stewan Seagull said that he head heard about a shrine deep inside the cave and so we decided to keep at the east side of the cave and to try to sneak past the dangerous dragons and Wyrms in that place.

I had forgotten how dark those caves could be, but Callum passed me some sour tasting potion with which I could see better in the dark and helped me not to stumble over my feet all the time.

Moving along the east side of the Cavern we avoided most of the dragons that were luring in the deeper shadows, but nay helped us to avoid those damn giant snakes that seemed to come from everywhere and had decided that we would be their next snack.

We managed to fight the snakes off and headed deeper into the cave, where we even had to kill a few drakes to reach the shrine.

*sketch shows us reaching the shrine*

Callum said the word ‘INOPIA’ as Eric had instructed him before, but nothing happened. Puzzled we tried it a few times more with no result and we had to consider that the book was hidden somewhere deeper in the caves.
Antar told us that he would look for the book at another spot and as he nay wanted to tell we let him go.

Gwen mentioned that a lair of an ancient dragon was deep inside and we decided to head there and to try to sneak into its lair.

The way further down the cave was dangerous as more snakes, Drakes and Wyverns attacked us when they noticed us. We moved stadily on and sneaked into the ancient dragon’s lair where we softly called out the word ‘INOPIA’, but again with nay result.

On our way back out of the Ancient Wyrm’s lair Antar returned telling us that he had found the book at a side cavern. A black shadow dragon blocked our way and we had to make a detour and got heavily bruised before we managed to pass and head for the exit.

Some Drow were also sneaking in the Cave but we avoided them and went as straight and safely as possible to the exit.
Luckily the dragons and other vermin in the Cave were busy chasing a drow and allowed us to sneak out of that cave without any further troubles.

We returned through a magik gate to Trinsic and agreed after some lengthy discussion on a safe place where the tome would be safe.

Eric came later and seemed disappointed that we nay had decided to hand this book over to him either, but I told him that it would be wiser to keep them separate and he agreed reluctantly.

Town was peaceful enough and as I was tired from all the running around in dark caves I decided to clean my armor a bit while guarding the gate.

Got an old bench and noticed for the first time in weeks in how bad a shape my armor was. Damn metal armor protects better than my old later one, but it is a lot heavier and also is prone to rust as I had to notice.

A man from Vesper came to the gate and started to insult people, trying to stir up trouble. As he called me a fat cow I obliged and hit him over the head with my staff, though he nay took that hint.

*sketch shows the man insulting Rebecca*

He continued to insult people and started a fight with Mordred.
They fought for some time and as it seemed they were evenly matched and as the man was nay willing to stop after we warned him, I ordered Artemis to shoot at his leg and Mordred got a heavy hit in, knocking him unconscious.

Mordred was angry as we had interfered in his fight, but I had to remind him that he was a guard now first and that if he had wanted a duel with the man, he should have stated it before.

We revived the man, but his attitude was unchanged and he threatened us before he left the town.

My shift was over then and my armor not so dirty that I have to be ashamed of it anymore and so I decided it was time to head home.

Today started easy and I let the paladins guard the town while I headed to the Rose to finish yesterday’s report.

Antar ran into the Rose later on informing us that two brigands where trying to rob Amarante. It seems that it was Lance Sanders and some other man that had tried to rob Amarant and other citzens, but found more than a match in their victims.
We saw Lance Sanders crawl away into the woods when we arrived at the gate and nay sign of the other brigand.

Will put out a warrant for Lance again but nay have a description of his friend.

Meygan saw Kendra today for the first time and was shocked and in denial that it really is Kendra. She refuses to accept that Kendra is alive and ran off when we told her that she was mistaken
Kendra told me that if Meygan asks where she stays that she will be at the Trinsic Rose.

I talked with Kendra later on in the jail and she confessed that since her return she nay only has horns but also wings growing from her back.
I nay knew that she had changed so much in the place she had been, but to make certain I demanded that Muldran and Cherry check her.
I also demanded that if she walks in town that a fighter or guard always walks with her, but she refused and said that she rather waits in a cell until Muldran and Cherry have checked her over.

Faeryl came then to talk with Kendra and Kendra agreed to see her.
They talked for a long time and in the end Kendra agreed to walk with Faeryl and return to their home, but promised to return later on.
As she nay is a prisoner I allowed her to leave, though ahm nay comfortable that she left with the drow.

Artemis was informed today that Jenny D’Griff is carrying his child and though he was visibly shaken he took responsibility and said that he will provide for them both as best he can. I told him that I would give him extra shifts for money or time off if he needed it with Jenny.

Got my hands on the Covian report concerning the incident with Cove and it seems that everything went fine in the end and I added it to my report.

And as I got a report that a guard lost a key I ordered the tinker to change the locks of the cells again.


*a copy of the report is added*

*a copy of a letter is added*

To Sir Muldran and Lady Cherry

I just learned that Kendra’s transformation is further going than I ever expected. Not only has she small horns but also wings on her back and I fear that she might transform fully into a demon.

To make sure that she nay is a demon I ask that you both check her over and tell me that she nay is, as else I nay see another possibility as to kill the thing and set Meygan’s soul free.

Meygan is waiting in a cell in the meantime awaiting both your examinations and judgement and I hope that you can come and look at her soon.

Kaelyn Captain of the Duchy Guard


Name: Lance Sanders
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Skin: Light
Hair: Short brown hair
Last seen wearing: Copper armor with red cloak
Description: tall and heavily built
Accused of: Trying to rob Amarante and other citizens with a thug friend of his. He was beat up but managed to flee.
Weapon: Swords
Description of what happened: He and his thug friend tried to rob Amarante, but Meygan Amarante and other citizens banded together and chased both off and though Lance was knocked out, his friend managed to drag him to safety


*copy of an old warrant*


Name: Carn Helmingas
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Skin: Light
Hair: Long dark, almost black
Last seen wearing: Black magician hat and black robes,
Description: Quite tall with dark looking eyes and can often be seen with two wolves
Accused of: Attacking Captain Kaelyn and other citizens of Trinsic among them were Tammy, was put on stocks but escaped during an Orc attack
Weapon: magik
Description of what happened: Carn attacked me at the gate and threw a curse at me, also got reports that he and some others attacked citizens, also fled from the stocks and his punishmnt
Suggested punishment: He is to be considered insane and dangerous and should either be handed over to Callum or Muldran or killed and burnt if there is nay help for him.


*added under it*
Carn continues to attack people and the warrant is still valid.


Today the Skara Brae market visited Trinsic and they set up their stands and offered their wares. Lots of different wares were offered today from animals over magik things and potions to arrows and resources.
Captain Kaelyn made a scene today as she accused a Skara Brae merchant to sell crooked arrows, but she calmed down and bought some cheap charm to ward of ghosts.

*sketch shows the Skara market*

All went well and we had lots of visitors when some hooded monk made problems. Turned out that he was an orc and I should have known before as he smelled like on of Irvyn’s farts.
The orc tried to grab a child as shield but the child hit with a torch at it and gave us a chance to cut the beast down before it could hurt the child.
We threw the stinking remains into the anthole and hope those things there die from it.

*sketch shows the orc before it was cut down*

Made a patrol to the moongate and saw a hooded Brigand keeping Jenny D’Griff, the one that is pregnant with Artemis’ brat as hostage. Rebecca the wench from Vesper, Artemis, some more drunks from Vesper and one from Skara were there. Rebecca handed over gold worth more than 100.000 gold and exchanged it for Jenny.
The brigand escaped through the moongate and I heard Rebecca scolding Jenny all the way back to the Vesperian gate, so loud was it.

Carn that murderous [censored] waltzed into town pretending to be all nice and handsome, but we surrounded him and threw him into a cell.
I think the Captain asks some of the Wizards to drive the devil out of him and if that fails he will get killed.

The drow brought Kendra back and in my opinion we should burn both. One has the looks of a demon and the other one the soul.

I do not get paid enough for the work I do and made a break at the keg for a good ale and chicken with bread.

When I got back to the gate I heard that two brigands had tried to kidnap Captain Kaelyn, but that she had managed to escape the one’s grip and run back to the gate for help.
There were too many bloody brigands and so I took up a strategic post and kept the provisioners safe but I saw all that happened.
Heard later on that the Captain ran to Skara for help, but none of the guards there came and so she returned later on to the town.
In the meantime at least five brigands ran rampant and kidnapped the wench Brynhild and brought her away.

We have some names of the kidnappers, Black Bandit, Lance Sanders, Talia
The rest we have yet to find out.

The Black Bandit and Talia returned demanding that Captain Kaelyn hands herself over and that Brynhild be released afterwards.
Nay as dumb as she looks Kaelyn refused and even as the brigands threatened the Captains’s parents she remained adamant and did not give in.

*sketch shows them talking in the jail*

Seems though her stubbornness cost her dearly as we got a pigeon later on from Minoc stating that her parents had both died in a fire.

*a copy of the message is attached*

One of the brigands was still close to the gate, but escaped us and I am pretty sure the Captain would not have given that one a fair trial but skewered her on the spot.

Ikus who had arrived late, sent Captain Kaelyn home and said that he would try to sort things out, which probably means he gets drunk in the tavern.

Paladin Borgen of the first Order of Trinsic

*a letter is sent to sent to Cherry, Muldran and Callum*

The Duchy has managed to capture the crazy Carn and asks if you could look at it and see if its madness can be healed or if he rather should be killed and this world be made safer from the likes of him?

If it helps, I have a signed oath of him that he nay will hurt anyone and would like to bind him to that with his life if that is possible.
Any help would be greatly appreciated and well paid.

Kaelyn Captain of the Duchy guards

*a letter addressed to Henry Winter arrives with a messenger*

This time your brigands have gone too far with their atrocities.

Some of your brigands tried to kidnap me, but as I managed to elude them, they took Brynhild. I later on agreed to be exchanged for her but one of yours named Black Bandit was nay satisfied and threatened my family.

As we nay could agree on a time for the exchange they left angrily and I hoped that we could come to an agreement, but now I know it was a mistake and I paid dearly.

I got a message from Minoc stating that the home of my parents has been burned down and both killed and that the black Bandit was responsible.

I demand that you hand over Brynhild, the Black Bandit, Lance Sanders and Talia to the Duchy guards so that they can be trialed for heir crimes.

I can assure you that Lance and Talia will keep their lives, but nay will give any promises for the Black Bandit.

If you refuse to hand over Brynhild and the ones responsible for my parents death I will do everything possible to bring you all down.
I promise you that everyone of your gang will hunted and punished to the fullest revenge of the Duchy law if you nay comply.

Kaelyn of the Duchy Guards

*a copy of he message from Minoc is added*


Carn made a damn ruckus throughout the night, though a fine beating quieted him and I still say that his cell should catch fire one night burning him to ashes.

News have it the scout wench Reina gave birth to a girl and named it Kaelyn hoping for a pay raise.

The gods were gracious when them handed out stupidity as the black bandit strolled into the jail, fumbled with the jail doors and ran into a mace of a guard on his head.
He was put him in a cell and the Captain questioned him a bit,though let him live and cost me 20 coins as I would have sworn she would bash his head in.

The fancy skirt Jade waltzed into town and promptly got arrested and put in a cell. The soft in the head wizards Muldran and fancy pants Ikus talked with her about her, but only agreed to have her and her folk banned from Duchy grounds.

Muldran also talked with the demon witch Kendra, but he did not condemn to have her killed yet and will decide in the next few days.

We got an answer from Henry that he would not accept the proposition, but I asked Eike to deliver another note and the answer said that it would happen later for a fee of 50.000 gold and a guide would get me to a place for an exchange.

Corwin heard about Brynhild’s kidnapping and went with Gwen ahead and promptly got himself captured, but Gwen managed to escape and return.

She told us that Brynhild was being tortured there and the Captain set a group together to head there when Eike arrived with a message that the exchange could still happen if we deliver Heather to them.

Morodred, Artemis, the Captain and Gwen went with a bound, blindfolded and gagged prisoner to Yew, where they were attacked by two brigands.

*sketch shows them talking to some brigands*

They managed to beat up both brigands and questioned them in the woods. They learned that Brynhild and Corwin had been set free and returned with their prisoners then to Trinsic, though one of the brigands managed to escape.

Heather was put in his cell and he tried to escape once which upset the Captain so much she hit his legs with a mace trying to break his bones.

The other Brigand was set on stocks and sentenced to be branded. As one of her arms already had been she got a matching one on the other hand with some salt rubbed on it, so it will show.

*sketch shows the brigand being branded*

Some other Brigand got caught and got the same treatment a little later and some elven lady share some time at the stocks as she kept attacking people.

*sketch shows the second brigand getting punished*

Town grow quieter then and it seems the brigands got wind that them were hunted as we nay caught any more this night.
We lost the black brigand though as he somehow escaped and nay one knows how yet.

Today the captain brought the fancy skirt Jade into town and threw her in a cell for questioning. Seems some of the questions were asked hard as she was later led out with a strangely twisted right arm outside and put on stocks.

A brazier with a hot iron was brought out and Artemis branded the wench with a ‘B’ on her left forearm and salt put on her wound.

*a sketch shows Jade on stocks*

All shall see that if you deal with brigands, you get punished like them and the wench was thrown out of town with a month long ban afterwards.

I heard later that she had cursed the Captain, Mordred and Artemis, but refused to answer any of their questions. Fancy pants Ikus came about and complained how his fancy Jade was treated and lectured the Captain and the guards almost to sleep

Muldran never showed for Carn or Kendra and me and my Paladin friends put a bet that finally some demon killed him and made off with his soul.

Paladin Borgen of the first Order of Trinsic

Report on kidnapping from Hildy

(Sent for the attention of Captain Kaelyn by Hart, Healer Guildmaster)

Report on being kidnapped by brigands (Henry Winter's band).

I was dragged away by the one who calls himself the Black Bandit and several others. Lance Sanders was one of them. They took me to the moongate and then to Skara Brae. From there we walked to a building very close to the brigand fort on the road north to Yew. I had plenty of opportunity to observe exactly where we went and will be able to find it again. However this isn't really necessary as it was their tavern the Rusty Dagger according to the sign outside. There is a secret door in the wall which leads through to two cells. I can find the door again as I was taken through it several times and saw how it was operated. They put me in the right hand cell which has two skeletons chained to the walls, also several rats running around. They stripped off my armour and took away all my weapons and runebook then I was chained to the wall. They hit and kicked me a lot and threw water over me when I passed out and kept asking where Kaelyn had run away to. I didn't know where she'd gone but I said Minoc where her family was because I knew she wouldn't run there. Eventually they gave up and left me alone for the night.

The next day Eike came in and brought me some food and said he would try to get the key for the chains. I don't know whether he really meant it but anyway before he came back I was dragged upstairs and told to serve at the bar. There were a lot of people there, and none of them were masked. I took a good look at all of them and will recognise them again. I have put a list and some sketches at the end.

They said I was slow serving the drinks (which I was because I made sure they were all bad by putting dirt or spitting in them. I also served a mouldy meat pie to one of the women so I hope she gets a bad stomach). They decided to punish me by tying me to the mongbat dart board and throwing daggers at me. Van started throwing daggers too but he wasn’t throwing at me, he was trying to cut the ropes. He managed it and shouted at me to run so I did, but I fell down the ladder and couldn’t run very fast so they caught me again.

Then Henry Winter came in. I didn’t know who he was but they called him by name and I will recognise him again. He ordered me to be taken to the roof and then he started shouting 100 gold to beat up the Duchy guard, just using fists. The first one to take it up was the blue elf woman, who was useless, I hit her a lot more than she hit me and she gave up. But after that she kept throwing magic at me. The next man kept his armour on so I couldn’t do any damage to him, I tried to dodge as much as possible but he got quite a lot of hits in. After that the drow Gwen came up and started using a poisoned knife on me. I fell down after a few hits. Then she started arguing with Henry because she hadn’t paid him. She said she didn’t need to pay because they’d already paid and it was his fault they’d got me instead of Kaelyn.

Then there was shouting from outside and most of them ran down to defend against an attack which I now know was Duchy forces. Henry dragged me down to a bedroom which had a secret exit through the wall. He tried to get me away to the north through the woods but I couldn’t move very fast. The attack got defeated and so he took me back. He put me in the other cell first and then moved me back to the first cell where they were also holding Corwin. A few minutes later they took us both up to the roof again and tried to force us to fight with knives. We wouldn’t do it so we were both beaten up badly and after that Henry said to drag us out and leave us in the woods.

The blue elf woman tied me and Corwin to trees. James the goblin followed her out but wouldn’t untie us because she said she would kill him. The other brigands all went back into the tavern but she stayed there. I tried to rub the rope against the bark to weaken it. Then I noticed Corwin trying to get the knife out from behind his back because the brigands hadn’t taken it away from him from when they were trying to make us fight. I kept taunting the blue woman to keep her attention and Corwin managed to cut his ropes and chased her away. James untied me. When Corwin came back we walked to Skara and used the moongate to get to Trinsic and went straight to the healers. They said they would send a message to say we were back.

A list of names and crude sketches is attached:

Brigands or people assumed to be brigands:
The blue elf woman
Lance Sanders
Scarlet (seemed to be a bit in charge)
Henry Winter
Brigand 1, long dark grey hair, short beard and moustache
Brigand 2, long bright red hair and moustache
Brigand 3, long fair hair in a ponytail, have seen him around Trinsic quite often
Brigand 4, long dark brown hair in ponytail
Brigand 5, woman with long pink hair
Brigand 6, long dark grey hair in ponytail

Van Cocidius
Thaur Macil
Esca (?) – the one who always has animals with him
Vesperian 1, long blue-grey hair
Vesperian 2, had a bear on his head
Vesperian 3, long blue hair, short beard and moustache

Jade, Gwen and Fargo came in and sat together at one table
Two orcs, one was the short fat one that had to be chased away from the Skara Brae travelling market last Saturday.
A woman who might have been from Skara Brae from her accent


Got on duty with a huge hangover as Captain Kaelyn paid our drinks for we did good and caught a lot of brigands.
Stood guard at the gates for two hours and only managed once to get an ale break and some food. None of the fancy nobles came today but Jade’s drow pet, that tortured Brynhild came to the gate.

The guards surrounded the stinking drow, beat her up and she got what she deserved. Mordred put her on stocks and gave her ten lashes and branded a fine ‘B’ in her left arm. All drow should be killed as they are no more than animals and do not deserve to live in our society.

*sketch shows the lashing of the drow Gwen*

Salt was put in her wounds as in the others and kicked out of town then.

We chased one other brigand through the street and Kaelyn said that his name was dust and that we should not be tricked by his looks or lies.
That one ran like a fox though and we did not catch him and he disappeared in the alleys.

Brynhild that silly wench had told the brigands when they had tortured her, where the Captain’s parents could be found. The Captain found out today and was less than pleased and in the first moment I though she would just cut Brynhild’s head off, but then she just demoted her to Armswoman and suspended her from duty until she is well again.

Paladins then got ordered to take shifts to guard that demon looking wench called Kendra. At least we get some extra pay to watch after her ugly face and features and are ordered that always one paladin guards her.

The election in Vesper is a good thing as I never have got so many ales for free than this time, though maybe I should not lie and say I am from Vesper.

Paladin Borgen of the first Order of Trinsic


Market today at the Trinsic gates and it was well visited. Lots of people had put up their stalls offering their various wares and some people advertised for the election in Vesper and some had some propaganda for Yew.

Had a quiet shift until the Captain came around and started poking her nose into everything.

She spotted Fargo and ordered him arrested on some flimsy charges and put him into cell one. He got lucky I think as I did not hear any shouts so I guess she did not question him with her mace like Jade.

Afterwards she got that stinking coward Thaur in the jail and questioned him, but like always he did not know anything. By the virtues, I swear that man is even more useless than a noble trying his hand on honest work.

Carn howled and shouted through the jail again and the Captain managed to get him to shut up by throwing some stale bread inside.
It seems Muldran cannot help to get that monster under control, but the Captain’s eyes lit up when she got informed that Carn worked with the brigands and she ordered that he be branded the next day.

Some wench wielding magery attacked the Captain in the jail, but the Captain beat her up in the ensuing fight. The wench wailed that brigands had forced her to attack, but the Captain saw through the lies and just put her in one of the upper cells where she awaits stocks and branding for tomorrow.

Paladin Borgen of the first Order of Trinsic


Was quiet today as most went off hunting some treasure and I got the duty to patrol the town and made sure that the Keg and Anchor was safe.
Irvyn and Mordred stayed, but luckily the fancy dresser was occupied with his papers and nay bothered us too much. I got to guard him for a bit and managed to sneak off after some time without him noticing it.

The Captain came then on duty and ordered that the magic using wench from the day before got punished. She was put on stocks and as she confessed that she had been offered 30.000 gold for the capture of the Captain she got the ‘B’ branded on her left forearm and salt put on the wound.

*sketch shows the branding of the woman*

Carn made some trouble I heard and complained that he does not get enough food and he jumped the Captain who in revenge beat him up so he learns proper manners. Rumour has it that she brought him a living rat as food, as he insisted to have some meat.

Luckily I did not get the duty to watch the demon wench and two of my comrades did the right thing and left when she looked away. Her evil powers protect her I bet better than any sword and I still think we should put her on a pyre and have it done with.

Mordred shouted at the Captain for mistreating Brynhild, but the Captain seemed not very impressed and just asked him that if that was all then he should get out of her eyes.

Brynhild told the Captain that Fargo had been with Jade and that he was definitely with her at the brigand tavern.
The Captain’s eyes lightened at that and she ordered that Fargo also would get the Brigand ‘B’ branded on his arm.

Bets are running high who will get branded next and some wonder if the Captain is mad and who will replace her. I bet on the fat Kaldorian, as those are ruthless and can smell weaknesses from miles off.

Paladin Borgen of the first Order of Trinsic


The town was quiet with the Rose open and I spent an hour at the Keg checking that all was fine and testing this Kaldorian ale.

The blue elf had made troubles and attacked someone at the Rose with a fireball. The guards there though taught her a quick lesson with their weapons and put her in a cell. The captain was too easy on her as she just accepted a fine covering the damages and then ordered the woman to be released again.

Smug Fargo insists on a trial and fancy Ikus agreed to it. I thought I did not believe my eyes when that delirious noble offered Fargo to go on an oath to return. Luckily the Captain intervened and now they have to set a date for the trial and Fargo said he will defend himself.
Never trusted that cheap oaf Fargo who never paid me an ale.

Some brigands attacked the Rose we heard, but seems Devante and his lass Lydia chased them off with a few well placed bolts.

The blue elf had another fight with her former employee outside town over some coins and the guards just chased both away and told them not to bother them anymore.

Paladin Borgen of the first Order of Trinsic


Terrible day, as I had to guard that demon wench Kendra and she went with the guards to raid the brigand tavern.
The demon wench opened a portal and the Captain, fancy Irvyn, Mordred, Artemis, Gwen, Stewan and Van stepped through and surprised a few brigands at the hole they call tavern.

Under my strategic advisement we quickly beat them up and the Captain herself took some fire potions and started a fire in the tavern.

*sketch shows the fire in the brigands tavern*

We returned victorious and I managed to sneak away from the demon and got myself some well deserved ales at the tavern.

Heard some brigand fool attacked Artemis and the Captain claiming that them had killed his brother Henry Winter. The guards had a good laugh,beat the brigand up and put him on stocks to get branded as brigand.

*sketch shows the brigand on the stocks*

The fool got branded but as he could not keep his mouth shut and kept insulting the guard they smacked him a few times for good measure.

Another fool, the one that keeps hitting people for fun, as he thinks he is king of the apes or something like that got put on stocks.
He had hit the lad Adammair before and later brawled with some Vesper woman until the Captain just decided it would be better if he was put on stocks besides the brigand fool.

*sketch shows both on the stocks*

Rumour has it that Antar is asked to find a way to make Carn tame as kitten and that Muldran and Antar prepared some sorcery for it. Carn was heard shouting at the top of his lungs in the jail, but another paladin told me that was because the Captain who despises Carn, tortured him.
I hope we burn that dangerous scumbag and have it over with.

Had jail duty then and overheard how the drow Vierna talked with the Captain about Muldran and that she took care of him as he lost his power.
Vierna also accused Trevor of stealing gems worth more than 10.000 gold from the drow and the captain said that she would look into it.

A bloody huge gargoyle came then into the jail and Stewan who translated said it was there for some book and that we need to help to find it.
The Captain ordered some volunteers to accompany her and off they went to unknown lands and gave me another chance for a break.

Heard later on that the gargoyle led them to the Yewish cave called Shame and there down to a place where evil wizards do their business. Down there they found some scroll and returned with it to Trinsic. Seems the Scroll is in some code and so copies were made and shown all around.

*sketch shows the scroll*

The Captain looked weary and on the verge to collapsing and stumbled off duty for rest. A hundred gold say that she does not manage another weak without breaking down.

Paladin Borgen of the first Order of Trinsic


Sunday was great as most of the town went to Vesper for some greenie day, where you dress up like some Leprechaun and sing some stupid songs around a campfire.
Heard they had some decent booths so with wares and a race through the town on green Ostards which Van won.

*sketch shows the festival*

Even the Captain went there, but as I heard only to check for brigands and looked disappointed when she returned to brood in the jail again.

Rumour has it the drow have Muldran on a leash and try to pamper his wounded ego as he messed up a spell of his again. The captain gave them a few days to present the crazy mage before she would start arresting the drow for kidnapping.

Also the drow set Trevor an ultimatum of two days to return the stolen gems or something would happen to him. The guards countered with threats of putting every drow on stocks if that happened.

Vesper complained about the Captain’s treatment of a Vesper citizen and the known drunk Thaur and threatened to attack the captain if that happened again.

While I was dozing at the gate I saw the captain and Artemis chasing Lance Sanders through the woods and from the face the Captain made she neither caught nor killed him.

The Rose was attacked by orcs but the fat guard Mordred chased them off protecting his ale.

Two Knights of the order of the Ankh visited the town in their spotless armor offering their services to any in need and arranged a meeting with his Grace.

Paladin Borgen of the first Order of Trinsic


The Captain looked pale and exhausted today and her mood is getting worse each day and she mumbled something about bad dreams.

One of the paladins smuggled things into Fargo’s cell and when the Captain found out she was furious and ordered Olaf to search the cell.
Seems the fool Fargo resisted the confiscation of his things and attacked the guard who hit him with his mace so unlucky on the dead that he died.

The Captain locked the cell until someone of the magik wise ones can look at the body and then dicide what should happen with it.

*sketch shows Kaelyn in the cell leaned over the dead body of fargo with a mace in her hand*

Olaf held a training at the Trinsic park and Devante and the others took part, though were rudely interrupted by an orc.
They beat it up and were disposing of its body when a band of orcs came from the woods and attacked us.

*sketch shows the orcs attacking the town*

I managed to hide and let the guards chase those brutes away and got myself an ale at the tavern.
When I returned everything was fine again and the Captain was talking to the stinking drow Vierna who holds Muldran under control.

Mordred reported that he had captured Lance Sanders and the Captains eyes lit up and she ordered that some special torture instruments should be delivered to the jail for the interrogation of that brigand.

Paladin Borgen of the first Order of Trinsic

*a copy of a report*
*this report is left on the top of all the others*


Lance Sanders is held in the second cell frem the top. He arrived in town soon after yer left. I gave 'im a choice ter bugger off or deliver the Black Bandit to you and receive a pardon. He said, and I have nay reason nay ter believe im, that he knew nothin about it and that he asked the other "Bosses" and that was nay a hit ordered by either one of em. His spontaneous answer made meh think what he said was the truth.

He chose the second option but headed in town. We faught but ah must admitt he nay seemed too eager ter 'urt meh. He will beh there tomorrow fer ya unless someone manages ter 'elp im escape. Ah would ask yer as a personal favour ter go easy on im, as when he realises he got no other choice, ah do believe he will aid yer.

Guardsman Mordred

*a letter is added to the report*

To Sir Callum, Lady Cherry or Sir Decardo

I must inform you that Muldran is residing with a drow named Vierna at the moment. It seems Muldran’s experiment failed and he lost most of his powers. It seemed that he went with the drow voluntarily, but I am nay sure that them want his best.

I told the drow that I expect to hear from Muldran in the next two days or get a meeting with him, else I will consider it kidnapping and the drow will be arrested.

As I heard that you have special relations with the drow you might look into it and try to get Muldran free before I have to take more drastic measures.

Kaelyn, Captain of the Duchy Guards

*a copy of a lease is added to the report*

The owner of this Lease Antar has the right to use the following building, Trinsic Healers - Healer and to sell his wares and services there.

Trinsic Healers
Rent a month 100 gold
Rent paid until end of Janualry 09
Leaseholder – Antar

Kaelyn in the name of his Grace Duke Irvyn Middlethorn of Trinsic

*a poster is added to the report*

Come one and Come all... Yew Market, Yer know the place... Centre o' Yew!, Come alon' and buy... Sell or even enter some small competitions...

Line up includes...

Yew Boxin'! - 10,000 Crowns fer the Winner (Warring guilds only I'm afraid)
Rules will be outlined on the eve...

If yer want ter sell yer goods, Either turn up on the night a lil' early or send meh a pigeon before 'and on... 'Ate these numbers... 438-091-456

(Enemy guilds please come in disguise... Thanks!)

Robert Tripps
Rookie Besieger


Duty started off easy as I guarded the town while Olaf and the Captain searched Carn’s cell for illegal goods.
Heard some shouting out of the cell and it seems they found something and the Captain almost smiled a little when she left the cell.
Olaf talked to Carn a little later alone and found a few things more in the cell after talking with him.

Stewan said something about the scroll they had found in the dungeon and it sounds like a ritual to summon some wood spirits. He is not sure though where and I think he will summon some demon at best, or get eaten by a dragon at worst.

They finally dragged Carn out for the ritual in some old tower and with Caden, Stewan and me as extra guards we headed off.
For the case that it would not work the Captain had ordered fresh wood and a pyre built.
The mage Antar put Carn into a magic circle and bound him in there. The Captain put a thing into the circle and Antar chanted another incantation and bound Carn to the object.

*sketch shows Carn bound in the magic circle*

The Captain took the object then and ordered Carn not to harm or kill any living being. She then handed Carn a dagger in his hand and boldly stepped in front of him. Carn tried as best he could, but did not hurt he Captain and calmly handed the knife back.

*sketch shows the Captain talking to Carn*

Carn was then kicked out of the tower and set free and we all returned to Trinsic. Near the gates a band of orcs ambushed us and I ran quickly to the elven quarter to get help but Stewan was faster than me and I guarded the rose just to be sure no orc burned it down.

Lots of guards got hurt, Artemis, Caden, and the Captain among them before the other guards managed to kill the orcs and dump them in the ant hole.

I decided that I deserved rest and stayed in the rose for some drinks.

Paladin Borgen of the first Order of Trinsic


Got my day off and spent it wisely at the tavern collecting gossip about the town. Someone stole Fargo’s corpse from the healers, though others say that it did get up and walk out by itself.

Stupid guard Brynhild is back on duty and the Captain is still angry as daemon at her, for telling the brigands where to find the Captain’s parents. Mordred tried to intervene, but I heard she kicked his fat ass and threatened him to do latrine duty.

Today I guarded the gate and all was quiet as most were first getting drunk at the Rose and later went to bath to Buccaneers Den. Heard they all had a fine time running around naked and getting drunk and also heard that the duke joined in.

The Captain and Artemis arrested a rogue in town who had offended his Grace. As he did not have enough gold he was set to work in the stables, cleaning the town of dung like he is.

Some guards told the Duke that the Captain did not look well and so she was ordered to drink something to make her sleep and she did as asked.

Rest of the night was quiet and some nice visitor handed me a bottle of ale for showing him the way to the bank.

Paladin Borgen of the first Order of Trinsic


Got ordered to write this report after I spent a well deserved day off duties in prayer. The rumours that it was me at swaggers drinking and touching that cute wench’s behind, starting a fight, are all lies and has nothing to do with my black eye.
I got that praying for to the virtues, kneeling down and bumping against the Ankh, hurting myself.

It seems Vesper got a new fancy Baron called Van and so it seems the Swaggers will be the same and ale and wenches thriving even better than before.

Missed the celebration as I was guarding that daemon wench Kendra, but I learned that her sister Meygan will try some experiments to get rid of her horns and if the gods are with us she dies.

Two Vesperian brawlers from the Swaggers annoyed the guards and started a fight, prompting fancy boy Ikus to go *the next word is crossed out* drinking negotiating to Vesper. He was accompanied by the fat Kaldorian and the boy Artemis and returned with the news that the Vesper guards would look into it.

The Vesperians really came later on and chatted a little to return to the Swaggers for some heavy drinking.

Guards got warned that some of Jade’s followers might try to kidnap some citizens and the one called Flipper was interrogated but refused to say anything, despite a heavy beating from the Captain.
Seems the Captain is out of her mind as her mace was bloody after the talking and she ordered that the criminal should be burned in some house.

Brigand known as Dexius refused the Captain’s orders and as her guards refused to execute him she gave him the choice to get the black bandit in one week or else Dexius would be executed, the next time he was caught.
She offered the same deal then to Lance Sanders and kicked both out of town and I swear that she would have preferred to just kill them.

*next line is crossed out and barely readable*
I like my wenches feisty but that one is certainly out of her mind.

As Muldran is still missing, the drow scum named Faeryl was arrested and put in cell two. Trevor even had to defend himself from her attacks and wounded her with an arrow, but it nay helped as I got a report that with use of some cursed drow magik she managed to flee.

As the wench Kendra was off doing some business I was not needed I settled for a drink at the tavern ad heard that orcs had repeatedly attacked Cove.

Also learned that Vesper already managed to declare war on Skara and seems the new drunkard of a baron does not waste any time.
A not want to be named guard told me that the Captain think that the ghosts of her dead parents haunt her and that she needs to kill all involved in their deaths to find peace.

Maybe she can kill some of the drow scum and brigands first, but she needs to be removed before she breaks down and gets herself or worse one of us, killed.

Just got order that the wench Kendra does not need a guard anymore and that her sister will protect her. Rumour has it some ritual happened at the jeweler and Meygan managed to bind her sisters daemon to herself and controls her sister now fully.

Paladin Borgen of the first Order of Trinsic


Got a report from Stewan’s expedition who returned from Ilshenar to question some dirty gargoyles about some book they lost and which might now be a danger.

A few guards with Gwen and Stewan travelled from Trinsic through some moongate close to the gargoyle city. The journey was reported to be quite easy and every monster was disposed quickly.

*sketch shows them approaching the Gargoyle town*

There they found the Gargoyle and asked it about the book and the scroll they had obtained before in a dungeon. As that bloody thing cannot talk common Stewan and his Grace tried to translate as good as possible.

*sketch shows the guards with the gargoyle*

While Stewan and fancy Irvyn talked with that Gargoyle, the Captain led the guards and recruits on a patrol and managed to get them ambushed by some monsters in the wilds.
The fat Kaldorian and some other guard managed though to push the monsters away and lead the guards to the safety of the town again.
No one was really injured, but it was pretty clear that the captain has no sound judgement and has lost her wits.

The Captain reported next day that his Grace had asked to accompany him to an invitation to the Court of truth. There some fancy lawyer said that some old bugger had died and wanted to leave his gold and cute daughter to the one who could find it first.

Only some duchy people and some Skara Braen guy were there to try to get the loot.

*sketch shows the treasure hunters*

So his Grace, all too eager about the gold and a new woman headed off with Kaelyn, Isodore and later Caden to the Honor shrine south of Trinsic where the first clue led them.

There they were sent to Jhelom to fight some knight in a pit and took a boat from some wench. At the Jhelom pits Caden fought that knight and managed to win and the next clue led them to the Hedge maze where the woman was held prisoner.

*sketch shows Caden and the Knight preparing to fight*

Bumbling like fools they finally managed to cross the maze after an hour and rescued the lady who was swooning in Caden’s arms. The Knight guarding the wench though insisted that Caden and the Skara guy fight for the wench. So Irvyn opened a portal and they headed to Skara to fight for the wenches lands. The Captain as we all know, hating portals preferred to walk back to Trinsic and got herself some drinks. Caden reported later that he had lost the fight against the Skara guy, but the wench still wants to marry him and the Skara guy agreed not to be the victor so to not to have to marry the wench. Caden got a fancy title Marquise and now another fancy pants in town.

*sketch shows Caden and the others rescuing the wench*

Some wench tried to steal something from a guard and got beaten up for her stupid try. She got put on stocks and the fat Kaldorian lashed her ten times as Magistrate Meygan had ordered.

*sketch shows the lashing*

Afterwards the Kaldorian asked not to have to hand out lashes again. I never fancied him for the wimpy type, but might be because he intends to marry that elven wench Gwen and inherit her alehouse.

Good news though as the brigand named Alex Winter delivered the corpse of the Black Bandit to the Captain. She put up the corpse on stocks for all to see what happens if you overstep the boundaries.
She almost had a happy smile on her face when she looked at the maimed corpse and she left he town with the remains to feed it to some swamp creatures.

*sketch shows the remains of the black bandit on stocks*

Captain took some time off for family matters it seems and handed over the power of governing the town to crazy Meygan.

Paladin Borgen of the first Order of Trinsic

*a letter added to the report*

Your Grace,
You might have heard that the Black Bandit has been caught and killed and that justice has been served. One of the Brigands called Alex Winter managed to surprise and kill him and delivered his corpse to Artemis.

As my parents are now avenged I will take some time off for family matters and I have to take some time off duty.

I asked Meygan to take over the position of captain when needed, else the sergeants and guards will know what to do.

I hope to settle my family matters in a few weeks and return then to duty.


*a letter is added to the report*

Sir Ikus you may have heard that we bound the crazy man Carn to an item with a magik ritual. Carn has to follow what the wearer of the item says and I ordered him nay to harm or kill any being.
But as Carn might order people to fetch that item think it safer if you take it and keep it.

I hand it to the paladin guards on duty and I am sure that they will deliver it to you.

For myself I will head to Minoc for a few days to visit the rest of my family and honour my parents.



First thing the duke did was to take leadership of the guards away from Meygan and hand it to the guards. I fear though that they will go all wimpy again, they even let drow enter the town again.

Rumour has it Artemis will dump his fat wench for another girl, but has not had the courage to tell her.
Mordred who is engaged to the elven wench gwen has to return to Gorimdar, probably to tell his wench and children there to bugger off.

Watched the jail all day and was boring as hell as nothing happened except some guards and fancy nobles walking in and out.

Heard Lance Sanders beat up the wench Madeline and had the new Baron of Vesper go all fuzzy over her. She was not badly hurt and was seen walking off arm in arm with the baron to Vesper.

Some cove guards with their Captain came to see fancy Irvyn and talk about trade and relations. Seems we should all ally with Vesper and Cove against those darn Yewish, but seems his Grace is too wimpish for that and just agreed for some trade.

*sketch shows the Cove people in Trinsic*

Got hired later today to accompany Antar, Stewan, Gwen and T’lara to some jungle place where they prepared a place for some magic ritual.
No idea what they plan but that cook guy worried and said the demons will eat us all the time.

*sketch shows the preparing of the place*

I will stay away from that place and hope they do not open a freaking daemon portal.

Some stupid red riding hood came into town trying to rob the fat Kaldorian, while two other guards watched. Red riding hood and the Kaldorian fought it out and red lost and was left bruised in the woods.

Paladin Borgen of the first Order of Trinsic


Returned yesterday from Minoc and wanted to report back for duty to his Grace, but missed him.

Instead some lunatic attacked the recruit Ffodos and bit him in the neck.
Sir Antar checked for vampirism though it seems it was exaggerated, but we got his wound cleaned with the water of the Spirituality shrine.

Vierna dropped by though as I reminded her that I was still missing Muldran and she would have to wait in a cell until he returns, she decided to run into the woods.

*sketch shows the guards with the drow*

I start to worry about the magician, as we nay have seen him for weeks now and I hoped that Vierna would hand him over.
We might consider sending guards to their house and look for Muldran ourselves and question her about his whereabouts. There is no doubt she wants to influence him, but I hoped she would not use force to keep him, but it seems I was in error.

I was warned that Drow and Orcs might attack Cove and that also Brigands might be involved in such attacks.

Had some vesperian run half naked in town and offered a hundred coins for anyone that could hit his naked butt. Some Vesperian complied and earned the hundred gold.

*sketch shows the whacking of Vesperian butt*

Let it be known that streaking is punishable in Trinsic!

Today Madeline told me that she and Van were attacked by one of Winter’s sons and also that Arteni’s girlfriend Jenny had been hurt.

We were in luck as said assailant walked into town and claimed innocence of those crimes , though I still put him in cell two until I had heard the witnesses myself. I sent Dawn and Ffodos to Vesper to look for witnesses and Artemis to Jenny and ask her about what had happened.

Before Artemis left he told me to check on Antar who was meeting with some hooded person. When I entered the shop I saw Antar unconscious and two hooded persons trying to drag him away. I attacked them and with the help of Stewan, managed to knock one out and to chase the other away.

We shackled the prisoner who was a drow named Maya and managed to revive Antar and escort him to the jail and locked the drow in cell three.

Madeline and Van returned and identified the man as Garret Winter and as their attacker. I offered to hand the man over to Vesper but the baron declined and just asked that we punished him.
We put the man on stocks and as he was not apologising for his crimes and cursing at people, I ordered him flogged until he fainted and then thrown out of town.

*sketch shows both on stocks*

The drow got ten lashes and we continued to question her who had hired her.
She denied anything and claimed that the attack was just pure chance, but I suspect Vierna is behind this attack as she controls most of the drow.
We threw the drow out of town and I will put out a note that all drow need to show their permits again and the ones without are to be arrested until their allegiance can be

It seems Jenny’s injury was worse as we had thought as she came into town nay remembering where her baby was. Antar, Eike, me and Dawn went to her house and found it there abandoned just outside the house.

Antar suspected that some thing had bitten her and ordered her washed at the spirituality shrine. So we escorted her there, but she washed reluctantly and I am nay sure she is really fine, but we let her go home.



Today we were asked to stand guard for the Ritual Stewan had prepared and Antar and some other magicians helped him. His Grace and we as guards also went there hoping that them nay accidentally would open a portal to a demon world.

Stewan was very careful to place the reagents on the right place, where he guessed they should be and so the preparation took some time.

*sketch shows the place before the ritual*

Stewan, Antar and Alusair chanted their parts of the incantations and then the ground shook and sparks flew and then the place slowly changed to swamp.

*sketch shows the place after the ritual*

Stewan said that it might have been successful, but that it would take time to show results and so we returned back to town.

I learned that Jenny is still nay feeling well and so Artemis found a babysitter for the child until Jenny feels better again.

Mordred and Ffodos went on a patrol and were ambushed by three orcs and hurt. Madeline ran to the gate and called us though the orcs had also hurt Artemis before Devante, Gwen, me and others managed to chase the orcs away.


*a copy of a permit is added to the report*

The wearer of this permit is allowed to enter the Duchy and the town of Trinsic.

Name of the person allowed to enter:

Permit number: 37

Name of the person vouching:

Authorised by and witnessed by:
Kaelyn of the Duchy of Trinsic.


Not a lot to report these last few days.
Some crazy man tried to kidnap me and Artemis let him and I had to free myself.
Another man handing out drugged pies and making nice citizen act like drunkards. Some man all in grey handed Gwen a drugged pie and she went hugging and claiming to see pretty colours, before we decided to get her home and let her sleep it off.



Day started badly when on my way to Trinsic I met some Yewish asking about Painted Caves and told me that Drow waited at the gates.
I think I pointed them in the right directions and hope they all got lost in there and continued to the gate, which was now blessedly Drow free.

Antar complained about Drow and I promised him to send a message to them, by arresting one of Vierna’s flock and talk to them.

It seems the brigand Gwen lost her eyesight and is also a vampire though some pendant around her neck seems to make her docile enough.
I put her in a cell and asked a jeweller to make a lockable bracelet of the pendant and Antar and me put it around Gwens’s right hand.
Antar thinks she can be kept ‘cured’ for now and maybe that there is a cure for that vampirism. If anyone sees her without the bracelet and she is aggressive, they are ordered to kill her and cut off her head.

Jade visited Gwen, but also nay could help her and left soon.

Mordred takes two weeks off duty, as he had an argument with his Grace and Gwen and needs time to cool off and prepare his wedding with Gwen.

Did not hear of the Yewish again and I can still hope them got lost.



Antar and Madeline took Gwen out of her Cell and checked her eyesight again, but nay could help her. Some tailor merchant got Gwen the most horrible coloured clothes and only after I threatened to arrest him for selling that did he change it with Madeline’s help to some decent coloured ones.
Gwen found some work at the mage shop under Antar’s guidance and he will also watch over her as best as he can.

It seems Mordred’s training with Brynhild helped a bit as we trained a bit and she managed to hold her own well enough, though I still thinks she nay deserves to be a guardwoman yet again.

Talked with Van about Swaggers and possible vampires, but he assured me that all was well there and also Artemis and Brynhild whom I sent there nay found anything unusual.
We need though to keep alert and see that we catch and kill those monsters before they hurt any more people.

Else it was pretty quiet and safe and nay thing worth to report.



Today Cove and Trinsic held a joint market and I saw one of the best markets ever with lots of different stands and sellers.
From the best cookies to furniture and flowers, to strange objects fished up from the depths of the sea.

*sketch shows the market*

After the people shopped we sat together and several people told short stories. Among them we listened to a story from his Grace and the Vesparian baron.

*sketch shows the storytelling*

Some thief was lifting some purses and we tried to get hold of her, but she escaped into the woods after a chase.
In the woods I saw one hooded person attack a fighter and knocking him down and so Alusair and me tried to arrest them.
I got knocked out by some magik and was woken later on by Stewan and a new recruit.
I nay felt well and the healers told me to take it easy and get some rest.

The Brigands managed to escape, but I got informed that the thief got caught though escaped later again.


*a copy of a report is added*
Report Monday 18th Feb:

Stewan reported that there was a mage in the healers and they were asking for a guard. I went to investigate *large ink blot which has spread somewhat*

*writing resumes further down the page in different ink*

The mage was dead when I got there and Healer Elynor informed me he had been brought in already dead. The body was of a middle aged man with long grey hair and beard, nothing out of the ordinary. He was wearing a robe and sandals. He wasn’t carrying anything else that might have identified him. He could have been attacked by brigands and robbed as he had no gold or other possessions. But he might have been looted after he died. The healers didn’t seem too sure how he died and thought it might have been poison. They will carry on investigating.

Later I was at the gate and Adammair and Alraune came past. They asked me to pass on a message that they had been to Swaggers and it was free of vampires.

The moongate still has purple rabbits round it and I think they are breeding as there are more today. Otherwise there is nothing significant to report from the Elven Quarter. Town was also quiet.

Hildy Fredrikson


We were asked to accompany Antar on an expedition to find a book on some sea creature near a place called serpent pillar.
As we had to lure the creatures with something I let Ffodos and Pistia hunt some animals for meat and bring it with us on the expedition.

I let Brynhild prepare a boat at the docks, but Antar said he had everything prepared so we set off with his boat to the serpent pillars.

When we arrived there we threw some meat into the water and managed to attract some sea monsters, but nay the right ones.

*sketch shows the expedition at the serpent pillar*

Antar then touched the Pillar and it transported us somewhere else and we went to another of these pillars. Even though Mordred played live bait this time we nay got the monster we were looking for and so we went to the next pillar.

This time we nay only threw Mordred in as bait we also threw the meat in and managed so to lure one of those feared Leviathans to the surface.
After a tough fight we managed to kill the thing and found a half dissolved locked box in its carcass.

*sketch shows the dead Leviathan*

We brought the box back to Trinsic where Alusair opened it and we looked inside. Sadly the time it had stayed in the monster’s body had dissolved the document inside and only the metal binding remained.

We now have nay clue about where we find the document the gargoyle asked us for and even that oracle lead led nowhere.

*sketch shows the opening of the box at the gate*

Dawn and Pistia were arguing a bit with the Baron of Cove and I have to remind all the guards to be nice to the nobles and better to go on a patrol than to quarrel with them.
That is either my or Lady Reann’s job to provoke trouble, if there has to be any!

Mordred and Devante had a quarrel and as both are stubborn as mules they agreed on a duel at the Trinsic Moongate tomorrow at ten.
I think we should put Devante a bit in a cell for his own safety and give me time to have a talk with him.



Just reread my last report and noticed I wrote that Dawn annoyed the Baron of Cove, when it was Van the baron of Vesper she annoyed, though she is behaving a lot better now and keeping her mouth shut when he is around.

Some unknown Brigands claiming from the north attacked the town, asking for money for their fight. Managed to chase them off after some fighting, but I got hurt at my side and I want to know their names and where they are from.

Mordred claimed he knows where they might come from and as he is still on leave it might take some days until he checks on it.

I could not wait so long and with Artemis decided to head to Yew and check out if nay them were behind the attacks.
We talked with some guards and claimed to be entertainers heading to Skara for a performance. Nay saw any civilians we could ask and so had to leave without nay new information, though neither Artemis nor me recognised any of the Yewish as attackers.
I still think they are involved somehow in it and I will find it out.

Antar came into town delivering a note of the oracle which he had written down when it talked to him yesterday. It seems there is some hidden evil lurking again and maybe even against his Grace personally

The warning the oracle said was the following

When the poisonous waters seep amongst the unprotected roots they shall rise and reach the crown without the stem knowing. For the stem knows no more than that one leaf after the other turns black and rots before falling to the ground, yet it has no part in the water they drink. Yet the stem needs to see and note the leaf that turns black as it needs to mind the roots which draw the waters to find the poisonous waters that come between them or the crown will wither and the bark shall fall until the stem is bare and broken.

Lance Sanders hired two brigands to attack the town and kidnap Dawn. They hurt some Guards and civilians and all described the two attackers as hooded, one wielding magik and necromancy and the other a crossbow.

Van and Stewan managed to return Dawn and luckily nay one was seriously harmed and one of the attackers let himself be arrested peacefully.
One drow identified the magician that attacked by his fighting style and voice and even Stewan and Dawn recognised him too. His name is Oscar something and he is a half drow and seemingly has troubles with the other drow too.

I sentenced him to twenty lashes or as many until he fainted and he managed to stay conscious for eleven lashes before he fainted.

*sketch shows the lashing of the half drow

Those Brigands came again and sneaked into the jail where they locked me up in cell three and took my key.

It seems they wanted to kidnap Lord Ikus and after some fighting, they managed to kidnap him. He returned later on they had asked him for money and told him to get some.

Carn awaits a package from Jackal and if anyone sees jackal, ask him what Carn has ordered and that we guards will keep it safe for Carn.

Alatril is one of Vierna’s slaves and I found work at the tailors.
I need to ask lady Kimi about it and that she talks to the drow and allows her to work there.

I ordered a new set of cell keys and changing of locks over night and the tinker master said they will manage it.



Day started quiet with the Rose open and most people heading there, leaving me time to catch up on paperwork.

Stewan registered Ryan Tarenra Seagull with the duchy and his Grace accepted a new paladin recruit into the order.

Heard there was a race in Cove but seems none of the guards are runners, so ah have nay idea who won.

The Jester came into town running from his grandmother and asking me nay to tell her. Seems he managed to conjure some frogs in the gypsy camp and she was trying to get him for that. As I dislike that old hag anyway it was a pleasure to send her away, though she looked pretty angrily at me.

Devante still sees nay reason to sort out his trouble with Mordred and I still consider locking both in a cell and let them discuss or fight it out.



I woke up yesterday and noticed that I could not utter a sound. Not that I had a cold or anything, I could just not make a sound.
I panicked and ran to the healers who checked me over and said that nothing was wrong with me and that it was all in my head.

Alusair did some experiments and found out that me being mute had something to do with magik, but that none of her spells could help me.
As she mentioned that it might be some old strong curse we all remembered the old hag that had been looking for the jester.

Stewan tried to find her in Ilshenar, but he nay could find her at any of the usual camps.
Alusair and some others will see if they find any spells, but as I heard such gypsy spells are very strong and most likely I need to find a way to make the old hag take the spell back.

The day was fairly quiet without any bigger fighting and I am slowly getting used to not being able to talk. I had imagined it worse, but it is interesting how quickly one can get used to such things.

Today brought more of the same and it was fairly safe until a band of Orcs came to the gate trying to ask gold from us guards.
We tried to send them off with a few coins, but they glimpsed Alusair’s bag of gold and attacked her.
Alias jumped in to help us fight the orcs and she got wounded in the fight.
We managed to chase the orcs off, but we have to assume that there are more in the woods.

*the sketch shows the orcs at the gate*

Also got reports that Cove got attacked by bands of Orcs and that the orcs even managed to take over part of the town, terrorising the citizens.

We should consider getting guards together to help out cove to beat back the orcish menace. Those are enemies of us all

A yewish warrior came to the gate and seemed very grumpy when I sent him away, we better watch that too.

Sebastian was reported missing since yesterday when some old man in dark robes brought a note claiming that Sebastian had been kidnapped and asked for a ransom.

I went to the gate and put some of the ransom money down with a note that the rest would be paid when I could trade Sebastian for it.

There though Carn and a mercenary stepped out and the mercenary told me that he had been hired by Carn to beat me up. He offered me though to pay more and I accepted and arrested Carn.

I paid the mercenary 2000 gold and punished Carn and threw him then out of town after getting my money back from him.

Lady Jade and some of her people brought Sebastian safely back into town. He was hurt but nay too seriously and was brought to the healers for more rest and treatment.

Michael had been hurt by a drow who fled when I came closer. Luckily he nay was seriously hurt and could get to town with only his pride hurt.


*a copy of the ransom note is added to the report*

Captain Kaelyn, I have been taken prisoner by a gang of Brigands.

They say that they will kill me and then send pieces of me back to the Duchy, little by little unless their demands are met in full.

They demand two thousand gold coins in two separate bags to be placed by the Trinsic Moongate at Midnight tomorrow night.

If they suspect a trap they will leave the gold and execute me.

Please Captain Help Me!



Spent lots of time the last days with several wizards and shamans trying to break the curse and I swear that I never again in my life will taste lizard soup.

We also had some orc attacks in the meantime, but nay one got seriously hurt.

Some man named Colin left pamphlets on the floor trying to rally people to organise and change the duchy to their liking. I arrested him and presented him to Lady Reann who warned him that if he continued to make trouble, he would be arrested.

*sketch shows Lady Reann explaining him to behave*

Yesterday was the wedding of the Baron of Vesper and Madeline at the Tokuno waterfall. I arrived a little late but still with enough time to listen their vows.

*sketch shows the wedding*

Afterwards we were all invited to the biggest table in all of Sosaria to celebrate and people from all over the lands came to visit. We all ate our full and enjoyed the festivities, though I had to leave a bit early to return to Trinsic.

There I arrested Colin again and dragged him in shackles to the jail where his Grace talked to him and considered him harmless *crossed out is crazy* enough to be set free. I disagreed with it and wanted him on stocks but his Grace and Lady Reann disagreed.

Some brigands attacked Lady Reann, claiming to be freedom fighters and we arrested three and put them on stocks for ten lashes, before we threw them out of town.

*sketch shows the brigands on stocks*

Lady Isolde came into town claiming someone had tried to rob her, but in my opinion she just seemed hysterical and probably just got asked for some gold from a beggar.
Lord Ikus came then and managed to soothe her and bring her home.

A knight from Skara informed me that Skara Brae has a new mayor named Louis Torchesac and that I should inform the nobles and tell them that there probably will be talks soon.

Rumour has it Mordred left some Vesperian Lady pregnant before running off again and she just learned of his return to meet him again.


*you see a sketch of a man in short pants, wearing a jester suit, some big at the front curled up jester shoes and a big jester hat with lots of bells.
He has hairy legs which look funny with the short pants and has a beard and all of it might remind you of Mordred.
Under his right arm he holds a keg labeled ‘Ale’ and his nose looks as if she is red from a cold or drunkeness.
In his left hand he holds a bunch of flowers and is bowing to a pink rabbit offering them to it*

*a copy of a report is added*
March 01

While on patrol, I Michael Hawk a Knight of Honor, was stopped and notified by Stewan Seagull a citizen of the Duchy of Trinsic. That Madeline Warmbow was assaulted and taken to the City of Vesper. He stated that he was tracking the attacker. As he did so, I took another route to Vesper. While conducting my search, I found Mr. Seagull and Miss. Warmbow at Swagger's Inn. Miss Warmbow was injured, but a live. It was decided that she should be moved to a safer location back in Trinsic. While Mr. Seagull and party went looking for the attacker, I escorted Miss Warmbow back to the Healers of Trinsic.

Upon are arrival there I administered healing to Miss Warmbow, who had suffered a cracked rib and other minor injuries.

She reported to me the following Information: That while near the guard tower in Trinsic, she was approached by a "specious" looking person. She was asked if she was the woman that was seeing Baron Van Cocidius? And that he had a parcel for him! When she identified herself, this person drew a weapon and attack Miss Warmbow. She stated that she was knocked out and when she came to, her attacker stated "Let this be a warning to Van to not interfere” Miss Warmbow stated that she knew her attack by his voice. She identified him as "Lance"

I remained with Miss Warmbow for the remainder of the day and night, serving an escort. She requested that she wish to return home and wait for her husband to be. I did escort her to here home and ensured her safety.

Later on that night I found Baron Van Cocidius at the West Gate of Trinsic, and ensured his safe return home to Miss Warmbow.

The Knights of Honor along with the City Guard are on the look out for "Lance" to make an arrest.

Michael Hawk
Knight of Honor
Duchy of Trinsic


Spent most of the day trying to gather information about the hag that cursed me and where she could be.

When I got on duty some strange people claiming to be butchers and cooks tried to enter the town but Lady Reann and sergeant Dawn stopped them.
One claimed to be a murderer and that he had committed every crime there is, but I think he was either bragging or what I rather think just plain crazy.
The other oyster cook or collector claimed to be expected at the docks for the fishing market, but refused to remove his weapons.
The third was definitely crazy as he claimed to cook babies and humans and other creatures and then sell them.

I have to inquire if any mental institution in the lands is missing some patients, as there is nay other explanation about it.

*sketch shows the crazy people*

Else it was pretty quiet and I still have to prepare for my expedition to look for the gypsy woman and threaten her to lift that curse.



I was lucky today as when I got on duty the jester Rah’njar was there and I asked him where to find his grandmother to lift the curse.
He fussed around a little but in the end agreed to lead me to her and we set off to Ilshenar and the gypsy camp near the compassion shrine.

We met his grandmother in one of the wagons and I managed to make a deal with her that if she needed me I would help her as apprentice in my spare time. For that she would give me my voice back, but that lifting the curse could take a day or two.

*sketch shows Kaelyn and the old gypsy*

We returned then from Ilshenar and I learned that Dawn and Brynhild had arrested a trader who had tried to smuggle vast amounts of nightshade into town. They put him in arrest and confiscated his wares and after he pays a fine he will be released.

Brynhild wishes to take some days off to visit Gorimdor with Corwin. It seems Corwin will introduce her to his parents and hopes to get their blessing, but I am not sure Brynhild will live up to it.

My voice came back during the end of my shift, but it was more fun pretending not being able to speak and save myself some senseless arguments.

Faeryl wanted to talk with Lady Reann, but Lady Reann was not in town so it was postponed.


*You see a picture of a jester who resembles a lot Rah’njar who seems to run away from a woman. His right hand seems to be stuck in a jar where one can read the label cookies.
Running after him is an old woman with a big wooden spoon who resembles a lot the jesters gypsy grandmother*


Sent Michael Hawk to Cove to see how the Orcish situation is developing there. He reported that Cove was unsafe and that they would make a final attack to drive the orcs out of Cove soon.
I offered that we would help with the attack and also send guards to divert the forces at e fort as best we could.

Devante approached me with his idea of a Trinsic newspaper and he wanted to know the most wanted criminals and the rewards for them.
Seems he is also willing to pay for articles so get your pens ready and start scribbling.

Met John Deniol and after talking a bit with him I took his oath for the Duchy and accepted him as citizen.

Day was pretty quiet and I decided that it was time to promote Erik to Armsman and then watches some duels between Erik and Samuel.
Van felt was a bit in a fighting mood too and joined the training, but without proper armor was slightly injured and had to stop.

Today was quiet and I managed to write yesterday’s report in the Rose while drinking some tea.

The elf Kai Silverwood applied as guard and after checking his report and talking with him I accepted him as recruit.

Rest of the day was uneventful


*you see a sketch of a room full with writing tables where people sit.
In the front of the room there is a chalkboard where you can read the words ’Duchy rules 101’ on them.

At the tables in the room are children sitting all in pretty clothes and if you look closely you can imagine that they look like Kaelyn, Mordred Lady Reann, Kimi, Artemis, Stewan, Gwen and others*

A man with long hair and fancy looking clothes is walking through the aisles and he has a small staff in his hand and has it lifted a little as if to point out something very important.

Mordred seems to be asleep at his table bored by the lecture, while Gwen is playing with some dolls also ignoring the lecture. Stewan is reading in a book and if you look closer you can read the title as ‘How to cook a dragon’, while Lady Reann is carefully sharpening a dagger under her bench also looking bored. Kimi and Artemis seem to be quietly whispering to each other, pointing at the teachers desk where if you look closely you can see a bottle labelled as ‘Liquor’ almost hidden under some books.

Kaelyn who sits behind the teacher, whose features maybe resemble Ikus’ , has a sling with some chalk in it and aims at the teacher’s head.

In the corner of the room you can see a boy resembling Thaur’s features with a donkey hat on his head, seemingly being punished for some prank*


Not a lot to report these last two days. No crime on my shift though Kai ran into some trouble in Cove where some man ambushed him and two others.

Today we decided to attack the Coven Orc fort and so help the people of Cove to push back the orcish invaders. Gwen, Stewan, Hawk and Kai
headed to Cove and pushed the orcs back to their fort.

I had to order Paladins to guard the town and headed then to Cove to help them to push the orcs even further back. We even managed to kill their strongest champions called brutes and made them hide in their fort.

*sketch shows Hawk over the corpse of a brute*

We nay could advance far into their fort as resistance was too strong, but I hope we weakened them enough that their attacks on Cove will stop.

Town was quiet when we returned and I sketched something about Van and later Devante. Seems the Baron looks for a mount and still thinks a sheep is the mount for him. Poor Madeline has her work cut out for her to keep Van under control and maybe needs a bodyguard who can keep his manners under control.


*you see a sketch of a man with a beard and Tricorne hat in a bar that looks like the swaggers. He is dressed in fine clothes with a bottle of rum before him and if you look closely the face may remind you of Van, the current Baron of Vesper.
Besides him on a stool is a sheep with a ribbon around his neck and a glass of wine before it.

Van has an arm casually about he sheep’s back and seems to whisper something into the sheep’s ear.

Behind both you see an angry woman with raised hands, seemingly shouting at the loving couple at the bar. The woman is dressed very finely and her features may remind you of Madeline’s*

*you see a sketch of a man looking like Devante. He wears a funny looking jester costume and strikes a pose with one leg in the air and his hands lifted in the air as if he is dancing. His jester’s hat has many small bells and he has a stupid grin on his face.

Standing a bit aside playing some instruments and laughing at the jester are some persons who if you look closer might resemble Kaelyn, Reann, Stewan and Hanne*


Was quiet yesterday and nay troubles until that gargoyle came to the gate and we had to get Stewan to understand what it wanted to say.

*sketch shows the gargoyle at the gate*

The gargoyle led us to the oracle which gave us another very cryptic message none of us understood. Gwen and Stewan asked the Oracle, but it always gave the same nonsense answer.
We tried asking the gargoyle, but it only told us to trust the oracle and nay to question it.

*sketch shows us at the oracle*

So we got a warning that Trinsic is in some kind of danger and nay knows why or from what.
Today his Grace was in town and I asked him about the offer from a Golem builder to buy some Golems as guards and he said that it would be considered.

Nay one stole anything in town today or made other trouble, except that we had some wild wolves running through the town which I ordered to be killed or chased away.

Some of the guards took then part in the Trinsic fighting tourney and Sebastian did really well there.



Not a lot to report this last days, except that we chased some robed attacker through the woods without finding out anything.

Devante managed to start his duelling ring and it seems quite some people participate in the tournament and I got to beat up Devante twice at least.

No sign of Ikus and bets are that he is on another drinking binge or diplomatic tours as he calls it from Skara to Swaggers.

Today was the council meeting and I totally forgot and arrived half an hour too late but still finding them arguing about some trade talks. Them nay could agree on something and so next month they might have made up their minds.
We also talked about the oracle and decided to keep our eyes and ears open and else just ignore it, as nay one knows what it warns us from anyway.
I will add some notes from Stewan at the end of the report, so all guards know what ter look out for.
I asked when the best time would be for the fashion show I had planned and we agreed on Wednesday at about eight to nine and I need to work out more details for that one.

Erik found a corpse and woke me up from the meeting and he told me that he had found a corpse and I ordered him to let the healers have a look at it.
The man had been torn apart by something, but it nay were wolves. Healers said the wolves or other things had gnawed at those bones later on, but Spearblows and other such deadly things had killed the man.

A man reported a burned down house and I sent Kai and Sebastian there, but them nay could report more as that it was burning for some time and them nay could fine any sign of anyone being hurt.


* Transcript, handed out by Stewan to interested parties*

Silamo: Anvoldelem ven kódex? (Unwinged find Kodex?)
Stewan Seagull: *shakes head*
Stewan Seagull: kal balsifer ([We did] Summon the Prophet/Oracle)
Stewan Seagull: lok gres ([It] told way)
Stewan Seagull: an ven kodex (Not find Kodex)
Silamo: *rumbles lowly*

Stewan Seagull: vid balsifer? (See Oracle?)
Silamo: Voldelem an vid balsilfer (Winged not see Oracle)
Stewan Seagull: an? (Not?)
Silamo: Voldelem vest kódex (Winged seek Kodex)
Stewan Seagull: *sighs*

Stewan Seagull: anvoldelem ven ali ailem (Unwinged find other thing)
Stewan Seagull: Silamo vid ves? (Silamo see find?)
Silamo: *rumbles and makes an approving gesture*
Stewan Seagull: *rumbles and nods*

Silamo: *crouches down to look at the box*
Stewan Seagull: balsifer lok anvoldelem gres trak ista
(Oracle tell Umwinged way to this)
Silamo: *opens it carefully*
Silamo: *rumbles loudly and spreads his wings widely*
Stewan Seagull: balsifer por-alem ailem (Oracle took [a] item)
Silamo: An ailem? (No Item?)
Stewan Seagull: balsifer don alem Silamo (Oracle give item Silamo)
Stewan Seagull: *shrugs*
Silamo: *rumbles still*
Stewan Seagull: an don anvoldelem (Not give Unwinged)
Stewan Seagull: vid balsifer? (See Oracle?)
Silamo: *stands up and nods*
Stewan Seagull: *nods and rumbles*
Silamo: *gestures for him to move ahead*

Stewan Seagull: tervasarb balsifer (The Forest Oracle)
Silamo: Balsilfer ten kódex? (Oracle has kodex?)
Stewan Seagull: balsifer ski ter kodex (Oracle Knows Place Kodex)
Stewan Seagull: balsifer ten ailem (Oracle has item)
Silamo: *gestures to the red box Stewan carries*
Stewan Seagull: *hands it over*
Silamo: Kódex an ánte lem? (Kodex not in (this) one?)
Stewan Seagull: an (No)
Stewan Seagull: *points at the pulp in the box*
Stewan Seagull: Kodex?
Silamo: Kódex esh sek áilem ánte lem...(Kodex and second item in this one)
Silamo: Quatim voldelem ul vid lem (when Winged last see one)
Stewan Seagull: sek ailem (second Item)
Stewan Seagull: *points to tree*
Stewan Seagull: ten balsifer (has Oracle)

Silamo: *reaches up to take hold of one of the branches*
Stewan Seagull: *tilts head*
Silamo: Balsilfer return qua est don (Oracle return what have taken)
Silamo: *produces a low rumbling that sounds like a chant*
Forest Oracle: *the ground before the tree erupts like a molehill and a
glittering item surfaces*
Silamo: *rumbles pleased and bends down to take it*
Stewan Seagull: *nods*
Silamo: *examines the item*

Silamo: *rumbles loudly and spreads his wings widely*
Silamo: Anvoldelem ven ista de lem est rap?
(Unwinged find this from one is now?)
Silamo: ailem inside ista? (thing inside this?)
Stewan Seagull: *nods*
Stewan Seagull: an ailem ista (no thing inside)
Silamo: *growls louder and crushes the metal holder in one hand*
Stewan Seagull: *furrows brow*

Silamo: Lók re anvoldelem... (Speak to Unwinged )
Silamo: *growls louder*
Silamo: Lók re! (You shall speak!)

Forest Oracle: The poisoned waters flow from the seed to mix amongst the roots.
Forest Oracle: As the roots drink the bark shall wither while the leafs
fall to the ground to grow no more.
Silamo: *looks to Stewan*
Stewan Seagull: lok iste prae (It said that before)
Stewan Seagull: anvoldelem an ski kuo lok
(Unwinged don´t know what it says)
Silamo: *throws the metal remains away*

Silamo: Anvoldelem leg kódex! (Unwinged reads Kodex!
Silamo: Anvoldelem ex demon (Unwinged free demon)
Silamo: *steps on the chest with contempt and crumbles it to bits*
Stewan Seagull: an leg kodex (We didn´t read the kodex)
Stewan Seagull: an kodex ánte (there was no kodex inside)
Silamo: *spreads his wings wider and flaps them once*

Silamo: Anvoldelem aud re balsilfer (unwinged listen to Oracle)
Stewan Seagull: *nods*
Stewan Seagull: ver (yes/true)
Silamo: Anvoldelem leg kodex (unwinged read Kodex)
Silamo: Vas jux (great danger)
Silamo: *gestures back at the tree with a wing tip*

Stewan Seagull: oh...
Stewan Seagull: another unwinged read the kodex
Stewan Seagull: and freed a demon
Stewan Seagull: not us
Stewan Seagull: oh... its why it wasnt in there
Silamo: *looks at them as they talk*

Stewan Seagull: kualem leg kodeks? (who read Kodex?)
Silamo: An skí qualem leg kódex
Stewan Seagull: he doesnt know who read the kodex
Silamo: Vasmúrreg ánte vas jux
Stewan Seagull: city is in big danger
Stewan Seagull: kuó? (How?)
Stewan Seagull: uíde vasmurreg? (our city?)
Stewan Seagull: voldelem vasmurreg? (Gargoyle City?)
Silamo: *gestures around and towards Trinsic with a wingtip*

Silamo: áilem an teresta (item not there)
Stewan Seagull: the one inside the holder

Silamo: Balsilfer lók ista (oracle said this)
Stewan Seagull: *nods*
Stewan Seagull: balsifer an lok ben (Oracle doesn´t speak good)
Stewan Seagull: anvoldelem an understand kuo lok
(Unwinged don´t understand what it says)
Silamo: Balsilfer lók qua balsilfer skí
(Oracle says what oracle knows)
Stewan Seagull: *frowns*
Stewan Seagull: the oracle says what it knows

Silamo: *crouches down in the middle of the circle*
Silamo: *traces some of the lines, producing a faint glow*
Silamo: *rumbles lowly*
Silamo: Lók balsilfer rap (Speak to oracle now)
Silamo: *gestures Stewan forward*
Stewan Seagull: Hello...
Silamo: *seems to concentrate deeper*
Stewan Seagull: well...
Stewan Seagull: tell us what we can do about this danger
Stewan Seagull: ummhh... question

Stewan Seagull: What can we do about the danger yer spoke about?
Forest Oracle: many roots taste of the passing waters that poison the leaf.
Stewan Seagull: *groans*
Forest Oracle: Like the might of the storm it will pass amongst the leafs.
Forest Oracle: The marks of the bark speak of the passing of the creature.

Stewan Seagull: what do the marks look like?
Forest Oracle: The dead leaf marks the place where the waters turned to poison.
Stewan Seagull: *looks blank*
Stewan Seagull: well, yer all heard it

Silamo: *rumbles suddenly and rams a fist deep into the earth*
Stewan Seagull: *jumps*
Forest Oracle: *the tree seems to shudders suddenly*
Forest Oracle: Where the roots will not hold to the stones the poisoned
water shall come to
Forest Oracle: The stems speak of its passing as the wind shudders amongst
the leafs
Forest Oracle: Before the waters reach for the skies the first leafs shall
Forest Oracle: *shivers again like from an unseen breeze*
Silamo: *sags somewhat and stands up, shaking his wings*

Stewan Seagull: waters reach for the sky? fog?
Stewan Seagull: could be next morning
Stewan Seagull: *shrugs*

Silamo: Balsilfer lók ver (Oracle speaks true)
Stewan Seagull: ver, an ben (true, [but] not good)
Silamo: Balsilfer lók qua balsilfer skí...
(Oracle speaks [the way) it knows
Stewan Seagull: aye, it does

Stewan Seagull: *looks over the assembly*
Stewan Seagull: do go on, make some sense of it
Silamo: Anvoldelem skí jux tim
(Unwinged know danger time/know when the danger comes?)
Stewan Seagull: he said we know the time of the danger

Stewan Seagull: It said...
Stewan Seagull: Before the waters reach for the skies the first leafs shall
Stewan Seagull: sounds like a time to me
Gwen Irima: maybe he means before fall ?

Gwen Irima: umm mister oracle... does the danger come
Gwen Irima: from the foundations or sewers of Trinsic ?
Forest Oracle: Where the roots of stone take hold the stem cannot see.

Gwen Irima: should we expect... a poisoning of thought rather then a
literal poisoning ?
Forest Oracle: As the leafs rustle in the wind, their blackening shall kill
the tree.

Silamo: Balsilfer est vasarb, balsilfer lók de vasarb *rumbles*
(Oracle is tree, it speaks like tree)
Stewan Seagull: The oracle speaks of trees
Stewan Seagull: because it is a tree
Silamo: Balsilfer lók ben
Stewan Seagull: the oracle speaks good
Silamo: Anvoldelem an kred de vasarb (Onwinged don´t think like tree)
Stewan Seagull: He says the oracle is doin its best
Stewan Seagull: we just dont get it

Stewan Seagull: don wis Silamo (Give knowldege Silamo)
Silamo: *rumbles slowly and spreads his wings*
Silamo: Balsilfer skí sol vasarb (oracle only knows trees)
Silamo: Balsilfer an skí human (it doesn´t know human)

T'lara Flower: is it going to destroy us mentally?
T'lara Flower: the elders first before the young know how to run the city?
Forest Oracle: When the leafs have fallen the stem shall lay bare and rot.

*transcript of the prophecy*
The poisoned waters flow from the seed to mix amongst the roots.
As the roots drink, the bark shall wither, while the leafs fall to the ground to grow no more.
many roots taste of the passing waters that poison the leaf.
Like the might of the storm it will pass amongst the leafs.

The marks of the bark speak of the passing of the creature.
The dead leaf marks the place where the waters turned to poison.
Where the roots will not hold to the stones, the poisoned
water shall come to
The stems speak of its passing as the wind shudders amongst
the leafs
Before the waters reach for the skies the first leafs shall die.
As the leafs rustle in the wind, their blackening shall kill the tree.
When the leafs have fallen the stem shall lay bare and rot.

Where the roots of stone take hold the stem cannot see.


Erik found the body of a dead man near my house yesterday. The man had been killed and then half buried with earth and leaves and wolves and other creatures had gnawed on it. The healers said though that it had been killed before and that it had been dead when the things had gnawed on the body, so them nay killed him.

Rest of the day was quiet and nay thing to report as far as I remember.

Today another body was found by the moongate, this time by Kai. Another male body this time of a fighter as he wore good armor and even had managed to wound his attacker as there was green blood and some green scale on his spear. This man, the healers said had been killed by something spearlike and we suspect that a lizardman killed him.

I sent out Kai and the new recruit Teriah Llandra to check the moongate and the other often visited moongates but them nay could report anything unusual, but I intend to let them also check the Ilshenar and Tokuno gates.

Else, as mentioned we have a new recruit, Teriah Llandra and I thinks he will be a fine guard and she already fights as well as I do.
I also decided it was time to promote Kai to armsman, though he is still pretty strange in his behaviour. At least he nay sleeps in the woods anymore, as Virelle managed to convince him that rooms are better to sleep in.

Michael hawk returned from his quest to the virtue shrines and retired early to write about his adventures.

Van was at the gate and quarrelled a bit with Alusair and asked me to set an appointment with his Grace.
So your Grace if you read this, the Baron of Vesper seeks an audience or just a partner to get drunk, it was hard to determine what he really wanted.

I got word from Cove that they will attack the orcs tomorrow at 8:45 and I hope that all available guards will come and kill those pesky orcs and undead. Hoagie promised a celebration afterwards with free ale and food, so if not the orcs convince you I hope the free ale will get you to the orc bashing.



Today Cove had decided to attack the orcs who had occupied parts of their town and the Duchy had agreed to help to chase the orcs away.

We all had agreed to meet at the Cove barracks and as most would use Alusairs portal and I nay wanted to, I set out ahead to reach Cove by foot.

I managed to get there in time and we all listened to a speech by the Covian Captain.

*ketch shows us at the barracks roof*

We then marched to Cove and lined up for an attack. Rumour had it that orcs had laid some traps and so we sent a scouting troop ahead, before we all attacked.

*sketch shows us before the attack*

We stormed the city and saw some of the dead bodies of the citizens the orcs had slaughtered during their occupation of the town.

*sketch shows the orcish destruction in Cove*

The orcs were surprised and had not expected an attack and were quickly killed, as we attacked with superior numbers and greater abilities.
Shortly after the Covian commander declared Cove as orc free and I hope that it will stay so forever.

*sketch shows the declaration that Cove is free*

Afterwards we decided that it was time to attack the orcish fort near Cove in full force and as we knew that we nay could clean it all free of orcs, we knew that we could teach them a lesson which would make them think twice about attacking Cove again.

We attacked them fiercly and managed to push them far back into their fort before they rallied their troops and pushed us out again.
Still the orcs lost many of their stinking kind and it will take them month and hopefully years before they dare to attack the town again.

*sketch shows the attack on the Covish orc Fort*

Afterwards we celebrated at the Covian tavern, but I also left sooner as I would head to Trinsic again on foot. On my way back a group of Brigands tried to rob me, but after hitting one on the arm and the other one in his side, they decided to run and look for easier prey.

The Covian Commander is very thank full to his Grace for the help of the Duchy and hopes to meet his Grace again to strengthen the ties between the towns.

Rest of the evening was quiet and uneventful.


*A scroll arrives for Captain Kaelyn *
[On the scroll you see japanese characters around the border, aswell as detailed drawings of cranes and cherry blossom trees.]

To the Captain of the guards of Trinsic,

My former student Kai Silverwood is I believe a
member of your guard so I am told, I am writing
to tell you that he is a fine young man
or Elf. I am hoping that some real world experience
will do him good and change some of his habits.
What is most important is that he must keep
the disaplin that he has now finally attained, and also
keep to the Samurai Code. I am making a list of the
seven virtues in the code and will provide translation
of them for you. They are;

Gi : Rectitude: Morality, Integrity
Yu: Courage: Bravery, Valor
Jin: Benevolence: Kindness, Compassion
Rei: Respect: Reverence
Makoto: Honesty: Sincerity
Meiyo: Honor, Glory: Nobility
Chugi: Loyalty: Faithfulness, Devotion, Trustworthiness

If you can see that he is in anyway failing to uphold
any of these please may you provide him a sharp
reminder, I will leave the method of the reminder to
your imagination.



Nothing to report from the last two day as everything was pretty quiet, except the occasional Ogre or Troll pestering the elven quarter.

Today I held the armor parade at the west gate and people had gathered to show off their various kinds of armors.

*sketch shows the area*

First off was Zefar showing off some elven wood armor. After him Devante showed his simple but very tough looking Armor, followed by the Vesperian Baron Van’s normal armor. Lydia Sylver with her fine Archer suit and Lady Jade with her full plate armor presented last.

His Grace, Stewan and Dawn were the jury and decided that the best looking and most functional suit was Lady Jade’s.

*sketch shows Lady Jade’s suit*

Second was because of the fine looks and perfect presentation Zefar!
*sketch shows Zefar*

Third was Van and I nay have a sketch of him handy, but he wore his black armor and his Tricorne and got either points for being a Baron, or for his piratey look.

Got a report about vines quickly growing along the walls and Stewan reported that it threatened the stability of the wall and so I ordered someone to burn the vines down and repair the wall.

*sketch shows the growing vines*

A bigger problem is the mushroom problem which destroyed part of the roof at the tower near the western bank. The planks there are rotten and partly broken through and I ordered carpenters to repair it. Them just told me though that it nay is of natural origin and them nay know why the roof rotted through so quickly.

*sketch shows the damaged roof*

Devante gave me a full armor set as a present and I have to say that it fits nicely.

Erik finished his expedition into the Ant tunnels, but nay managed to find out where to find the paste that the ants nay think of one as an enemy.