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A report in the jail of Trinsic (RP)



Town was pretty quiet as today was the quiz night in Yew with a high prize money and so most people were getting ready to head there.
I patrolled the quiet town and then ordered the paladins to watch over the town while I also would head over to Yew and see how the festival was going.

I arrived at Stonekeep just in time for the quiz and got into a group with Stewan, Gwen, Calantha and Devante to answer the questions together.

There were quite a lot of familiar faces there and among them Thaur who for once seemed sober enough. Also spotted some familiar uniforms from Cove and some other people I knew from visiting Trinsic.

As the others knew most of the questions, we managed to answer most of the questions without too much arguing.

*sketch shows the Yew Quiz event*

Later on Sylvia joined our group and helped us with the answering the rest of the thirty questions we were asked.

At one point we took a short break and a boy was admiring Lydia’s hat and I think her fine looks. Seems though the boy got later on in some troubles with some orc looking visitor, but the orc was quickly chased away and the questions continued.

After all the thirty questions were asked we had to wait for the results and most people got refreshments from a bar and relaxed.

One of the groups called ‘Three man and a bear’ from far away had bad luck and somehow managed to lose their book with their answers

Bladius Dart who had asked all the questioned returned with the answers and announced our group with a very small margin as the winners.

Only remember that we managed to get 26 out of the 30 questions and we shared the winnings.

We quickly went to the bank with the gold before the guard could remember to maybe tax us of the winnings and then returned to Trinsic.

The paladins reported that all had been quiet and that I was nay needed and could go off duty and nay interrupt they game of checkers they played at the gate.

As I was nay needed I quickly wrote the report and then headed off duty.


I added the thirty question we were asked in Yew to the report for anyone who is curious and wants a challenge.

1. Which famous LORD became Lord British's nemesis when he betrayed our fair Kingdom?
2. Name a CITY in Ilshenar beginning with the letter 'M'!
3. What is the name of the MAYOR of Luna?
4. At the "CAT'S LAIR" in Britain, how much can you expect to pay for an average bottle of wine?
5. Name a beast which resides on the fourth level of the dreaded Dungeon of Shame!
6. Name three towns or cities beginning with the letter 'M'!
7. The next question is a riddle!
There are TWO guards in front of TWO other guards.
There are TWO guards behind TWO other guards.
There are two guards beside two guards.
But how many guards are there?
8. Who was the Commander of the Royal Guard?
9 What structure is located around the south-eastern most point of Moonglow Island?
10. What is the name of the ghost thought to haunt the Britain Moongate?
11. Out of the following three, which town or towns do not have two banks?
Yew, Trinsic and Vesper?
12. In the City of Britain, what is the name of the Blacksmith shop located.
13. What object marks the centre of Sosaria?
14. Name three dungeons beginning with the letter 'D'!
15. What City is the "City of Justice"?
16. Along the same theme - What City is the "City of Honor"?
17. At the crossroads south east of here..
Which signpost points towards Britain?
The one pointing east or the one pointing south?
18. If there are three apples and you take away two, how many will you have?
19. Which six towns have public graveyards?
20. What was the name of the product of the foul Mondain and his evil lover Minax?
21. As I was marching home from war I met a man with seven *****s.
***** had seven kids, each kid had seven squid, each squid had seven legs
Legs, squid, kids, *****s - but how many men were marching on to war?
22. Where does the Commander of the Royal Guard currently live?
23. Name the author of the book 'Virtue'!
24. In which dungeon can you find a 'White Wyrm'?
25. What colour is a 'Horde Minion'?
26. What can you not hold for ten minutes, 'though it is lighter than a feather?
27. Another riddle for you all..
Listen carefully!
A man went twenty days without sleep. Yet he didn't feel the slightest bit tired.
How did he manage to do this?
28. Is the entrance to West Britain Bank big enough for two average sized adults.
To stand side by side?
30. Name two of the four memorial items located across the bridge from Blackthorn's Castle!


Today was the second day of the Yew festival and for that the Yewish guards wanted ter show their strengths and training methods.

As I was interested how they do things I told Gwen, Stewan and Herenui that Olaf would lead the training and I got changed into casual clothes and left for Yew.

Be a guardsman for a day!

Well as I was curious how they handle things I decided to give it a try and upon arriving in Stonekeep we were greeted and offered some uniforms.
Seems some others too wanted to see how tough the Yewish really are as Thaur, Gerek and even Calantha were among the recruits.

*sketch shows me and Gerek as we got asked if we would join in*

You all know the uniforms of plain ringmail and a sash and their halberds for ceremonial use. Damn armor itched like crazy and I have to make sure I nay caught any fleas or other vermin from it.

I was a bit lucky as I had arrived late and the other recruits had to run some laps around a house while I got changed.

After we had all had put on our armor we were told to stand in a line and some officer shouted at us trying to teach us some military commands. It was nay so difficult as an experienced soldier was in front of us and we just had to imitate whatever them did.

We got the welcome speech that we were to expect hardship and troubles and quickly the first recruit dropped his weapon and sneaked off to avoid to get shouted at anymore.

*sketch shows the welcome speech*

After we had mastered the basic commands and not even Thaur or Gerek could mess them up we were seperated into three groups to hunt for orcs.
Because I had drawn attention to myself for making fun of Gerek I was decided to be a group leader and as I nay wanted trouble I told them that my name was called Katrynn.

*sketch shows us as we stand together as groups*

I thought the orc fort would be an easy target and chose that, while the other two groups headed to an orcish valley and cave.
We were told that we wopuld only take over the fort for a short time and that we had to plunder as much as we could from them.

The journey was uneventful, though as I nay knew the way too well I decided to let one of the Yewish guards go ahead as scout.

As we approached the fort I gave the order to slowly advance and check out their strength. Lucky for us we surprised them and nay had too much troubles with some stragglers outside the fort.

We then decided though to storm the fort and the orcs fought lots fiercer to defend their fort, but we managed to capture it and kill most of its inhabitants and chasing off the rest.

*sketch shows the capture of the fort*

There were nay many things of value to take from the orcs and so we decided that it would be best to burn down as much as we could, which would be pretty difficult because much of it was covered in dirty mud.

We devided our forces into two groups, while some of the more experienced guards would kill off any orcish stragglers around the fort, the remaining ones would set fire to the fort.

*sketches show the fort set on fire*

*and onother sketch of it*

Our return journey back to Stonekeep was nay as peaceful as our first one, though I sent one of the experienced guards ahead to scout, he nay noticed some hidden brigands. As the bulk of our group passed them we were attacked though quickly gathering our wits and working together managed to kill them all, before anyone got serious hurt.

One of the recruits got some bruises, but the armor saved him from any more serious wounds. We took the brigands belonging as dead them nay had any use for it anyway and returned back to Stonekeep.

*sketch shows the aftermath of the brigand attack*

When we returned to Stnekeep it was already dark and the Yewish officer let us put all the loot of one group on the ground and then compared how well the group had done. Gerek made an effort to take some of the gold and run with it, but the guards managed to catch him and dragged him back though nay without some beating.

*sketch shows the recruits and soldiers getting dismissed*

After this we handed back our uniforms and were invited for free drinks at the local tavern. I entered and even gave Thaur a full pitcher of free ale, though nay ter his delight, as I emptied it over his head before I left Stonekeep and returned to Trinsic.

*sketch shows the celebration in the tavern*

So I have to say the Yewish army is very different from what I am used as guard of the Duchy. Lots more strict with commands though maybe they also need it as they move out to fight enemy armies and creatures around the lands.

They still are a very strange, superstitious, magik hating lot, but for everyone that nay wants ter think a lot and likes to plunder the army is good place to be.

When I returned to Trinsic Herenui told me that Olaf was training the local guards and other volunteers at the barracks and so I headed there to watch them. Gwen, Stewan, Devante, and Lydia were training and I joined them for their last session, earning myself some more bruises before deciding it was safer and hurt less to guard the gate for now.

Calantha visited the town, limping badly from the Yewish training where she had gotten blisters from the hard and badly fitting Yewish boots.
She said she will never again do such aa foolish thing again and hopes that she can walk without pain in a few days time and such boots would be good for torturing people anyway.

That damn Vesperian lawyer came and told me that I better pay him 1500 gold or else he would sue me. As I asked why he wanted to sue me, he said that it was for pouring ale over Thaur and that if I nay paid, he would contact the magistrate.

Naturally I refused to pay as I only did as Thaur had asked me to when he had said ‘Fetch me some ale wench’, and I just had pured the ale over his head instead handing it to him.

I hope that I can plead my case and gain the understanding of his Grace and maybe even from the Magistrate.

A man from the Britain guards named Draven Leigh visited the town and applied to the Duchy as a guard. I told him that I would look at his papers latest tomorrow and that either me or his Grace would talk with him further.
He seems to be a nice man and I think he will make a good guard.



Weather was terrible today and nay one would be crazy enough to go out in such weather and so duty started later for all of us.

When it finely eased up I went on duty and met Luid and his Grace in town, who swore Draven in and sent me then to get him new armor.

I talked to his Grace about the uniforms and suggested that we should make a short fashion show and that we are still open to suggestions.

Luid took Fenwe, Draven and Moriki on a patrol, but Fenwe sneaked off into the woods and returned before the others, claiming them left her alone in the woods and she nay even bothered to look for them.

As punishment for her disobedience I ordered her to clean the boots of the guards and she did so very reluctantly.

Every time a man appeared at the gate she ran to the person shouting man and inspecting the person. I am nay sure that she can be a good guard as she lacks discipline and the understanding to follow orders, but she could get work as scout or rat catcher.

Another recruit was sworn in then by his Grace named Carsten and I got him his new uniform and then let him get himself comfortable in town and will see him on duty soon then.

Dexius stumbles drunkenly into town and made troubles after a barman had refused to serve him. He charged into town, weapons drawn and refused to disarm and the guards and to chase him out of town.

Luid and me chased him I think even out of Duchy ground but we had to return as Luid got wounded and nay could keep up with Dexius.

An orc approached the town and demanded shinies and also threatened to attack other towns if we nay would pay. A fight started and one person was hurt before we could capture and beat up the orc.

Luid and me dragged it into the woods and bound it to a tree and I hope some wild animal eats it there.

*sketch shows the orc bound to a tree*

Stewan, Devante and Lydia returned from Yew then and told us that it nay had been too exciting, but that Thaur had got a beating from the Yewish.

Rest of my shift was quiet enough.


*Stewan’s report from Yew is added to the report*

I went to Yew today, for their third day of Celebrations.
Greeted grumpily by a rubble of guardsmen, i entered the King´s Deer to have
an Old Barley before the fun started, when a young rookie dashed in.
He went on to call us out for the games to begin, tho he was ignorant ´bout the details.

A guardsman by the name of Vance tried to order the guests into a "Celbration Line". An effort that was met with little success, as some guests still wished to know ´bout the games that were to come.

Apparently overwhelmed by our colourful garb, Vance finally continued to shout a bit a the assembly, before we were lead to a field, where the first
contest was to begin.

Vance explained the first game, which was to be a sheep-herding contest, honorin´ the financial backbone of Yew. And there are some people questionin´ the existance of any backbone there; one can always learn new things.

Divided into two teams, one of which was exclusively made up of Yewians, we set of to find sheep. Not amazingly, the local team won this round and the first points.

Next up was sheep-pen building, which again, despite our best efforts and the
indispensable help of some newcomers, again went to the team from Yew.

During this game, the lovely Lady Katherine, visitin´ from PaxOku joined our
ranks, to make herself a picture of how Celebrations are handled hereabouts.
I´m sad to say, she couldn´t have picked a worse day for it.

The third game called for some movement and area knowledge, as the sheep were now to be run to the Yew Crypts, with points awarded for gettin´ there first,
gettin´ there with sheep and gettin´ there.
Sineal Walker of the guard and his ape, that acted as sheep replacement, got there first, Lydia Sylver of Trinsic being a close second with two sheep.
I myself at least managed to arrive at the right place, last, but with my sheep intact. Sadly, some other players were lost in the northern woods.

After the teams had been newly organized we got the task to create a replica off the Unholy Shrines of the undead. Captain Dart won us some points with the addition of a portrait of a "hideous looking footwoman", which seemed to cause some amusement among the locals. My own contribution of a gingerbread man didn´t impress the jury much, tho waywatcher Tanya said they scare certain people.
I must admit the exploded graveyard the other team had produced was a bit scarier, so they earned some well-deserved points

For the final game we enterd the crypts themselves, to fend of undead hordes and find and collect hidden fake rubies. This was finally a game i didn´t to bad in myself, tho again Walker and Sylver excelled, with five "rubies" found each.

Now it was back to Stonekeep to award the prizes.
Third place went to Miss Verity Sands, Second to Miss Lydia Sylver and First to Sineal Walker. Each won a generous prize in gold.
The Barony of Cove kindly provided a drummer.



Today we had our third expedition to a haunted place in search of the lost troops of paladins.
It was decided that we would head to the cave between the towns of Minoc, Vesper and Cove called Covetous.

Dawn, Stewan, Herenui, Lydia, Streen, Devante and Brynhild got ready for the expedition and we prepared at the Trinsic west gate.

We used some magik again to get there, but this time I nay felt as ill as before, so maybe I get used ter it a little bit.

Devante decided that he would lead this expedition, though as Streen looked the toughest, I suggested that her should go ahead and we would cover him.

We entered the cave and carefully avoided the fire pits where flames shot up from the ground and reached a cavern filled with harpies.

It seems lots of unwary adventurers found their death here already as we stumbled over old bones all over the cave.
The harpies though were nay much of threat to us and we easily managed to kill them.

*sketch shows the fight against harpies*

We entered the Cave further and met some other creatures that lived there, headless and Gazers and corpsers, but had nay too much troubles with them.

We left the cave and found the corpse of some adventurer and his Spectre I think there. As nay one though knew what to do or talk to the ghost we nay could help it.

*sketch shows the restless Ghost*

We entered a second cave and encountered the same things as in the cave before at first and though we searched every nook of the cave we nay could find a sign of the paladins.

*sketch shows the many corpses and in the cave*

Deeper into the cave we came to some lake guarded by some watery elementals and also some strong spiders which had spun some of their victims alive in their cocoons.

*sketch shows the spider and the cocoons*

We encountered some stronger gazers then further in, but nay had any serious troubles killing them all and proceeding further.

We left the cave and stumbled into a small army of skeletons and had a bit difficulty fighting the all off and destroy their bones.

It seems that the liches we would later on meet in the building ahead had raised them to guard their lair.

In their lair liches and their minions attacked us but it seemed nay too bad and we let Devante lead us who assured us that all was safe and quiet.

*sketch shows us in the liches lair*

It seems this place was once a place of learning and wisdom as we found destroyed beds, libraries and even a destroyed praying room.

*sketch shows the praying room*

Deep into the dungeon then we entered the main hall and were quickly beset by liches and minions and Devante get knocked out for a short time, but nay suffered any serious injuries.

There was a throne in that room with a decayed corpse of only bones in front of it. Maybe it was the leader before the undead took over and Brynhild found a note under the throne saying3-4-1-5, but nay one has any idea what it means.

*sketch shows the throne room*

From there we went into an abandoned cave where some dragon is rumoured to live and we caught a glimpse of it before its angry snorting convinced us that it was clever to beat a hasty retreat.

*sketch shows the gigantic dragon*

Throughout the expedition we nay had found any sign of the troop of lost paladins and so we returned a bit disappointed to Trinsic.

Back in Trinsic I ordered Brynhild to hand out the new uniform to the guards and also told her to get me a set of the uniform as well.

Leisa nay liked the new uniform a lot, but Draven seemed to be comfortable with it. My uniform includes a cap and a cloak, though Stewan and some others say that such a cloak looks ridiculous on me and that I better nay should wear one.

The new iron armor is heavy and uncomfortable, but his Grace insist on it for us warriors as it provides a lot better protection.

I can hardly move in that thing and it feels mighty uncomfortable, but I hope I can get used to it in time, though I definitely need different gloves. With those platemail ones I hardly can grip my weapon and surely nay my bow, so I asked the smiths to make me some ringmail ones.
Though until I get used to the weight of the armor, chasing someone is out of the question as I am slow as a tortoise.

Lady Frances came into town and asked to become a citizen and I brought her to his Grace who talked to her and accepted her as citizen.

As the Duchy nay has decided upon a formal Duchy headwear, I asked Lady Frances to sew us some and colour them as closely as possible to the Duchy colours.

After the play tomorrow in Yew I intend to show off the different hats and then decide which one will be the ‘official’ one.



I slowly get used to the new armor and managed almost not to trip over my new cloak today. Town was quiet as most had already left for the play at yew and only Brynhilde was instructing the last paladins.

I convinced Herenui to come to Yew too and together we made our way to Stonekeep and to the place where the play would be staged.

It was a wide open place with benches arranged and a nice view at the stage.

The first play was a story about how the Yewish garisson had been founded, from the first dangers in the woods against bands of orcs and murderers roaming the streets.

*sketch shows the beginning of he play*

Afterwards the guests were invited to enter the stage and also entertain the guests with their stories, jokes and other form of entertainment.

Gwen told her story about the boy that never misses and some Yewish guardsmen told some jokes. One man told about his first adventures in this land and another man in a purple dress with antlers on his head just tried to be funny.

*sketch shows Gwen telling her story*

I told my short story about not to be too greedy and I think we had a fine evening.
It was a close call in the end who would receive the first prize for the most entertaining story or performance, but Gwen managed to get the most supporters for her story and won the contest.

The guards were nay ter happy about that, but nay could do anything about it, except glare and curse a bit.

*sketch shows Gwen accepting the prize*

I was surprised to also see Lord Edmund from the Britannian guards there and Lord Isidore invited Lord Edmund to talk at the Rose about working closer together again.

Some brigands were sneaking around the Rose and stole a horse before we chased them away.

I showed the people at the Rose a variety of hats the guards could wear but most of them nay found their liking.

So it seems we stay with bandannas and the sergeants can chose to either wear a cap like me or a jester hat.
I also consider letting the recruits and Brynhild wear a jester hat as them nay can get lost as easily, but when I proposed that, Carsten threw the hat into the fire.

Carsten got drunk at the Rose and started to ask the Mongbat statue for dance before in the end falling drunkenly asleep at the bar.



Today there was a fancy dress contest in Yew and I decided that would be a good occasion to check if the guards could be creative and work up a disguise for themselves.

Brynhild volunteered to stay in Trinsic and guard while Carsten, Herenui, me and Frances headed off to Yew.

*sketch shows the fancy dress party*

I decided to take something simple and wore clothes of a simple fishwife, while Herenui decided to go as Yewish recruit. Frances nay wore a costume, while Carsten went as Yewish farmer.

Place was quite busy and refreshments were free and we enjoyed some shooting at the mongbat and some jokes that were told throughout the party.

Later on the guards had a box smashing contest where the one that managed to smash a set of boxes right a prize.

Afterwards the winners were decided and Calantha in her sneaking costume won third prize, while a bear woman became second. First prize went to a halfling Amazon woman and last prize for the ‘worst’ dressed to moradin.

*sketch shows the winner*

Returned to Trinsic then and found Brynhild admiring her darling Corwin and missed seeing us at all.

For her neglect of duty I decided that she needs to wear a jester hat until the end of duty and grudgingly she obliged.

*Sketch shows Brynhild with a jester cap*

Lucky for her I decided then tat she could go off duty and spend all her attention to her love.

The guild of beggars looked me up about permits to wear their faces hidden in town and because of their physical deformities I wrote them permits.
They have to show them when they are asked to and if any one of them makes trouble all permits will


*copies of permits are added to the report*

A permit

Permit one for the guild of Beggars due to bodily disfigurement.

Valid for Le Pear

This permit allows the wearer to keep their face and body covered, but they have to show their permit to any guard upon being asked to.

Kaelyn, Captain of the Duchy Guards

A permit

Permit two for the guild of Beggars due to bodily disfigurement.

Valid for Scrumpy Jack

This permit allows the wearer to keep their face and body covered, but they have to show their permit to any guard upon being asked to.

Kaelyn, Captain of the Duchy Guard

A permit

Permit three for the guild of Beggars due to bodily disfigurement.

Valid for Typhoid Mary

This permit allows the wearer to keep their face and body covered, but they have to show their permit to any guard upon being asked to.

Kaelyn, Captain of the Duchy Guard


Had nay finished yesterday’s report and so when I got on duty I allowed Brynhild and the other guards to go to Yew while I would finish the report.

Herenui ran into the office a little while later shouting something about invasion and pointed to the western bank.
We hurried out and found a group of strange looking creatures grazing on the meadow in town.

*sketch shows the strange creatures*

A little later we found out how these creatures had appeared in town as some magician appeared in town with some of these creatures in tow.
We approached her carefully and asked her about her intentions and were relieved to learn that she just wanted to leave them in town so citizens could herd them and use their hides and meat for food.

I asked her to rather release them just outside town and she said that she would consider it and left again.

I headed then to yew and found that most people were watching the tournament ring where some people could fights.

*sketch shows the market*

The fights were mostly over as I had arrived a little late, but still attracted quite a crowd.

*sketch shows the pit*

The main ceremony then was ready and the guardsmen lined up and got their speech and as bonus they all got some extra money and a purple ribbon.

*sketch shows the ceremony*

After the ceremony we returned to Trinsic and found the town safe and someone seems to have taken care of the horned creatures as them were gone from the banking area and nay anywhere else in town.

Got a report about strange happenings at Magincia and the Magicians report that the Moongate to Magincia also nay works anymore.

To help transport Magincia and Trinsic agreed to make a ferry service from their docks, transporting troops and goods for the meantime for free.

Luid and me checked Magincia town then and found it quiet and the people seemed to be spooked, but nay anything dangerous and so we returned.

Leisa started some troubles with a man from Cove and provoked him until he accepted her challenge for a duel and beat the poor man up.
He nay was seriously hurt, but left the town seemingly cursing at Leisa who looked smug until I asked Draven to spar with her and she had to run from him to get beat up.



Town was fine and no new reports from Magincia yet and so I went to the Rose and sipped some tea and listened in on the conversations there.

Returned for guard duty later on and was a bit too late to save a pack horse from an attacking troll near the woods, but at least we got the troll.

Goober was found wounded at the moongate and a woman brought him to the healers and then informed us.
He is nay seriously injured and only remembers that he was looking for some ink and the next thing he remembers is that he woke at the moongate.
He has V shaped burn mark on his right arm, but nay remembers any Vesperian.

As some Yewians had ridden through town they also could have done that to lead us on a false trail.

I hope Goober remembers more after some rest and can hint us then who did that to him.



Today as Olaf was called off for some important duty, I decided to try to lead the training myself and set it up a little later as originally planned at the barracks.

Faxon Fearhall came to town and handed in his application and after his Grace had talked to him accepted him as recruit into the Duchy and he participated in our training.

Isidore, Gwen, Meygan, Faxon, Francis, Draven and me went to the barracks for training.
Francis wanted some special knife training and Draven and me showed her some tricks and Draven later on let her train with a sword on a training dummy.

I also let Gwen and Isidore fight against me and later on Draven so the get some practice working together and they did very well.

Afterwards we tried a game of Kaldorian bag ball or what others call rough bagball, where one group has to drag the ball over a goal line to score a point and can beat up the opposing team while doing so.
My team lost three to one, but it was quite fun and we should do some more of similar things.

Returned to the west gate for duty and saw some old faces again like Yukiko and Dawn who got their new armors. Also Sir Orson wore his new uniform the first time and one could see that he feels uncomfortable, though he looks younger in it.

Reina talked to his Grace about some work as a scout and I think we might have some work for her

Rest of my duty was quiet and except Dirk being a bit annoying it remained quiet.


*a poster is added to the report*

Fourth Trinsic Archery contest!

Consider yourself adept with a bow?
Know what an archery butte is?

Then come to the Trinsic Archery festival and show us your skills with a bow.

Before the contestants start they have to tell me what they think they will score in the 10 shots they fire at the buttes.
The contestants will fire 10 shots at an archery butte and the score will be added.
Only non magical bows are allowed and no magic jewellery or quivers or special trick arrows.

The one with the highest score will get a prize.
Also the one with the smallest difference of announced and shot score will win a prize.

The contest will be on Thursday the 24th October after the relay racing which starts at 9 UK time (22 cet) at the Trinsic training grounds, which are in the northern part of the town in Trinsic Trammel.



Was preparing everything for he archery tournament and so got a bit late for my normal guard duties.
Left some paladins at the gate while we went off to the training grounds where the tournament was to be held.

I let the people train a bit before starting the competition, so they could get a feel for the tournament.

Then I started and the competition started and you can see the results in the following sheet.

4th Trinsic Archery Contest score said difference
Declan O'Connor 430 400 30
Stewan Seagull 102 75 27
Le pear 130 109 21
Gwen Irima 390 420 30
Brynhild 48 60 12
Seth 480 450 30
Camarillon 215 250 35
Scrumpy 80 500 420
Corwin 102 55 47
King Crimson 300 500 200
Reina 175 170 5

So winner for the highest score is Seth with a score of 480 points and he got a special bow and the prize money of 10.000 gold.

The winner for the best judge of their own skill war Reina with a difference of only five points and she also won a special bow and 10.000 coins.

*sketch shows presenting of the winners*

Went back to the gate and found a dismembered corpse from Mur again and brought it to the healers.

His Grace had arrived in the meantime and was talking to some new citizens and also gave Reina work as a scout.

I showed his Grace the report I had got from some spy in Magincia and he said that we should keep that matter under supervision and question travellers, but we nay should go patrolling there until asked from Magincia officials.

Had some strange visitors in town, but nay troubles on my shift until I went off duty.


A report from Magincia

As I was asked by the council I infiltrated Magincia about a week ago when the troubles started with the Moongate. At first everything seemed normal and everyone went about their business, but when I looked closer I could sense nervousness all around.
It took me two days of hanging in taverns and handing out drinks and small bribes to learn that there seems to be a group or cult operating in town.

This cult calls itself the ‘D’Relvinian’ and at first it seems only some pets have gone missing, but for a few days now also some persons have gone missing and some report about strange rituals in the jungle, but nay one knows more.

Rumours say they try to rise some old evil from the ground, but I will try to find out more and send it in the next report.

Calin Horgh


We decided to venture on another expedition to look for the lost troop of paladins who went missing years ago.

I got into town and noticed some goats inside the jail and as I saw that Brynhild had talked with someone before there, I questioned her why heard goat sounds from the jail.

She claimed that the man called Jake had probably lost them and I ordered her that after the expedition she would have to clean the jail.
I also told the man that next time he lost some goats in town, we would get them to the butchers and kill them there.

We gathered again at the west gate and this time we decided to go to some place the others called Shame of Sosaria.
A magician opened a portal, but something went wrong and half of us landed in front of the cave, while the other half was transported a bit inside.

I was in the group that was transported outside and as someone said the others might be inside, we decided to head in the hope to meet them.
Some earthen things attacked us inside the cave but were nay too hard to destroy and we proceeded quickly deeper

Luckily them others nay were too far inside and we met up after a short time and after forming up we continued to explore the cave.

*sketch shows as the groups meet in the cave again*

Deeper inside some water squid creature attacked us and almost dragged me into the water before we all together managed to kill it.
Stewan cut off some meat and later on when we took a break he cooked some of it, though it tasted terrible.

*sketch shows the dead squid*

We continued deeper and were attacked by some other, harder mud creatures and also sea serpents from the water, but one of the elves knew a spell to calm them and gave us a chance to kill them without any losses.

*sketch shows the mud creatures and sea serpents corpses*

Found the corpse of a deceased mage inside and said a prayer for him in the hope he nay comes back as one of those terrible liches.
He had some scroll on him, but was too busy to see what it says and will see if I can read it when I got a moment quiet.

*sketch shows the dead mage corpse*

Deep inside the place we found a ruined tower full of crazy mages who attacked us when we got closer. They threw dangerous magik at us, though as we stayed together and watched each others back we managed to enter the tower and kill the mages.
I found some strange potion inside and decided to take it with me so it can be examined later on by someone who knows about it.

One of the elves got wounded by some mage and so we took some rest where Stewan cooked until the elf felt strong enough to continue

*picture shows Stewan cooking*

After the elf felt better we continued slowly and together managed to kill every monster that attacked us, but nay found any signs of the lost paladins.

Finally at some nook Stewan stumbled over a corpse and recognised the armor on it. It was one of the paladins, but most of the armor had been destroyed when the paladin had been killed. We searched the body but nay could find more hints where the rest of the troops had disappeared, as we all agreed that them nay all had died here.

*sketch shows the body of the paladin*

After finding it in the deepest part we decided that it was time to return and headed back up to the exit.
I found some strange switch in one of the upper levels and ordered Draven to test what it does. He pulled the lever, but we nay could see any differences and carefully proceeded out of the cave.

*sketch shows Draven pulling the lever*

We managed to reach the exit then without any incident and the others decided to return to Trinsic using magik, but as I trust it now even less than before I decided to head back using the ant tunnels and my speed.

Took me some time to return and I felt tired, only to get informed that brigands had attacked Gwen in town and were still in the vicinity of the town.

Together the remaining guards and me chased off the brigands, though I wonder if their real intentions had been to rob us of the riches we had found in the cave.

Calantha approached me and told me that she wanted to be a Duchy guard and after talking a bit with her I swore her in and sent her with Draven on a patrol.

I also finally promoted recruit Moriki to armsman Moriki and hope that he will be more regular on duty and nay always off on some family matters.



Was tired and sore from yesterday’s expedition, but as there was to be a festival later on in the elven quarter I met the jester Rah’njar and asked him if he had some hard riddles for a scavenger hunt.

He was nice enough to help me with some and so prepared I headed to elven quarter for the festival.

The market was open and people were enjoying the free food and drinks Gwen had provided and I think the Duchy nay has yet paid.

*sketch shows the market*

Gwen and Draven had also arranged for a bagball field where they held some games of bagball. First game was a round of rough bagball where hitting your opponent is allowed and the second game was a common bagball game with an elven team against visitors from Yew.

*sketch shows the rough bagball game*

After the bagball event I handed out the riddles for the scavenger hunt and let the people organise in two man teams. I gave them thirty minutes to solve them and fetch the items, though the only one really arriving in time were Stewan and Dalamar and the elf Haila.
Stewan and Dalamar had first seven and after some more guessing eight of the riddles right and won first prize. Haila had alone five right, interestingly some the other teams nay had and won second place.

I read the riddles aloud in the tavern and told them the solution then too and will include the riddles in my report then too.

Afterwards Gwen did a darts contest, where the one that managed to hit the Mongbat statue, but with the lowest score would be the winner.
As prize she had a box where each could pick something they wanted and as I nay wanted to miss on purpose I gave my best and scored over one hundred and thirty points in ten throws and got highest score.

*sketch shows the archery contest*

I got to pick at last, but found a nice toy boat I think Zefar nay has and may like.

After the autumn festival was over I returned to town and Artemis Scipio approached me and applied as Duchy guard. After looking over his application and talking to him, I accepted him as recruit and got him his armor and introduced him to the other guards.

Stewan reported later on that in north Paws bog creatures run rampant again and on the next opportunity we will have a patrol there, killing as many of those things as we can find.

Rest of my duty was rather quiet, except Alias making smaller troubles accusing a man of slavery without bringing any proof, except saying he smells of it.

Draven took over when I went off duty and I have to remember to give him more time off.


*added to the report are the riddles of the scavenger hunt*

It goes through an apple,
It points out the way,
It fits in a bow,
Then a target, to stay.

When young, I am sweet in the sun.
When middle-aged, I make you gay.
When old, I am valued more than ever.
What am I?

Weight in my belly,
Trees on my back,
Nails in my ribs,
Feet I do lack.

Three lives have I.
Gentle enough to soothe the skin,
Light enough to caress the sky,
Hard enough to crack rocks.

What force and strength cannot get through,
I with a gentle touch can do
And many in the street would stand,
were I not a friend at hand.

Without a voice I speak to you
Yet no words spoken I shall heed
Unless my brother made your pocket bleed

I build up castles.
I tear down mountains.
I make some men blind,
I help others to see.
What am I?

Alive without breath,
as cold as death,
never thirsty,
ever drinking,
when tired, never winking.
What is it?

I am one simple word, but I mean different thing
One of my meanings brings great forceful swings
The other of me, may have curve, like the first.
But only one meaning can help quench a thirst.
One of my meanings will often bring cheers.
Either of them could hold a few beers.

Buckets, barrels, baskets, cans,
What must you fill with empty hands?


Slept long and well and got rested to late night duty and found Brynhild, Reina and Trevor on Duty.

Brynhild reported that some Brigands had been arrested and put on stocks and that Reina had got hurt trying to follow two brigands into the woods.

I talked to Reina and reminded her that she is a scout and nay a guard and that she only needs to fight to save someone and nay should take unnecessary risks.

I sent Trevor and Calanatha with Scipio on a patrol to the elven quarter and they returned with a gargoyle who wants us to help their race it seems.

It asked for a wise one and Streen tried to talk with it, but it seemed more interested to talk to his Grace.

*sketch shows the gargoyle at the gate*

It talked in gargoylish about some magik place and we thought it meant Moonglow lyceum and brought it there.

Nay found someone knowing gargoyle there, but found a good book with translations and managed to talk a little.

It seems there is some evil book with demon things lost out here and the gargoyles look for it. Nay one knows where it is now and who has it and I had to go to the toilet and when I returned I was told his Grace and Stewan had left through the back door

*sketch shows us at the lyceum*

Goober remembered the face of the person who attacked him at the gate. Slight female and nay thing else.

Some people refused to show their faces and we had a short fight and warned them off, before agreeing that they would follow the falls from now on.

Lance Sanders announced that he will stay in Trinsic and I agreed as long as he nay does any troubles.


*report of Reina is added to the report*


Yesterday was my day off and when I got today on duty I got a short report about some gargoyle needed help rescuing some other gargoyle.

His Grace, the guards and lots of others rescued a Gargoyle only to learn that it nay knew anything of the book them were looking for.

Town was quiet as all had gone to the Halloween party and after I had finished up some paperwork I headed there myself.

I heard it had been a close contest between someone from Yew and someone from Trinsic for the beset costume and Walker from Yew won while Herenui got second.

*sketch shows the best costumes standing in a line*

Afterwards there was more eating and drinking and some of the others went outside to spend their energies brawling.

*sketch shows the brawling*

Had to finish some more paperwork and went to the jail when I heard some brawling and informed the guard about it.

They brought two wounded men with them, who claimed that Thaur had tried to rob them and beat them up. Thaur himself showed, but before he stated anything ran off outside of town.

I somehow doubt he did attack the two, but his running nay supports his innocence theory.

Town was quiet and I left a bit earlier to get some rest.



Met the Britannian guards when I got on duty who wanted to talk with his Grace, who was to be expected to arrive soon.

*sketch shows the meeting with Lord Edmund*

His Grace arrived later on and ordered me to get the guards and interested citizens ready for a training and so we went back to the training grounds.

I set the trainees into two groups and as luck wanted it the purple team was the women’s team and the green tea, the men.

Too make it short the purple team won the two rough bagball matches we tried and left the green team with lots of bruises.

After the training I talked with Lord Irvyn and Lord Edmund and was informed that we are on sort of friendly terms with them, but them are nay allowed ter openly bear arms or do guard duties in Trinsic.
I also got informed that for now they will occupy the for now empty Kaldorian embassy.

Goober informed me that Magincia was under attack from demons who arriving out of the broken moongate which nay seems to be able to be blocked. I sent a patrol to investigate, but it reported that the demon horde for now is under control and only small damage has been made at the buildings.

Magincia has now called all troops for help and I saw soldiers from all over the lands defending the town.
*sketch shows the troops guarding the magik gate*

I was patrolling the town when I was ambushed and wounded by an orc which shouted ‘death to humans’ and ‘let the demons purge this town’.
It seems they are on the side of the demons and trying to destroy the town.

Was brought to the healers in Trinsic and could left for home after getting my wounds treated.

*note is added to the report*


Due to the invasion of Magincia the Duchy of Trinsic will allow all troops on their way to Magincia free passage.
Also the Duchy of Trinsic will send troops and provision to aid Magincia in their fight against this evil.
The Duchy will provide shelter for people fleeing the town and will send healers to Magincia and try to set up a healing station at the docks.

Kaelyn, Captain of the Duchy of Trinsic

*a note is added to the report*

Defence of Magincia

Baron Edmund
of the Britannia Guards
will be leading a defence force
against the daemon hordes
that are reported
to be invading Magincia.

He has been assigned
the guardhouse at the south gate
for his use during this time.

Duchy Guards please note:
uniform restrictions will be lifted
should you wish to assist with
the defence.*

Irvyn Middlethorn
Duke of Trinsic

The personal seal of the Duke of Trinsic:
An eagle flying, holding the branch of a thornbush in its claws; surrounding are the words "Mine honour is my life; both grow in one; take honour from me, and my life is done."

*A message is left for the Captain in the barracks*

*A sealed missive is left in the barracks along the side, it reads. "To Captain Kealyn."
You notice that the wax seal that keeps it sealed has be etched with that of a broken arrow with a hawk flying above. When the seal is broken the message reads...*

To Captain Kealyn,
I leave this message to you to say that I have thought long and hard and have decided to goto the Ninja Dojo back in the Tokunese Empire. I have come here to meditate and improve my skills in all areas so that I may become a worthy member of the Duchy Military. In the short time that I have resided in Trinsic, then to become a member of the Duchy Military, I have come to think of all the guards and some of the citizens has a Family Clan. Being Tokunese born and raised to see outsiders that one holds closer in the heart then that of the Blood relatives and that of the Clan is unheard of, but that is where you and the rest are in my heart. The temple rules are that the face be covered at all times and spoken word is forbidden except those of the worthy and legendary. So I fear not for my safety hear, since the way I talk will give me away. I should be back to duty in roughly a week maybe more, when I return I would like to think of myself more worth to the Duchy then present, also more worthy to the honor that has been showed to me, also the love and care.

*Signed in japanese style characters "Reina, Scout of the Duchy of Trinsic"
Underneath is the translation in commen."

*copy of a permit is added to the report*

A permit

Permit four for the guild of Beggars due to bodily disfigurement.

Valid for Xorartep

This permit allows the wearer to keep their face and body covered, but they have to show their permit to any guard upon being asked to.

Kaelyn, Captain of the Duchy Guard


As the attack on Magincia seemed to be well under control with so many forces guarding there it was decided to visit the Yew festival for some time and enjoy the distraction before more fighting.

I got a costume as a red witch and headed to Yew to find the market fairly busy and some of the more brawling people had set up a brawling ring again.

*sketch shows the market*

Gwen had come costumed as a savage and Herenui had put on a dark assassin suit. Stewan and Artemis had changed their outfits and came as their counterparts.

We all had to line up and say what we were costumed at and nay threatening to bewitch them helped to make me the winner.
Gwen won the first prize and when a templar of Yew heard about it them wanted to arrest her.

*sketch shows Gwen winning the fancy dress contest*

I managed to distract him by insulting him and we got off with a fine and beat a hasty retreat before we all would get arrested.

I went on a patrol to Magincia and though bigger waves of demons came through the gates the voluntary fighters and militias had all well under control. I helped a bit though as I saw that my help was any needed I returned to the gate.

Zefar was there and as I had got a new toy boat for him I gave it to him and we all played a bit pirates and merchants together at the Trinsic west gate. Captain Zefar managed to sink several sea monsters and returned home with a boat full of booty.

*sketch shows the boats*

I went later on to Magincia again and more demons had spawned and I helped holding the lines against them until late into the night and nay even managed to return home and slept in the nearest Inn at the docks in Trinsic.



As the attack on Magincia seemed to be well under control with so many forces guarding there it was decided to visit the Yew festival for some time and enjoy the distraction before more fighting.

I got a costume as a red witch and headed to Yew to find the market fairly busy and some of the more brawling people had set up a brawling ring again.

*sketch shows the market*

Gwen had come costumed as a savage and Herenui had put on a dark assassin suit. Stewan and Artemis had changed their outfits and came as their counterparts.

We all had to line up and say what we were costumed at and nay threatening to bewitch them helped to make me the winner.
Gwen won the first prize and when a templar of Yew heard about it them wanted to arrest her.

*sketch shows Gwen winning the fancy dress contest*

I managed to distract him by insulting him and we got off with a fine and beat a hasty retreat before we all would get arrested.

I went on a patrol to Magincia and though bigger waves of demons came through the gates the voluntary fighters and militias had all well under control. I helped a bit though as I saw that my help was any needed I returned to the gate.

Zefar was there and as I had got a new toy boat for him I gave it to him and we all played a bit pirates and merchants together at the Trinsic west gate. Captain Zefar managed to sink several sea monsters and returned home with a boat full of booty.

*sketch shows the boats*

I went later on to Magincia again and more demons had spawned and I helped holding the lines against them until late into the night and nay even managed to return home and slept in the nearest Inn at the docks in Trinsic.


Town was fine and I saw more and more troops arriving, coming in the defense of Magincia, among them several Yewians and militia from Cove.

Town was fairly busy with people coming and going, but with all the excitement about the invasion and potential plundering there were nay troubles in town.

Found some posters the drow had put up, stating they can save Magincia, but I think nay one will believe it anyway and ordered the guards to tear them all down.

Zefar wanted to see the town and Is sent Artemis and Herenui with him to keep him safe.

Artemis reported that he town was under heavy attacks from the demon horde and that support was needed.

I put together a patrol among them Goober and Zefar as healers and headed to the docks and took the ferry to Magincia.

At first it all looked like we could handle it and only sometimes when some demons attacked near the docks, were we in danger of getting thrown off the island.

But later on more and more strong demons gathered together and attacked at the docks making the healing of the wounded people and animals impossible.

Also the fighting at the docks damaged them and if that continues we nay will have a place where we can land.

At one point we lost the docks to the attacking demons and it took a desperate attack to regain and keep the docks.

Lord Ikus joined the attack and was quite brave, though at the first smaller fight he was knocked over the head and from then on decided to stay rather safe.

I must recommend Zefar’s, Artemis’, Kendras’, Goober’s and some others I forgot in all the fighting, bravery. The held their posts and defended the town even against great odds, though Artemis needs to learn nay to swing at everything that moves as he almost hit me a few times.

Must say the Yewish force seemed to hold their own for some time well enough, but also retreated battered up later on.

I am glad to report that we had nay troubles with others and had some good support from the Covian side and sometimes even from the Yewish one.

The fore and undead damage to the town is nay too great yet, though some parts of the roofs have collapsed, but nay one was injured. The forest near the moongate looks worse, but then plants can easily regrow after we have defeated those things.

My advice to the defenders would be to keep the fight as long as possible away from the docks and healing station and defend them as best as possible, as most of our reinforcements arrive from there.

If the docks continue to be under such heavy attack, it may be advisable to move the healing station somewhere else.

I am too bruised to add any sketches and hope I get the smell of burnt things ever out of my things.


*A copyof poster is added to the report*

* It is written in both Drow and commom*

Puny, feeble humans. Read this and take note.

You thought things were bad when the Ophidians invaded. Ha! That was nothing! The invasion of the place called Magincia is just the beginning . Trinsic and the other places will soon follow. You are all doomed!

You think the daemons who invade Magincia are the worst you have seen? Ha! They are but the vanguard. This is the Divine Mother Lloths doing! It is she who has unleashed the force that is now upon you!

You have but one chance. Give up your futile adherence to this belief in virtue. Bow to Lloth, Queen of the Abyss and save yourselves. Otherwise Magincia will be reduced to rubble!

Vierna Hun’ett


I was so bruised from the last patrol to Magincia that I was glad when Sir Edmund nay ordered us all again and I could take a day off and rest and sent some other guards to help in the defense of Magincia.

Was still a bit stiff but could move again and found the Trinsic gate and town safe and well guarded by paladins.

Docks were very busy though with people setting over to Magincia and so I left a poster at the gate telling the that all guards any on duty to guard Trinsic, should come to Magincia and help in the defense.

I got fresh resources and set over then to Magincia and we found a working and very well equipped healing camp at the docks.

The troops in town seemed to have everything well under control and though the station was busy it was nay under any serious danger.

More guards and other allies arrived and slowly we managed to drive the invaders back to the moongate.

I sent Brynhild and trainer Streen to scout the town and look for a second base where we could start a second healing center.
They returned after some time telling me that had found an interesting object and that after securing it, it would be good as base.

They led me to it and I was doubtful as it is very exposed, but we set it up and got it running.

*sketch shows the setup of the second base*

It all went well at the start but we it is so exposed some demons spotted us and attacked us and after the third or fourth attack they managed set half of it on fire and we had to accept that it was nay as safe as we had thought it to be.

As the fire had damaged some of it we decided to use a side of a building as shelter and put it up a little more to the west.

It was nay safe there either but together we managed to keep it fairly safe and even as a demon horde broke free from the moongate we managed to keep them at bay and heal and support people that came for help.

*the sketch shows some of the mayhem that happened*

We held out quite long, but as the shifts of my guards finished and the demons still attacked relentlessly I decided to fall back to the first point.

For his brave fighting this weeks in Magincia I also decided to promote Artemis Scipio to Armsman.

*sketch shows the first healing point at the docks*

At the beginning it was nay so dangerous, but more and more of the father demons came from the gate, attacking people and we were almost thrown out of Magincia and only due to some brave people like Sir Brimstone and some others.

Sir Alrik and Lady Faenwen led the healing at the docks then, healing and caring for the defending forces of Magincia for many hours.
They had some reagents for the mages, bandages, scrolls, potions and other useful stuff for the defenders and it showed as we managed to slowly regain control over the town again.

One fighter told us that one of the berserker demons was attacking the father demons and so we all got some rest and managed to let those demons fight it out while we could regather our strength.

I managed to leave Magincia this time with lots less bruises, though it seems this fight is far from over until we know how to close this damned gate where those demons spawn.



Another glorious day in the pay of the Duchy and I was ordered again to the defense of Magincia and ordered all Guards who nay had to be on duty guarding the town to join me.

As none though was on duty yet and the paladins guarded the town I left the order with them and headed after restocking my supplies to Magincia.

I found that Alrik and Faenwen had built another healing station at the docks again and were handling everything perfectly.

*sketch shows the well prepared healing station at the docks*

The demons still tried to invade the town, but the defenders had set up a good defense and kept most of the attacking horde in the woods, cutting them down there one by one.

We were hit by a strong effort of some mighty demons and them broke our ranks and managed to get into town, setting fire to some buildings.

*sketch shows a burning building*

With great difficulty we managed to drive the demons back and extinguish the flames, but some buildings have been damaged seriously due to these attacks.

The fight wore of for a long time and at one point we almost lost the docks to those creatures before we managed to throw them back to the gates.

We had a lot of breathing space then though and as the fight seemed to be more concentrated to the north, Goober decided to open another healing station farther north in an abandoned building north of the mining guild.

*sketch shows the furthermost healing station under fire*

It was quite dangerous and busy there and often enough we were in big trouble and in the end when our troops were tired and worn out we retreated with our healing station back to the docks.

We had that station well defended and helped lots of people until I was so tired I could hardly stand anymore and had to rest.

The people of all over the lands all do their best to keep those demons under control and drive them out of Magincia.

When I returned to town I skimmed over the reports from the paladins and found everything in order and nay thing had happened in Trinsic.

It seems the criminals know that Magincia provides better opportunities to make gold than any robbery.



The paladins had everything under control and people were still coming in the defense of Magincia and the Inns and Taverns reported that all rooms were booked out.

I went for a drink to the Rose before I checked upon the Magincia situation again and found the healing station active and busy again, though it seemed the defenders had everything under control.

Ataman and me ventured into town and found a demon who proved again that magik is dangerous and can lead to serious accidents.
It seems it tried to teleport inter town and the spell got wrong and it got stuck in the ground unable to move.

*sketch shows the demon in the ground*

It seems that in one attack wave some demons managed to get to the bank and killed one banker there, but the other one locked himself in the back room and survived the attack.
I doubt another banker will be brave enough to do duty there, but Rudyard said that he would hold out as long as he could and manage the bank’s affairs.

It still seems that the defenders have the invading forces under control and except of some smaller skirmishes near the docks it remained fairly quiet.

*sketch shows us hard at work*

As everything was well under control I retired a bit earlier and left the town in the safe hands of the other defenders.



Training today, though as I was a bit behind with paperwork I only trained a little and got some additional bruises to the ones I had got from the fighting in Magincia.

Managed though to excuse myself from most of the training and filing some restocking orders to the armory.

After the training we went to check on Magincia and Goober had bravely manned the healing station with Faenwen and kept the defenders in good health.

It seems there were less defenders today, but the invasion force was also nay as strong as in the former days and we had it with some clever fighting well under control.

Most people have heard that the demon berserkers will attack even their own forces if they nay see any other opponents and used this to let the demons kill themselves.

We had the usual demons forcing us back to the docks for a short time, but with our experience now managed to recover pretty quickly again.

I think some new resources are needed these days for the healing station and we definitely need someone who examines the moongate and finds a way how to close it.



We got ordered to support the Magincian defence with as many people as possible again and it seems that it shows an effect, as the demons hardly broke free from the woods these days.

Brynhild and some others had set up the healing station and seemed more bored than busy. Corwin also visited a little later on and joined the battle eagerly, as I think he nay had had a decent fight for months.

Brynhild was nay too happy about it and I think she would have preferred something safer to spend their time together.

*sketch shows the healing station*

The troops managed to keep the town fairly safe, though you could notice that many fighters show signs of fatigue from fighting these demons day after day and we urgently need to search for a way to close the corrupted moon gate.



I got good news when I got on duty today as the eagerly awaited troops from Britain under Commander Falcon finally arrived in Magincia.

Not only did we get fresh troops but they also brought heavy artillery to defend the docks properly.

Commander Falcon set up the cannons at the docks and ordered the erection of barricades to defend the docks better.
Blocks were set up at the side streets and in the houses so no one can pass through there and also a large palisade on the main street with small gaps to make it easier defendable against the invasion forces.

*sketch shows the barricades locking off the side streets*

*the next sketch shows the main palisades on the main street*

He also set up a healer camp at the docks, with some beds to treat the seriously wounded. The lazaret at the docks is guarded by cannons and the Commander’s best guards, though once or twice some demons managed to break through wreaking havoc at the docks.

*sketch shows the healing station at the docks*

Still the situation at the docks is deemed so safe that the royal bank offices opened a new service at the docks, accepting all banking business there.
The banker was seemingly unimpressed though remains of some poor soul who had fallen victim to a demon were covering the docks.

*sketch shows the new banking office at the docks*

With these new barricades it is easier to defend the docks from the invading demons and we also gained a very secure base to regather our strength to fend off this demon horde.

As the docks were secure we set up our base further in town to help the lighter wounded on the field and though occasionally we had to fight the demons off, we managed to hold our positions.

*sketch shows our advanced healing post*

We held it until the fighting got slower and as we were all exhausted we decided to break this camp up and let the healers at the docks take over and to return later on, helping our forces to regain control over that corrupted moongate.


*a copy of a report of Commander Falcon is added to the report*


With the reinforcements in Magincia I took some time off and went to the Rose for some catching and relaxing, before then heading off to the fight.

As expected with the reinforcements the defenders had everything well under control. Brynhild and Faenwen had set up the healing camp closer to the front and when the demon pushed hard we had decent business, else it was rather quiet.

As Ataman Carsten has proven himself as a decent fighter in Magincia, I decided that it was time to promote him to Armsman.

As also Rudyard the banker still does his duty in the bank, I decided that I could pay the guards wages in town.

All in all the reinforcements from Britain in Magincia have helped us to mostly gain control in the town. Now we just need to find a way to close the corrupted moongate, but for now nay one of the clever people has come forth with an usable idea.

I nay have found any volunteer who would detonate a few kegs explosives at the gate, but then some magician had told me that it nay would help, as the game is of mystical nature an’ nay explosion could destroy it.

So until we have any plan we only can fight back those demons and hope someone has an idea how to stop them.



Got a key from Lord Fargo for Lady Jade Bastet, though nay idea where I can find it or what it is for.

Town was busy but quiet and the paladins had all well under control and we had set up another healing station in town and had it a lot easier as the engineers from Britain managed to finish another set of palisades to the east, hindering the demons advance into town.

With that we tried to push them back to the moongate, but were met with wave after wave of demons and in the end were thrown back to out barricades.

The town though is safer than ever and as the Shadowcourt volunteered to hold the east side and with the guards and help from all over the lands keeping the demons west in check we are well set.

Also many people appreciate our efforts at keeping them healthy and supplied and donated gold and things they got off the demons for us to buy new supplies for the coming days.

Lady Kasheira and others were very generous and I want to thank her and all the others for also supporting us, as we try to support them.

Nay news yet about how the corrupted moongate can be closed and so we can only do our best to hold out until someone finds a way to close it.



Trinsic is pretty quiet these days as all forces concentrate on Magincia and as there is also the best loot for criminals I am sure most towns are fairly safe these days.

Magincia itself is holding out better than expected, so well that the royal archers were called back to deal with another crisis.

Brynhild and the other guards had set up a great healing center in town and helped holding the defence line against the demons.

Still nay one has any idea how to close the moongate and his Grace has called to all citizens of the Duchy to donate food and simple things like bandages and potions for the defenders in Magincia.

The jester came to Magincia and wanted to talk to his Grace and said that his grandmother had heard about the Gargoyle and wanted only to tell his Grace.
As I nay knew where his Grace was at the moment and also nay could leave the post I told the jester that I would inform his Grace and we would contact him.

I fear that those Gargoyles may know about another threat and I hope that we manage to get that under control.

It seems we are at the moment at a stalemate, as the demons have established themselves near the moongate and we nay manage to throw them back despite what we try.

Today I gave the guards nay on duty a little off to relax and enjoy the Rose a bit.
I actually got too late on duty as sitting and having a good time at the Rose was preferable to get bruised at Magincia.

Heard about some trial of Skara Brae soldiers at the Yew court, but ah nay was sure what it was about and when, but will need to get some information about it.

Reina reported that she had been to Yew and had also been very successful as she had got four marriage proposals at Stonekeep and had left the men brawling at their tavern to get safely home.

Devante is getting worse since he is alone again and trying to chat up any woman he sees and I wish Tammy was about to put a leash on him.
At least he still remembers some duties and helped in Magincia, though he stated he still hopes to rescue the woman of his life there.

Faenwen had set up the station when we arrived in Magincia and nay thing had happened since yesterday and we still have a stalemate with the demons.

One damn spell of a demon half burned my cap away and I really need to get my proper helmet before I end up bald like Hernenui, because some cursed demon burned my hair off.

Kendra offered to blow the moongate up with Blackrock, but I fear something similar might happen like it did in haven and I doubt people would be happy if we sunk their island, so I forbid it.

We can only hope one of the clever people finds a way to close the gate or we manage to in a desperate struggle to drive the demons back to the gate and then slaughter them as soon as they appear.

Else nay thing new to report, except that we all want a raise if we have to continue to fight there longer, or else some nice long holiday if we survive and win this.


*a copy of a letter is added to the report*
Dear Kaelyn,
It pains me to have sat by, while others risk their lives for the defence of Magincia, and potentially, the whole land. Though, I gather the battle hasn't fared any the worse for my absence.
I do offer some good news, however. Not to mention a silver lining to my my research.
Using the magic-negating properties of Blackrock, I am confident that it could be used to collapse the moongate, thus stemming the tide of the invasion.
I can see you frowning at that, Captain. I understand the fears that are raised in people by Blackrock, almost as much as I understand the material itself.
While I won't deny that there is a risk of an unstable reaction, I am certain that the scale of it would not be widely devastating. I am certain that the samples I've been able to acquire are not pure enough to threaten anything beyond the immediate area, should such an event occur, which I consider unlikely enough to suggest it in the first place.
In the unlikely event, would it not be a small victory in itself, for the moongate to be lost beneath the waves?
While it would warm my heart to have an escort to the gate, it may be safer for me to approach the gate alone, under cover of darkness. Avoiding the demons, rather than attracting their attention with unnecessary fighting, would give a better chance of reaching the gate overall. Though, I would welcome your input on the matter.
It will take several hours to prepare, by which time you will likely be on duty.
Kendra Duallain.

*a copy of a letter is added to the report*

Dear Kendra,

Before you do anything with that Blackrock magik, you better talk with some of the other experts about it.
I know Muldran and Callum are crazy, but they are the only ones we have that may know how the corrupted gate might react to Blackrock.

As you yourself state that you do not know how big the devastation of Magincia would be, I order you nay to try your dangerous experiment.

Before you nay have contacted some other experts that can confirm your theory, you should better look at other possibilities to close that cursed moongate.

Only if the situation becomes desperate and the island is threatened to be overrun completely, then we might consider using that accursed blackrock on that corrupted moongate.

Kaelyn, Captain of the Duchy guards


Seeing the healers about some about something took longer than I expected and I swear they love to examine you for hours to test your patience.

When I got to Magincia, Brynhild and Faenwen and the other guards and helpers had everything under control.

I scouted around and found that the eastern part of the town was almost demon free and that the troops had managed to push the invaders back closer to the moongate.

It seems though that the invaders now send their stronger troops into battle as they nay die as easy as the demons them sent a few days ago.

Still we held them well under control and as I nay felt too well I decided to leave sooner and let the fighters and healers do their work.



Today was repair hour at the Rose and we all gladly went to Draxandru to get our armor back into shape again.

I met Elion and Brynhild in Town and while Elion volunteered to stay in town to help guarding it, Brynhild went ahead to Magincia with a packhorse full of resources.

I instructed the paladins and listened to yesterday’s reports and got told that two days ago some brigands had fought with the Britanian guards and that the brigand were beat up and fled the town.

I talked to the jester today again and had to tell him that I nay had managed to see his Grace yet and offered him to go myself or send one of the guards. As he said though that his grandmother had asked for his Grace specially and nay accepted that I sent a guard pretending to be his Grace, I had to send him back with the message that I would get an answer from his Grace as soon as possible.

I also saw some news article about unrest in Yew and if we are lucky the militia, went to far by burning a woman and the people of Yew will rise up and remove them from power.

*two pages of a newspaper are added to the report*

Situation in Magincia is the same as yesterday, though we lost control over the eastern parts again during this day when a group of demons managed to break through the lines at the coast and managed to hold it open until they had enough support that we nay easily can throw them out from there.

Reports say that the moongate is looking even more menacing again with lightning around it and as reported yesterday the demons reinforcing the invading army are growing stronger and stronger. Reina also said that the moongate is filled with stars from where the demons spawn and that the gate looks unstable.

*below is a sketch drawn after Reina’s description*

Still we managed to hold them off, though you could see the weariness in the defenders looks and I fear that if we nay manage to close the gate soon, or get new reinforcements the town may be lost to the demons.


*a copy of a letter is added to the report*

Your Grace,

The jester visited us and informed us that his grandma knew something about the gargoyles, but would only talk to you.
As we nay managed to reach you in time we had to sent the jester back with nay an answer. I hope though that we can manage to set up another meeting and that in the meantime nay disaster happens with the gargoyles,

Captain Kaelyn


Patrolled Trinsic before heading to Magincia and found everything in order.

It seems that the invasion in Magincia has come to a stalemate.
The demons control the moongate and try to push through the north eastern parts of town, but we manage to halt their advance there.

The south parts of the town are safe and maybe they fear the cannons we now have and are just lucky the demons nay know that them could overrun it.

Did duty at the healing station, but it was quiet and we nay had the troops to try to push the demons back at the moongate, so we just guarded that them nay could advance and fought else on the east side of town.

The gate is still a big rift and Elliot heath who arrived late in town told me that the gate nay reacted to blackrock powder he had tried at the moongate.

I am just glad he nay blew the island up, but we still have nay idea how to close the moongate, but I think the demons nay got orders to advance further and just try to occupy the moongate area.

Two scouts from Yew, Timothy Young and Te’ani Lanoor asked about the situation and I told them what I thought and let them scout the rest for themselves.

It seems that Yew will send people in defense of the town soon and then maybe we can make the big push for the moongate.

I want to say that Frances Vere and Quiby helped a lot today at the healing station and also I would suggest that all guards that help to defend Magincia get an extra bonus and some spare time if we survive this all.


*added is a report from Reina*


Rose was open tonight and after a short patrol through Trinsic where I met Brynhild organising goods for Magincia I went there to have something to drink and chat.

Tavern was quite full and I got some news about the Skara Brae trial and that the two accused warriors had fled the trial and had been sentenced to death in their absence.

Gwen had a darts contest where one could win a diamond but I nay threw well and only got a bit over forty in five shots while the winner managed way over sixty.

Reina and Ataman who had got a few days off to celebrate Reina’s birthday were in the Rose too. They were in a niche and kissing all the time and Reina looked very happy for the first time since I saw her.

We left the two lovebirds at the Rose and went off to Magincia and I was surprised that nay one else had set up the healing station before.

It seemed though as if the demons also gathered their strength as nay major attack was started on the town.
But as many troops were getting some rest in Trinsic we nay had enough to even try to force them back to the moongate and so we both waited and had some smaller fights in the east of town.

We got some very gracious donations from people who appreciate our healing station and I want to thank Lady Marika for the many presents and also thank all the others who donate gold and other things in support of us.

Faeryl visited in Magincia and claimed again that Lloth had sent the demons and that Vierna could control them, though I nay believe her.
I told her that I expect an answer from Vierna within next week to know if them ally with the demons or not.

Reina came later on duty again and I asked her a bit about her family, but she just said that because she dishonoured them, them want her dead and that she never could return. We also talked a little about her birthday and about Ataman and I am glad that Reina is happy and found someone to love.

We returned to Trinsic then as Magincia was getting quiet and the stalemate continues there to get home to our loved ones.


*scrawled at the bottom of the report is a short remark*
Talk with Ataman!

*a sketch is added to the report*

*you see a sketch of a group of people standing around a young woman who is happily smiling. The radiant looking woman has a scar on her face and might remind you of Reina if you look close enough. She beams as another man kisses her cheek who wears a fine duchy uniform and has a big flower bouquet in one hand and a small parcel in the other and would remind you of Ataman Carsten.
The people around her also smile happily and have presents for Reina in their hands. As you looks closer at them you can make out Kaelyn, Brynhild, Artemis, Frances, Stewan, Gwen and others all smiling and looking merry to congratulate Reina.

*below the picture you can read ‘Happy 18th Birthday Reina and all our Love’*


I think I know what the demons were up to these last days when them were nay attacking. They somehow found a way to strengthen their magik and their demon fire now damages especially the buildings.

The northern part and much of the eastern buildings are badly damaged and I made a small list of the damaged buildings.
Magincia’s Miners guild quite damaged with at least twoo large parts of the wall missing. The house north of it badly damaged and in danger of collapsing. The tinker’s guild building has part of one wall collapsed and the house east of Tinkers is totally destroyed.

*sketch shows one of the collapsed buildings*

A drow came and informed me that a letter had been delivered to my office and that an answer was expected. It sounded like Vierna invited me to visit her, but after her latest strange statements I am nay sure I should accept it.

The guards and all the helpers are doing their best to help Magincia, but I can see that we all are getting weary and now with the destruction of the town the morale is sinking.

His Grace the duke of Trinsic visited today and praised all defenders and told us that more troops would be sent from all the nobles in the lands.
His Grace had been in meetings with all the nobles in Britain gathering all the help they could muster.

*sketch shows his Grace visiting Magincia*

Reina delivered a short report about her scouting in Yew, but nay could report anything new about the rebellion and almost got caught by some waywatchers.

Before I went off duty I also got a report that the bank vaults was damaged and that banking might be limited for some time.

The fight with the demons else went the same as in the last days, except of the further damage of the buildings we nay managed to take the moongate, nor push all the demons back from the east side.


*Kaelyn lowered the pen and stretched her hurting limbs. Damn demons had bruised all of them again and there still was no way to close the portal.
But even in this troubled time there is time for love as Reina and Ataman show and smiling to herself and remembering her own love she packs her things up and heads home*


Managed to catch up on some paperwork when I got on duty today and talked with a Lady Caitrin who wishes to join the Duchy as a guard.
She seems to be well versed in fighting, but I am not so sure how it will be with following orders, but she handed in her application and I will tell his Grace that from my point everything is fine.

I got a letter from Veirna inviting me to talk to her and I nay have decided yet if I will accept it or not. I ordered Brynhild though to take over if there are troubles with the drow and if I am nay available.

When I got to Magincia Faenwen had already set up a healing station and I ordered Brynhild to add the things that were missing.
I got then the good news and the bad news ,which are that we almost managed to push the demons fully back to the gate.
The bad news though were that the demons that broke through managed to destroy many buildings throughout town and so I have to sadly report that most of the northern and eastern town is destroyed.

Got a report that Yew made good on their promise helping to push back the demons too. There were actually lots of people fighting the demons today, though many nay seemed to care too much about the buildings and just tried to kill the demons with nay regards about the vicinity.

We still need a way to close the gate though, but for now it seems the danger that the demons capture and hold Magincia is gone.

Another sad news is that we nay know what has happened to Kendra, as her notebook was found close to the moongate, but nay sign of her was found.
She mentioned to me before that the rift may only be closed from the other side and maybe she tried to cross it and now we can only hope that she survives it.


*the notebook found in the woods is added to the report*

I will be glad when all this is over.
Aside from the obvious benefits of repelling an invading force of demons, when peace finally descends on Magincia, it will no longer be necessary to entrust my fate to one of these accused vessels.
The crew are taking some pleasure in my discomfort, although thankfully they've grown bored of making jokes about me needing “sea legs” instead of “tree legs.”
It is a blessing that the fate of the land isn't solely entrusted to idiots such as them.
The fires that threaten to consume the city make the horizon glow an angry red, even though the island itself is still out of sight.
There are several others on this ship; warriors and mages, mostly.
No one smiles. Many even avoid eye contact with their fellow travellers, knowing that they'll only see the weariness they feel mirrored in their eyes. Some of them speak amongst themselves, in hushed tones, though most remain silent, anticipating what awaits them when we reach the city.
Speaking of which, I have to prepare.

The rift is heavily guarded. That is, if you can call a swarm of demonkind stomping around in the vicinity guarding. I suppose the point is irrelevant, since the result is the same, and has me procrastinating by pondering how to define their behaviour, as opposed to doing what I came here to do.
Getting past the demons, strangely, will be the easiest part. Though their powers are many, avoiding attracting their attention should be as easy as maintaining a spell of invisibility.
As the humans of this land say, “out of sight, out of mind.”
That doesn't do much to make me feel any more confident about going in there.
In fact, I'm terrified.

The sample of Blackrock I have brought with me seems to be reacting to something.
Although it retains its shape, as like a solid substance, my fingers sink into its surface as I grip it, as though it were liquid.
I was able to accomplish something similar during my research, which leads me to believe that there is a form of magical field emanating within the vicinity of the rift. My suspicions are that it is either the rift itself (or something beyond), or the moonstone of the gate.
I will investigate further.

Attempting to use a communications crystal to discover more about what may lay on the other side of the rift has been inconclusive.
Either there is nothing to be heard on the other side, or the rift itself has somehow severed the link between the crystals.
I had been hoping that they would confirm the presence of something on the other side.
I will have to experiment further.

*A sealed letter addressed to Captain Kaelyn is added to the report*

Captain Kaelyn.

Vendui’ Kaelyn I hope this letter finds you well. Though the more time you spend in Magincia, the less likely you will survive. That would be a pity; I have always liked you even though you are a mere human. Why do you do it Kaelyn, follow these fool male leaders? There you are putting your life on the line, for what? Look around you. Where are these brave leaders of Sosaria? Where is your Lord Irvyn? How many times has he fought by your side? And the rest, Klion, the Baron of Cove, the leader of Vesper? All safely hiding, too gutless to fight! One day you will wake up and realise the truth.

But that is not why I write. I understand from my sister you wish to meet me. Seems there are issues that you find confusing. Well I am sure we can sort them out face to face. Sometimes Faeryl does over step the mark, but her heart is in the right place. If you had a sister, you would understand how infuriating they can be. Anyway, she tells me you have made an offer on behalf of the Duchy Guards. This I would very much like to discuss with you.

Come visit me soonest at L’Cress. I know you are aware of our settlement so no need for directions. And have no fear, I invite you as a guest so your safety on our land will be guaranteed.

Vierna Hun’ett
2nd Duaughter, House Hun’ett


When I started duty I let the paladins report what had happened the previous day, but except some minor thing three was nay thing important.

I asked the paladins to guard the town again and went for a patrol to the elven quarter, where the Rose was open and talked a bit with Stewan and Gwen.
Gwen had managed to save some plants from Magincia and was looking for places to save them and Stewan was fine too, so I finished my patrol which was eventless.

Packed up some things then for Magincia and found the town mostly devastated.
Even the area around the docks is heavily damaged and as it looks all of Magincia will have to be rebuilt again.

On the positive side, it seems that the demon army does nay advance any further and are satisfied with sending advance troops into town to destroy some buildings.

So casualties among the troops are low and we managed for some time to keep most of them at the gate, but some managed to break through and blew up the inn.

I will have to report to his Grace that the buildings have been destroyed and that we still need a way to close the demon rift. But for now a small force can hold them back until we find a way to close the rift and until then we can gather our strength.

Tomorrow is the Defender’s respite party at the Trinsic moongate and we can certainly need some time off from the fighting and enjoy ourselves.

There is still nay sign of Kendra and we can only hope that she survives her experiment whatever she has done. I have put the piece of blackrock she had somewhere safe for now and if we are lucky she manages to escape before the rift closes.

As the fighting was nay so heavy today I managed to sketch a little and finished Brynhil’s portrait she wished to give Corwin.


*a sketch is added to the report*

*You see a portrait of a young woman with deeply tanned skin and short dark wavy hair. She is smiling and her dark brown eyes seem to be twinkling with a little mischief when you look close enough. Her features are not as soft and one would not call her beautiful , but her smiling and kind looking eyes give her a peaceful and attractive look and you can feel her kindness when looking at her.
On her right shoulder sits a small ferret and nuzzles playfully at the woman’s ear nudging her as if to remind her that it likes some treat*


Came a bit late on duty and patrolled through Trinsic leisurely, finding all well in order as I suspect all criminal elements are looting the remains of Magincia.

Got reports from Magincia that said that almost all buildings are totally gone except the chapel north and the hall in the east and that people even loot rubble in the hope to make gold from it.

I then went to the Defender’s Respite party which Frances had organised and talked a bit with Baron Edmund about Magincia.
He intends to lead a full patrol to Magincia to fight back the demons, though I told him that without a way to close the gate we only would achieve a small victory and that we nay had the forces to block the demons to escape from the gate all the time.

His Grace handed then all the defenders a special engraved dagger for our bravery in the defence of Magincia and held a short speech, while I sneaked off to get some pie and milk.

Frances had orgranised a horse race for all that wanted to compete and they had to ride from the moongate to the Honor shrine south and retrieve a chest.
Lady Andromanche was quickest and managed to snag the chest there and retrieve it to the moongate.

*sketch shows the scene before the race*

Lady Faeryl looked me up and asked me if I would talk to Lady Vierna and I agreed to come later on. As I nay knew what would happen I decided to take a communication crystal with me and handed the receiver to Artemis, so them would know if anything happened to me.

All went well though and Vierna thinks that either Lloth is unhappy with us and sent the demons or the demons try to get a nice island for themselves and are under nay control of anyone.
She told us that if we forsake the virtues and pray to Lloth that she would try to help, but as I thought the price way too high I had to refuse.

*sketch shows me and Vierna in their house*

I returned safely from the drow and found a note in Trinsic telling me about a new recruit who wanted to be guard and would await me at the gate.

Her name was Pistia and so I asked her a bit about what she had done and she told me some about her battles and that she had also had held high ranks.
I think she should be captain as she is old enough and has enough experience if it is true what she said.

I took her oath to the Duchy and asked Artemis then to get her a uniform and show her around.

Artemis checked her quarters and got her things sorted while Artemis and me did a quick patrol to Magincia, to find it as we feared. Almost every building is totally destroyed, except the chapel and the hall and there is looting all around.

As there was nay way to get order into this chaos we chased down some demons and then returned again to Trinsic. The demon forces in Magincia are quite weak, but in that chaos the town got totally destroyed and needs to be rebuilt anew.



Today was a Yew market and after what I had heard about the civil unrest there, I decided to take a look and check it out myself.
The market was quite well visited and I bought a hat so I nay would get recognised so easily and a cloak as it was freaking cold and raining there.

*sketch shows the Yew market*

Talked with the guards who claim that the rebels are just brigands and troublemakers and that the yew guards have everything under control.

As Baron Edmund had ordered a patrol to Magincia I was limited in time and nay could talk to more people before I had to return, but at least the weather was a lot nicer in Trinsic than in Yew.

We met at the market place and talked about tactics before heading off to Magincia. The Royal Blood guard advised that we first had to fully clear the town before advancing to the moongate and so we set up that tactic and headed off.

*sketch shows the meeting at the marketplace*

We headed to Magincia and advanced pretty easily at the beginning throughout the destroyed town. Though deeper in the town the demons managed to form pockets of resistance and when we managed to kill one group of them another one had formed close by.
It was as I feared that without closing the gate the demons got reinforced all the time and we nay managed to get any real headway.

After a few hours fight we had to accept that we had killed hundreds of the demons but them kept coming and that we nay could win so.

We need to find a way to close the gate or gather an overwhelming force to make up for the reinforcements the demons get through the gate.
Most of my guards are tired from the weeks of fighting in Magincia and that is why I consider only to send patrols as support there from time to time until we can start the final attack.

Baron Edmund though and Lydia see things different though I think and I need to consult with the Duke about this and see what is the best to do.

I invited the guards and others to the Keg and Anchor for some food and drinks and we spent some time there relaxing before heading home to our loved ones.



Got a bit late on duty today, but Ataman and Brynhild had everything well under control and I sent them then on a patrol to Magincia while I patrolled the elven quarter.
The Rose was pretty quiet and only two drows and another customer there when I checked on them.

The paladins arrested a man called Berkeley for brawling in the streets and put him for a day in a cell to sober up.

It seems that Lord Fargo is dead and that his spirit haunts Trinsic and was also reported to have been about the elven quarter. Heard that his body was lost near the corrupted Moongate in Magincia and maybe he tried to pass through the corrupted moongate or was killed by the demons before he reached it.

I ordered the guards then to look for learned people and to question those about ways how we can throw the demons back or how to close the moongate and as our shifts were over then we got some rest.



I visited the Skara market yesterday and watched one of the dogfights for a bit and lost 46 gold to Devante. But I managed to get one of the good cheeses and some apple liquor though.
I had to leave earlier to get some things sorted for the house I bought and prepare some papers for it. Brynhild stayed and I think she nay liked that I saw her and I should consider coming to those things out of uniform to let them enjoy their time off.

*sketch shows the Skara Market*

When I returned back on duty things were pretty quiet and Caitrin awaited me at the gate asking if his Grace had approved of her application to the Duchy. I checked and found everything in order and so talked a bit with her before I took her oath to the Duchy. I then got her a new recruit uniform and together we made a small round through Trinsic and I showed her around and the basic duties of a guard.

Ataman and some other guards went on patrol to Magincia while I worked on some more paperwork which had piled up again the last few days.
They nay reported anything of interest later on to me and I left for home after finishing most of that damned paperwork.

Today I got a notice that Brynhild had been ordered by his Grace to accompany him to Britain for some meeting with the other lords of the lands.

I finally got confirmation about my new home and that I could start moving things there. Hired some workers to carry the things over and I hope I manage moving in the next few days.
I also have some space for vendors there and think I will make the room there available for people to sell their goods there.

Went later on with my guards for a patrol to Magincia and saw Faenwen manning the aid station there.
Demons are still held well in check and nay real changes since the last few days when the demons started to tear down the buildings with magik.

Stayed a bit at the healing station, but the defenders have things well in hand now and we were hardly needed.

*sketch shows healing station*

Paladins reported that the town had been safe and so I write this report now and then head off for more house moving.



Managed to have a rather quiet shift yesterday and sneaked off to the Rose with some papers and worked a bit there.

Jern has lost his diary and I should tell Eike and all others that the reward for finding it has been raised to 2000 gold and I start to wonder what kinds of secrets the man put in it.

Goober visited too and as he is a Paladin in training we talked a bit about Ghosts and Goober looked thoughtful when we told him about the Ghost of Lord Fargo. He, like others said that we need to search the moongate for the bones of Lord Fargo and that we should set out an expedition for it.

I talked with Sir Decardo today and he mentioned that Fargo could be a Vampire or some kind of Ghoul, as since Lord Fargo had joined the Tremere people they might have changed him more than we know.

Sent a patrol to Magincia, but got the same reports as the last days that the demons are held back, but the rift is still open.

Today we had some special training under Devante’s leadership and I gave some disgruntled guards and citizens the possibility to beat up their superior or annoying guard and they took advantage of it.
At least Devante also got his share of bruises as Lydia also nay was shy to beat him up during a training fight.

A troop of Vesperians came and said they would head off to Magincia, but when we set out a little later to join them, we nay found any sign of them and can only guess that they looted an ale barrel and went off drinking.

Now even the healers have left Magincia and so Faenwen and Goober built a healing station in town though with the experienced fighters it was nay much needed.

We nay managed to get to the moongate and will have to organise an expedition to manage that soon

Faeryl visited in Magincia, but when some demons approached the healing station and also threw some spells at her she quickly retreated. It seems that even a priestess of Lloth is nay welcome there and it shows that them demons are any under drow control.

Also still nay sign of Kendra yet and I think we must assume the worst that she might be dead as Lord Fargo without the spooking though.



Not a lot to report over the last few days as I nay was fully on duty and sorting out the moving to the new house.

The situation in Magincia is unchanged and still nay one has an idea how ter close the gate and demons still come from it.
Still we have the town well under control, though some people suggested sinking it and if nay one has any better idea we try to get a keg of explosives to the gate and see what happens if we blow it up.

An orc was sighted in the trinsic woods and I had hit it until it fled into the woods. It did nay seem like an orc party and rather seemed to be a lost orc wandering about.

Reina returned today from Tokuno where she had visited friends and told me in the Rose that she was with child. Ataman was seemingly very surprised when she told him, but did the clever thing and proposed to her and she accepted. We had a small celebration in the Rose and Van Cocidus and Caitrin joined later in and the two of them made a small wager that if Van could beat her they would have a drink together.
Van lost, though he tried hard, but Caitrin is a very experienced soldier with years of experience and you could see that van was out of shape.
They agreed that they would try again in a week and Caitrin who seems to be amused by this considers to have a tourney open for all suitors.

I hope his Grace returns soon with good news about Magincia and I also need to set an expedition to explore the moongate in search of Lord Fargo’s body and the possible remains of Kendra.



Came on duty and before I entered the town I saw Caitrin and Stewan trying to coax a bridge troll to tell them where it had found a dagger, engraved with Lord Fargo’s name.

*sketch shows the troll*

After we offered it some food, it led us to the Vesperian graveyard where we found a body part on scorched earth. After showing us and grabbing a plate of cookies, it ran off into the woods and we nay seen it again.

*Sketch shows the burned earth where we found the body part*

Stewan thought he recognised the ring on the hand and that it belonged to Lord Fargo. I asked Caitrin to put the body part in a bag and we headed back to the Minoc Moongate.
At the moongate we found a cookie trail leading to the Ilshenar sacrifice shrine, where we found a leg at some scorched earth.

Caitrin put this leg in the bag and while we returned to Trinsic, Stewan followed his intuition and checked some more cemeteries and found two more body parts there.

Stewan suspected that the body might have ended in one of those demon teleporters which had transported some fighters all around the lands to cemeteries. So I asked all the guards to look for Lady Jade, Muldran or Callum or Sir Decardo Imier while Stewan checked the rest of the cemeteries nay finding anything more.

We were lucky and Sir Decardo was in Magincia and he took a look at the bodyparts and said that something was nay right and that we might get Lady Alraune to look at them.

I went to her house and she came to look at the body parts and said that there were some runes magically written on them. She also said that the magik felt somehow wrong and that she felt uneasy with it.

In the meantime Lady Faeryl had arrived and volunteered to get these body parts to Lady Jade, but it nay seemed right and after talking with Goober and asking his advice I decided that the best way was to burn the bones and hope that the spirit of Lord Fargo would find rest then.

*discussion what to do with the bones*

Lady Faeryl was pretty upset and left to find lady Jade, while Goober and Caitrin prepared the burning of the bones on Paladin island.
We went there to pay Lord Fargo our respect and Goober set the parts on fire, but the magik in the parts was too strong and them nay burned.

*sketch shows the preparation of the burning*

Nay knowing what to do we searched out Lord Decardo again and he suggested that Lady Cherry might know a solution.
I left the bones in Goober’s care while I searched out Lady Cherry who said that the bones magik might be broken in a special room Muldran had prepared once.

She agreed that we could use the magik defying room, though as we went to see Goober he had to tell us that the bones had disappeared. He said that everything went black and he lost consciousness for a few seconds and when he checked the body parts in the bag were gone.

We all have nay idea what happened, but it must be some very strong magik as it resisted fire and managed to overwhelm a squire studying the virtues.

Lady Jade came with Faeryl asking for the bones, but as I suspected that I could learn more if I let them wait, I told them that I had the bones save and asked them their opinion of what had happened to Lord Fargo.

Lady Jade said that he had been her servant and she considered him her consort and nay intended to let him go and that she would return later for the body.

Lord Decardo accepted Goober as his squire, to teach him how to be a paladin and his first order was to get Goober some proper armor. We got Goober some fitting metal armor and a nice cloak and finally he looked like a paladin and nay like a monk.

Lady Jade returned then and I told her that the body parts had disappeared and it almost came to a fight between Faeryl and Caitrin about it.

Lady Jade was upset, but accepted that I nay had the body anymore and left and as I also was exhausted I also got some rest.



Caitrin reported that she had been attacked yesterday by two hooded people who fled after she fought back. One used dark spells and the other tried to hit her with a sword.

Today one other, naming himself Black Bandit tried to mug Caitrin, but learned that he was nay match for her and she arrested him.
We put him up on stocks where he told us his name was Hara Healther and that he wanted to make a name for himself.

*sketch shows him on stocks*

We left him in the stocks a bit and then slapped him on his head to remind him that crime nay pays and kicked him out of town then.

A fire magi named Othilius left a note with me for Lady Jade. He says it is about some magik sword which can be the saviour or destroyer of the lands.
I peeked into it but nay could make out the symbols of it.

Got a report that a yewish patrol was in Magincia and that they did their share of decimating the demons.

I was still busy working on yesterday’s report when Flipper and some drow lady came to see me. The drow Lady called Gwer wanted to have her brother’s bones and demanded them from me.
I explained her that them were gone and that we neither had them nor knew where them are and she accepted that grudgingly.

Flipper asked for the book from the fire mage and in return she told me a bit about Fargo, that he was family and that them would look after him. He had been set a task and that them needed his body to learn what he had learned before he died.

Opened my shop and put some paintings there for sale and Ataman asked if he could sell some of his things there too and I accepted.

Two orcs came to the town and started blocking the road, but a few well placed arrows convinced them to run to the woods.

Muldran came to the town and I asked him about Magincia, but he nay had any news about how to close the moongate. We then talked about Lord Fargo and he offered us the use of his reliquary in Rhovenian if we manage to get hold of his body parts again.
We should put the parts there and hope that it negates the dark magik.

A man in black with white hair like a drow and a verite cleaver and dagger dripping with poison attacked me and Goober. The poison made me lose consciousness and when I awoke them were gone and Goober and me managed to get to the healer and got treated against the poison.



Still felt uneasy today from the poison and only checked by to see if everything was fine.
The paladins reported that except the usual smaller troubles like a theft, some minor brawlings over ale nothing worth mentioning had happened.

Faeryl dropped by and informed us that the shadowcourt had accepted the drows offer for Magincia and that were willing to pay the price. When I asked what the price was she stated the death of every elf, but I think she was mocking us, as I doubt the Shadowcourt would accept such a thing.
I guess it is rather true that Vierna got offered a position at the council if she helps with the destruction of the demons.

To get fully well I decided to retire early and left he Paladins in charge of guarding the town.



When I got on duty today I was informed that the demons had left Magincia and that that the moongate was broken and closed.
It seems that the demons got informed of a big intended attack on hem and decided to retreat before we may have even managed to invade their lands, though I see no reason why we ever would have done that, except to leave some unwanted persons there.

Faeryl came gloating into town, praising her goddess and claiming that other towns would soon follow under the wrath of her god.
She tried to convince me to take over the town and follow her god and I am nay sure if I could already arrest her for that.

Lady Jade said that she was looking for Sir Decardo and that she had made progress with Lord Fargo’s body, because of the dagger from him she has.
His spirit though nay found peace as it was haunting the town today too.

We intend to make the market tomorrow a celebration of our victory over the demons in Magincia and so I also set up an archery tourney with prices for it.


Fifth Trinsic Archery contest!

Consider yourself adept with a bow?
Know what an archery butte is?

Then come to the Trinsic Archery festival and show us your skills with a bow.

Before the contestants start they have to tell me what they think they will score in the 10 shots they fire at the buttes.
The contestants will fire 10 shots at an archery butte and the score will be added.
Only non magical bows are allowed and no magic jewellery or quivers or special trick arrows.

The one with the highest score will get a prize.
Also the one with the smallest difference of announced and shot score will win a prize.

The contest will be on Wednesday the 5th December after the elven market which starts at 7 UK time (20 cet) and the market is expected to go until 9. The archery competition will be afterwards at about 9:30 at the Trinsic training grounds, which are in the northern part of the town in Trinsic Trammel.



As I had to get the prize bows engraved and ready I got a little late to the elven market. It was well underway and the elves were fairly busy selling things though I missed some of the usual booths like Stewan’s.
But I think he had to change diapers and I was also too late to set up a booth selling my paintings.
The jester Raja visited and sung a song for us, but he refused to let me copy his song.

Afterwards we headed to the training grounds for the Archery contests and I was surprised how many people had come to test their skills.

*sketch shows the people at the contest*

Devante was generous and donated 250 thousand gold for the first prize and a special elven quiver.
Despite his best tries though Devante nay managed the highest score nor the closest guess, but maybe next month then.

Best shot was an elf named Yumi, who nay got his Prizes though and left before the contest was over, but can get it from me anytime this week still.
Best Archer knowing her skill was Gwen with a guessed score of 500 and a shot score of 490, which results in a difference of 10 and the first prize of 250 thousand gold!

Below are all the scores of the people that participated

5th Trinsic Archery Contest score said difference
Yumi 610 550 60
Caden 560 520 40
Lydia Sylver 530 550 20
Devante Stirling 520 550 30
Gwen 490 500 10
Haila 480 450 30
Kaelyn 380 500 120
Leisa Llwyd 340 630 290
Ataman Carsten 290 350 60
Amelia 265 420 155
Stewan Seagull 205 65 140
Goober 119 80 39
Faenwen 115 65 50
Gath Farlin 67 120 53
T'Lara Flower 50 70 20

We chatted a bit later with Goober and Pierre Victor about the Virtues and how one achieves to become a paladin.

Town was safe and quiet and so after writing this report I will leave the paladins the duty to safeguard the town.



When my shift started everything was quiet and so I got out my easel and starting sketching a bit. After a bit of sketching though Sir Yumi came and I got him his first prize for the best shot in the archery contest.

I told Lady Kimi that I was concerned about his Grace, because I had expected his return sometimes this week and nay got any letter from him.
She volunteered to headed to Britain and to inquire what may have delayed his Grace and I can only hope that it is something mundane as too much celebrating of the victory in Magincia.

I told then Devante, Gwen and Lydia that I slao looked for Kendra and the bones of fargo and that we would need a magician for finding any of them. They headed out ot find one, but the moment they were gun I got lucky and Muldran the crazy magician strolled into town.

I informed him about Kendra and Fargo and he said that Cherry would help him finding a location spell maybe for both.

Seems he was lucky then though as the ghost appeared and with some help of my easel they managed to let it write the words Magincia and Jade on the canvass.

*sketch shows Muldran trying to coax things out of the ghost*

Lady Jade arrived in town and Muldrans told her what the ghost had shown her.
It seems Lady Jade has some bottle and only misses some dragonscale to finish some magik ritual to return Lord Fargo.
Sir Muldran agreed to look further into the matter and lady Jade in return agreed to look into helping our search with Kendra.

Muldran also said that there would be a meeting of people to discuss some thing about a magic book on Sunday at 8 in the Skara town building.

Sebastian came on duty and checked on some shady people that attacked van Coicidus and then fled into the woods.
Sebastian fought well and wounded two of the attackers to they had to flee and I have to remember to promote him the next time.



Had late night shift today and when I got on duty I saw his Grace coming from the Rose. He was well and said that business had kept him busy in Britain and that he now needs to catch up on paperwork.
He thanked me and all the guards for the great work before he left and I went to take my post at the gate.

Four shifty looking people dropped by the gate and I showed them the way to the tavern hoping them nay would make any troubles.
Caitrin came on duty then too, when hurt woman came to the gate claiming that she had been robbed.

We went there and found the criminals still talking at the tavern and asked them to give themselves up.
They refused and a fight started and we hurt one brigand, but me and Caitrin were wounded too. One of the brigands took my gold pouch and them all fled out of town. I had to see the healers, while Caitrin only had a smaller cut and nay trusts the healers enough to consult them.

Faenwen, Gath and Kimi visited me at the healers and nay let me go before I assure them that I would take it easy and stay safe.

Lance and some other visitor came to the gate then and Lance started a brawl with Tristan who had brought some assassins with him.
They beat up Lance and one other visitor who was in the way it seems before they sneaked unseen off.



Got on duty and saw some familiar faces in town again like Eike whom I told about Jern’s diary. He claims to know its whereabouts and that in there Jern professes his love to Gwen.

Skara came then and opened it’s market and I looked around a bit and found some arrows, and shafts I could use for arrows.

*sketch shows the Skara market at the Trinsic west gate*

Someone from Cove warned us, that some brigands planned to attack Trinsic and afterwards she had an argument with Lance. The two duelled and Lance won and the woman left the town then.

I sent Tom and Brynhild with me to the Magincian moongate and Alraune, Zefar and Adammair accompanied us. First thing we noticed was that it changed colour from a blood red to a dark blue.

*sketch shows the moongate*

I had ordered Brynhild to get a dog with her to test if the gate worked, but Tom misunderstood it and jumped through the gate.
Nay enough that one of my guards was crazy enough to jump though a broken moongate, Brynhild jumped after him, making Zefar think it was safe who jumped in it too.
We were all very lucky as the gate seems to work and just teleport people randomly through the lands. Tom landed at the Skara moongate, Brynhild at the Trinsic moongate and Zefar seemingly at Britain’s.

For their stupidity I decided to keep half their pay in for last month and I was very relieved that all were well and nay had caused any injuries or deaths

Lady Vierna visited and wanted to speak to Kimi, but nay said what about.
She was pleased with the destruction of Magincia and still warned us that we would be next.

A strange man appeared at the gate. He nay seemed too dangerous, but Caitrin got suspicious and followed him a bit around.
He attacked her out of town and knocked her unconscious, before returning to town claiming that Caitrin had attacked him. To his bad luck Catrin had been found by gypsies and brought to the healers who helped her and sent a message to us that she had been attacked by a man in black.

Tiggarn and me tried to arrest him, but he fled and when we gave chase turned and attacked us. A fight started and two others sprang out of the woods helping him.

We managed to wound Carn, but he managed to get away while we fought on against the others. Luckily someone from Vesper came along the road, saw our troubles and tried to help us, but a poisoned blade cut my arm and I fell unconscious.

Caitrin found me along the road and helped me back to town and brought me to the healers where I got some petals to chew against the poison and my arm bandaged.
Tiggarn also got wounded a little and had to break off the fight and came looking for me. Eike had also arrived in the meantime and heard about Caitrin’s challenge that she only would consider a man that beat her.

He tried to knock her down and fought well, but failed in the end and was disappointed. Alias though cheered him up a little later and we left him with her in good spirits.



We were called today to meet at the Skara Brae Community Center and talk about the dangerf of an object called the ‘Book of Sin’.

I took Brynhild and Ataman with me and together with Gwen and Stewan we headed to Skara where others like Muldran, Lady Flame, Lord Mhor and Faenwen were waiting.

A man came in then and introduced himself as Eric the Red and told us of the dangers of the book. A creature called Shadow was also searching for the book to complete a spell and Eric claims Shadow also would be willing to kill for possession of the book.

We would need to find a spirit and then tell it a gargolye syllable and the spirit would then hand us the book.
He hinted that it might be in Ilshenar in a dungeon of Blood and Gwen recognised the name and lead us through the spirituality gate and then east to the entrance of that dungeon.

We headed in, it was pitch black and I had troubles finding my way in there. Got some strange potion and could see a little better and together we searched the first corridors but nay found anything except imps.

In the second corridor we found an elemental in the colour of blood and managed to kill it after a struggle and also stumbled over a strange looking man.

We questioned him and found out that it was Shadow, the man that searched too for these books too. He was accompanied by Vierna, Lady Jade and a few others and I left Brynhild with him and told her to kill him if he made any troubles.

While Muldran talked with Shadow and the others we others headed off in another corridor and defeated a golden demon but still nay sign of any spirit.

So we headed deeper into the cavern, the wizards keeping the magical creatures off us and us helping to kill them.

We killed more of those blood elementals and also some golden ones before we reached then end of the cave.
There a demon in a women’s body assaulted us, but we managed to defeat it and saw that she had been guarding the spirit we were looking for.

Assuming that Gwen was most fluent in Gargoyle we let her say the word and the spirit accepting it showed her where the book was hidden.

I took the book then and we headed back to the entrance where we found Muldran still talking with Vierna and Brynhild guarding Shadow.

*sketch shows the return from the lair*

Shadow used the excitement of our return to flee, but his group stayed and accompanied us to Skara.

There Eric asked that the book should be handed over to him, but I refused as I nay was sure of his intentions. How did we know he was nay as crazy as this Shadow person? I also thought it unwise to hand such a powerful item over to a crazy mage like Muldran and so I decided that his Grace would be the best person to keep such an artefact.

*sketch shows us in Skara again*

Reluctantly all agreed and I promised them that if his Grace agreed they could study the book under the watchful eye of a guard.

We asked Eric to keep us informed and made our way back to Trinsic where I put the book in a safe place until I can hand it over to his Grace.



Duty was quiet today, though a group of goblins visited the Rose tonight and were responsible for some smaller troubles. Ataman managed to handle it without destroying the tavern or harming anyone.

Vierna visited me and asked to see the book, but I had to tell her that I would first would ask his Grace about it.
Same as Sir Ikus who also was very interested about he books, but when he heard that his Grace would decide he accepted that quickly.

As I was still tired from yesterday’s expedition I decided to rest earlier.



When I got on duty I saw a slogan for burning drow scrawled on the wall.
I fetched a begger and paid him to clean it and have ordered the guards to keep an eye out for the painter.

*sketch shows the writing on the wall*

I met Faenwen and her friend and together we decided to check out the Magincian moongate and learn more.
We found it as I had seen it last time and I stepped through and for a moment I felt myself falling before I ended in Britain in the chamber or Virtues.

I enjoyed the sights of Britain for a bit before returning to Trinsic and everything was quiet as was the rest of my shift.

Today I had to go for repairs to the elven quarter where the elves repaired my badly damaged armor and weapons.

My shift would not start for some time and so I sorted some things in my house and getting Aelred a place to sell his wares there.

When I got to duty then, there was a pleasant surprise as Reann had returned and was busy talking with his Grace at the gate.
We all were happy to see her again and bombarded her with questions about her well fare and whereabouts and she was busy answering them as best she could.

His Grace was taking the oath of a new citizen when some brigands entered town and armed up threatening us.
I called the other guards for help and a fight started in which most of us got hurt except Sir Ikus who ran so fast that nay one managed to catch him.
I recognized some of the brigands as Lance Sanderns and Carn and I will also recognise some of the others that attacked us.

Nay one knows what them wanted but I felt sick from some poison and my ribs smarted and only could do light duty until my shift ended.