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A report in the jail of Trinsic (RP)



Day was a bit confusing as lots of people came and went and the town was very busy with lots of people from different parts of Sosaria visited.

Devante had some parade then again, but Iljian had asked some advice for his Lighthouse which is almost finished and so I missed most of it.

It seems Kaldor had some troubles with Vesper as Hugo looked happy to officially being able to attack them again.

Meygan asked for a raise because she thinks she is underpaid and certainly deserves more, but as long as she has her attitude problems ah nay think ah can promote her to a full guardswoman.

My duty was quite fine then and left earlier as all seemed well and Meygan’s in her view, capable hands.



Yesterday my shift started peaceful and quiet and my first few patrols were spent chatting with the locals and exchanging gossip.

Sir Shunsaki asked me if he nay could get hired to fight against Vesper and as I thought it is better to have him on our side than on Vesper’s I decided to hire him for a fee of 1200 gold.

He then also told me that Keina had asked to stay with him and if he could get legal guardianship of her.
I told him that if he settled it with talon and his wife, that it nay should be a problem and he will try to get it.

Uta Sakura relative from Kimi visited and brought bad news.
Nil’tyr caught up with her in Tokuno and attacked her and her children.
Kimi was hurt and one of her children has been abducted by him.

I told Uta to keep Kimi safe and that she gets as much rest as she needs before returning.
We need to do more patrols around the Duchy if we have any hope of ever catching him.

Rest of my duty was quiet, though after that bad news duty dragged along until finally my shift was over.


*a note is attached to the report*

The bearer of this note is a man named Weston who wishes to lease the Rusty Anchor Inn and stables.
I am satisfied that he may do so and I do not believe that the current leaseholder (if there is one) is using the premises, and this man seems to know his business.
I suggest a 6 month lease and then the situation can be reviewed.

Signed: Irvyn, Trinsic

*sealed with the Duke’s personal seal: An eagly flying, holding a branch of a thornbush in its claws: surrounding are the words: “Mine honour is my life; both grow in one; take honour from me and my life is done.”


Started my duty with a patrol to the Rose which was quite busy and as Brynhild was taking up guard at the city gates I wanted to sit in the Rose and work on my report.

A man started a shoving contest with Tessah and it ended with Tessah stabbing him at the Rose. I fined Tessah 2000 gold for it and let it rest else as the man provoked it. As he also had refused to take off his helmet in the Rose and Gwen nay seemed to like him too much I left it with the fine.

We had reports about an undead sneaking about Trinsic and though Luid and me engaged it north of the town we nay could destroy it and it escaped into the woods.

Elba Oneal came then and asked that I check her papers and as all seemed to be fine I let her take the Duchy oath and made her a recruit.
Brynhild handed Elba her armor, showed her around and instructed her about the basic rules.

Gendin finally managed to catch up to the undead which had sneaked about town still and destroyed it. Tessah also said that she helped against the undead like many others who got hurt by it, as Hugo.

Shunsaki carried Keina in who was quite badly hurt at her throat and got her to the healers, who managed to patch her up.
It seems that Keina and her Sensei had tried to ambush Nil’tyr and that in the fight Keina had got hurt, though I also heard that Nil’tyr got stabbed and is also wounded.

Meygan is still often rebellious and she flicked my ear passing me, so I will keep a week’s pay from her until she learns to behave.

Today two visitors were refusing to listen to orders and nay left the jail when we asked them to. So Luid, Meygan Iljian and me beat them up and threw them out of town and they stay banned for a week.

Lady Uta Sakura visited with asking about news of Nil’tyr and I told her about Keina and Nil’tyr’s fighting yesterday.

Lady Machika, an envoy from a group which calls themselves Dragon Riders visited town and asked for taking up relations to the Duchy. They claim their mission is to help all others and also wish to give is metals for free. Lord Isidore talked to her and it seems they agreed on some trading arrangement.

The Duke joined the talks and afterwards they all had a look at Iljian’s finished lighthouse and were full of praise for it.
He has worked hard for it and I hope he finds some peace with the work he does there and I will include sketches of the house tomorrow.

Joshua and Luid informed us that an undead was sighted in the woods and that after some time tracking it they finally could ambush and kill it.

Later a Marksman informed us that an undead had sneaked into the city and had built some altar near the bank. It was chased away before anyone could be hurt but Leisa and me had to clean up the mess it had made.

Undeads were sighted again in the woods and when Leisa and me checked it we noticed that they were three or more and so we got reinforcements from the town.

Undeads though had already sneaked into the town again and a fight started and with Tammy’s help we managed to push the undeads out of the town.

We managed to destroy most of them, but Leisa got hurt and had to break off the fight while Tammy and me tried to destroy the biggest of those things which fought off all our attempts.

After a long fight and with Hugo’s help we managed to destroy the last one too and returned to the town again for rest.

It seems Hugo and Tammy have a closer relation these days than thought as he gave her tired feet rub and I included a sketch of it.

It is late and my feet are killing me too so I end this report before I fall asleep.


*a note is added to the report*

Notice to guards

It has been brought to my attention
that there have been incidents
of insults and name-calling
between Trinsicians and Kaldorians.

I am aware that tension is high
but this is a direct order:
all verbal display of hostility
towards Kaldor
must cease forthwith
regardless of provocation.

Irvyn Middlethorn
Duke of Trinsic

The personal seal of the Duke of Trinsic:
An eagle flying, holding the branch of a thornbush in its claws; surrounding are the words "Mine honour is my life; both grow in one; take honour from me, and my life is done."


Today’s duty started terrible, as when I got out of my house and went to the gate I stumbled over three undeads and had to call for help to destroy one of them and chased the other ones away.

Elba and me then went to the Salon where lots of people waited for a reading though another undead attacked me from the bushes and knocked me down.

I was knocked out for a bit, though luckily only a lump on my head and Iljian bandaged it and I stayed at the Salon until I managed to return to town.

Upon returning I saw another band of undeads trying to build an altar and called Lady Soulshadow and Elba for help and attacked them.

Because of my injuries earlier I was slow though and slipped and knocked myself out again, but lady Soulshadow; Elba and others nay had troubles to destroy the other undeads.

I got a note from a messenger demanding 5000 gold for the return of a woman dressed in white and working at the Keg and Anchor. We guessed that it was Liliana but nay trusted the messenger enough to hand over the gold so.

Stewan got word about where the exchange would be and urged me, Joshua and Kimi along and we met them on the road.
I handed them over the gold I had which was a bit more than thousand seven hundred gold and got Liliana safely back to town.

Lilly nay remembers anything except that three men kidnapped her and took her some place and that them all had hoods and she nay heard any names.
She was a bit bruised, but else was nay seriously hurt.
Stewan took her to the healers and stayed with her until the healers checked that all was fine with her.

I returned to guard duty then and one of the banned man was at the gate and refused to leave.
Meygan challenged him to a fight and beat him up, though he returned later on to the gate and refused to leave after I told him a few times to do so.

A fight started and I forgot to duck at one point and got knocked out and it took Stewan and Zefar some time to wake me up. The man demanded gold from Stewan before they could drag me to the healers where I stayed over night.


*a note is added to the letter*

I have in my custody a lady going by the name of Poppy. She is dressed in white and is a wench at some bar named the Keg. Her randsome 5000 gold to be delivered to this messenger.
Oh by the way… this simpleton has no idea what so ever so do not try to interigate him.

Regards.. The Overlord

PS: if my henchman comes back pennyless…


Yesterday’s duty was quiet as a storm kept most people inside and made for a refreshing break in my guarding schedule.

When I got on duty today I was informed that some undeads had been sighted near the town. Two men from Britain calling themselves observers or so went out to check it and managed to destroy the undeads which built some sort of shrine along the road.

Tessah informed me a little later on that another shrine had been built by some undeads and that she had found some blood.
We investigated it but as we nay could find any sign of anyone nay worried too much and destroyed their shrine.
Upon returning to Trinsic though we heard that Charlotte had been hurt by the undeads and barely escaped with her life and had to be treated at the healers. Luckily it seems that she and her child are fine and should recover from it fully.

Keina visited and looked well enough though still a little pale when we were informed that Vesper would attack.

We were informed that they attacked from the south gate and rushed there to engage him and managed to stop them close to the healers where we took positions.
I got hit by some magik which took me out pretty badly and the healers say I have a concession which is a bad sort of headache, but that I should be fine with enough time.

I got informed that the Vesperians after I lost consciousness ran through town like mindless thugs with nay thought of anything but battering citizens.
I got some reports of broken things and damages, but nay thing serious was destroyed.

I nay felt well but as the healers said I nay should sleep for some time yet, I dragged myself to the gate and I sat in the jail office then.
Sir Orson was kind enough to get me some wine and cookies which made my stomach go crazy and I had to hurry outside the gates to throw up.

Gave me time then to finish the sketch from the lighthouse Iljian built and I am very pleased how it worked out.
His Grace and all others that visited the lighthouse were very pleased with it and praised Iljian for the design.
For all that wish to visit it, it is at barrier island, just opposite the Trinsic docks.

*a sketch is included to the report*

His Grace talked with Lady Relm who wishes to be a citizen of the Duchy and after some talking he accepted her into the Duchy.
She seems nice and handles dangerous animals and I pray she can control them to nay eat anyone except the ones I nay like.

When I stopped to see double and managed to properly focus my eyes I knew it was time to take some rest and sleep and let the paladins guard.


*a note is added to the report*

To Armswoman Brynhild.
Please report on Wednesday to Captain Devante for your scheduled training.
I expect the best from you and hope nay to hear any complaints.

Captain Kaelyn of the Duchy of Trinsic

*a copy of a warrant is added to the report*


Name: not yet known
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Skin: Light
Hair: Long dark brown and a short beard and moustache
Last seen wearing: Black magician hat and black robes,
Description: Quite tall in iron mostly mismatched armor
Accused of: Assault on Captain Kaelyn, refusing to leave town when ordered, ignoring orders to leave the jail, refusing to follow their ban of town for a week, robbery
Weapon: Maces and other heavy weapons
Description of what happened: Refused to follow the one week ban from town and provoked Captain Kaelyn with constantly walking into town and taunting her.
Upon the try to chase him away he knocked her down and robbed the baker Stewan who wanted to bring Captain Kaelyn to the healers

Suggested punishment: Confiscating of all gold he has at he time of his arrest. Ten lashes and one hour of stocks A week banishment from Duchy lands and another week banishment from town.


*a sketch is added to the warrant*


Felt a little better today and my head nay hurt as much as I would have expected, after the bashing yesterday.
We had gotten news that something big had happened in Haven and that much of the old town was ruined. Still the order from Britain was to remain calm, that they have everything under control and just asked for Gregor the healer and some others to come and help out.
I heard that Vesperians in black robes had collected Blackrock in Haven with the intention to blow it up and maybe they succeeded if the rumours we heard are true.
We nay got many informations, but it seems most of the old town was destroyed and only a few ones at the outskirts of Haven survived and that some make shift buildings had also been built by the helpers that had arrived.

Today Brynhild was ordered under Devante’s command for her attitude problems and she nay looked too happy when I reminded her of it.

Devante led her and the other allied guards then to the training while I had to sort out the new people Britain had sent to replace the others.

The new healer instead of Gregor seems a lot nicer and seems more patient as he checked my headwound.
The others new arrivals from Britain seem to be doing their work well enough and soon will be as good as the ones they replaced.

I talked with Iljian and he asked if I knew about his employment with the Duchy. I had thought that his Grace had hired him and would give him some permanent work, though I will have to ask his Grace.
I offered to employ Iljian as a helper with the healers and as consultant in other Duchy matters as he has experience as a guardsman too.

Devante seemed to be satisfied with the guards fighting skills and also was satisfied with Brynhilde’s behaviour today, though he said she was reluctant to follow his orders without scowling.

I think she improved a lot as she managed to keep her mouth shut maybe she will soon be ready to become a guard.
I asked the other guards about Elba and also Elba herself about how she feels in the guardforce and as all seemed to be in order I decided to make her an Armswoman,

I also decided that despite my problems with Joshua he had been a good guard and decided to promote him to a guardsman.

The town seemed to be reasonable quiet and I guess that most of the people are still in some sort of shock what happened to Haven.
I hope it stays quiet for some time as it gave me a chance to end my duty before my shift ended as everything was peaceful.



Day started so nice and beautiful, but that should change quickly as I had to learn.
Troubles started slowly with Meygan and Tammy quarrelling about some stupid thing. Meygan cast some magik at her sister as revenge for some nightly attack, but as I had warned her once before I fined her with deducting another week’s pay form her.
Tammy and Meygan though kept arguing and Meygan cast a spell at Tammy who in return lightly slapped Meygan.
I decided to give Meygan a last chance and left her the decision to either pay 500 gold to Tammy, or that Meygan else gets demoted for the attack and Tammy would get fined 2000 gold.
For once Meygan was clever enough to pay the 500 gold and then leave Tammy alone.

We got information then that Duo had seized command of the Kaldorian forces and was marching upon Trinsic.
We sounded the alarm bells and I sent out Elba scouting south to see if they were really attacking.
Elba returned shortly afterwards stating that a Kaldorian force was marching at the town and that they would most likely attack from the southgate.

It was too late to build a proper defence and so we awaited the Kaldorian army in town. Duo arrived riding on his horse and demanded that the town be handed over to him, to which we had to refuse.

*a sketch shows the Kaldorian army in Trinsic*

In the following fight we managed to beat the Kaldorians back who retreated back to Stronghold. Iljian treated the wounded near the jail and Devante and me decided that we should head to Stronghold and check upon Lady Soulshadow.

The march south was luckily uneventful and we nay got attacked upon arriving at Strongholt. Lady Soulshadow came out of one of the buildings and explained to us that Duo had take over command and that most of the Kaldorians were following him.
We offered Lady Soulshadow sanctuary in town, but she refused as it was a Kaldorian matter and she nay would leave her place.

*a sketch of Strongholt*

We returned to Trinsic only to find out that a small force of Kaldorians had entered the town again and tried to burn down the healer building.
Luckily the fire could be put out pretty quickly and though the building is damaged it should be fully repaired in a few days.

Talon showed himself at the healers and stated that he only wanted to make sure that Keina was nay harmed or seen as Kaldorian. For my questions about why Kaldor attacked now he said that we brought it upon ourselves and that the time for talking was over. Despite arguments from others I let Talon leave, as I nay wanted to fight him in front of Keina whom he had wanted to talk to.

*a small sketch of the incident can be seen below*

Town got a little quieter as we nay expected another Kaldorian attack, though the confusion was big when a scout reported five Kaldorians marching to the west gate.
The four Kaldorians dragged a badly beaten up fifth Kaldorian with them, namely Hugo. It seems Hugo refused to follow Duo’s orders and so was beaten up and branded on his shoulder and then banished from the Kaldorian lands.

Tammy and Gwen helped him to the healers while a man called Jericho inquired about becoming a guard and I tried to explain about the Duchy to him. Our talk though was interrupted by some undead stumbling along the street which attacked me. It was a strong thing and I sent out Jericho to gather some help while I tried to destroy the undead.

I chased it around town when I miscalculated a swing and ran into the undead beings mace and got knocked out.
Jericho helped me up and told me that the undead had cut my back and tried to tear out my hair, which explains that I hurt so much all over that I hardly managed to move.

I heard afterwards that Gwen and some marksmen had managed to destroy it, though that nay makes the pain any better. There should be a note to all undead to stay in their graves and nay haunt the living and all bored necromancers should rather take up knitting as hobby than returning the dead and I would have lots less bruises.

The healer though managed to patch me up pretty quickly and I returned to the gate only to find some Vesperians attacking and I got hit over my head and lost consciousness.

Woke with a slight headache and as all seemed fine and I certainly had my share of a crappy day I decided to return home.


*a notice is added to the report*

As the healers building has been damaged the Duchy will put extra coin aside to pay for the damages and will hire additional carpenters and workers for the repair.

We estimate that it should be fixed in two days time.


*a scroll is added to the report*

Haven Report from Iljian

The whole island seems to have changed, it takes a moment to recognise the old parts again. The moongate is now located on an island, connected to the larger island with bridges. The town is entirely destroyed, the ruins walled off by makeshift barricades and remains of old, ruined walls. Only the northern part of the old town remains open, but the houses are deserted and inhabited by undead.

To the west though, a whole new town has been constructed or is in the process of being constructed. I found all the usual shops, a new harbour, inn and even a new theatre. In addition, in the tradition of being a centre for teaching the young, there are several locations that house trainers for many skills and professions.

Everything from a large castle to a strange samurai place like in Tokuno or a ghastly-looking temple. The people were helpful and offered training, but I could not learn anything about what had happened.



Another day in the fine duty of the Duchy and at least I nay hurt as much as expected after the latest beatings.

Got to town and my first patrol showed that all was fine and a quick visit to the Rose also proved to be safe.
I returned to town then and built the stocks and some barricades at the west gate.
The Kaldorian Kali appeared at the gate and as he said that he would follow Lady Soulshadow I let him leave to Strongholt.
I later on found him camping on the jail roof and as he promised nay to make any troubles I allowed him to stay there.

*a sketch of the camp on the jail roof is shown below*

His Grace was in a meeting with Captain Devante and Lady Gwen when General Paladis of the Kaldorian Army came to the gate to talk.
A marksman and me escorted him to the new Marksman headquarter south of the gate, but Paladis nay wanted to enter and demanded that we talk outside.

The general said that we only could negotiate with Lady Soulshadow and that Kaldor felt treated unfairly by Trinsic’s citizens.
We agreed that Lady Soulshadow and one guard could enter Trinsic freely to negotiate and else I ordered that the guards nay attack any Kaldorian unless attacked.

*a sketch of the talks is shown below*

We returned to the gate where Kendra and Meygan were arguing as Meygan had stolen Kendra’s notes. As Meygan refused top hand them out Kendra got upset and cast magik on her though Meygan stayed mostly unharmed and agreed to return the papers. As Meygan nay wished to press charges I let it go for this time, but those two need to keep their temper in check and nay fight openly in the streets.

Later in the evening Tammy also attacked a man she said had provoked her all evening. I tried to shoot Tammy in the leg, but missed and hit the man instead. He was nay seriously hurt and as it seemed more like a domestic brawl and Tammy seemed seriously upset about something else I left it with a fine of 2000 gold which the injured man got.

Leon from the Britannian guards told me an interesting rumour, that the Britannian guards considered to send reinforcements to Trinsic again.
His Grace also took notice of it and asked to talk to the Britannian guard leader at the next best opportunity.

I felt tired and still bruised from yesterday and so I decided to get some rest, before someone else would decide that it would be good to hit me over the head again.


*a notice is added to the report*

To all guards and Allies of Trinsic!

General Paladis agreed to a cease-fire and that Commander Soulshadow would be the person Trinsic will have to negotiate further.

So as to calm things down nay guard or ally should attack a Kaldorian unless attacked, though Kaldorians are still banned from town for now.

Also Lady Soulshadow and one guard of her choice is allowed into town for the negotiation talks.



Town was fine and Joshua and Brynhild were on duty and reported that everything around was fine.

Sergeant Lolondir Calmil from the Britannian Guards came today to talk to his Grace and also asked me to join them in the talks.
It seems the Britannian council has decided to send troops to help Trinsic and we gladly accepted it.
I told Captain Devante later on and he seemed happy that Trinsic would get reinforcements and I hope that the marksmen can work together with the Britannian guards.

His Grace also suggested that there should be some meetings of the Trinsic leaders, so we can talk about problems before any serious problems arise from not talking.

Faeryl came to Trinsic and asked Kimi to follow her as Vierna wished to talk to her. They agreed to meet in Jhelom and I sent Joshua with Kimi to stand guard over her.

They returned a few hours later with nothing really to report, except that Vierna had assured Kimi’s safety and that the drow would continue to look for Nil’tyr.

Hugo and Tessah quarrelled out of town and it came to a small fight as Tessah kept taking things out of Hugo’s bag.
Took me some time and the help of Tammy to get it sorted, though Tessah continued to be a pain and started to insult Leisa so badly that she got fined 500 gold which she paid later on.

Sergeant Orson, Olaf, Luid and Leisa were on duty and I suggested that they check out the Swaggers to try to steal some ale from them, to break their morale. So Orson ordered them to put on disguises and they went off to Vesper.

Hayley complained that Olaf and Sergeant Orson had searched her and considered her dangerous and I had assured her that I would talk to them to take things easier with her.

*below is a sketch of the secret Swagger’s operation and me talking to Hayley*

They returned quite some time later reporting that some Vesperians had been there and that the ale had been safely locked away in the cellar.
The Vesperians had attacked them as they had tried to leave the tavern and although Leisa got hurt they had all managed to escape and to return to Trinsic.

It seems Vesper nay liked the attack on their ale storage and some time later they attacked the town in force, though I nay found out what they wanted, as I shot them before they could shoot me.

A big fight throughout the city started and it took quite some time and lots of bruises to chase them all away, though I have nay heard of any missing ale.

I got hurt with some magik and had to take a rest in my house until I could return to town and check out the damage.
Many guards and allies had been hurt and Meygan had to bring her sister Kendra home, because of her injuries.

Things quietened down a little and I was in my office reading a report about the turnip harvest in south Trinsic a farmer had insisted I should read, when Keina ran in and informed me that someone had attacked Hugo.

I ran out and Hugo stated that some figure in a green robe had attacked him without a reason. And as he told that a green hooded figure jumped out and attacked Hugo again and the fight went on throughout town until we finally managed to knock him down.

I thought him dead and wanted to get the paladins to burn him, but Iljian insisted that he was alive and surely after some time the figure woke up and started talking nonsense.

Thinking that we had hit him too hard we brought him to the west gate where he suddenly shouted something about payment and Kaldorians and like a maniac ran off into the woods.

Hugo thinks that maybe a man called Kyte has put out a bounty for him and we should investigate this further, as it may be also a bounty on any Kaldorian.

Gate was quiet until some undead staggered out of the woods and threatened us until I said out loud a prayer which made it stagger back from the gate.

*below is a sketch of the undead at the gate*

Sadly the prying nay destroyed it and it took our combined effort to knock the skeleton to pieces and then I said a prayer and Iljian tried to burn its remains. Something strange though happened as the ashes of the skeleton sort of began to move and disappear as if by magik and I fear it might get reassembled at another place.

*the sketch shows the burning of the pile of bones*

After that I returned to the gate and Kimi and Joshua were returning from their talk with Vierna, which results I mentioned earlier.
We talked a little and I noticed then that Sir Orson and Luid were absent and I wish to file a complaint about it. It nay can be that those two get drunk on duty and leave their guard duties unfinished.

As them both were absent I had to stay longer and took over the end of their shifts too before more falling than walking home to bed.



Got news from Hobart from the stables today, who informed me that someone had stolen all my pigeons and that they probably landed in someone’s cooking pot.

This is the second bunch I lost and training some will take a few weeks and cost another fortune, so I decided to nay get some for now and use the Duchy ones if I have to.

I let Elba and Brynhild build some barricades in front of the west gate and in town in case of any attacks.

I talked to Stewan about his cooking lecture and he said that he probably would hold it tomorrow after the Rose closed at the western gate.
I will put out a notice when I know when it will be, though I ask for people that participate to check if they have a spare kettle to bring.

It seems Vesper put out an effort and amassed all possible troops to attack Trinsic. We got a warning that they would try to attack in force and rang the alarm bells.
Sadly though the Britannian guards nay had arrived all yet in Trinsic and the Marksmen and the elves were off on a separate mission, so our defense was pretty limited to maybe a third of the attacking Vesperian force.

Vesper attacked from the south gate and we nay had much of a chance to stand against their over numbering forces .

*a sketch of Vesperian forces is shown below*

It seems though Vesper was drunk, confused or both as the banker Cybil said they stood stupefied for five minutes or more in front of the bank wondering what to do and their leader someone called Draxen seemed to be as clueless as the others. They talked about attacking Yew or Cove, but the banker claimed he doubted they could have found anything in the state of mind they seemed to be in.

*a sketch of the forces at the bank is shown below*

What was really scary later on though as the banker reported was that one undead had managed to sneak in, as all guards were wounded and nay guarded.
That undead staggered to the Bank and upon seeing it Cybil said the undead shivered and said that it was Trinsic’s problem and they fled from the undead.

*the sketch below shows the Vesperians unable to face the undead*

Most of the guards nay were seriously injured and we slowly started to clean up the town from some of the things that had got damaged.

Lady Soulshadow came to the west gate and talked a little to Hugo and to us though nay had time for a real talk and left rather hurriedly.

After she had left Tyler ran up to the gate reporting that he had overheard some Kaldorians who plotted to overthrow Lady Soulshadow.
I gathered the guards and a few others came with us and together we headed to Strongholt to warn the Commander.

Lady Soulshadow listened to us there than and asked us then to leave it in her hands and to return to town as she would handle it herself.

*the left image shows Lady Soulshadow explaining Kaldorian politics; the right picture shows the warning to Lady Soulshadow at Strongholt*

Some of the guards among them Brynhild, Meygan and Tyler felt well enough to try to visit Vesper again, though from how they returned later on it seems it nay went too well.
Luckily they were nay too much hurt and most of them could leave the healers after getting bandaged up.

Lady Shelly came to the west gate and we talked a little about Kaldor and I hope she nay will be on the warmongering side and support an easier course which I hope Lady Soulshadow will take.

The undead thing that had chased the Vesperians away before approached the gate again and attacked us. Lady Shelly helped me and together we managed to destroy that pile of bone and scatter it’s remains around.

Lady Shelly also asked of me to tell Corwin that she would like to talk to him, if I see him.

Tammy and her friends and some of the guards gathered again with a plan to pay back Vesper again and I listened in to their plan, but as it included a portal to Vesper I decided against it. Magik and me still nay go together well and so I went to the west gate when almost a dozen Vesperians came appeared.
I tried to sound the alarm bell but was knocked down by them and though I tried to get up and fight them again but was hit over the head and lost consciousness.

*a sketch below shows the result of the unfair fight*

It seems though the guards and the others that had gone to Vesper returned and managed to ambush the Vesperians and after a long fight managed to throw them out of the town.

Some of them even went so far as to head to Vesper to get some of the stragglers that had fled from Trinsic to Vesper like Kendra.

After a few hours time Kendra returned with only a few more bruises and a smile on her face, so I guess all went pretty well and there were some fights.

One crazy Vesperian came to the gate and attacked a woman there and called her an assassin. Faeryl me and the woman that got attacked chased her into the woods and hit her over the head convincing her hopefully of her foolishness to stay out of Duchy land.

As Vesperians are mostly using magiks I really think they dabbled too deeply in blackrock and lost their sanity like that woman who cackled madly during the fight.

Tammy and the others returned later on looking tired but well enough and my shift was nearing its end when Faeryl informed me that Vierna wished to talk to me and we agreed to meet on Tuesday in Jhelom tavern.



Town is fine and only me and Luid on duty and not expecting any troubles for now.

*a poster is added to the report*
*black-bordered notice is added to the report *
It is with deep sorrow
that I must announce
the death
of Captain Kaelyn.

For now, Duchy Guards
are placed under the command
of Captain Devante
of the Royal Marksmen Regiment.
Otherwise the normal
chain of command
is to be followed.

Former Captain Reann
has also kindly agreed
to assist at this time.

Further information will follow
as necessary.

Irvyn Middlethorn
Duke of Trinsic, Servant of the Realm, Defender of the South, etc etc

The personal seal of the Duke of Trinsic:
An eagle flying, holding the branch of a thornbush in its claws; surrounding are the words "Mine honour is my life; both grow in one; take honour from me, and my life is done."

*a report from Guardsman Luid is added*

I was on duty with Captain Kaelyn and had just been escorting Keina to the Moongate when I saw three undead carrying away the Captain and I attacked them to try to free her, butt hey overwhelmed me.

We both got carried off to some crypt where they shackled and tortured us.
Put the Captain on some bed of nails and let her bleed there, while they tortured me with spikes.

The they returned to the Captain and one of them put her in an iron coffin with spikes in it and slammed it into her body a few times.
Up until then I think she was alive but that thing killed her and then one undead dragged her off.

The other one continued to torture me until I lost consciousness and Sir Devante from the marksmen rescued me and returned me to town.

The healers say I will recover but I need to take it easy for a few days at least.


*the report from the healers is added to the report*

Captain Kaelyn arrived already dead at the healers at around midday.

She died because of several severe stabwounds to the chest and abdomen. Also that the undeads burned her in some fire did not help to make her look any prettier afterwards and just left her as dead as she was before.

Lady Reann carried her corpse off to paladins island where they will prepare the formal burial customs.



*Kaelyn was warm and comfortable when I felt something tug at her and a sharp pain made her cry out loud.
Trying to remember where she was and what had happened she closes her eyes and forces her thoughts back to the beginning of her day.

A kiss from Tiggarn and getting to Duty and then some fight and undeads and pain incredible pain. Focusing her thoughts she remebers facing three undeads in town sending Stewan to alert the other guards for help, then she had tried to fight the monsters and then nothing.

Only to gasp as if in great pain remembering opening her eyes and seeing an iron coffin with spikes tearing through her flesh.

Shuddering Kaelyn opens her eyes and looks around trying to focus her eyes in the dim lit hall.
The hall is vast and empty, filled with shadows and strange noises unknown to Kaelyn.

In the back of the hall there is a sound as if feathers are ruffled and something is moving up into the air and deeper into the shadows.

A voice from the dark says ‘The lord of Virtues gives you another chance my child, to redeem yourself’. ‘All he asks is that that you follow the virtues as best you can and renounce your old gods’

‘For that we have renewed your body and erased it of all former marks, so you can start on a new path.’

Looking down at herself Kaelyn notices that all her scars are gone and that her skin looks pinkish almost as from a newborn an and that there are no pain or aches.

Kaelyn asks with a hoarse uneasy voice ‘Why, I mean why me?’

A different voice from somewhere in the dark answers ‘Because you were killed by an abomination of nature and lead until then a decent life though you were not following the path of virtue.’
‘So our Lord decided to take you and give you the chance, in return that you lead your life as virtuous as you can.

‘And maybe we will ask the one or other task for you to do for our Lord if it is necessary, but else you are free to go.’
‘One of our disciples will escort you to the moongate and from there you are free to go’

Kaelyn grabs the clothes which are handed to her and mumbling to herself she notices that her body is not more attractive as she would have wished and considers for a second to ask the ‘Lord’ for some corrections.

Deciding to keep quiet she puts the clothes on and follows the man outside to return to Trinsic.*


When I got on duty I had some visitor waiting on me already. Cullin an envoy from Jhelom visited and offered his assistance against Vesper.

Shortly after baron Octavius visited with some Covian guards and stayed a bit at the tavern and shortly after he left we got a report that Covian troops had attacked Jhelom and plundered some of the shops.

I paid out most of the guards today and the town remained mostly peaceful, with only a few smaller quarrels happening.

Sir Isodore wanted to train the guards a little and let them parade a little and I let him and as he and Alusair disagreed a little I let the two of them blow off some steam while the other guards returned to duty.

Meygan refused to follow orders and after insulting Sergeant Orson he tried to talk to her and to teach her to follow orders.
Seemingly the two got in a fight and Meygan attacked Orson with her magery and Keina came to the gate to call us for help.

We tried to sort it with Meygan, but she refused and threw her Duchy badge down and ran away cursing.

Sir Ikus reported that there will be an election in Vesper and that baron Twothumb might lose it and to ensure that we should remain quiet and nay provoke Vesper any further.

Victor bragged that he would love to be with Tammy as punishment and so for fun I allowed Tammy to take Victor for this evening.
She returned him wearing all pink and he looked a lot less brave and nay bragged anymore.

*image below shows Victors pink suit*

Tammy left him later halfnaked tied to tree for us to rescue and agreed then to Victor that in return she would be his recruit for a day.
So we got her a uniform and Victor gave her some chores to do, like cleaning the stables. It seems though it was too much for him as after about thirty minutes he returned all dirty and telling us that he would just give up and get drunk to which I agreed.

*sketch below shows Tammy in a Duchy recruit armor*

So best nay too brag that you can handle all as your Captain can prove you wrong with some inventive methods.

Rest of the duty was quiet and spent with bantering.



Duty started slow and peaceful as any guard wishes it and so I spent my first hour of the shift talking to people at the Rose to inform myself of potential troubles and to keep the peace.

Got back to town and a patrol through it was uneventful, though when I got back I spied Dexius Brutus at the edge of the woods. Alerting Brynhild, Kendra, Tammy and Leon we started to chase him through the woods and Kendra got knocked out by Dexius in the attack.
I lost sight of them in the woods and had to return, though decided to prepare the stocks just in case they caught him.

And really they returned with Dexius in town and so we put him on stocks so he could receive his punishment.
First I decided that as he had cut off my hair that I would return the favour and with a sharp knife, cut off his hair.

*the sketch below shows Dexius without hair*

Afterwards Brynhild dealt him the sentenced sixteen lashes and afterwards we threw him down the drowhole, where he hopefully dies, though I doubt we are that lucky.

A drow called Shaex d’Thargez asked to be arrested for his crimes and I put him on stocks and then in a cell where he awaits the sentence of his Grace.

Lady Alynora of Naeloth wishes to talk to his Grace and Shaex also said that if he gets sentenced to death lady Alynora should get his body to bury it in Naeloth.

Town was quiet then when my shift was over except Tammy and her friends amusing the locals a little.



His Grace informed me that the Drow Shaex is nay to receive any visitors and that he is waiting to be executed for his former crimes.
Shaey talked with Iljian and one of his requests was to talk to VanQa to ask for forgiveness.

A Sir DeLoupe visited town and brought presents for his Grace and also some for me. It seems Leisa likes him a lot and I have to agree that he was very charming, though for me it seems he will rather follow the path of a Paladin than anything else.

Tammy still wore the recruit uniform for some time and gave Leisa some troubles and I had a hard time to calm both down.

Rest of my shift was quiet and uneventful.

His Grace had given most guards off to attend the lecture, though most used it to get some rest or other things.
The lecture was confusing as some argued with what the lecturer said and the arguments went on for what seemed like hours and nay result was reached.

Went with Iljian then back to Trinsic, but Iljian wanted to check out the hedge maze while I returned to Trinsic to start my duty. After a long walk I finally made it back to town and found it still standing and nay battles going on.

Town was reasonable quiet and Lady Soulshadow was visiting and having a drink at the tavern. It seems she and Shunsaki had an argument over some gold in the tavern, as when lady Soulshadow returned to the gate a messenger came from Shunsaki and delivered a threatening message to nay pay Keina anything ever again.

Lady Soulshadow was upset about it and the Kaldorian went looking for Shunsaki and I hoped that it could be solved honourably and with as little bloodshed as possible. Shunsaki though nay showed himself at first and when he came he refused to apologise and so the Kaldorian boxed him in to beat him up.

*sketch below shows the Kaldorians trying to take Shunsaki*

Some thugs though jumped out of the woods and a fight started where several people got hurt and though none too serious including Lady Soulshadow.
It took some time and talking but in the end lady Soulshadow and Shunsaki came to some sort agreement and promised nay to make trouble in town.

Faeryl wanted to see the drow if she knew him and for informations about Nil’tyr. Despite the order nay to low any visitors Ishowed her to Shaex and as he refused to talk I nay could stop her whipping him a few times.

I am sorry for that and take full responsibility as Shaex also nay knew anything about Nil’tyr.

Today’s duty started quiet again and all was pretty quiet and relaxed and as I burnt my breakfast today at home I enjoyed a long lunch at the tavern safe from my cooking skills.

When I got to the gate Victor was there and talking with some Kaldorians who nay accepted that them were banned from town.
Took some talking and convincing to calm all down and I told the guards that if a Duchy guards accompanies a Kaldorian they can walk through town.

Got a message from a Vesperian that on Monday after the Vesper election there will be a boat race where one can win the prize money of 100.000 gold and that teams of three people were wanted for it. He said that all were welcome and that a local truce would be announced for it and that boats would race for the honour of their towns.

Victor was babysitting Kali when Vesperians came to the gate looking for some pirates. They positioned themselves at the gate and as they nay wanted to surrender or leave I asked Victor to arrest them.

We were lucky as before the first blows could fall a group of Britannian guards arrived, tipping the odds into our favour. The fight was rather short and we managed to catch three Vesperians and put them in a cell for interrogation.

I asked them about the elections but them nay told us a lot about it and as Lord Ikus wanted to talk with them I left him alone in there with Victor.

Lord Ikus released them then, probably for some votes in the elections, if those can be trusted and I resumed my duty at the gate where all was quiet.

Got a report from a Britannian soldier that Cove attacked Minoc again and that Yewish troops defended the town successfully.



Duty started calm with just some swaggers employees trying to circumvent the ban. It seems one of them was the pirate the Vesper force was looking last time and so we showed them out of town and asked them to leave quietly to which they obliged.

A messenger came from the docks stating that some strange persons were scouting the docks and that some guards should look into it.

So me, Victor and Brynhild went to the docks and found Charlotte there waiting on marksmen boat which would bring supplies to the marksmen.
The moment the marksmen boat approached the docks, some dark figures approached the docks and drew their weapons.
They demanded the cargo and as we all naturally disagreed a fight started and although the ship managed to get off some of the cargo got stolen by the brigands.

Me and many of the defending guards and Marksmen were hurt though it were only a few cuts with poison that held me up at the healers.
Later on Faeryl came to say that Vierna would meet me and so we agreed to meet in Moonglow in the next hour.

As soon as I felt able to I headed then out to Moonglow and met Vierna at the Beergarden and I assured her of our agreement that as long as her drow any made trouble we nay would ban them from town.
We talked a bit more and Vienra asked when her ban would be lifted and the only thing I could say is that I would hand the matter to lady Reann and she might reevaluate the ban.

I returned to town and it seems all was quiet in the meantime and so I took up gate duties.

I saw Gnomy walking into town and was so surprised that I just let him walk through town and then leave him.

*sketch below shows Gnomy*

Some drow took Charlotte hostage and asked for the marksman goods to be handed over, but ran when she saw all the marksmen coming to the gates with the delivered goods they had brought to the docks later on.

The marksmen brought the goods to safety while I stayed at the gate only to face a band of five thugs demanding to know where the goods went.
I tried to stall them but Hugo saw them and attacked and in the fight I got cut with a poisoned kryss from a drow and lost consciousness and awoke at the healers.

Got some more potions against the poison and was in there for some hours talking with Victor who broke some ribs falling down at the docks, or as he said fighting the brigands.

Returned to the Jail to let Carn out, who hit me over the head when I turned my back to him. As I awoke I found him near the jail and some man helped me to put him in a cell.

I sentenced him to an hour stocks and ten lashes and also to keep all his things and got off duty as my head hurt.

When I returned to duty I got Carn on stocks and let Lyim check him over, to see if he might be dangerous.

*below is a sketch with Carn on stocks and Lyim checking him*

Lyim nay could find out anything and so I decided that he would get his ten lashes. As he kicked me once before the lashes I decided to give him one more and threw him afterwards out of town.

A female drow refused to show her face and ignored my commands to stop and mocked me until I had to beat her up and put her on stocks. She said her name was Iman and that she was new in town and I know she is nay one of Vierna’s family and might be even the one that attacked me yesterday.

Devante had called in people for the Trinsic militia and all the bandits also came looking for some payment and they did some training in the eastern parts of town. Even henry Winter was among them and I considered arresting him, but as he was also with his gang here I waited to see what Devante intended.

One man dressed as a Vesperian walked into town and one of the Brigands attacked him quickly and as Devante had invited them too I let them throw the man out of town.

Seems he pitied the brigands against the local forces at the training and the brigands lost each time and after training I followed Winter out of town to make sure he leaves.

At the west gate he got into an argument with Victor and got beat up and I asked Victor and Tammy to throw him down the Ant hole and if we are lucky we see the last of him.

Victor took some pills from lady Soulshadow and was out of his mind as he tried to venture to attack Vesper by himself and I had to go with Zefar to Vesper to look for him.

Luckily he never managed to leave town and I found him upon returning to Trinsic again in the tavern singing songs and annoying the guests.

I had to bind him to the healer’s bed and left Eike there to look after him after he finally fell asleep.

Hugo asked if there is maybe a position in the Duchy and I told him that if there nay would be any problem with the Kaldorians, that I would find one for him.

Gerek and Gnomy arrived later and were looking for a missing Swaggers barmaid which they claim had been kidnapped by a vampire. They also looked for Lady Jade to ask for advice, but we nay seen her or the missing woman for some time.

Carn dropped by later near town with one of his spirit things and talked with Draegor about it, though as I think the spirit thing did something evil I shot it and told Carn nay to bring any by again.

My shift was over with this and I let the paladins handle anything else now.



Duty was quiet today except for Leon who got hurt by some Vesperian attack in the woods and rests at the healers now. We nay could find any of his attackers though, but I heard he is nay seriously hurt and can hopefully return to duty soon.

Meygan was in town today and it seems she nay wants to return to guard duty again and looks for other opportunities.

Gnomy from Vesper was at the gate seemingly drunk and half naked from some beach party and talked a little with Lord Ikus.

Lord Ikus asked Stewan to help him with his campaign in Vesper and they both set off, but returned shortly after claiming that them nay found anyone.

It seemed all quiet and so I decided to get some earlier rest.



When I returned from Duty I hardly could believe my eyes as I saw Recruit Kamar at the Gates, reporting for duty.
I sent him to check the moongate and the Rose where he should keep an eye on his Grace and his son.

An lady reported that she had been robbed by some elven Lady with strangely pale skin and wore a green dress. The elf robbed her and her Covian companion and also stabbed the Covian with a poisoned kryss, but as I heard the Covian will recover and be well in no time.
Also she added to the description that the elf wore a valorite gorget and a valorite kryss to her green dress.

I then headed to the Rose to relieve Kamar from his guarding duties and was talking a little with him, when Iljian stormed in telling us that Orcs attacked the gate.

Isidore, me Kamar, iljian and some others sprang up and we rushed to the gate where we found a drow fighting with two orcs and after some fighting we managed to chase the orcs away, wounding most of them enough to be sure them nay will return soon.

Kamar and the drow got hurt, though both nay to serious, but as I looked at the drow closer I noticed her strangely green dress and valorite gorget and kryss.

I put her under arrest, but as I nay could provide any witnesses Lord Isodore decided I should throw her out and kicked her out of town.

I asked Iljian to look for the orcs camp but after a few hours search he returned and said that only thing he was sure is that nay camp was near and that they had probably come through the anthole.

Two other unknown drow fought outside the city gates with another person and as there seem to be more drow not with either the Von’Sah or Vierna that I grew concerned and decided to try to control the activities of the local drow.

For that I put up a poster to register the known and friendly drow and try to get all the unknown ones under control and to safeguard that such things as with Nil’tyr nay can happen so easily again again

The poster was quiet an uproar when put up and many drow complained long about it, but I think in the end it will accept it.

Keina has some school project and asked me lots about my duties and myself for some report. I tried to answers as best I could and hope nay to have embarrassed myself too much.

Rest of my duty I spent mostly arguing with drow and showing the posters around long until my shift was over and I almost fell asleep on my feet.


*a copy of a poster is added to the report*


Because of troubles with drow Captain Kaelyn with the approval of his Grace the Duke Irvyn Middlethorn decided that all drow have to register with the Duchy upon entering Duchy lands.

All the drow known as to be friendly to the Duchy will get forms declaring that they can enter town and walk freely about.

All unknown Drow need someone friendly and well known to the Duchy to vouch for them to get such a form and all others who nay can provide any of these will be banned from the Duchy.


Captain Kaelyn of the Duchy guards

*another painted on and written on poster is added to the report*


Because of troubles with drow (Captain [Changed to] *Undead Champion*) Kaelyn with the approval of his Grace the Duke Irvyn Middlethorn decided that all drow have to register with the Duchy upon entering Duchy lands.

All the drow known as to be friendly to the Duchy will [Added] *Not* get forms declaring that they can enter town and walk freely about. [Added] *They are Banned too*

All unknown Drow need someone friendly and well known to the Duchy to (vouch for them to get such a form [Changed to] *Kill them off* and all others who nay can provide any of these will be (banned from[Chamged to] *Sacrificed for*) the Duchy.


(Captain [Changed to] *Champion*) Kaelyn of the (Duchy guards [Changed to] *Undead*)

*a note is sent to Vierna*

Dear Lady Vierna,
I am sorry to report that some unknown drow have surfaced and troubled us in town. With the reappearance of some Naeloth Drow and some other unknown ones we nay see any other option than to enforce harsher methods.

If you vouch for your people I will write them all permits if you just give me their names.

I am also sorry to have to report that I nay have reached Lady Reann yet.

I guess if those renegade drow are under control again that things will be easier again.


*a copy of a letter is added to the report*

Dear Lady Reann,
Lady Vierna asked about the lifting of her ban from town and if you might be willing to reconsider the punishment and maybe lifting of the ban.

I nay could decide as she tortured Lady Reann and I nay find it in my heart to really forgive her for that and decided that you are more level headed for such decisions.

Lady Vierna asks for a meeting with you to discuss the ban and maybe a neutral place like Moonglow or Jhelom would be suitable enough.

I hope you are well Milady and I miss you.
Lots of hugs and best wishes.


*a copy of a permit is added to the report*

This permit allows Captain Zefar the brave to enter the town of Trinsic at all times and that if he asks for muffins or cookies the guard on duty has to hand him some, or some coin to buy some.
The coins or cookies can be got back from Captain Kaelyn who hereby vouches to pay for Captain Zefar’s cookies and muffins.

Also all guards have to protect the boy as best as they can and assist him if he is in danger.

Captain Kaelyn of the Duchy of Trinsic


Duty was quiet today and many people were visiting Vesper to watch the election. I sent out Brynhild and Hugo to check out the Vesper election and to see if we could smuggle some people in to vote for Lord Ikus.

Garod Tremere wishes to see his Grace to talk about the drow Shaex.

Hugo and Brynhild tried their best but nay managed to vote as the Vesperian guards controlled all papers too well and so both returned to Trinsic.

As Hugo nay can become a guard I decided that it would be good to hire him as a scout with the wage of a guardsman and give him missions to gather information for the Duchy.

Charlotte of the Marksman was threatened by a man that her store would get burnt down if she nay paid gold to some brigand. Despite looking for the man we nay could find him and we will have to patrol more to keep people and houses safe.

Genty the marksman archer saw something strange in the woods and afterwards fell unconscious to the ground. When Sagittarius tried to wake him with water Genty jumped off and ran into the woods until he dropped unconscious again. We carried him then to the healers and shackled him to be sure and lady Kimi took a look at him
Genty suddenly awoke and talked with too many sss like the undead and I knocked him out with my staff and we then transported him into the jail into cell two to keep him safe.

I told Sir Devante about Genty and suggested to get an elven healer or maybe Sir Callum to help him.

We later on got the result of the Vesperian election and heard that Olk Samsca won and Sir Ikus managed to more than three votes at least from what rumours said.

Rest of my duty was very calm and uneventful


*copies of permits are added to the report*

The wearer of this permit is allowed to enter the Duchy and the town of Trinsic.

Name of the person allowed to enter:
Faeryl Hunett

Name of the person vouching:
Captain Kaelyn

Permit number: 1

Kaelyn of the Duchy of Trinsic

The wearer of this permit is allowed to enter the Duchy and the town of Trinsic.

Name of the person allowed to enter:
Malic Von’Sah

Name of the person vouching:
Lady Jade Bastet

Permit number: 2

Kaelyn of the Duchy of Trinsic

The wearer of this permit is allowed to enter the Duchy and the town of Trinsic.

Name of the person allowed to enter:

Name of the person vouching:
Lady Jade Bastet

Permit number: 3

Kaelyn of the Duchy of Trinsic

The wearer of this permit is allowed to enter the Duchy and the town of Trinsic.

Name of the person allowed to enter:

Name of the person vouching:
Lady Kimi, also Keina unofficially as she is too young

Permit number: 4

Kaelyn of the Duchy of Trinsic

*copy of a contract is added to the report*

This contract hires Sir Hugo Windstone as scout for the Duchy with a pay of 2500 gold a month.
His duties include scouting for the Duchy and gathering information about enemies of the Duchy. He is also allowed to help the Duchy guards with the defense of the town, though he nay can do arrests by himself.

Captain Kaelyn of the Duchy Guards

*copy of a warant is added to the report*


Name: Meygan
Gender: Female
Race: Elf
Skin: Light
Hair: blond and bound up
Last seen wearing: Civilian clothes
Description: Cannot stay civil and huffs a lot
Accused of: Assault on Tammy and Victor Corona
Weapon: Uses magiks
Description of what happened: Victor Corona and Tammy tried to arrest Meygan and Meygan attacked Tammy burning both her hands so she had to stay at healers all night. Also might have attacked Victor Corona, though I have nay report of it happening except that he said he looked after Tammy at the healers

Suggested punishment: An hours stocks and a fine of a thousand gold from which Tammy receives half for her wounds.



When I got on duty two shady figures were about town and only left after I looked closer at them and probably scaring them away to do more mischief.

Jaraxle was in quite a good mood as I agreed to hand his old golden engagement ring with a large ruby to either Alynora or Garod.

I managed to get Mathias Janus to check upon Genty who still rested in a cell and behaved strangely. Genty still talked in a hissing voice but after Janus talked to the water and poured it over the marksman, all seemed to be better.

Sir Devante checked later on Genty and he was fully awake then and nay could remember much, though seemed well enough to be released which I did then.

Tammy was dragged out by some man to the beach and though Kendra and me hurried after him he managed to get to his boat and threatened to hurt Tammy if we nay stepped back. He held a knife to her throat and so we nay dared to shoot, but as he demanded 10.000 gold and approached the boat I decided to try to shoot him, but missed and the brigand escaped with Tammy over the sea.

We got a report that Vesper was in town and trying to check it I stumbled over brigands fighting and trying to get it solved got hurt and managed to stumble to the healer where I fainted.
I nay was hurt too badly though it seems that there were many brigands as some more of the guards had to get treated by the healers.

When I finally felt well enough to return to duty the town was unsafe and shady figures were all over, which I thought were probably brigands.
I ordered the people to disarm and tried to restore order as best as I could, but I heard later on that some people were robbed or threatened in town.

Kaldorians caught a man that had stolen some Kaldor uniform and beat him up out of town. He refused to tell his name or say why he stole it and so the Kaldorians tried to force the truth out of him.

*a sketch shows the Kaldorian prisoner and the Covian trying to help him*

A Covian threatened the Kaldorians so a fight started and when a hooded figure attacked Lady Soulshadow and some more hooded people came out from the woods attacking the Kaldorians and the west gate fell into heavy fighting where many people got hurt, among them Lady Soulshadow.

Not enough that these hooded brigands attacked also some orcs came howling out of the woods with a pack of wolves attacking the citizens.
The ones nay chasing the brigands had a hard time throwing back the orcs and some more people got hurt and had to get treated at the healers.

Luckily nay one was hurt badly and after some time resting all people could leave the healers.

Have to say that the Marksman cadet Morwen fought bravely against the orcs though she got hurt in the attack.

A cattle herder had led his cows to the west gate when the orcs attacked and lost many of his stock to the wolves and so I decided to recompensate him for some of his cows and also bought the two remaining ones from him.

*a sketch shows the cattle herd*

Meygan came into town then and refused to go to a cell and demands a trial.
Sir Ikus set her bail to 3000 gold which she paid and now awaits her trial

Some unknown rat plague hit town but a few well places exploding potions quickly scattered them. I think we have some serious vermin problems, probably related to the undeads or maybe Vesper who released them in town.

*a sketch of the rats running through the streets is shown below*

Day had been chaotic enough and I was deadly tired as my shift had been over when the orcs attacked.

Started my shift today later as I needed the rest and found the town quiet, probably because most people visited the boat races in Vesper.

Caught up a little with my paperwork and handed out some more permits to lady Faeryl.

Stewan had set up a booth and sold some food at the gate when some man in Vesperian uniform calling himself Tigerius. Tammy recognised his as her kidnapper and we tried to arrest him, but he fled into the woods where I lost him after a long chase.
Though some others like Kimi and Tammy were still after himbut also nay could catch him and got hurt slightly during the chase.


*a copy of a receipt*

I received the amount of 3000 gold for the bail of Meygan.


*a copy of a list is added to the report*

Captain Kaelyn,
Here is a list of Drow friendly to the Von’Sah. I trust you to keep this list far from unauthorized eyes.

Should any more come into my service I’ll let you know.

Kalanar Von’Sah
Jaraxle Von’Sah
Ilmryn Von’Sah
Tristre Von’Sah
Viconia Von’Sah
Valas Von’Sah
Iym’iara Von’Sah
Korith Von’Sah
May’ayne Von’Sah
Jarlyn Von’Sah
Xune Von’Sah
Durlyn Von’Sah
Kelirahe Von’Sah

The wearer of this permit is allowed to enter the Duchy and the town of Trinsic.

Name of the person allowed to enter:

Name of the person vouching:
Faeryl Hun’ett

Permit number: 5

Kaelyn of the Duchy of Trinsic

The wearer of this permit is allowed to enter the Duchy and the town of Trinsic.

Name of the person allowed to enter:

Name of the person vouching:
Faeryl Hun’ett

Permit number: 6

Kaelyn of the Duchy of Trinsic

*a copy of a poster is added to the report*


The new Trade Minister of Trinsic is now Lady Kimi.
She will as from now on handle the trade licenses and building leases and other trading matters.

Captain Kaelyn


Came on duty rather late and all seemed well as Victor and Orson were on duty and they know how to keep a town well guarded.

Two Vesperians came to the gate and asked for a truce but as I nay trusted them and as Thaur was one of the ones them sent I nay thought that they meant to negotiate.

Kiran came also asking for trade as he claims Vesper citizen are starving and they desperately need food and will buy for gold. I told him that I would inform Kimi and that he would get an answer within three days.

To investigate if Vesper really has a food problem I sent Orson; Victor and Stewan to check it out. Orson returned beat up claiming that Gia had betrayed him to the Vesperian militia and that he got beat up by them then.

Victor returned later on and as Orson he nay had found out lots though said them nay looked like them were starving.
Stewan had wandered all of town and also nay found anything out of order and it may be that some things might be needed, but nay way a famine yet.

Kali handed Tammy a bottle of bad water and Tammy had to go to the healers to get treated for poisoning and she was very ill for some time. Victor was very unhappy and arrested Kali and brought him to the healers where we questioned him.
He said he underestimated the water and also drank some of it to show us it is harmless but also had to be treated against poisoning afterwards.

I heard some dogs outside and found Carn leading a pack of dogs which attacked me then. I asked Carn why and he said them smelled blood on me. But I suspect he trained them to attack me.

When I returned Victor was talking to Kali and we all agreed that it was an accident and that if he pays 1000 gold to Tammy all would be forgotten.

We were called then to a mugging out of town, but it seems all was well and Carn really had protected Zefar for once.

I went off duty then, but as I arrived at my hut it was all in disorder and looked as if someone had searched it. Carn entered and spoke some strange words and I think it was him looking for the contract I have from him.
Lucky I nay keep it at the house and I have to find a better hiding place for it now and reconsider if Carn is nay as dangerous as I thought him to be.

Today Vesper came looking for Tessah and as no one knew where she could be they talked to Tammy about her who also nay had seen her for some time.

Sir Orson recognised Calantha from vVesper and claimed she was spying and as they argued Calantha poked Orsons’s eye and Orson put her on stocks for fifteen minutes.

Some wild dogs were at bank but as I approached then some magik hit me and knocked me out for a bit. Victor helped me up then but I felt unwell for quite some time and after the healers checked me over and said them nay could help me I returned to the gate.

Kiran came to talk to Kimi about trading, but had to wait as Kimi nay likes dogs and went somewhere safe. I asked Kiran to wait outside and after the dogs had been chased away kimi came and talked to Kiran.

As Gerek entered town I let him to be arrested and put on stocks until Kiran left, for entering town when banned.

*sketch shows Calantha and Gerek on stocks*

Carn threw something sharp at Calantha and was also put on stocks later on for ten minutes and he behaved very aggressively and threatened people.

Rest of my duty was quiet and I need to check with the healers as my neck hurts and I feel still ill from the magik.


*a copy of a permit is added to the report*

The wearer of this permit is allowed to enter the Duchy and the town of Trinsic.

Name of the person allowed to enter:

Name of the person vouching:
Lady Faeryl Hun’ett

Permit number: 25

Kaelyn of the Duchy of Trinsic

*a poster is added to the report*

Concerning wild animals in the town of Trinsic

Due to an increasing amount of ownerless and aggressive animals in town all wild and nay belonging to someone animals can be killed.
So all owners of animals are asked to either keep them close by and under control, or to put them in the stables.


*a note is added to the report*

To all the Duchy guards and allies

As some animals behave strangely it is allowed to kill the suspicious ones.
Exceptions are well known animals as for example the Tokuno fox which is to be left alone.



I found a book by Carn today in my house and hastened to duty to ask him what that was all about but he refused to answer it.

Victor and Liana were already on duty and the town was all safe in their hands and so I went with Lady Kimi to his Grace and talked about trade with Vesper.
I told them my opinion to nay support Vesper too much but to give them basic food so their citizens nay would starve.

Victor caught a woman trying to mug him and managed to beat her up and put her on stocks before throwing her out.

One other Lady refused to show her face to Liana and so she assumed she was a brigand and knocked her out. We told the Lady then about the laws in town and that she should show her face next time upon entering.

Gerek came later by because Vesperian militia were raiding the Swaggers and he wanted to avoid that. As he though is banned from town I fined him all his gold and let him stay for some time and threw him out when he overstayed his welcome.

Carm claims that he has a plot to kill the new baron of Vesper and I told him that if he really manages it then I would hand him over 10.000 gold for his deed.

As some paladin tried to judge him though and I told the guards nay to interfere he called off the contract. I nay know how he managed to convince the paladin of his innocence to nay use dark arts and magik, but he did and survived.

Carn then stole some bones and I made him pay them to the owner and also made Carn them bury the bones and give them a proper burial.

My shift was over then as was Victors and we both went off duty.



The day started all very well and quiet and when I got on duty the town was peaceful and so I went to the Rose and chatted a little with the people there

Sagittarius told me that Carn had tried some of his tricks and I assured him that I would inform all guards about his true nature.

I returned to the gate later on to find Brynhild and Corwin there and as all was quiet I told them that a long patrol was fine.

Chatted with Stewan and passerbyes at the gate and enjoyed the fine day and the peacefulness.

A group of orcs dragged Clanatha to the gate and asked shinies in exchange. I offered them gems and dropping them along the road they forgot their prisoner and chased after the gems I dropped.
In the woods though some had the terrible idea that by killing me they could get all the shinies and I fled into the woods and managed to lose them after some running.

When I returned to the gate though the orcs had returned and captured another Lady. I tried to distract them by offering them a ruby ring to the strongest and truly two orcs fought over it and one got beat up.

I tried to lure them away from the woman but the orcs grew impatient and attacked her and beat her up.
I charged into them and luckily some guard returning from a patrol came and helped me chasing off the orcs.

Stewan and me carried the Lady to the healers, but luckily she was nay hurt badly.

After the attack I checked the local Moongate and surrounding, but nay find any sign of more orcs or anything else amiss.

My shift was over and Orson came on duty and Brynhild still had nay return from her patrol and I considered her lost somewhere with Corwin again.
I guess them will be fine though and I will have some free time with my love then too.


*a copy of a permit is added to the report*

The wearer of this permit is allowed to enter the Duchy and the town of Trinsic.

Name of the person allowed to enter:

Name of the person vouching:
Lady Faeryl Hun’ett

Permit number: 26

Kaelyn of the Duchy of Trinsic


Got on duty and just had finished a patrol through town and made myself comfortable at the gate when some Yewish arrived bringing a Kaldorian prisoner with them. Lord Klion claimed that Tyler Vale had asked them for help to kill the Duke of Trinsic and that is the reason why they hand him over.
They also said that they tortured him and got all the informations they wanted and that in the process he had lost much of his memory.

*sketch below shows the Yewish*

I accepted the prisoner and handed him over to a Kaldorian so he could be cared for, but first Taylor told me that he had been kidnapped in Vesper by Yew.

I doubt that if Kaldor really wants to kill the Duke with Yewish help that they would send Taylor and I really doubt they would ask Yew.

Still I asked to talk to lady Soulshadow to ask her about it and possibly find out more about it.

Things quietened down a bit and only a man who refused to show his face and was beaten up as he tried to run disturbed the nice tranquil day.

Brynhild and Corwin chased a brigand that tried to rob Iljian and managed to catch him after a long chase.
We took all his gold and put him up on stocks for an hour and I hope he learned his lesson, though he still threatened me when we threw him out.

*a sketch is included on the Brigand who calls himself Hit and Run on stocks*

I promoted Kamar today to Armsman and also took in a new recruit named Tom Rackham as his Grace had asked me to.

Lady Kimi was talking about trade with Faeryl and other drow and I was busy in my office when Iljian alarmed us that an orc was out of town sniffing around.

I sent out a few guards and we managed to corner the orc and as he attacked one of us beat him up leaving him dead.

*sketch of the orc is shown below*

Town grew a little quieter again and I was talking with Lil’alure who claims that Faeryl and some other drows had attacked him in the tavern and I assured him that I would have a talk about it with them.
I also handed him out a permit on trial as I hope he really changed and I nay will regret it.

Town grew quiet then and I spent the rest of my shift at the gate watching Tammy quarrelling with her ex boyfriends or want to be lovers.

All was though reasonable quiet and so I could leave duty after a very long shift.


*a copy of a permit is added to the report*

The wearer of this permit is allowed to enter the Duchy and the town of Trinsic.

Name of the person allowed to enter:

Name of the person vouching:
Lady Faeryl Hun’ett

Permit number: 27

Kaelyn of the Duchy of Trinsic

*a copy of a permit is added to the report*

The wearer of this permit is allowed to enter the Duchy and the town of Trinsic.

Name of the person allowed to enter:

Name of the person vouching:
On trial

Permit number: 28

Kaelyn of the Duchy of Trinsic


Came a bit later on Duty and the first patrol showed that all was fine and peaceful. I talked a bit to a young woman named Sonea who wishes to become a guard and I handed her a recruit book and told her a bit about the guards.

I went to the Salon then and met Lady Soulshadow and his Grace there and we talked about Yew and that we all agreed that it is a trick to make us all fight each other.

Keina ran and brought the news that Vesper was attacking and as I rushed to the gate I found them fighting the marksmen already and entered the fight.

I got knocked down with some fire magik and awoke at the healers where Iljian tended my wounds and those of others.

I sent Victor and Hugo to Vesper to ask if they could find out if there had been a reason for the attack or if it was just random.
They found out that Vesper had attacked to find Tammy or Tessah and found at least Tammy and branded her two palms with a V.

Iljian treated Tammy’s wounds and he hopes that them nay scar too badly if she takes good care of her hands.

Town was quiet and peaceful for some time and people slowly left for home and only Gerek, Victor, me and some others were at the gates when orcs came asking for shinies.

I tried to hand Gerek over to the orcs as a cook, but he refused and a fight started and though Gerek got hurt we managed to chase the orcs back into the woods.

Victor and Hugo were brawling a little at the gate when Meygan interfered and attacked Hugo with magik, knocking him down.

Meygan and her bad temper get worse all the time and we should set her trial as soon as possible and it is also dangerous as she was attacked by a person wearing black in town later on.
Luckily she nay was badly hurt and could leave the healers after a short stay again.

Victor asked for some leave later on as he has some private business to attend to and I agreed to it. He will tell me when he will take it and will be still on duty for a few days.

I talked with Faeryl about Lil’alure and I asked them nay to fight in town and she warned me that Lil’alure might still be dangerous.

Three Vesperians tried to arrest Hugo in the woods and Tammy ran into town calling for help. When I arrived in the woods two Vesperians were leading another Vesperian off who had wounds at his hands.

It seems Hugo had caught him in the woods and branded him and for that they wanted revenge. As Hugo showed himself they started attacking him and we had to join the fight to help Hugo.

After a long fight we managed to beat the Vesperians back and they retreated hastily in the woods and we returned to the town.

Kimi told me then that she had overheard a Britannian guard talking about an attack on Vesper next week. His Grace should be informed about it as they are our allies and I am nay sure if there will be peace talks or nay.

Again a day with a long shift, but as Tiggarn is off fishing for days now it is nay so bad.



Duty started quiet with a round to the rose and a drink and some smalltalk before I returned to the gate and met Sonea there.
His Grace had agreed to accept Sonea into the guard force even though she has used dark magik before. So I let her swear an oath and got her new uniform and sent her on a patrol with Brynhild.

Brynhild had in the meantime set up stocks on her own and patrolled the town before and I am glad she is improving in her duties.

Some Vesperian barmaids came and played a game of dare with the men in front of the gate. Most was about kissing and fighting and other strange things, like rubbing themselves in oil and then fighting each other.

*the sketch below shows the event*

Kali paid half the fine for poisoning Tammy and for the rest I let Victor challenge Kali, though Victor lost and is still upset with Kali and plots revenge on him.

Iljian came to me and asked to join the Duchy again and I agreed and took him up as a Detective and healer in the same rank and pay as a guardsman.
His work includes to check crimes and look after wounded, but he nay has to do trainings or long patrols.

Rest of the duty was pretty quiet and except for Carn grumbling uneventful.


*a copy of a poster is added to the report*

Cooking Contest on Wednesday at 20:30 at Trinsic west gate

Because of complaints from guards about the local cook of the barracks and his limited knowledge of recipes and after some people’s opinion undefinable rations, the Duchy of Trinsic decided to make a cooking contest to acquire new recipes.

The contest will start on Wednesday 30th May at 20:30(UK Time) just outside the Trinsic west gate and all entrants are asked to write their recipes and how to cook it down and allow the Duchy to use it. The cooks will have two hours time to let the judge(s) test their cooking and winners will be declared at 22:30 latest.

For this contest cooks from all lands are allowed to enter and yes that means even Gerek can come and participate.

Please bring your own kettles and cooking pans and also ingredients you will need for your recipes.
The Duchy will provide the firewood and clean water.

The first prize for the best recipe will be the sum of 10.000 gold and for the second there will be still 5000 gold and the third 2000 gold.



Started my duty before the tournament at the market square started.
I put some paladins at the gate and put a poster up and went to watch the tournament.

The market square had been prepared for the tournament and the participants were asked to stand in the ring to present themselves.

Eight fighters felt brave enough to try their abilities for the prize sum of 100.000 gold

*a sketch shows most of the fighters preparing*

The rules were to be pretty simple, all fighters would fight in the ring and nay teamwork was allowed. There would be three rounds and the one that fell in the first two rounds as first would not be able to fight in the final round.

In the first round Devante fell first and two mages fought it out between themselves.
In the second round Tammy was the unlucky one that fell first and from her cursing seemed very unhappy about it, cursing mages and their magik.

In the final round most fighters had noticed the dangers from the magik users and them tried to eliminate them first and in the end a Magincian swordsman called Garrick Adraldor was victorious.

*the sktch below shows the winner*

He got the prize money of 100.000 gold coins and it seems that the fighting tournament will be held in more towns, so keep an eye out for another chance to prove how well you fight.

Most people ventured then to the local taverns or home and town grew quieter again.
Before the gates the marksmen built a barricade and some fighters challenged each other to test their skills. Else everything was peaceful.

A Britannian guard talked to me later on telling me that sergeant Lolindir is missing and that they suspect that he is a prisoner of Vesper.

He told me that they would launch an attack to overthrow Vesper on Wednesday and that they would meet in Britain at 19.30 preparing for it.

As I nay have any proof that Vesper has the guard in captivity, nor do I have an order to send people to help, I assured him that we would look into the matter trying to find out if Vesper has anyone captive.

Rest of my duty was quiet except some very strange behaving people, who though nay were making too much troubles.



Today was the day of the cooking contest and at the beginning of my duty I was busy carrying wood and water to the gate.
Adammair and Alraune pointed me out to an elven Lady and told me that she had robbed them with the help of Dexius.
Tammy also claimed that she was with Dexius and so I arrested the elven woman who calls herself Flipper and put her on stocks for her crime.
After her time was up I released her and threw her out of town, banning her for this night.

In the meantime my only two cooking contestants Stewan and Keina had started to cook and were then ready to hand out portions for us to try out.
I asked Alraune and Adammair to be judges too and we tried Stewan’s lamb stew and Keina’s citrus muffins and as the judges nay could decide which was best and I had enough budget, I gave both the first prize and bought their recipes for 10.000 gold each.

*the following sketch shows the two master cooks*

Town grew quieter and a woman asked me to visit her friend at the healers, but when I arrived there I got jumped by some unknown person and managed to flee to the gate where guards and citizens helped me to chase off the attackers.

Orcs were seen in the woods, but Sir Orson and Tom chased them away quickly enough.

Lady Faeryl asked if them could have Shaex body after the execution, but as others also asked for it I don’t know. Maybe it is best we hand it to the paladins and them burn it and throw the ashes into the sea.

Some undead things attacked the town again and me and Sagittarius chases it deep into the woods unto a ruin where we then lost it.

Rest of my duty was quiet then.

Today was the big auction and many people gathered at the market place for the selling and buying. Callum held a long speech at the beginning and was also the first being auctioned off and strangely also bought by himself.

I talked to him afterwards about Carn and he advised me to arrest Carn and lock him away without any of his things to check out if he is possessed by something.

In the meantime the auction was well under way and many people had come to bid on the people and quite a lot of money was raised for the Orphanage.

Some Vesperian had entered town and started some fights with Kaldorians and guards and after some fighting we managed to catch Ecflow.

He was put in a cell and questioned about the missing Britannian Sergeant but he denied any knowledge about it and I decided to put him on stocks until deciding what to do with him.

As I put him on stocks Vesperians attacked and though I threatened to kill Ecflow they attacked and so I knocked the prisoner down to make my threat true.

Fighting raged through the streets and I and many others got wounded before Vesper could be beaten back, though they managed to get Ecflow and flee with him.

I talked with Leon of the Britannian guards about Vesper and I decided it would be time as Vesper had a new leader to ask how relations would be.
For that I paid a messenger some gold to deliver a letter which is added to Vesper.

Olk Samsca returned later with an answer and said that there nay would be any peace until Trinsic would be theirs and as they started to brawl another fight started where their baron was captured.

After seeing the healers I got the marksmen and Britannian guards to Olk and we talked what to do with him.
As I nay saw any advantage for keeping him I asked the Britannian guards to take him to Yew and sent Tammy and Hugo and Tessah and Genty as escort with them.

Meanwhile more Vesperians came to Trinsic and asked for their baron and upon refusing on telling them they beat us down.

I nay know what then happened but from what I learned I was taken to Vesper where Lady Flipper attacked my kidnapper and beat him down, taking me then to Yew, thinking that I would be safe there.

Luckily she revived me before we were stopped in Yew and I told her that I just would get taken prisoner there and she brought me near Trinsic then.

Checking the town she got Leon to get me back to town, where I heard that Yew had come to Trinsic and attacked Vesper and threw them out of town.
Also I think Yew returned the Vesper Baron to them after chasing them out of town.

I am a bit puzzled about those events, but as Vesper seems to be set on war I think we should join forces with the towns and attack Vesper and force them to peace.

I also put out a declaration of war for Vesper and will have to let it be signed by his Grace, banning all Vesperians including the Swaggers people from Duchy lands.


*letter is added to the report*

To the leader of Vesper,

I would like to inquire what the latest attack was about and if there is a willingness to come to a peace treaty.
Necessity of such would be that you stop trying to expand your lands, attacking other peaceful towns.

If we cannot come to an agreement I will advise his Grace the total ban of any Vesperian and stopping any trades.

I await a return message in the next three days.

Kaelyn, Captain of the Duchy Guards


First patrol through town was quiet and on my walk from the southgate to the rose I chased away two ogres and a lizardman.

Business was fine at the Rose and I stayed there for some tea before returning to the gate.

Tom and Steven were also on duty and I sent them checking the moongate and the Rose and they reported that all was quiet.

Tom then asked me what I thought of his duties when two hooded person stormed into the jail and attacked me.
I got wounded from a cut with a Kryss and the poison on it let me lose consciousness. I was Ill and had to be taken to the healers who gave me something against the poison and I rested there until I felt well enough to try to go home.

On my way I passed the jail and the guards told me that they had captured one of the assailants , but questioning her had nay proved a result.

I only got a glimpse of her in jail before I had to head home too ill to stay any further.



Not a lot to report about yesterday’s duty except that it was nice and quiet.
Talked with the Duke about Vesper and his Grace said he would meet with the other leaders of town to write the declaration of war and also talk if they would include the Vesperian civilians like the ones working the Swaggers too.

For the moment I asked that all trade with Vesper is to be stopped and the untrustworthy sort of the Swaggers, which means all, be thrown out of town.

Only thing worth mentioning was Tammy trying to set Hugo on fire, but she failed and only damaged his boots and leather leggings.

I fined Tammy initially, but as Hugo asked to let it be I will reconsider it and decide tomorrow.


*a copy of a permit is added to the report*

The wearer of this permit is allowed to enter the Duchy and the town of Trinsic.

Name of the person allowed to enter:

Name of the person vouching:

Permit number: 29

Kaelyn of the Duchy of Trinsic


First patrols on duty were quiet and uneventful and I hoped for a quiet day when Meygan came in running talking about black robed people breaking into my house.

We ran there to check it out and found them in my house and upon entering I got attacked and also the other guards and people that were with me.
A fight started and them used poisoned weapons and I fell to their poison quickly and had to rest long at the healers.

We learned that Meygan had been kidnapped by those people and hurt before Tristian on whatever business here, managed to snag her away from them.

She was nay seriously hurt and will be fine quite soon as Kimi looked well after her.

After rest and some sleep I felt well enough to check the town and found Carn who had attacked me two days before with his magik.

I ordered him arrested and Orson took all his things away and we locked him up in cell one. If he remains sane after a few days in a cell he is nay under some evil control, but if he becomes crazy we either need to call in Muldran or Callum or consider killing Carn.

When I got out of the jail I saw Devante fighting with Hugo and Tammy and helped Devante only to learn that it was some sort of sparring.

I got news that Kaldor worked hard today at the docks and many ships had been seen moving from the docks, loaded full with goods.

Orcs came and attacked from the woods and hurt Hugo and a visitor before we could chase them away.

When I visited Carn later there was some ghost in his cell which we nay knew how to handle. Carn claims it is the spirit of James Ashley that died in the cell, but I am nay sure he talks the truth.

I took a book with personal notes from him and wills end it to Callum and Muldran to read it and hopefully one can come and take him somewhere to look after him as I think he is crazy and too dangerous to be released again.


*copies of two letters adressed to Callum and Muldran are added to the report*
Dear Sir,

Yer may remember me talking about the mad magician Carn that dabbles in dark magik.
In the last days he has attacked several people and also cursed and attacked me, forcing me to arrest him and put him in a cell.

I arrested him today and took all of his belongings away and would like you to come and check upon him and if possible, if he is to be considered a danger from himself and others, take him with you where he can be kept somewhere safe.

I added a copy of a note to the letter showing how dangerous the magiks he uses are and that he seems to sacrifice people for his dark arts.

Kaelyn from the Duchy of Trinsic

*a note is added to the report*

I know neither the day nor the time.
I have been jailed; the reason as to why still eludes me.
The captain said a few days is all I have to wait until I can be free to continue my experiment. I must clear a table and get hold of some alchemical flasks to store my concoctions in. The guard in his ignorant way stole three hearts and a skull from my cell, I must gather some new specimens but that will only result in more bloodshed, why must they steal from me if it forces me to kill more than what is necessary for my needs?

I still but wonder.
The food I am forced to eat to sustain myself is nothing more than three mouldy muffins, two bread loaves (which look barely palatable) and a bowl of long gone stale water.
It seems as though I had better save these until starvation makes me desperate enough to digest them.
I have been told that they plan to keep me in this cell to see if I go mad…
It’s hardly fair, for being in this place too long would drive any man insane.
Of this I am sure.
At least I’m not alone in this cell; there is a man here called James Ashley.
Although he is just a mere shadow of his former self, he is proving quite the storyteller…
It saves me forcing the information from his soul by means of torture. He says he will help me remain longer in this world (as of yet I know not how) so long as I tell people that he was murdered in cold blood by a guard purely for the fact that he did not like the man.
Things have not changed much for it seems as though I walk down the same path.

The captain does all she can to hamper my studies and I find myself in jail all too often for doing no crime whatsoever. She also tries to banish the spirits that surround us all, each time one manifests itself in our dimensions she strikes at it until it’s form diminishes.

I have tried warning her that if she continues to anger the ones from the nether world they will unite to form some sort of vengeful spirit to separate her soul from her body and drag it into their realm where she would surely suffer for all eternity.

She still persists and as she does they become more full of rage, anger and hatred.
It won’t be much longer but I shall not warn her any further than what I have done.
Is she brings it upon herself of her own free will… so be it.


When I started duty Sir Callum was already waiting for me to lead him to Carn and also he had brought Lady Cherry and Sir Imier with him.

Together we went to Carn and they talked long with him, asking him many questions. They nay came to any conclusion though and decided to leave him in a cell, stating though that he might be dangerous.

*sketch shows the questioning in the cell*

When I got to the gate people talked about Orcs in the woods and so I sent out guards to look for them and also sent a barrel of Troll cider hoping that they would leave them and also advised the guards to hint hat Vesper has lots of shinies for them.

Sadly it nay worked for long as after them had drunk the Troll cider them came to the gates and threatened people and we chased them away into the woods.

*the sketch below shows the bloodthirsty orcs*

A Lawyer for Carn came a Sir Burgess and talked long to the prisoner and said some rich Lord from Britain wanted to see him freed.
After questioning him for a long time we let the lawyer then go, though he has to return with a message why the Lord wishes to see Carn freed.

Some people were sneaking around the jail probably trying to free Carn and so we got more paladins to guard the town and jail.

Anarion the Britannian guard promised to look into some magik books and see if there is a spell to rid Carn of his magiks, but nay knew any solutions now.

My shift was long over and so I left the town in the hands of Anarion and the paladins to guard it and returned home.


The Duchy of Trinsic looks for a scholar or known person that can seal up magik in a person, hindering that person to further use magik.

The person I want this done upon is Carn a mad magician who has proved to be dangerous and refuses to change his ways.

Please contact Captain Kaelyn and the one that manages to seal up Carn’s magik will get a fee of 1000 gold

Kaelyn Captain of the Duchy guards.

*a copy of a cooking recipe is added to the report*

Cooking recipe
By Stewan Seagull

A simple stew of lamb; Potato and Onion

What yer’ll need

A covered kettle of appropriate size
A small fire
A tripod or cooking gallows
Two pounds of lamb
Two ponds of potaoes
Two punds of onions
Salt, Pepper
Three twigs of Thyme
Clear water
Oil of fat bacon

Take the lamb and cut it into half-inch pieces.
Do likewise with the potatoes and onions.

Put in the kettle a well measured swig of oil.
If yer using fat bacon use about a eight pound, finely minced and let it melt in the kettle

Keep the fire up until the oil or fat is sizzling, then hurriedly add the cut lamb.
Fry until the meat takes colour, then add the onions.
Douse fire if needed.

Once the onions turn glassy, add potatoes and water, until all is just covered.
Add a spoonful of salt and boil it up.
The douse the fire to a slow soaking one.
Add a small spoonful of pepper and the twigs of thyme.

Look thy pot be well covered up that the heat go no out in no ways and thuse stews for about an hour.

This should feed six.

*a copy of a cooking recipe is added to the report*

Cooking recipe
By Keina

Orange and Lemon Moffins

2 Eggs
Half cup butter
Three quarters cup sugar and honey
2 cups flour
Orange bits
Shredded lemon peel

Beat together the butter and sugar/honey until it is creamy, add the lemon and orange bits and pour the mix into the muffin cases.
Put into the oven and bake for 20 minutes.

Alternatively, use a closed cooking pot with a heat source underneath to steam them.


I came on duty and was called into the jail where his Grace talked with the Drow Shaex. His Grace told the Drow that his execution was set on the morrow at eight thirty in the evening and that the marksmen would do it with a firing squad. Shaex handed his Grace his testament and made us both sign it and promise that we would abide by it.

He settles the things he leaves and also says that his ashes are to be handed over to Alynora.

Corwin asked for Brynhild who has nightshift today and I promised to tell her.

Afterwards I put Carn on stocks and one scholar tried some garlic on Carn and Carn cried out in pain when he touched it.

While we were watching Carm some black dressed assassins attacked Lord Ikus and knocked him down and despite our best efforts all of the attackers escaped into the woods.

When I returned I learned that Carn had managed to escape and also managed to flee the town and the day got worse when Orcs attacked the town, wounding some townspeople before we managed to chase them into the woods again.

An awful day was made worse when Lord Ikus insisted that Kiran was to be allowed into town to talk to lady Kimi about trade.

Rest of my shift was quiet and only a nagging Meygan annoyed me and I hope her trial is soon and she gets what she deserves.


*a note is added to the report*

To Armswoman Brynhild
Corwin asked for you today and he wishes to see you again tomorrow.
If you take a patrol with him, try nay to get lost for hours and at least keep the Rose safe where you can have some drinks and kisses together.



Today was the execution of the drow Shaex and one could feel the tension everywhere. People arrived from all over the lands to watch it and guards were put on high alert as a rescue attempt was a possibility.

Iljian and me shackled Shaex and handed him a prisoner robe before we escorted him to the market place where he would be executed by a firing squad of archers.
Many people had arrived there among them Callum who pleaded for Shaex’s freedom and complained about the execution and I was almost forced to arrest him before he calmed himself.

His Grace read out the drow’s crimes and also the sentence he had to face because of it.

*the sketch below shows the Duke sentencing the Drow*

After reading the sentence the archers of the marksmen stood in a line and on a signal of their Captain shot the drow and killed him.

*sketch below shows the archer firing at the Drow*

Upon falling to ground lifeless, Faeryl Von’Sah jumped to his dead body and started to hack at his body cutting out his heart.

The guards jumped her and tried to stop her, but she managed to give the heart to one of her followers who managed to escape with the heart.

Iljian and some guards built a small pyre at the market and burnt the body of Shaex there and put it into a small urn and handed it over to Lady Jade.

*sketch below shows the handing over of the ashes*

I arrested Lady Faeryl and put her on stocks after his Grace decided that her punishment would be three lashes, stocks for and hour, a fine of 2000 gold and banishment from town for a week.

She took the punishment with a calm smile, claiming that she had claimed Shaex for Lloth and that he now surely nay could be resurrected in any way.

*the sketch below shows Faeryl on stocks*

His Grace was unhappy how I handled the drow, but nay accepted my offer to find a better suited Captain for those tasks.

Rest of my duty was rather uneventful except Eike and that stupid lawyer making troubles at the gates and I considered putting both on stocks, just to have my peace.



Duty started quiet and peaceful and Tamlin Hayes asked me to tell Lady Kimi that her wares were ready in Britain and just had to be delivered to Trinsic.

As nay one else wanted the post of Mayor of Trinsic his Grace appointed Sir Sagittarius with it, though I nay have any idea what he is to do.
His Grace mentioned some citizens meeting to discuss some of the most urgent citizens problems and that Sagittarius might try to help them work it out.

An orc scout was seen near the woods but we managed to chase him away.

There was a training set up at the barracks and we trained hot to rescue people whom are held hostage, though I wonder if we would have managed to rescue any alive in a real situation.

At the end of the training some hooded person sneaked about and upon challenging him he ran away and shouted some Vesperian slogans and escaped into the woods.

After the training guards assembled to escort Tamlin Hayes to Britain and back and they set off to gather the goods.

I stayed in town and guarded the gate, but everything was fine until the guards returned from Britain.

Orcs came out of the woods and one tried to challenge me to fight over the town, but I refused as Orcs nay have honour an’ ah nay could accept the challenge as ah nay can take the responsibility for all the town.

So they attacked in force but we managed to throw them back into the woods though some orcs were seen later on close to the town again.

I had a meeting with Vierna and I told them that such a behaviour as Faeryl showed in Trinsic could nay be tolerated and Vierna agreed and assured me that she would do her best to keep Faeryl under control.

It seems Faeryl has a grudge against Meygan and I hope that tempers can be kept under control.

I returned then to Trinsic and as all was quiet went off duty.



After a bad storm had blown through the lands my first patrols were quiet as people slowly dared to head out again.

A few people came, but most headed to the Rose to have a drink there and on my patrols I found everything quiet and safe enough.

Orcs though demanded tribute at the gate and as we refused them, they attacked us, but we managed to beat them back and chased them out of town.
Iljian managed to take on as prisoner and tried to learn where their camp was , but the orc only mumbled about Cove and Yew and nay said anything useful.

Today was Keina’s birthday and many people had prepared something for her and signed her birthday card.

Rest of my duty was quiet and nothing worth mentioning happened.


*sketch below shows Iljian trying to learn the hideout of the orcs*

*you see a picture of a big birtday cake with nine canfles on it and on the cake you can make out the writing “Happy Birthday Keina”.
Behind the cake you can make out several people with big smiles holding presents of all sorts. One of the people looks like Hugo and he is holding a rabbit as present on its ears that tries to bite his fingers.
Lady Kimi holds a fine embroidered Kimono from Tokuno as present in her hands.
Stewan holds a big tray with lots of different flavoured muffins in his hands.

Under the picture you can read


*different signatures follow the picture*

*All the best to you from Kaelyn*


It was a quiet and peaceful day until orcs appeared at the gates demanding shinies again.
Iljian and me tried to chase them back into the woods but I slipped and an orc managed to slash my side with a sword and as I fell I knocked myself out on a log.

When I returned to my senses Iljian was still fighting Orcs, but help from town had arraived and the orcs fled into the woods.
Iljian informed me later that they had captured two of the orcs and that they claimed that Keina was prisoner in their caves.

I let one orc go to return her, but he returned empty handed with a hostage and tried to blackmail for the freedom of his fellow orc.
As the orc claimed that Keina was dead we shot it before it could harm the hostage and threw it down to the ants.

As the other orcs were useless as well the also threw them down to the ants and continued looking for Keina, in the hope that the orcs had lied.

Luckily it was so as Keina arrived later at the gate telling us that she was fine and had been in Moonglow with Shinsaki.

Another band of orcs tried to attack through the south gate, but Iljian managed to chase them back into the woods.

Ruadnit informed me that several people among them McKenie and some orphans for it. People are asked to avoid the people that have the flu and also to try to stay as clean and healthy as possible.
The healers got informed and all will prepare medicine for this dangerous illness.

I ordered twenty of the special apples from Stewan for the sum of 2000 gold to be delivered to Iljian.



Town was quiet and I guess most were looking forward to go to the tourney to Luna and getting ready for it.

Tammy and her friends wanted to train a little before having their fight and so we had some training fights with them.

Iljian handed out leaflets with a warning of the flu and also opened a healing station near the gates where people can get themselves checked over and get treatment if necessary.

*Picture below shows Iljian’s healing checkpoint*

Most people left then for the fight to Luna and the town grew quiet.

Stewan returned to town with a high fever and all symptoms of the flu and I managed to get him to the healers and then alerted Iljian.
Iljian gave Stewan and me some medicine and Stewan also got some potion to make him sleep to get better soon.

We heard that Lady Cal Soulshadow and Tammy had sat besides Stewan in Luna, but it seems both are fine and nay infected.

Lady Soulshadow returned to town and we informed her of the danger she was in when a horde of Orc stormed into town and asked for tribute.
As we refused a fight started and I was knocked down early in the fight
My side hurt when I awoke, butt he orcs were gone and the paladins had things under control again.

Had to go to the healer to get my side bandaged anew, but else I was quite fine and returned to duty then.

I got warning about a drow called Umrae, to be careful of her and nay to trust her, as she seems to like sacrificing humans to her gods.


*a poster is added to the report*
Important Public Warning

Reports indicate that an illness is spreading that might affect citizens of Trinsic. It resembles a heavy flu: leading to coughing, weakness, shortage of breath, nausea, headache or other signs of a cold. Every citizen that notices such signs in himself or others is advised to speak to a healer immediately.

The Duchy of Trinsic takes responsibility for the health of its citizens and will offer treatment free of charge. An additional healing station will be set up at the western gate to help survey the health of the citizens.

Please read this notice to citizens incapable of reading.

In the name of his Grace, Duke Irvyn Middlethorn of Trinsic

Healer Guildmaster for Trinsic and Southern Britannia

Healer of the Duchy of Trinsic


First patrol through town was quiet and as I checked on Stewan he felt well enough to accompany me to the Rose.

Rose was full and all as all was quiet, I stayed a bit there and enjoyed some milk and muffins before heading back to town.

All was quiet there and except that Lady Soulshadow asked for Victor again and that I should remind him about the date the two have.

We got informed that Genty had been stabbed to death with a dagger at the Trinsic Moongate and so we all headed there and inquired.

The Kaldorians claimed that them nay did it and it also nay seems to be the work of orcs. The corpse of Genty was found stripped of all belongings, so maybe brigands managed to get the jump on him and killed him.

I also started to hand out pay for last month and paid Victor and Hugo.



Town was quiet today and I took a long patrol around town with the small elf called Eccalcaron. I told him if he could chase away a troll at our patrol then I would consider taking him in into the guard force and he succeeded in that task and filled out his application afterwards.

Thaur and two other Vesperians dropped by and brawled among each other, but were nay harming anyone and left finally after we had insulted him enough to bruise even his ego.

Vesper must be in dire danger if they let people like Thaur command two other militia. I swear this man has nay enough brain to count to ten and he should be responsible for people.
The gods help us and Vesper and beware us from such imbeciles.

Rest of the duty was quiet and the Britannian guards and some other people held a training session if front of the gates.

And as Sergeant Orson got on duty and all was quiet I took the opportunity to get off duty earlier and spend some time with my love.



Start of my duty was quiet and uneventful until Orcs were sighted cose to town. They wanted to trade some wood and hides for people to eat and we had to decline that offer.

They started cooking close to the town and as one tried to bite a llama of a passer-by we chased them back into the woods.

*the following sketch shows the cooking orcs*

Some Brigands disguised as monks came into town and were chased into the woods after some fighting.

His Grace talked with Lady Kimi and me about Vesper and trade and it seems we will trade with Vesper though only trade with them very basic food and nothing fancy.

Miss Mckenzie fainted at the west gate and Meygan and me dragged her to the healers where she had to rest for a few hours. She is ill as she got a disease from an orc and has fainting spells and a weak condition since then.

A meer called Mirsha Dunalath applied to be a guard or as citizen as she is new to these lands and nay knows yet what to do.

A drow named Anita who is nay with any of the local drow families and seemingly friendly enough asked to be on the guardforce and handed me her application and I will check it soon.

As the week of Lady Faeryl’s banning is over I handed her the permit and we talked a little about local politics.



Town was fairly busy and many guard marksmen and other people around when I started my duty.

I checked through lady Anita’s application and after giving it some thought decided that I would give her a try and took her up into the Duchy guards.

We got informed that Vesper had amassed an army of apes outside the gates and upon checking it there were about twenty of those creatures waiting to attack.

One of the Vesperians might have been their Baron, I forgot it who it was, demanded that the ban upon Vesperians should be lifted else they would let the beasts loose.

I asked for some time to think about it and let Luid and some others to watch the beasts and looked if his Grace was in town to ask his opinion, as I would nay allow them in town else.

It seems though the situation solved itself as when I returned from my fruitless search for his Grace the ape army was dead or scattered in the woods.

One orc stumbled then out of the woods and ran into some guards and was chased quickly back into the woods.

Kaldor held a training on a bridge north of the tavern and as the second street was available to pass the blockade I allowed it.

When someone else though, I think someone from Jhelom, wanted to show Kaldor their blockade they built it the other bridge. They blocked the way to the southgate so and the marksmen were upset about and built their own blockade near the tavern.

I talked to the Kaldorians and reminded them about their banishment and to take it easy and took down the Jhelom barricades.

Rest of the Duty was quiet, except for Victor who desperately looks for a woman and proposed to Tammy even.



First hours of duty were quiet and uneventful until a horde of Orcs stormed to through the gates looking for Meygan. They claimed to have some present for Meygan and refused to hand it to anyone else.

*sketch below shows the Orcs in town*

As they refused though to leave the town and nay wanted to hand the present over or say who hired them to deliver it, we grew impatient and tried to force them out of town.

A fight started and we had expected and we chased the orcs into the woods. One of them dropped the present and we saw that there was troll cider in it and it looks like someone paid them to harm Meygan.

One of the orcs dropped a Bracelet he claims he got as payment to deliver the ‘present’ to Meygan. Engraved on the golden present is the word ‘In memory of Nihan’.

Asked around, but nay one knows it and Kimi mentioned that Tokuno is called Nihan in the tokunese language. Anita got hurt in the fight and took a wound in her leg and is on light duty until the healer says she can do full duty again.

Town quietened down again and as I was bored I decided to patrol to the moongate and saw Iljian arguing with a hooded figure which had a knife in his hand.

We challenged him and asked him his name and he claimed to be a Shadow and then attacked Iljian. He was very fast and we barely managed to catch him, but we did and brought him into town and put him on stocks.

Tammy claimed his name was James and he had claimed to be a butcher, but to us he only talked crazy things when we asked him.

As he was clearly insane we put him in a cell in the armoury, but as he tried to kill himself by bashing his head on the cell wall, we had to calm him down.

So Iljian and me went into his cell but as a maniac he jumped out and attacked Iljian, leaving me and Iljian nay choice as to hit him.

Through bad luck my hit landed on his head and wounded him badly that the healers proclaimed him dead and he was brought to the paladins for burial.

When I got on duty today Iljian, Stewan and Zefar had built a clever trap for orcs. They had dug a hole and covered it with branches and some earth and put some food and a few coins as bait on top of it.

*the sketch below shows the trap*

And surely after a few hours an orc fell into the trap and we put it out of its misery by shooting a few bolts at it.

Another Orc avoided the trap and after chasing it into the woods fled into the ant tunnel where a britanian guard though caught up to it and killed it.

I returned to the gate to see that talon was dragging an unconscious Hugo outside of town. I challenged Talon and he claimed that he needed Hugo for a suicide mission and that I nay should interfere.

As another Kaldorian though came along, talon blocked the way until Gorn or another of their mauls managed to drag him to Stormholt.
Talon let me pass after stalling me for a few minutes and I headed to Strongholt to talk.

Talon caught up to me in Strongholt and informed me that all outsiders are banned and may be freely attacked in Strongholt.

As I knew I would never manage to get to Hugo I informed Talon that the ban of Kaldor would be enforced fully again.

Upon returning to the town I was ambushed by a band of Orcs and knocked out and Zefar helped me to the healers, while guards chased the band of orcs into the woods.

I told the guards that Hugo had been kidnapped and Tammy organised a search party for Hugo and managed to get him back from Strongholt.

It seems though Hugo decided to return to Kaldor and told us so in the safety of the jail.

*sketch shows the talk with Hugo*

As Hugo joined Kaldor again he also is affected by the ban of them and had to leave town.

Some dark clothed assassins ran into town and randomly attacked citizen and as I later learned kidnapped Meygan. Nay sure if it was an attack asked by Kaldor, though the kidnapping of Meygan might show that it is from another grudge Shunsiki has with Meygan.

Zippo visited the gates later on and provided all that wanted with free food and drinks and reminded us about the Spiritwood Tavern which opens every Thursday.

*picture below shows the cook Zippo*

Nay sign of Meygan or any assassins again and as I was beat up and tired I retired and left Sergeant Orson in command of the town.


*a copy of a poster is added to the report*

Due to attacks in town any person entering and in town might be searched by the Duchy guards and their allies.

Any person who has a weapon with unknown or dangerous substances on it has to hand it over and the weapon will be kept by the Duchy.

Any person who has a black suit and a black hood/mempo is to be arrested and to be questioned about their business in town.

Also any attackers caught in town are to be kept one night in a cell before being put on stocks.

Kaelyn Captain of the Duchy Guards


Got on duty and Iljian, Anita and Victor were on duty and guarding the west gate. Anita looked a little bruised, but claimed to be rather fine although three drow who claimed to be Lothians had kidnapped her and tried to force her to spy for them.

Informed the guards about the the searching of people and also that all drow should be arrested. I especially need to talk to Lady Faeryl, but to make sure put every drow in a cell until we know who kidnapped Anita.

We searched many people today and although some were suspicious we nay arrested one. One woman though fled into the woods before we could get her and escaped.

Meygan returned and accused Shunsaki and some others of attacking and kidnapping her. She was tortured and has many wounds though nay any serious ones and will recover fully.
She says she was kept in a large marble house near the compassion dessert and that a guard building was close when she reached the road.

Iljian went and searched the area Meygan had described. He found the sort of castle following Meygan’s descriptions and managed to sneak in and look around. He nay found anything important and only document he saw was some diary of Delta and we are looking for that person.

Asked Kimi if she could order some bread and muffins from Stewan and hopefully breakfast in the barracks will improve from it.

Rest of my duty was quiet.


*a copy of a report is included*
Lydia Silver Trinsic vs. Harlequin from Haven

Lydia accuses him of attacking her during the mercenary raid on Trinsic and abduction of Meygan. He wore a mask but she recognised him due to many details.
Fought with a sword, a curved blade, Harlequin does not carry one at the moment if questioning. Many claims to stay with mercs but has a house south-west of Trinsic Rose.
Sells clothes and items found during travel.

Was at Trinsic Rose with Deren Arrowsmith at about the time of the attack



Had a talk with Faeryl today and told her about the kidnapping of Anita and that I suspect her followers of it. As expected she denied anything, but at least agreed to have a closer look at it.

Iljian questioned the woman called Delta, but when Meygan looked at her she nay recognised her and we had to let her go.

Britanian guards made a patrol to Skara to help them against Magincia but found all quiet.
Devante and Tammy started some quarrel and a fight started and some people got hurt, but that is nay thing unusual.

Sent two guards to Vesper to listen for any rumours, but them nay found out anything and just spent my gold on ale.



Name: Shunsaki
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Skin: tanned
Hair: Long and greyish white, no beard
Last seen wearing: Black Tokuno style clothes
Description: Quite tall, talks often in tokunese
Accused of: Helping to kidnap Meygan when a group of black dressed and hooded figures stormed into town
Assault on various guards and citizens, Being a member of a group attacking Trinsic
Weapon: Krysses and daggers mostly coated with an unknown poisonous substance
Description of what happened: A group of black dressed and hooded figures stormed into town, starting to attack people and kidnapping and torturing Meygan. Many guards and citizens were hurt in this attack and had to be treated at the healers.
Suggested punishment:



Name: Carn Helmingas
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Skin: Light
Hair: Long dark, almost black
Last seen wearing: Black magician hat and black robes,
Description: Quite tall with dark looking eyes and can often be seen with two wolves
Accused of: Attacking Captain Kaelyn and other citizens of Trinsic among them were Tammy, was put on stocks but escaped during an Orc attack
Weapon: magik
Description of what happened: Carn attacked me at the gate and threw a curse at me, also got reports that he and some others attacked citizens, also fled from the stocks and his punishmnt
Suggested punishment: He is to be considered insane and dangerous and should either be handed over to Callum or Muldran or killed and burnt if there is nay help for him.



Today was the big Magincia festival and the town was quiet and most people were headed to celebrate at Magincia.
As I was nay sure that we would be welcome I advised all guard that went there to wear civilian clothes and listen in and try to find out how Magincian relations were.

Iljian and me changed and headed for Magincia where lots of people had gathered and enjoyed the festival. Saw lots of Kaldorians Vesperians and even some people from Skara wandering from booth to booth and chatting.

Gwen and Stewan served food and drinks at a small stall outside the house where also some tables and benches had been provided.

Inside the house there were other small stalls selling clothing and I saw one person even do fortune reading though it seemed more like guessing and making up than any real reading of the future.

*sketch below shows the festival*

I was questioned about my name and as I was nay sure that we were allowed told them a false name and mingled with the crowd. Saw Shunsaki and Carn there, both wanted by the Duchy and I had to stay clear from them as to nay attract troubles.

Sir Ikus visited too and talked a little with the Vesperians before he indulged himself to some drinks and I decided that it would be better to leave.

Trinsic was quiet this evening and nay thing further to report.



Talked with Anita today at the start of my duty and she says that two male drow and one female drow were the ones kidnapping her. The males used poisonous weapons and the female drow used magik.
She though suspects that two drow houses worked together as several different drow rituals were used.

A Covian woman I think her name is Flina came to the gate accusing me to have hurt her horse and threatened me to never come to Cove. I have nay idea what happened to her horse, but I will avoid Cove for sure until it is settled.

His Grace and some other citizen decided to visit the Spiritwood tavern and enjoy the small events there and I decided to walk to the tavern. We were a little too late though for the event, which was a scavenger hunt and enjoyed so a few drinks before we returned back to Trinsic.

His Grace allowed the strange creatures called Silithid to stay in town as long as they follow our laws, as they look for a safe place where they are nay hunted.
They are allowed in town, but keep an close eye on them and their doings please.

Talked to a messenger from Vierna and told her that Vierna has chances to return to town and told her the descriptions of the three attackers on Anita.



Yesterday was quiet and uneventful and nothing worthy to be mentioned in the report happened during my shift.

A messenger from lady Faeryl came and reported that from her family nay males are on the surface that could have kidnapped Anita

Got informed that a man who seems about 50 with blonde hair and wearing shiny black armor and a black staff has connections to some criminals in town.
The guards that see that man are asked to keep an eye on him and note with whom he talks and contacts.

I sent Kimi and Brynhild to the tourney in Vesper to gather informations and rumours, but they returned with only the name of Emerald as the victor of the tourney and said that nay rumours were heard.

A new tavern opened just outside the west gate and some visitors too advantage of it among them Orson on duty.
I took a quick look at it and found it nice enough and the staff friendly.

Two Covians made a bit of trouble, one woman for refusing to leave the jail and her lover later insisted to share her cell. We leave them overnight in the cell and will throw them out tomorrow.


*a copy of a poster is added to the report*

Until the criminals that attacked the former Duchy guard Anita are found out, all Drow not in the service of the Duchy are banished from the town of Trinsic.

We only know that two male drow using poisoned weapons and one female drow using magik were involved in the crime.

If you have any further informations about the crime please contact the Duchy guards and tell them.

Kaelyn Captain of the Duchy Guards

*a copy of a letter is added to the report*

Dear Lady Vierna,

I have decided that until we have found out who attacked and kidnapped Anita, that all drow keep banned from the town of Trinsic.

I hope that we can shed some light into this crime soon and the ban be lifted.



First patrol was quiet and uneventful in town, at the Rose and moongate and upon returning I met Adammair and Alraune in the tavern.
Adammair has been biten by some some snake and although a healer looked at it he fears that some of the poison is still there and so asked for Iljian or another healer that may know anything on duty.

I got a letter in drow and Anita translated it to me. It says that she caught the three drow that kidnapped Anita and punished them and that we nay will see them on the surface again.
As this matter is settled, I decided to lift the ban on the drow and they are allowed to enter again.

I had a visit from Vierna’s messenger later on who confirmed what Anita had told me and also assured me that Vierna had her part of Drow well under control.

Kaldor decided to try and enter the town and I considered letting them into the town to avoid a fight, but the other guards reminded me about my duties
and refused to let them in.
Duo and lady Soulshadow insisted though and a fight started where I was knocked out pretty quickly and regained consciousness at the healers.

*the sketch below shows Kaldor before the gates*

I heard that some Kaldorians had managed to reach the tavern and some ale was missing, but nay got any confirmations.

Someone though managed to arrest Lady Soulshadow and as we knew that if we kept her in town Kaldor would attack again I asked Iljian to bring her out of town. We took her armor and put it into the armoury and I asked Iljian to bring her to a small island.

After a short sailing tour we arrived there and leaving her water and bread we left her on the island and promised to check on her tomorrow.

*the sketch below shows the island*

Town was peaceful upon returning and except an orc that attacked Tammy when she was in the woods all was quiet.

Victor came to the gates telling that a dripping wet Cal had sent him asking for her armour, but as we are at war I see nay reason to return it at the moment.


*a poster on the Trinsic walls*
Due to the Kaldorian attack on Trinsic today, all Kaldorians are banned from Duchy lands and to be escorted to Strongholt when finding them trespassing


*a copy of Brynhild’s report is added to the report*



Duty today was overall quiet and I enjoyed a nice time when Gwen served people in front of the west gate with refreshments.

Kelirahe an unknown drow came into town and we talked a bit. He seems quite sure of himself and he might be dangerous, but he has a valid permit.

Iljian and Liana went to Britain to learn more about healing and returned late reporting that they both learnt lots about poisons and illnesses.
Liana had managed to lose her purse and asked for extra duties to earn some gold and I agreed that she could do some extra nightshifts and that I would pay next week.

Got a bunch of flowers with a tag that reads: ‘To the long suffering Captain Kaelyn…

Thank you for allowing me to stay on your lovely holiday island. I think the sea air did me some good and the water was pleasantly bracing.
Perhaps I can return the favour in the not so distant future.
All the best,
Commander Soulshadow’

Lady Kimi and Sir Ikus were in Vesper for peace talks, but it nay seems that they got any results and I bet it was mostly Ikus talking, who loves to hear the sound of his own voice.

Taryn started a fight with the Drow Kelirahe and hit him even after I warned her that I would fine her and put her on stocks.
As I had nay other option I put her on stocks and Tammy paid her fine and after her time on stocks I let her go.