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[Price Check] Ornated Breastplate with the Emblem of Lord Blackthorn... and more

Princess Zora

I Need Price Checks for the following Items.
All Items are at Atlantic and for Sale.

Avery's Brainwashing Ale [ You'll loose more than your Memory]
EM Event Drachenfels 2010 or 2011
. Avery.jpg

A Ballot Box
Portable Ballot Box

Ornated Breastplate with the Emblem of Lord Blackthorn's Family Crest etched on the Side
Don't know from where it is because i bought it on a Rares Festival some Years ago.
Blackthorns Breastplate.jpg

HTML Runebook
Got it from Pacific Rares Festival 5 or 6 Years Ago
Book of Shadow.jpg

Wishing you a very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2011 * Your Ealia Tiefwasser [Drachenfels]
EM New Year and Goodbye Box with the original Book in German/English and the original Body Sash inside.
EM Box.jpg

In Memory of Lady Rose [Drachenfels 2010]
Blue Angel Statue from EM Event at Drachenfels.
Lady Rose.jpg

A Lantern Made by Bianca [Exceptional]
Lantern Bianca.jpg

Thank you Catskills, i had Fun! Mesanna
Event Cat from Catskills
Mesanna Cat.jpg

Rubble Sandstone Collumn

Rubble Tent Pole

A Runebook of Exceptional Quality and a Runebook [Exceptional]
Both can be Renamed

Sewn by: Body Sash , Wide-Brim , Bonnet , Feathered Hat and Tall Straw Hat

Shadow Iron Studded Bustier
Shadow Iron Bustier.jpg

Weathered old Chest
Misspelled Ricardo Lamp

Alexander of ATL.

Rares Fest Host | Atl June 2013
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Let me know what you want for the Chest Piece. I'm seriously interested in this item. Please let me know.


Stratics Veteran
I will buy the Bianca[exceptional] lantern and the Sewn by items.

Sewn by pieces-15m each

Nails Warstein

Royal Explorer & Grand Archaeologian Of Sosaria
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Campaign Patron
I am looking to add more items to my Hannington collection, feel free to contact me or auction them off. Thank you!

Princess Zora

Hi all :)
Thanks for your Interested in my Items and i will Change it soon to an Auction.
I have to check some things first before i start the Auction and i have to find a good end Time because i leave in Europe and there is a some Hours Time different ;)


Crazed Zealot
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Oh man i'd love to bid on the blackthorn breastplate, but i know Alexander has been after it since forever lol