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  1. Lady Murphylinchen

    [Buying] Hokuto 4/30 'Deep Sea Crystal'

    Looking to buy the Hokuto 4/30 'Deep Sea Crystal' for 200m obo
  2. El of LA

    LA Hosting 100th Publish Celebration, Saturday, September 8th

    Hi everyone! I want to announce that Lake Austin is hosting a special event to celebrate the 100th Publish of UO on Saturday, September 8th, from 10:00 am USC (GMT -6) until 7:00 pm USC. At 7:00 pm we adjourn for players to attend East Coast Shard EM Events, and then return to LA at 8:00 pm...
  3. T

    [Sold] Sold "Rock" Thank You All

  4. Lady Kittie

    Totem of Chromatic Fortune Event!

    Recently we received the totem of chromatic fortune. But, where did it come from? Who made it? How did we come to get it? That's where YOU come in! We want to hear YOUR story on how this item came to be and put in the hands of the people! Your story MUST be at least 500 words. Your story must...
  5. Jaden Rain

    Pie with the Pirates

    Pirates have been seen along the coast near Skara Brae,,,,and many Shennanegans have been going on within Skara these days ...lets settle these guys down and serve them pie and riddles Tuesday June 13th at 8:30 pm est. in Skara Brae meet at the Shattered Skull Tavern in Skara Brae and help...
  6. H

    [Selling] Tonight's ATL drop

    Sparkles when double-clicked on the ground Looking for 125m
  7. Lady Kittie

    UO Create your own EPIC bar!

    Create your own EPIC bar! What says St. Patricks Day better than a trip to the bar? How about creating your OWN! So, what is better than creating your own EPIC bar!? Winning an award for it! Rules: You must have the following present in your bar; A blarney stone* and something green. All...
  8. Lady Kittie

    Valentine Contest

    Recreate your favorite love scene! It's that time of year again, for the birds and the bees, l'un Pepe Le Pew and his l'amour. I'm talking about the day of the year to give chocolates to your sweetheart! No, not the "I totally forgot our Anniversary, please forgive me" day. I'm talking about...
  9. Night Shift

    EM Event Item A Candle Whose Light Glistens From The Prismatic Breath Of The Dragonlord

    From a June event on pacific. A purple candelabra that makes a fireball sound when double clicked Item is on ATL
  10. Princess Zora

    [Price Check] Ornated Breastplate with the Emblem of Lord Blackthorn... and more

    Hello I Need Price Checks for the following Items. All Items are at Atlantic and for Sale. Avery's Brainwashing Ale [ You'll loose more than your Memory] EM Event Drachenfels 2010 or 2011 . A Ballot Box Portable Ballot Box Ornated Breastplate with the Emblem of Lord Blackthorn's Family...
  11. Night Shift

    EM Event Item Purple Candelabra w/Fireball sound

    From Pacific EM event 6/23: A Candle Whose Light Glistens From The Prismatic Breath Of The Dragonlord. Makes fireball sound effect when you light it. Item is still on Pacific for the time being
  12. leet

    EM Event Item Alot of Great Items @ Leets Luna! Come take a look =)

    ICQ# 167796133 If you would like make any offers please feel free to send me an ICQ or you can message me here on stratics, thanks! =) _______________________________ ______________________________________________ Thank you to my loyal customers!
  13. Hulton

    (RP) Revive Moonglow!

    Citizen of Moonglow! As thou propably know, I have been elected for your Governor. This year shall change Moonglow history. Our city. The city of Magery and wisdom is dying! Mages, sages keep moving to other town and cities. Thou, citizen are the only one who can stop this. What is the purpose...
  14. Yvan

    Atlantic Rare Event Item Max 12 on UO

    This event night we were on Atlantic a max of 12 players who received it. Taking serious offers only, i was offered 150 mil and its still low. ICQ me if you want to trade or buy this item @ 672911089
  15. T

    [Selling] Atl EM event item from 9/24

    Selling "The Never-Ending Story: A Book Of Fantastic Tales Spun By Bennu, The Jongleur". for 100mil or better/equal offer. ICQ: 661003067 PM or ICQ me please.
  16. Lady Kittie

    [Buying] EM Event Items

    I am looking to buy the following items preferably for the Great Lakes shard: However, I am willing to purchase on almost any shard. **Items are in order of want and colored by what color they are/may be** If you have ANY of these items, contact me through this post OR through ICQ at: 622444017...