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Totem of Chromatic Fortune Event!

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Lady Kittie

Stratics EC & GL Shard Liaison
Stratics Veteran
Event Coordinator
Recently we received the totem of chromatic fortune. But, where did it come from? Who made it? How did we come to get it?
That's where YOU come in! We want to hear YOUR story on how this item came to be and put in the hands of the people!

  • Your story MUST be at least 500 words.
  • Your story must contain the origin story of this item and how it came to be in our hands.
  • Please, be creative, your imagination is the limit..
  • A person can enter as many times as they wish, but can only receive ONE placement and prize (if they place).
  • Only the person entering the contest can win. So if you partner for something be advised.
  • Stratics staff may enter, but will not be eligible for a prize.

    Other than that, go wild with your imagination! And ALL submissions must be in no later than July 10th, 2017 at 11:59pm EST at which point any entries beyond the cut off, will be disqualified.

    Prizes are -
    1st Place - 2000 and

    2nd Place - 1000 Sovereigns and

    3rd Place - 500 Sovereigns and
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Lore Master
Stratics Veteran
The Legend of the totem of chromatic fortune is one of sadness and one of love...

Long ago there was a young maiden from the Kuralakki tribe who longed for something more. She stealthed away from Valley of Eodon and entered a mysterious portal that took her to far off lands. Her adventures took her to many places and she saw some amazing animals. She watched from a distance as only stealthers do. She saw some creatures that intrigued her and moved closer to observe. Maybe she got a little too close, cause one day someone could sense that she was near. She watched as he calmed a horse that she had never seen before. She heard him call it a nightmare but she believed it to be very beautiful.

She watched him jump onto his nightmare and slowly walk away. She stealthed behind him for she was curious as to what he would do to the horse. He turned and spoke to her as if he knew she was there all the time. It was a language she wasn't familiar with but soon learned. He showed her other creatures of the lands unknown to her. She couldn't help jumping behind him when she saw the frost spider for the first time. She forgot for the moment that she could have simply just blend into the background.

Then one day they came to place where they had to run past some snakes. She couldn't stand snakes either, they poison too quickly!!! Then they rounded the last bend and there was a large circle. She gathered all the snakes and lured them away from the area. She stealthed back and they both were standing there admiring the Stygian Drake before them. Its feet were the color of rubies and sparkled in the daylight.

The days passed by so quickly and she didn't care for she had no family to return to. The man finally told her his name Sir Joseph of Jhelom and he inquired about her name. She could not give him one for her parents had died the day she was born. They were a stealthing tribe, always hidden in the shadows, just watching until the day a little one wondered too close to the tigers. A tiger died and that caused a war with the Kurak tribe. Many of the Kuralakki died that day and her father wouldn't leave her mothers side. She only survived cause she instinctively remained hidden. The tribesman that found her never bothered to name her, just called her “Girl”.

Sir Joseph looked at her and declared from now on she shall be called “Brave One”. In her language that would be Bravikotl. After all she had to be brave in order to wonder about strange lands, even if she stealths most of the time.

Then he took her to a cave in lands where he said they could be attacked by others. For the first time she felt Brave with him by her side. They fought there way past some creatures and then finally stopped at what he called a white wyrm. She stood amazed before the creature and watched as he charmed it. Such a glorious creature...

Then all of a sudden there came a thunderous sound of hoofs on the cave floor. Riders came from every direction. Sir Joseph was quickly surrounded and Bravikotl was hidden but soon came unstealthed when she sensed the danger. Even with the white wyrm fighting alongside them, they were quickly outmatched...

The riders went out as quickly as they came in. The only sounds in the cave is the water from a bridge nearby. Then there was movement from Bravikotl as she crawled over to where Sir Joseph lied next to the dead white wyrm. Her screams echoed off the walls and from the distance she could hear footsteps coming near. A young man came around the corner and rushed over to help. Bravikotl told him to let her die. Then she held up her necklace. “You take this and wear it. You shall craft a totem of chromatic fortune in honor of my tribe. You give it to people who have shown greatness, so they can summon beautiful creations of your lands. When one sees these rareties, they can think of me and Sir Joseph.” she handed the necklace to the young man. “The wearer of this shall live a long life for the compassion you have shown this day”

Legend has said that she shortly passed away with her head resting near Sir Joseph's. The young man kept the necklace but forgot his promise to craft the totem. Then he began to age and remembered his silent promise. With each totem he crafted, he got younger and younger til he was the age of when he had found her. He often wondered what had happened to her people. Are they still hiding in the shadows? One thing he knows for sure is, the rare creatures that were summoned with the use of the totem has the same spirit he saw in her eyes so long ago...

It is rumored that if you see a void nightmare, you shall see the spirit of Sir Joseph nearby. There are tales of sightings of glacial white wyrms with an ever watchful stealther nearby, perhaps the spirit of Bravikotl or one of her tribe watching over the totems? Once you have proven your greatness, place the totem of chromatic fortune and increase your chances to tame one of the beauties Sir Joseph and Bravikotl so admired those long ago days...


Babbling Loonie
Stratics Veteran
Viktor, a relatively young tamer who had been cataloging the creatures of the Lost Lands for many years, arrived back in Luna. Leaving his beloved pet llama, Gherkins, at the stable, he decided to visit the local bank. He wanted to set his affairs in order and begin preparations to publish a book on his findings. As he entered the central area he saw an incredible animal with a mounted rider. The creature looked like a very large dog but it's long, thick, silky fur was as bright as the sun. 'Sir' said the tamer, 'please tell me what is this fabulous beast you sit upon!?' The rider laughed and replied, 'He is an incredibly rare Elven mount of blaze hue!' adding 'There are but a handful in all the lands, he came from the Twisted Weald.' 'But I see you are a human, only Elves may ride the Cu Sidhe, unless you have special boots…' Viktor was intrigued, 'Where can I purchase these fantastic boots?' 'Well', replied the rider, 'it's your lucky day! I happen to have a pair for sale.' He smiled warmly at Viktor 'A great bargain at only 100 sovereigns', the rider enthused 'I bought them for myself, but I discovered I actually had Elven blood from some obscure ancestor, who could have known?'

The young tamer was so overcome with the desire to own such a beautiful animal he paid for the boots without question and made plans to travel immediately to the Twisted Weald.

After many days of searching the Weald the young man had become frustrated, there were many plain grey or beige creatures resembling the wonderful beast he had seen at Luna, there had even been a few in interesting shades of metallic fur but nothing that shone like the sun. 'I need to find some way of boosting my chances' thought Viktor. So he decided to approach a local mage with the hope of obtaining some magical item to aid in his search…

Crankantilus, the Master of the Mages guild was an aged and cantankerous fellow, 'Who are you and what do you want?' 'Ughhh I ermm need a magic item making' stammered the tamer. 'Well of course you do!' snapped the Mage, 'What are you looking for, I don't have all day!' Viktor gulped, he sure was a cranky fellow… 'I need an item to boost my chances of finding a rare coloured creature.' The Mage looked disappointed 'Oh is that all? I hoped it might be something more interesting!' 'A Totem of Chromatic Fortune will cost 300 sovereigns and I require the items on this list.' He scrawled on a piece of parchment and threw it towards the tamer. 'I devised a plan to make one some time ago, but I didn't get much interest until now, it should be a simple task.'

The young tamer read the list and happily handed over a bag of sovereigns, soon he would have his lovely new mount!

'Hmmm looks like I am off on another expedition,' Viktor muttered to himself as he perused the list. 'Let's see what I need to find…good thing my new book, 'What I found in the Lost Lands' is doing well!'

The list read:

A spot from a Snow Leopard

Frost Spider web

Two hairs from the mane or tail of a Nightmare

Breath of a White Wyrm

Slime of a Giant Toad

A Stygian Drake scale

A Phoenix Feather (not one of those ugly pink varieties, an old-fashioned rare red one!)

A banana from the cave of the Great Ape

It took quite some time for the young man to acquire all of the requested items, some were relatively straight-forward but some were very difficult to obtain and the tamer almost lost his life on more than one occasion. Somewhat battered and bruised he started the journey back to Britain and finally he returned with his treasures to the Mages Guildhouse.

'What on earth happened to you?' snorted the Guildmaster 'You look like you went 10 rounds with the Legendary wrestler Mikael Tysson!'

'Don't start old man, I have your items!' Viktor was in no mood to be trifled with!

Looking into the bag, the old mage gave a grunt, 'Not perfect, but they will do.'

He took the banana from the bag and proceeded to peel it.

'What are you doing?!' exclaimed the tamer, 'don't you need that for your spell?!'

'Oh it isn't part of the magic item,' the old fellow gave a chuckle, 'I just heard the Cave of the Great Ape had really delicious bananas, and it seems it was true!'

Next he took out the beautiful red phoenix feather, he sighed happily, 'I've always wanted one of these…' taking a small knife from his belt he cut away the end of the feather making a quill pen. 'I will be the envy of the whole guild!'

'What about my Totem?' growled the Tamer, whose patience was wearing a bit thin. 'I didn't come here to do your shopping for you!'

Crankantilus spoke around a large mouthful of banana 'Come back in 3 days, I will have something ready for you by then, magic cannot be hurried!!' scowled the Mage.

Three days later the young tamer, who was feeling a lot less young lately, returned to collect his magical item from the Guild. He knocked on the door a few times but there was no answer…

The door was not locked so he pushed it open, but the room was empty…

'Where has that annoying old fellow gone!' he thought to himself. In the middle of the stout oak desk was a note and sitting on top of it was a bizarre contraption that looked like a sturdy pole, the central part seemed to be a short, thin log and the items he had collected were attached to it with twine. It was absolutely hideous! 'Oh well, appearances can be deceptive…' thought Viktor.

He read the note;

I have been called away on a serious matter concerning a missing sea dragon stable master, it's probably just gone invisible.

Your Totem of Chromatic Fortune is finished. I am confident you will find what you are looking for.

P.S The item has 3 charges and each charge lasts for 20 minutes, it was the best I could do with the average items supplied.

Regards, Cranky

'Damn that Mage!' seethed the young tamer, 'let's hope it actually works!'

After another arduous journey young Viktor reached the Twisted Weald for the second time, he planted the Totem firmly in the centre of the area where the Cu Sidhe roamed and began his search anew. Half an hour passed with no luck and the poor fellow began to get desperate.

All of the animals were plain, dull coloured creatures, not what he wanted at all.

'Maybe if I kill them, some nicer ones will spawn' he thought to himself. He approached one of the hounds and struck at it with his dagger, the blade tangled in the thick fur and the furious creature turned on him with a snarl, snapping viciously at his hand. Suddenly a dozen pairs of eyes were looking at him with hatred, as one they sprang towards him, he ran as fast as he could for the cave exit, barely escaping and completely forgetting the Totem of Chromatic Fortune in his haste!

Poor Viktor limped back to the Mages guild feeling very sorry for himself. His clothes were in tatters and he was covered in scratches and bites. The old Mage met him at the door, peering at him through his thick spectacles, he raised a large shaggy eyebrow. 'How did your hunt go?' 'You look like you went 20 rounds with…' he stroked his beard thoughtfully, 'Or maybe I shouldn't ask…'

The young tamer wept, his voice breaking as he croaked, 'All I wanted was a Cu Sidhe, golden like the sun' he sobbed loudly 'but I got nothing for all my efforts!'

The old man shook his head trying not to smile 'You didn't say you wanted a Cu Sidhe, you only said you wanted a rare coloured animal!' 'Hmmmm I can make another Totem, but it will take even more rare ingredients, cost 10 times the price and last half as long….'

'I think I'll stick with llamas!' the despondent young man sniffled.

'I can make a nice Totem to summon a rare pink energy llama…. not sure how safe they are to ride though…' said the old man, but Viktor had already gone.


Grand Inquisitor
Stratics Veteran
Totem of Chromatic Fortune​

The lost lands of Eodon are far short of being truly discovered. It still holds many far kept secrets, secrets that many would die before they would be revealed to the land of the living. One such secret was the totem of chromatic fortune. How did such a magical totem come to be? Was it just the whim of some mage seeking a way to change the aura of those around them?

Nay, it was far more, for you see the totem of chromatic fortune belongs to the animal spirit, Kenzie OMori. A great, great granddaughter to the Goddess Mother Nature. Kenzie task as Animal Spirit was to ensure that those beasts, creatures of the animal world were brought forth with all they were to be and no more.
forest goddess.jpg
But atlas one day Kenzie OMori saw, with her own eyes, a tamer, that had captured her heart as if Cupid had shot her with his arrow of love. Feeling faint Kenzie OMori, sat to rest near some ancient ruins, and while trying to regain her composure from seeing such a handsome male on such a beautiful mount. This handsome stranger dismounted from his mount, a mare as black as night with no moon it was, and he spoke to it, her ears hearing ever word this stranger spoke. “Well Zues, sure looks as if this trip is a wash, I have yet to see a single white or black tiger”. Taking a piece of meat from his saddle bag he fed a piece to his mount. She saw him shiver, then slowly turn to look around, as if he could sense she was near, his gaze seemly to stop for a brief moment where she sat.

In that one brief moment she gasps, her hands quickly covering her mouth to stop any further sounds, but in her haste to do so she releases her staff and it becomes an item of the real world, laying there next to the ruins where she was sitting.

The stranger, completing his slow turn of looking around, once more faces where he knew he had heard something, there was a present, he could feel it. It was then he saw the staff, this totem of chromatic fortune as it would come to be called. Tell Zues, “All Stay”, he quickly walks over to the staff, his hand reaching for it, as he did he brushed against her silken gown, for him, it was as if he had touch webs, but for her it was lighting.

Another gasp and the wind blew all around, drowning the sounds, his hand closes on the staff, and for one brief moment he feels the true powers of the animal spirit, then it is gone, the stranger steps back, staff in hand, he looks at where it had come from, then the vision of a white tiger leaps into his mind, he turns, walks quickly to his mare, and with a leap into the saddle he shouts, “Thank you Goddess”.


Francis Drakeherder owned a little stall at Magincia. He hoped to earn enough gold from taming and selling Stygian Drakes to be able to buy a home for him and his sweetheart, Lovely McFairface.

Every day he would visit the Abyss near his village and tame one or two to sell at his stall. After a while he noticed the more colourful ones would fetch a higher price so he began to tame only the most distinct ones.

His rival, an evil witch, saw his business grow and in a fit of jealousy laid a curse upon him making him colour blind. Now all drakes looked the same colour to him and as often as not, he only had drab common drakes that no one wanted to buy.

After a few weeks he realised that if this carried on for much longer he would have to give up on his taming business, and maybe even abandon his plans to marry Lovely. He went to the village elder who told him of the most powerful mages who all lived in a tower beyond the known lands. Perhaps an artifact could be made that allow him to find the more colourful drakes once more.

He set off on his fastest nightmare, Darky Daydream in search of the tower but no matter where he went, the tower’s location eluded him. He returned to the elder who suggested that there might be another way to contact the mage using a very strange looking key and by calling a phrase that had been used by the local lumberjacks. The elder handed him the key which he noticed was inscribed ‘Esc’.

He used the key and uttered the phrase: ‘Log, Out!’ and found himself in a place where those inside communicated using Eem Ale. Apparently, for help he should send an Eem Ale to Customer Sue Port, which he did, asking if the great mages would make him the artifact that would reverse his ill fortune.

While Francis waited, one of the mages used many special keys, in complex sequences, and used the hidden mystical phrases such as: “While Time LT 20 minutes And count LT 3 Then”, “If Rnd GR 8 x 8 Then” and “Let Pet_Hue = Special_Colour +(Rnd 0-2)”.

The mage sent an Ale back to him with instructions on how to buy as many of the artifacts as he wanted using a key entitled “eff one” and how he could get back to his village.

To return he quoted the fabled Word of Passage and pointed to Sir Verr of Europa. He saw his name listed on a Charred list and before he knew it, he was home again.

Using the “eff one” key he found Help and then found the vendor selling the most wondrous items. He bought a “Totem of Chromatic Fortune” and set off back to the Abyss. He used the Totem and within the 20 minutes he had found, tamed and brought back to the village, the brightest Drake anyone had ever seen.

The drake promptly ate the witch and the curse was lifted. An impressed adventurer bought the drake for millions and with the gold, Francis bought a new style castle. He and Lovely married using more items from the ‘special’ vendor, and everyone lived happily ever after.

Lady Raja

Lore Keeper
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Stratics Legend
Grizelda is a gem among witches. Her beauty and grace is only experienced by the ones close to her. The world of Sosaria can be a harsh land for a spell-conjuring witch who happens to reside in a cottage in ruins. She is even coined with the nickname, “The Hag”. Always the classy lady, she just shrugs it off. After what seems like a century, Grizelda has finally had enough. This was a task she could not achieve alone, so what does a witch do? She quickly dispatches a couple skeletons to give her two best friends a message that she needs help with a re-image quest to bring color to her good name.

First to take action was her friend Gretchen, the Alchemist. Gretchen spends most of her days in the Human Encampment inside the Underworld. No one knows her true age for she does not divulge that secret to anyone. She loves making potions, like Grizelda, her reputation is not a glorious one as well. Many don’t gander at all the beautiful potions in varies colors she creates, oh no, she is known for her Exploding Tar Potions. She was once called “The Tar Maiden”, so she claims. No one has laid claim to that remark to this day though…

And fashionably late is Jillian. She is pretty, well-liked, charming, and so on… She is the Inscription Instructor at the New Haven Magery School, located in New Haven. Don’t let the pretty face and bubbly personality fool you, although she is an instructor to the new adventurers, her skills as a scribe is unmatched. At the age of sixteen, she was the youngest ever, and a girl to top, to win a “Battle Scribe” competition. That is another story for another time… The following year, her young apprentice, won the honor.

The three eventually made their way to the town, Moonglow.

The candles in the quiet pub were melting down fast, barely touching the skulls they laid upon. The three brainstormed diligently, but seemed to be missing a piece to the puzzle. Almost by fate, a friendly face enters. It was the Zoologist, Iakas, from the Royal Britannian Zoo in Moonglow. He had heard the three were in his town and wanted to swing by to give greetings. Iakas and Jillian have been working on color formulas to dye the zoo animals for holidays. As they chatted over colors, Gretchen’s candle flame grew ever so bright.

She says to the bunch, “Hey! I have been selling more and more Exploding Tar Potions to adventuring tamers as of late.”

Jillian responded, “I often have students ask about spells to change an animals color.”

Being the expert that he is, Iakas replied, “Animals of the land, once spawned, lack the biological capability to transform their cutis, skin.”

“What about before they spawn?” asked Gretchen.

“Before they spawn you say eh..?” said Iakas with a very intrigued tone.

The four now know what they must do. They must create something that transforms the cutis before the animal spawns. Since Grizelda is a witch, she will be the maestro to this magical orchestra. Gretchen will put her alchemy skills to use and make sure the potions and inks used on this talisman-like object come from the most potent of herbs and the most magical of the powders. Jillian will be tasked with scribing the proper incantations on the “Talisman of Cutis Transformation”. Jillian’s initial engraving on the item. Later engraved with “Totem of Chromatic Fortune”, an action Iakas insisted.

The re-image quest was deemed a success for all, sort of…

The talisman was popular among all the adventuring tamers. Iakas was celebrated as “The Zoologist with the vision for the future”.

The New Haven Magery School started to see an overwhelming amount of new students. The workload was too much for Jillian. “The school needs another instructor!”, so she called upon her young apprentice, the second girl, even younger than Jillian was, to win a “Battle Scribe” competition. The School became the elite school for scribes of the battlefield.

Gretchen now sells colored Exploding Tar Potions. Word from the Underworld is her potions leave colorful exploding patterns all over. “It’s so pretty!” says Jillian… The Gargoyles seem to not mind all the colors. In fact, rumor has it even the Queen of the Gargoyles colored her horns!

Praised as the mastermind behind this new magical talisman, Grizelda was honored with a plaque for her achievement.

The plaque reads:

“This plaque is to honor the grand achievement for new magic. May this plaque forever be an inspiration to all the people of Sosaria. We thank you Grizelda the Hag.”

Grizelda can be seen still shrugging her shoulders in her humble ruins located South of Yew and West of Britain...

Lady Kittie

Stratics EC & GL Shard Liaison
Stratics Veteran
Event Coordinator
Alright people! Time for the winners!!

1st Place - ShriNayne
2nd Place - Lady Raja
3rd Place - Cinderella & Quartermain


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