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em event

  1. Nails Warstein


    COPY/PASTED/EDITED FOR ACCURACY FROM HERE: CATSKILLS UOFORUMS PLEASE CHECK EVENTS FOR JULY 2018 ON UO.COM/EVENTS FOR UPDATES Hey there folks! Here's the schedule for July. Take a wee gander... I may add some more later so keep an eye out for any updates! I've had to swap the Governors and...
  2. belkins

    [Selling] A Bag of Peanut Brittle - Sonoma 2010 30M

    All of these are from Sonoma EM Events Like a item? ICQ, PM, or leave post in this thread. I will try to check back in here every so often but best way to contact would be ICQ or PM for fastest response. All items located on atlantic and are marked with prices and i am open to trade for...
  3. Tamais

    NEWS And the winners are

    We have a winner for the February fishing contest. Trinity Rose for her 165 stone Black Marlin. The first Annual March Madness race took place in IIshenar. After an hour and 15 minutes we had the following winners. 1st place: Jahajx and Tone Deaf of Eh? 2nd place: Mylene of MHC...
  4. Jennifer-Marie

    [Selling] EM Event Items on Great Lakes

    ***All Items Have Been Sold. Thanks Everyone!*** All items are on Great Lakes shard. Leave a comment if you want to buy something, or ICQ me (640710312) - no haggling, please, and first offers get the items. A Wizard's Hat Recovered During The Rescue of Giri Ui - 25m Biting Rat of...
  5. Tamais

    NEWS The Hunt for Thaddius by order of the King

    From Signs posted around the lands and left in taverns By order of the King Thaddius the Alchemist is to be found. He is the last hope to save our fair city of Moonglow from the invasion of undead creatures. These are the clues given by Moonglow's Royal Guard. First, he moved from city to...
  6. Princess Zora

    [Price Check] Ornated Breastplate with the Emblem of Lord Blackthorn... and more

    Hello I Need Price Checks for the following Items. All Items are at Atlantic and for Sale. Avery's Brainwashing Ale [ You'll loose more than your Memory] EM Event Drachenfels 2010 or 2011 . A Ballot Box Portable Ballot Box Ornated Breastplate with the Emblem of Lord Blackthorn's Family...
  7. Tamais

    NEWS April event changes

    posted changes from UO calender: Events for April 2016 – – Ultima Online Saturday, April 9th - King's Council 7 pm CDT Castle Blackthorn's council chambers Saturday, April 9th - Royal Spies 8pm CDT Britain Hall Saturday, April 16th - Royal Spies 8pm CDT Britain Hall Saturday, April...
  8. Tamais

    NEWS March Events

    EM Events just posted on the UO calendar: March 19th-8pm CDT. King's Council at King Blackthorn's council chambers March 26th-8pm CDT at the Britain hall-current royal spy arch? I'll add more as I find out the information. Augustus is posting to the UO calendar first. Go to the main site>Em...
  9. Cymidei

    NEWS I have nothing more to give you than my heart

    Cymidei submitted a new Article: I Have Nothing More To Give You Than My Heart Read more about this article here...
  10. Cymidei

    NEWS Two souls with but a single thought, two hearts that beat as one

    Cymidei submitted a new Article: Two Souls With But A Single Thought, Two Hearts That Beat As One Read more about this article here...
  11. Zynia

    EM Event On Hallowed Ground

    Britannian's from all over gathered at Lord Blackthorn's Castle early thursday evening. Danica Amandine addressed the group and annouced there had been some evil throughout the lands. She steered us to Britain's graveyard at first.. After the first battle, an altar appeared. When double...
  12. T

    [Selling] Atl EM event item from 9/24

    Selling "The Never-Ending Story: A Book Of Fantastic Tales Spun By Bennu, The Jongleur". for 100mil or better/equal offer. ICQ: 661003067 PM or ICQ me please.
  13. PurplePotion

    [Price Check] *EM Item* Queen Dawn book, 'A thank you' - Berserker Red

    Can anyone give me a price check on this to see if it has any value aside from nostalgia? It was from an Event about 5 years ago or so? Handed out and signed by Queen Dawn. Hue ID is 33 R232 G0 B48 Known as Berserker Red (Neon Pigment). I wasn't sure if this was a color that could be replicated...
  14. T

    EM Event Item Atlantic 9/24 EM Event book for sale

    Selling "The Never-Ending Story: A Book Of Fantastic Tales Spun By Bennu, The Jongleur" 100mil or better offer on Atlantic. From the EM even held on Atlantic on 9/24
  15. Lady Kittie

    [Buying] EM Event Items

    I am looking to buy the following items preferably for the Great Lakes shard: However, I am willing to purchase on almost any shard. **Items are in order of want and colored by what color they are/may be** If you have ANY of these items, contact me through this post OR through ICQ at: 622444017...