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NEWS The Hunt for Thaddius by order of the King


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From Signs posted around the lands and left in taverns
By order of the King Thaddius the Alchemist is to be found. He is the last hope to save our fair city of Moonglow from the invasion of undead creatures. These are the clues given by Moonglow's Royal Guard.

First, he moved from city to city looking for rare gems, crystals and herbs.

Second, he is a genius alchemist.

Third, he could be deep deep in dungeons.

When found question him to see if he will help. Report all findings here.

Sunday Lady Thalia located Thaddius in the Prism of Light dungeon mining away for gems. When questioned, Thaddius refused to respond to attempts to strike up a conversation.


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Thalia, being quite persuasive (and emailing Topaz), went back and confronted Thaddius again. After politely saying "hello" and asking for his "help", she told him about "Moonglow" and the "undead" we encountered there. Thaddius said that he would help, or at least try. He pretty much returned to his work after that. So hopefully he will help out when the royal guard next summons everyone.