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  1. Maith Ceol

    Void Pool - July 7 @ 8p EDT (Sponsored by Moonglow)

    Governor Maith Ceol of Moonglow bids all adventurers welcome as we once again enter the Void Pool to push back Cora's minions! Meet at the entrance to the Void Pool on July 7th at 8pm Eastern. A gate from Luna Stables will be provided. There is no pre-requisite quest for the Void Pool. Points...
  2. Maith Ceol

    Moonglow Governors

    Hi. I'm planning something for the third week in July for National Zoo Keepers Week. I thought it might be fun to have a multi-shard event. Please PM me if you're interested.
  3. Ceno of MT

    (RP) Homecoming: A Ceno Saga

    There was a chill in the air of Britain this night, a chill not felt in many years, and those attuned to the magical arts would be able to feel the electric buzz all around which told that this chill, was no ordinary chill. Desmond could feel that electric buzz and it brought his attention up...
  4. Lady Kittie

    (Player News) Election time is here for Moonglow!

    She steps forward to speak loudly so all might hear Greetings everyone, I want to thank those for coming to hear me out. Once again, it is time for elections in the great city of Moonglow. I have been your faithful Governor for 2 years now and would like to continue to do so, with your help...
  5. Amber Witch

    (Player News) Great Day for Moonglow - April 10, 2017

    A month ago Moonglow had less that 275 trade deals delivered and the city was struggling financially. Today we hit the 800 mark! This is an incredible gift to the city and I want to thank all of you who have worked so hard to achieve this. Right now we have enough gold in the coffers to maintain...
  6. Tamais

    NEWS The Hunt for Thaddius by order of the King

    From Signs posted around the lands and left in taverns By order of the King Thaddius the Alchemist is to be found. He is the last hope to save our fair city of Moonglow from the invasion of undead creatures. These are the clues given by Moonglow's Royal Guard. First, he moved from city to...
  7. Lady Kittie

    2nd Annual Verity Island Holiday Ball~!

    On 1/14/17 Moonglow was proud to present the 2nd Annual Holiday Ball! While it had been a hard time to place such an event (Originally it was scheduled for mid-December), it was finally all said and done and we had a great turn out as well! Lots of gold was given away throughout the events that...
  8. W

    [Discussion] FEL House for POSSIBLE Sale

    If i were to put this house for sale, would there be any interest? 1 and 1/2 screen from Moonglow bank, 1 and 1/2 screen from Moonglow Fel MG. Unfortunatly, only 12x11 is able to be place here.
  9. Lady Kittie

    (Player Event) Verity Island Holiday Ball Pictures and mini-recap!

    The Verity Island Holiday Ball was a huge success! With gifts given out in the value between 1 mill in each box to 40 mill!! So many happy faces and so many people taking pictures of themselves on the Rocking Horse and Sleigh. We did a Reindeer Race, to which first place was given a wonderful...
  10. Hulton

    (RP) Revive Moonglow!

    Citizen of Moonglow! As thou propably know, I have been elected for your Governor. This year shall change Moonglow history. Our city. The city of Magery and wisdom is dying! Mages, sages keep moving to other town and cities. Thou, citizen are the only one who can stop this. What is the purpose...