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(RP) Homecoming: A Ceno Saga

Ceno of MT

Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
There was a chill in the air of Britain this night, a chill not felt in many years, and those attuned to the magical arts would be able to feel the electric buzz all around which told that this chill, was no ordinary chill.

Desmond could feel that electric buzz and it brought his attention up to the sky as he knew that nothing good could come with such a cold feeling. Desmond pulls the hood of his dark coal robe over his head and tightened the clasp to better secure it in hopes to stay warm. However, he felt a chill run up his spine.

Just as Desmond shook from the sensation, a loud boom was heard overhead, causing him to look up once again and bare witness to a lightning bolt bearing down into the city. Desmond's eyes became wide and he begins to rush towards where the bolt hit the ground.

Hoping that no one was near by when the bolt had hit, as well as the buildings as he didn't know if the city would have enough help to put out any fires. His boots hitting the ground as break neck speeds due to his Elven heritage and his slightly slanted eyes continued to roam above the rooftops in search of any signs of smoke or flames.

When he crossed the bridge near the Sweet Dreams Inn, it was there he knew was where the bolt had touched ground as the nearby patch of grass had all been charred, and I'm the center lay someone in the fetal position with robes torn and charred.

Desmond quickly rushes over to the fallen person, kneeling beside then and carefully placing a gloved hand on their shoulder to roll them onto their back so that he could check the person's breathing. What he saw however, shocked him. He could see burn marks at the man's neck, but they weren't fresh and this wasn't what shocked Desmond, what shocked him was that he knew who this man was.

“Ceno…” Desmond mutters under his breath.

Desmond quickly removes his gloves to check for a pulse and when his fingers touched upon Ceno’s neck, Ceno's eyes popped open and he gasped for air as if he was drowning.

Desmond had to restrain Ceno whole trying to calm him, reassuring that he was okay.

“Peace brother! Peace! You're safe! Peace!”

Ceno's struggling finally began to calm as the word reached him. His eyes searching around as if trying to confirm Desmond's words. His throat was dry and Desmond couldn't make out the words Ceno was saying so he reaches into his backpack and retrieves his water skin to bring to Ceno's lips.

He eagerly drank as if he had not been dying of thirst which made it hard to keep the water down as Ceno would choke on the cool liquid and spilling it down his chin. Desmond carefully helped Ceno to a sitting position, placing a hand to his back to support him up.

Ceno lifted his left hand up to brush his fallen locks away from his face, which is when Desmond noticed that the hand had been badly burned at some point. Shifting his gaze to meet Ceno and waited to speak till Ceno was ready.

“What happened to you brother? Everyone thought you dead.”

Ceno at there, collecting his thoughts as if he had forgotten to speak before muttering softly. “I was…”

Desmond tilted his head to the side, waiting for him to finish, but when Ceno didn't continue he urged on and asked. “You were, what?”

Ceno lifts his gaze to look Desmond in the eyes and spoke a single word which he would be able to feel some heavy burden behind them.


Desmond pulled back some from the shock of hearing Ceno's words. “You should not be here…”

Ceno nodded his head in agreement and begun to shift his body to stand. Desmond helped him up, placing Ceno's good arm around his shoulder to give support.

“We need to take you to the healers, come.” Desmond said, but Ceno shook his head in protest.

“No, I'll be fine. Please, help me to the bank. My clothes are tattered and I'll have spare clothes and rune books.”

Desmond paused for a moment, as if wanting to say something but simply nods his head and helps Ceno make his way over to the west bank of Britain.

“The streets seem so empty.” Ceno said as he looked around.

“Aye. A lot has changed since you've been gone brother.” Desmond explained, keeping his words short as to not shock Ceno any further.

Desmond helped Ceno inside the bank and over to the series of magical chests where Ceno placed his burnt hand onto one and chanted the words of power. To Desmond's surprise, the chest opened and revealed the items inside, neatly tucked away.

Digging around inside Ceno pulls out a black robe, shaking it free and then drapes it over the chest. Shrugging Desmond away and peeling away the torn and burnt robes which he tossed into a nearby trash bin.

Desmond was once again shocked at the sight of Ceno, which seemed as if his entire left side had been burned. Desmond winced from the sight and averted his eyes.

“Ceno, what happened to you? How did you get burned so badly? How are you back?” Desmond had to ask, as the man standing before him should not be, if he did indeed died as everyone assumed.

“I-I don't remember. I don't know how I came back.” Ceno said, and Desmond was sure to hear the concern and confusion in his words.

One the fresh robe was pulled down, Ceno reaches into the chest one more and pulls out an ice blue staff which he put most of his weight on to help prop himself up. Turning to face Desmond, Ceno seemed to be more alive than he had just moments ago.

“I am grateful for your help, but my apologies, I don't recall knowing you. How is it you know my name?” Ceno asked.

“My name is Desmond and I was…” Desmond paused for a moment and before continuing his gaze fell to the floor. “I was a member of The Mage Tower shortly after you disappeared. I've read about you and have seen you in a painting.”

“The Mage Tower…” Ceno's words came soft, almost as a whisper. “Can you take me to the Tower? I can’t use many words of power yet, I’m still too weak.”

“Ceno...I don’t think that is a good idea with your current state.” Desmond said as he averted his eyes.

Ceno caught this however and his brow arched curiously while clutching his staff all the tighter. Lifting the staff just enough so that he could slam the butt of it down onto the stone paver as if to make a point.

“Desmond.” Ceno’s voice grew stern with every word as he continued to speak. “Take me to the Tower. Now.”

Desmond didn’t speak but he reluctantly nodded his head before pulling out his rune book and flipping through till he found the right rune. Speaking the words of power and syphoning his magic into the words the familiar red shimmering portal rose from the ground. He waited for Ceno to walk in first and quickly followed behind.

Once there, Ceno’s eyes grew wide with shock and quickly looking around at the nearly empty space, desperately searching for the familiar Tower that held so many memories. If Ceno wasn’t in shock before from when Desmond found him, he was now. Ceno fell to his knees with his eyes still in disbelief and Desmond could see the pain within his face. A pain that could only be described as if someone had lost a loved one.

The Mage Tower...Was no more.

All that stood in its place was a small memorial, a replica of the Tower surrounded by the runic symbols that once were at the steps of the Tower and two tall braziers with eternal flames burning brightly. The flames gave off a glow which danced across both of their features and when Desmond looked to Ceno, he placed a hand to his shoulder and gently squeezed.

“The Tower fell many years ago. No one is left, but people remember. You should take comfort in that at least.” Desmond’s words were softly spoken as he tried to console him.”

Ceno reached down with his left burnt hand and buried his fingers into the grass till he reached the dirt below and took a handful, shaking in anger and his words were pained through clenched teeth.

“Snake...You promised me…” Looking up into the sky, Ceno’s eyes changed from pain to anger as he shouted out. “YOU PROMISED ME!” Slamming his fist into the ground he would slump forward, his forehead resting against the lightly damp grass and wept.

Desmond left Ceno alone for what felt like hours till he had seen him lift his head, but remained kneeling and rejoined him. He knew, that there were no words that could make this better for Ceno, and he could still see the pain and the hurt within his eyes.

“What will you do, now that you’re back?” Desmond asked.

Ceno remained silent for a moment longer, gazing at the nearly empty lot, his memories flooding back to him, allowing him to picture the Tower in his mind. Remembering friends that have long been gone even before his death. Memories of spending hours on end talking and chatting about anything and everything, magical related or not.

Ceno slowly rose to his feet with the help of his staff and a little help from Desmond, but his eyes never once leaving the area where the Tower once stood. Extending his arm out, he shifts the dirt within his grasp to let it fall from his fingers and it was then that Ceno had felt something. Something familiar.

He could feel the magic still within the soil, and although faint as it was, it did bring some comfort to him.

“What will I do, you ask me?” Ceno said while finally turning his head to look to Desmond and then back again to the empty lot. Nodding his head once with his features now shifting to display a determined look.

“Something I should had done a long time ago.”


((My apologies if it isn't very good. It has been quite some time since I had written anything but I hope you enjoy and feel free to leave any comments!))

Mama Faith

Lore Keeper
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Ceno, this was excellent! I had no idea that you were this talented. This may be a game but there is real emotion attached since it's been a part of our lives for so long. Great read and thank you!

Amber Witch

Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Thank you for stirring up an old ladies memories of the Ceno she once knew. You are a beautiful writer. Thank you.