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  1. DeBruce

    [Price Check] Old Invasion Armours

    Hi... just wanna know a moderate price for theese "Invasion Armours" in Picture...maybe someone have a clue ? thx all who can help me..!
  2. Ferran Trinity

    [Discussion] Invasion Spellbooks Price Check

    I would like to know what people would pay for the following invasion spellbooks: -Fey Slayer - DCI 5 - SDI 24 - FCR 2 - LMC 4 -Undead Slayer - DCI 7 - SDI 28 - FCR 2 - LMC 5 -Undead Slayer - DCI 9 - SDI 27 - FCR 2 - LMC 4 -Repond Slayer - DCI 10 - SDI 30 - FCR 2 - LMC 5 -Dragon Slayer -...
  3. Tamais

    NEWS The Hunt for Thaddius by order of the King

    From Signs posted around the lands and left in taverns By order of the King Thaddius the Alchemist is to be found. He is the last hope to save our fair city of Moonglow from the invasion of undead creatures. These are the clues given by Moonglow's Royal Guard. First, he moved from city to...