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  1. Existenz

    [Selling] 2x Magical Holding Chamber

    Selling two Magical Holding Chambers Colors: 1912 & 1911 Contact me if Interested: Discord: Exi#3539 ICQ: 374852750
  2. the Stranger

    Pets Taking offers on 2 different versions [LongMane&Pure] of the very scarce and rare vanity mount "Black Horse"

    >Please do not respond with a reply to this thread. Please contact me via DM.< I'm considering selling these for the right price. DM me for price! Thanks!
  3. Shackles 2006 - Baja-1.jpg

    Shackles 2006 - Baja-1.jpg

    Shackles 2006 - Baja
  4. E

    [Price Check] Please Delete THREAD

  5. E

    [Discussion] Delete Thread

  6. H

    *SOLD* - Blood Red 23rd Anniversary Tome - Rare Hue 1922 (Atlantic)

    *SOLD* Blood Red 23rd Anniversary Tome - Rare Hue 1922 (Atlantic) Here are previous items in game with hue 1922: https://wiki.stratics.com/index.php?title=UO:Hue_1922 Accepting offers. On display just outside Luna @ 96.19N 10.11W on Roof. Discord: Hurricane#1818
  7. V

    Selling Rubble and "Bones" Baja

    Selling rubble pieces and 35 stone "bone" containers. Asking 100M OBO EACH. Will Accept Gold from ATL, Catskills or GL Table Rubble Dock Rubble 4 "Bone" Containers Message here or ICQ at @ken1985
  8. P

    Healing Brazier. (Possibly SB Deceit pickup?)

    Looking to Sell this oldy. Located on Atlantic. I do Warn that you cannot take it out of the bag, it was found at an IDOC years ago... I assume its something with the bag/weight as the bag had tons of other things in it well over cap. I hear putting it in a crate and breaking said crate is...
  9. C

    [Selling] Deleted

  10. S

    [Price Check] A Magic Spear (old item post silver weapon?)

    Going through old chars today when i found this spear.. I cant find anything online about but someone suggested it was an old silver weapon that became "magic". If that were the case why is it an Orc slayer? I have tons of old weapons from early uo and have never come across another weapon like...
  11. S

    Unique PC on old school rare

    Ive been playing a long time and have had this in my bank for longer than I can remember. I cant find anything online about it but i assume its an old valentines card? Clicking does nothing.
  12. S

    [Price Check] PRICE CHECK PLEASE

    Price check please!!!! thank you soo much! 1 2 3 4 5
  13. B

    [Discussion] 2 Stretched Hide Gold Box For sale

    Looking to sell this
  14. B

    2 Hides Wooden box rare

  15. S

    [Price Check] Strength Potion (full bottle red)

    Looking for information on this item. Thanks in advance.
  16. Dropkick Murphys

    [Selling] Serverbirth Mandrake Root & Gingseng Root

    Selling for the right price
  17. C

    Price Check- ATL- Strong Purple Hiryu

    Hue # 33936 Very Rare
  18. DeBruce

    [Price Check] lot of Slime Cloth

    Hello, i need an Price Check for this lot of Slime Cloth in picture. I will do maybe an Auction for that lot if some interests show up. all bolt of cloth got 100...there are 1 energy and 3 fire bolt of cloth with 200..! thx ICQ: 74624095
  19. DeBruce

    [Price Check] PC on different Items

    Hello, i´ve got some Items i dont have a clue whats worth or not. Maybe you can help me. If there a some Interest, i will sell some Items maybe. THX!