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  1. Prada_UO


    Hello all, I have a few items I want to auction off. All items are open no minimum All items are on Atlantic ENDS 9PM EASTERN ON FEB 9TH 1: THE MURDRUM - ABRAHAM THE TWINS' WICKED CROSSBOW 2: A ROASTED TURKEY'S BONES 3: A ORC KING'S LUNCH SACK FILLED WITH STOLEN TREATS FROM THE KING'S...
  2. D

    [Sold] SOLD Atlantic 18x18 Plot (Close to Umbra)

    Up for sale is an unobstructed 18x18 Malas plot. Looking for 800 mil. Discord: Ouija9835 Current picture: Thanks for looking! The below photos show the custom design as backed up:
  3. MadMartyr

    [Sold] Selling Custom Trammel Keep on Atlantic

    Keep is 12 years old (get a Historical Society banner of your very own). Two screens from Compassion desert. No spawn. Asking 16p OBO, contact madmartyr on Discord. Atlantic, Trammel, 78.24'N 55.12'E
  4. Regnarhannavasym

    Equipment Clean Armor, Clean and Prized Jewlery

    Remaining items vendored or removed from the market.
  5. Senjata

    [Selling] SOLD SOLD SOLDSelling 18x18 Fel N Brit S Ice Passage On Water and Secluded!!!

    ATL ATL ATL ATL ATL ATL Selling 18x18 Fel N Brit S Ice Passage On Water and Secluded!!! highest offer 800m buyout 1p Enrico#8620
  6. Senjata

    [Discussion] SOLDFully trained Bane Dragon

    For SALE 1.5P OBO ATL
  7. Deadly

    [Sold] (Atlantic)Uber Rare Jack Rabbit 1969

    Selling Uber Rare Jack Rabbit 1969, asking 400m. Also have, Very Rare Jack Rabbits 1150, 35m
  8. GandalftheGray

    It all began with a small stone house.

    I am the youngest of 4 siblings. My oldest brother is 66 and my brother right below him was 61 and my sister is right above him so its 66,63,61 and I'm 56. My oldest brother had a Beta UO account till about 20 years ago when he sold it. My brother right above me had an account that was 230 mo...
  9. E

    [Price Check] Please Delete THREAD

  10. E

    [Discussion] Delete Thread

  11. W

    [Discussion] Looking to trade an An Bal Xen on Lake Superior for one on Atlantic

    Basically I main LS and alt on ATL. I'd like to trade the treasures of Hythloth item, An Bal Xen (or event items of equivalent value) that I have on Lake Superior for An Bal Xen on Atlantic. Note that I have the points already in my vendor, so I can't just give you items for points. It has to...
  12. Bierce

    Homes and Castles [BOUGHT]

  13. Bierce

    [Discussion] Sold

  14. Sierra

    [Discussion] Selling Seaside Villa on Atlantic, east of Cove SOLD

    located at 51.15 N 72.0 E 1528 Storage, 28 vdr slots. 40 mil icq @ZoeWren Thanks for viewing.
  15. Deluin

    Selling Jewelry SELLING: Bracelet - +15 Swords; Antique; EP 35%, HCI 15%, DCI 15%, FCR 3, SSI 10%, DI 25%, Poison Resist 15%

    Picked this beauty up at Underwater and looking to sell it to fund a new house and some gear! Had a buyer at 250m and they ghosted, hit me up with offers or BIN for 250m! Hit me up on Discord as well: Deluin#1567 Thanks very much! edit: added tags, sorry first forum post in a decade or so :p...
  16. W

    [Discussion] Buying Mark of Travesty with Necro/SS or Mage/Eval on ATL

    Location: ATL I need to purchase one of these but there's none listed and no one seems to want to sell one when I ask in general chat. So if you have one to sell please let me know. ICQ nickname is @Balin_Wingnut. Hit me up.
  17. Pickles

    Selling Pet PP Mare - Chiv AI all 120 fully trained

    Selling Pre-Patch Nightmare on Atlantic. Mare is fully scrolled and trained. Asking price 650mill but open to any serious offers. Message me if interested
  18. P

    [Selling] Atlantic selling ring and bracelet

    selling ring and bracelet ring fencing 15 enhanced potions 35 hit chance increase 15 defense chance increase 15 lower mana cost 8 lower reg cost 20 swing speed increase 10 damage increase 25 durability 248/255 bracelet wrestling 15 mana regen 3 enhance potions 25 hit chance increase 20 defense...