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Chesapeake PVP Thread

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by DreadLord Lestat, Dec 27, 2011.

  1. Promathia

    Promathia EM Bennu Fanclub Stratics Pro Stratics Veteran

    um, all those names were from the Yew Fight. And if some are repeat people, why dont you point the ones out that are.
  2. SlobberKnocker

    SlobberKnocker Lore Master

    man. say what you want about solus but the post count has doubled in this thread since he came back to chessy.

    he's good for business.

    not bad for a Devil's fan ... booooooooooooooo
  3. Paris! You son of a...what the Hell was your mom? She made a giant. Private message me. I don't have access to any of my old ICQ, etc. I forgot all of my passwords, haha.
  4. truss

    truss Guest

    Yes sir but only because you have such a pretty mouth!!
  5. jrede23

    jrede23 Lore Keeper Stratics Veteran

    Someone plz pop a harry tonight!!! I dont wanna be boreddd after work lol.. Last sunday was so refreshing, it was poppped and stayed up for hours. Of course Pitz did try to get their scrolls quickly but once we took control, we left it up till everyone was done coming back. Someone pop it, and just leave it up. Let's get some fights not worry about pixel rewards. Shittt, we are the only guild on the shard who doesn't care about their pixel rewards :(.. Well i'll check the skull box and see if I have any left but I believe i'm all out.
  6. truss

    truss Guest

    WTF LAC!
  7. HEY! Where'd everybody go??? Is it spring break or something? I seen poop in fel the last few days. HELLLLOOOOOOOOOO
  8. Promathia

    Promathia EM Bennu Fanclub Stratics Pro Stratics Veteran

    *shrugs* Weve raided PITS quite a few times, and killed some of your guild, but its been very low numbers. Havent seen LD except in General Chat, so we have been logging on Atlantic to find pvp.

    DID manage to fight Stuii and Pink Flamingo the other day, when they died, I saw quite a few of the new LD PAIN recruits talking in chat, but none of them were actually at the fight. Waited for about 30 minutes at yew, they still never showed up.
  9. jrede23

    jrede23 Lore Keeper Stratics Veteran

    LMFAO why are u speaking? this is a PVP board, u sir are no longer pvp'ing. everything u say is a lie.. I have personally been on chessy during primetime everynight for a week besides fridays, thats my gf's night :). I have not seen u once, NOT ONCE in about 10 days, since u got destroyed at that destard harry!. Furthermore you have not been on atl. Last night we were on atl fighting slip and asha's guild in dsp. Two nights ago we took slips Harry, killed his entire zerg 3 times with zero deaths from us, and killed asha's guild twice with zero deaths from us. U sir were not there. We actually asked them if they've seen MM and slip said he hasnt seen any of you in weeks. So plz stop being delusional and lieing to make urself look good. If ur talking about AM fights or some garbage please refrain. Truth of the matter is LD can field 8 or 9 now, therefore Solus and BLItz are playing on Drach. They like the 10v1, if theres a guild with near even numbers they'll switch shards. THANKS FOR PLAYING!!!
  10. Plenty of people for the MM zerg to fight tonight on Chessy... oh, they lost in 2 minutes. Ohhhhh, so sorry. LD, wow, ur rolling deep right now. You actually had us outnumbered (slightly) tonight and we had a decent amount on. Unfortunately, our fighting strenth and numbers weren't exactly even. We know that with the templates/personnel that we had on that we couldn't go head to head with you guys, so we were trying to duck and weave, etc etc. Frontal assault would have been very very bad for us. We were on our way, in the middle of linking up with everyone, to attack u guys in front of destard when u all jumped on our quartering party. I understand tactics etc etc, but if you want a good fight, that's not the way to do it.

    Sooo, the trash talking that "DOTA won't fight" is BS, we do and we will. But we aren't going to commit suicide for no reason. We had LD's force split for a little bit and it didn't work out so well for your guys either. All in all, I thought there was some good fighting tonight.

    *** And yes, from what I've heard, MM likes to raid spawns with numbers during the day. Must be exciting to take down sampi and necro/thrower blues with your faction guys. Big Win! Wait, that reminds me of the days of FOA. Ahhh, yes, 2 spawners, 11 come to kill. PvP....
  11. SlobberKnocker

    SlobberKnocker Lore Master

    looks like we have a shot at getting some good fights moving forward with 3 well balanced factions. hope you guys stick around chessy.
  12. jrede23

    jrede23 Lore Keeper Stratics Veteran

    Haha couldnt agree with you more dont tread on me. MM only fights when its advantageous for them, they like the 10v sampire ftw. We had 3 raids on chessy last night and 7 i repeat 7 on ATL, MM showed up on non of them. Solus cried in gen chat on atl sayin we had 15 when we actually had 8. However against MM we might as well have 15 cuz 8 of us can destroy that whole crew anyday of the week and twice on sunday. So don't plan on them fighting till they can field 20 members. We had i think 10 or 11 on chessy so yea that wasnt good for you guys to fight specially when like 3 or 4 are stealthers and no heavy mages to help out. Griz is always the first to leave and I never understand that. Pug is always the first to get statted but that is because he puts himself on the front line and takes the death in order for the group as a whole to win. Thats leadership, Slip does the same thing, Blitz was doing that when MM had numbers, but griz recalls and runs away. Sorry that is just terrible leadership. But glad to see some of you were fighting and having fun.

    P.S. We did not lose once on ATL, its now LD 9 and slips guild ZERO haha. Asha survived about 4 mins longer against our 8 than slips entire 7 man team did lmao
  13. Mirt

    Mirt Certifiable

    Thanks to all of the factioners in Nujelm last night. Those were some fun fights to watch. Hopefully we get to see more of those.
  14. island fight last night wasn't too bad. us and pits need to figure out a way to work together better. yeah, i know, eventually we had numbers, but the fighting was real fun for, what, over an hour or so. i stayed up way past my ol' bedtime.
  15. SlobberKnocker

    SlobberKnocker Lore Master

    where was everyone this weekend??? nice weather? diablo 3 beta? starwars? scared of ld pain ?

    it was slow to say the least.
  16. Mirt

    Mirt Certifiable

    There was a nice fun fight saturday night with the USA alliance on our second harry and Minax coming in and fighting. DOTA did well. We had the numbers and it seemed that they came in a bit piecemeal but it was a fun fight overall.
  17. we ALWAYS come in piecemeal because we're not very smart....
  18. Mirt

    Mirt Certifiable

    Well but you did keep coming it was a good fight. Brave too it was good to see you in the fight.
  19. Promathia

    Promathia EM Bennu Fanclub Stratics Pro Stratics Veteran

    Hmm things not going too good in LD land. Too bad I warned multiple PAIN members before they joined lol

    Stuii the rager :(
  20. Promathia

    Promathia EM Bennu Fanclub Stratics Pro Stratics Veteran

    Atlantic is 100x more active. Besides, my crew of 5 on Atl is constantly going up against the zerg on Atl N@N, PC, ect ect. It is so much fun statting them now :)

    FYI LD is only guild in COM now, We are TB + N@N went minax.
  21. :coco: No idea what you are talking about. Theres always one person in every guild who rages more than everyone else. Oh and tell your guys thanks for the fun at the IDOC last night in brit swamp.
  22. SlobberKnocker

    SlobberKnocker Lore Master

    i havent been in a pvp guild where things DONT get heated from time to time. most people can accept it if the one getting heated has a well heeded point to make, hence the group listens, responds and the result is better for teamwork.

    prior to joining ld i was always impressed when we fought them in that they didnt fold the tent up the first time they were stated. rather they regrouped and continued to fight in stat. many times they even got the victory while in stat. i have seen nothing so far that changes my opinion.

    missed the idoc fight sat nite as it was date nite for me, :p but heard we made a good showing. on the down side i heard it was crusaders houses that fell. sad to hear another vet has left the game.

    would be good if we could see a better showing of the rival guilds.
  23. i couldn't agree more23
  24. SlobberKnocker

    SlobberKnocker Lore Master

    wheres dota been? havent seen grizz, his bro or myst. was some even action in despise yestrday afternoon between ld / min and ld took that one but after that we checked spawns and found nothing.

    mm should stay on chessy wth is this going back to atl crap.
  25. I have a brand new baby.... so I'm pretty out of the loop. Not sure where everyone is, maybe on test shard or something. I dunno. I know I've been trying to get runics to make one of those -15 mage weapons and field myself a mage (you all will laugh at how bad I am, ha ha). I'm sure everyone will be on again soon.

    no reason for mm to leave. i agree completely. given our numbers currently and LD getting bigger... we're going to have to get PITS into factions I think.
  26. Promathia

    Promathia EM Bennu Fanclub Stratics Pro Stratics Veteran

    Busy killing your guild on Atlantic, Sorry buddy.

    All of LD statted last night, it was pretttttty funny. Then the icqs that followed from LD members about how the PAIN guys are usless ect ect (which is funny since PAIN only has like 1 member who plays atl?, well maybe thats why they are useless lolol)

    I can check spawns on Chessy all day, and only find say 10 raids. I can check spawns all day on Atlantic, and find 40 raids. Also, we can fight at yew gate, and always have a fight. While on Chessy I can go to the gate, and be the only one there.
  27. jrede23

    jrede23 Lore Keeper Stratics Veteran

    Well u caught half of us on chessy and a few on atl durin that fight. We had to finish chessy and were totally ungrouped when we died so it was ****** but a win for you nontheless. We were ready to come back and have a good fight when the ATL server went down :(. Don't worry we'll be active more there now that everyone is different factions. As far as LD members sayin **** about pain, plz stop tryin to cause trouble solus, no one did that. No one icq's u about anything but fights. And I told you via icq the other day to q me or someone when there is a fight, otherwise keep ur pixel rewards cuz we do play multiple servers and cant scout them all. Ask blitz how he walled me for the third time with no line of site. I dispelled two walls with on tile open and he wasnt in that tile but still got another wall in front of me. I wanna know that trick pleaseee lol
  28. Promathia

    Promathia EM Bennu Fanclub Stratics Pro Stratics Veteran

    Considering the fight was even numbers, I don't see why you'd use the "Some of us were on chessy" speech. It WAS fun killing Stuii over and over in the fight after ATL came back up. N@N and Stuii down
  29. Stuiicide

    Stuiicide Journeyman

    Look another fan 1v8 Damn your leet since you kill LD an N@N maybe us 2 guilds should do something about that HRMM Smoke is flying out of my brain. Wonder what im goin to do Hrmmm.......
  30. Promathia

    Promathia EM Bennu Fanclub Stratics Pro Stratics Veteran

    Yes stuii, I know your solutions to everything. Combine guilds and make a zerg! I mean, your members LOVE that on Chessy right?
  31. jrede23

    jrede23 Lore Keeper Stratics Veteran

    This should not even be dignified with a response, all i can say is look at every guild solus has been in throughout his game time and then choose whether or not you want to listen to him spewing out garbage about zergs.
  32. SlobberKnocker

    SlobberKnocker Lore Master

    FOA *cough* *cough* *cough* GD Tamers *ack* *ack*
  33. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha :lol:
  34. Stuiicide

    Stuiicide Journeyman

    He can say whatever to me, I know the truth about that kid. It is so easy to push them around on shards all ya have to do is get with a 6 pack of decient pvpers with what we have an watch the magic happen.
  35. Promathia

    Promathia EM Bennu Fanclub Stratics Pro Stratics Veteran

    You mean like last night when you guys died? again?

  36. CottonEyeJoe104

    CottonEyeJoe104 Lore Keeper Stratics Veteran

    Or like when it was even numbers at an IDOC that was loaded and MM got beat and your entire group switched chars 3x and still couldn't defeat us, while half of us were still in stat. Maybe one day you guys will show up and do something on chessy...
    You may say I'm a dreamer; But I'm not the only one

    Everyone knows by now Issac, you LOVE to bend the facts, and think by writing down your tall-tales that it becomes reality.
  37. Promathia

    Promathia EM Bennu Fanclub Stratics Pro Stratics Veteran

    Ya know Cotton, for someone who hasnt been relevant for YEARS, you sure do talk alot. I KNOW you have characters on Atlantic, why dont you try playing with your guild some more? They sure can use the help
  38. jrede23

    jrede23 Lore Keeper Stratics Veteran

    um when were u ever relevant solus? I know some stealthers that are more relevant than youve EVER been. Fielding 16 ppl at harry with no one having close to those numbers does not make u relevant. You claim to be a pvper but ur tactics need an overhaul, learn from the real guilds like ours and slips. Today we had a huge fight for three hours over a damn rat. No one killed it, no one rushed it, no one hid and fielded on island ehemm solussss soluss soluss.. Sorry the opposite of those previous statements made me think of you :). Real guilds get champs up and pop harrowers to fight, not to get pixel rewards or hide on the island. Slip may zerg, luckily he wasnt today, but atleast him, pug, and a few otehr guild leaders keep spawns up and keep them going for fights. Ive never once in the history of my gameplay ever seen you do that. Your more of a trammy with your pixel rewards than you are a pvper so shushhh.
  39. Is it kinda dead out there or what? Where is everyone?

    Of course, I'm not playing much either... but still, everyone else should be on when I log in for 30 mins. I'm just saying. It'll be at a random time of the day or night, so make sure you're there!
  40. SlobberKnocker

    SlobberKnocker Lore Master

    diablo three out tomorrow, guild wars 2, new wow expansion, mothers day, nice weather...

    LD/P@in has chessy locked down anyways... just saying. Solus ran back to Atl, PITS has seemed to taken more of an interest in peerless and your guild has been no where to be found.
  41. I know right! DOTA... Dota... dota.... I think we're on vacation or something.
  42. MatlocK

    MatlocK Adventurer Stratics Veteran

    You know your factions guild gets no credit when they refer to you by your blue trammel guild..... DOTA =nonfactor
  43. Stuiicide

    Stuiicide Journeyman

    I do know uo has died, 1. Blitz an solus run harrys an champ spawns with LNR. 2. Cant sell any thing schroll wise for more then 9 mill. 3. Im getting sick of the 16 v 4 22v8 faction fights with me on the low end. 4. Cant multi server play due to the total thoughtless, Pee brained, Turd who Destroyed faction points. So really if these big guilds would break down an fight each other the game might last 1 more year (pvp Base of course) if it dont by xmas it will be RUINED.....
  44. I don't have a blue trammie guild... so I'm not sure what you're talking about. Wait, my crafter is in S+S... but I didn't see that anywhere.
  45. Sounds like numbers from a dif shard than chessy, cause I am pretty sure you guys field the most numbers now. We might be with you if we all got on, but that has never happened I don't think.
  46. Promathia

    Promathia EM Bennu Fanclub Stratics Pro Stratics Veteran

    Funny isnt? Complain about numbers on Atlantic, yet zerg on Chessy. Hilarious
  47. They aren't a zerg. They just happen to field the most right now. Someone always has the most, that doesn't make them the zerg. When we get our whole crew back together, we can take on LD ok. U guys could too but choose not to I guess...

    I don't think they care enough to zerg a particular shard.
  48. Promathia

    Promathia EM Bennu Fanclub Stratics Pro Stratics Veteran

    For someone who is 1. Hardly on 2. Slower than molasses and 3. A pretty useless pvper you sure do like to act as if you have done something.

    Why hasnt MM been on chessy? Lets see

    1. Points - Someone decided to go into TB, and raise the point requirement for rank 10 to absurd levels. 80% of the guild, does not have rank 10, and while this doesnt effect people who only play Chessy (Like PAIN), for a guild that tries to play multiple shards it isnt that easy. This will be a rare occurrence that I AGREE with Stuii, that EA dropped the ball big time.

    2. Activity is low - Checking spawns is tiresome when 60% of the time, NOTHING is happening. Yew gate is pretty dead

    3. Activity on ATL - HIGH - ALWAYS people at yew gate, 90% chance when checking spawns, you will find someone doing one.

    4. Market - The Atlantic shard is 100% easier to sell things on. Not only can you get more gold, but you sell things MUCH faster.

    5. Outnumbered - Lets face it, LD outnumbers MM and DOTA. There is no denying that fact. LD not only absorbed the remaining PAIN, they also recruited back any PAIN that had left (Sending countless icqs asking others to join as well). While, MM sort of had the same thing (When PAIN came to us originally for the alliance), MM still NEVER had all of our members on Chessy with PAIN.

    6. Variety - Chessy = Raiding the same people over and over. Its either LD or DOTA, thats it. Now look at Atlantic, you have CREW, W@R?, N@N, CoW?, HEAT/HOT, LNR, and countless other guilds.

    7. "Zerging" And while Stuii is correct about "LNR" being at a harrower of ours, I must explain. Currently THREE members of LNR (Pretty much a trammy guild with a few pvpers), wanted to get back into PVPing. We dont do spawns with LNR, and we have even raided LNR (if they are on their pvpers, they help, if not, they die). When they are with us, the THREE people, they help. So , at the last Harrower, one of them got on their sampire to tank the Harrower by himself. Now, I KNOW 2 LD were there, so you would have seen it was pretty even numbers with N@N + W@R? both raiding.

    A. And just to explain even further, there is hardly "Zerging" on ATL. N@N can get heavy numbers, Slipknots guild W@R? can get alot (nonfactions), and MM can usually match them as well. So I guess you can say LD gets zerged, since every guild on Atlantic has more people on at once than LD.

    8. Not our home shard - Any MM who came to Chessy , all came from Atlantic. People who CALLED their home Chessy (IE Libby + Mash) have pretty much moved over to Atlantic. Other people who came from PAIN (Lee, Sora, English) All originally came from Atlantic. The other two? (Shelly + Conan) have both brought characters to Atlantic, and are doing their roles well.

    Add this all together, and you realize the problem. Why play Chessy consistently? I dont plan for us to disband on the shard, or to move our characters off....But really, right now there is NO reason to play it.

    ** Just to address Stuii's point 2, the scroll market isnt what it used to be yes...But, reflect on the following:

    On Atlantic:
    120 Magery - 11m+
    120 Mystic - 6.5m+
    120 Resist - 6m+
    120 Eval - 5m+
    120 Bushido - 4m+
    120 Swords - 4m+
    +25 Stat - 4m+

    Royal Guard Investigator - 35m+ (Abyssal Infernal)
    Lt Sash - 25m+ (Oaks, Lich, Rikktor, Semidar)
    Glad Collar - 20m+ (Semidar)
    +4 Int Boots - 10m+ (Abyssal Infernal, Barracoon, Oaks, Neira)
    Pier - 10m+ (Oaks)
    Robe of Britannia- 10m+ (Harrower)
    Skull Pole - 8m+ (Harrower)
    Evil Idol - 7m+ (Harrower)
    Lights Rampart - 7m+ (Lich)
    Protector of the Battle Mage - 5m+ (Lich)
    Magical Door - 5m+ (Abyssal Infernal)
    Archdemon Statue - 4m+ (Abyss Infernal)

    Now, obviously some of these can be had in Ilshenar, but it still helps create a way to gain money from raiding spawns in Fel. I agree with Stuii that the scroll market is Abyssmal (luckily they atleast sell fast). Replicas definately help pvpers make some money, but look at how grouped up it is.

    Barraccoon has ONE Replica which is over 4m (Which can drop as lower tier boots). - Easiest champ - one most raided - worst drops
    Oaks (How often do you raid it realistically?) has 2.
    Neira has ONE, which is SHARED by 3 other champs. -> A reason that this spawn hardly gets worked (When it is, its a uncommon occurrence, from people hoping to not get raided)
    Rikktor has ONE, which is shared by 2 other champs.
    Harrower has 3 (But are guild efforts IE you cant solo them on an active shard, with a low drop rate)
    Semidar has TWO, which are both 20m+
    Lich has 3
    Abyssal Infernal has 4.

    Now this is from a pure pvper view - No pvming included. So when you raid, which spawns are you raiding the most? Yes, its Barracoon. The market value on scrolls is horrible, and the replicas it gives aren't good. Now if you DO find someone working another, sure you have a chance of getting a good Replica, but the chances are low ( and again, raids are usually guild efforts, which results in some kind of rolling/sharing method). The worst part is, in order to create fairness in the Ilshenar spawns (IE someone working a whole spawn, having people just waiting for the champ + getting a replica chance) they drastically hurt a pvpers chance at a Replica. How?
    1. Decreased chance to get a Replica (due to not having worked the spawn itself)
    2. The original spawner just has to be rezed, and in the dungeon to GET their Replica (EVEN if you as raiders, HEAL the champ to full) The radius for this, is INCREDIBLE.

    Now A LOT of pvpers, would keep the raids up at a high pace thanks to imbuing/faction arties making it so much easier to be on multiple shards. Now, in an attempt to fix faction points (I mean, they DID need to be fixed), they have made it really hard for MANY people to have access to these artifacts. Now if your only UO income is from PVP (Which is true for a lot of people), it is hard for them to have to 1. Remake their whole suit 2. Make gold on a shard they only pvp on 3. Get gold for more transfers 4. Buy the artifacts they need. Now lets not forget, it is A LOT easier to fix your characters, if its on your main shard.

    (Got to keep myself busy, 1 hr until the D3 servers go live)
  49. Uncle Talbo

    Uncle Talbo Adventurer

    Damn dude, what a book.
  50. SlobberKnocker

    SlobberKnocker Lore Master

    im a good guildmate who plays the game fair and square. i also dont scam guildmates and surely dont need to rely on uo to make a living. so go grab your server berth rares on diablo three. glad to see you were doing something constructive at 3am on a worknight.

    go rangers :)

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