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  1. K

    [Sold] guild stone deed

    wts 85m on atlantic deed to a guild stone UONetwork [ =) ]
  2. Firedutch

    [Discussion] Selling THunting Library (Tram,Fel,Malas,Tokuno, & Ter Mur)

    Selling completeThunting library (50 Atlas books) marked to match the Chessy original Thunting library. Price = 100 mil Reference the Chessy thunt library map locations at the below link. Treasure Maps - Old Stratics These locations should get you very close to your tmap locations and the...
  3. I

    [Selling] few items for sale

    make offer discor ishida#3793
  4. hardy-

    [Sold] EM event and Old event item

    All Items are on ATL 1m bid increments under 50m. 5m bid increments over 50m. Reserve on each item 10m Will be sold after 24h without a better bid All bids should be in topic Current Offer 1 - SOLD 2 - SOLD 3 - SOLD 4 - SOLD 5 - SOLD 1 A Lantern Illuminated By Imprisoned Souls - Stratics...
  5. R

    [Sold] Selling Splintering Weapon

    Selling these weapons.
  6. Yuzo

    Mixed Lot Splinter Weapons Offers? Also SSI Jewelry [atlantic]

    Pc and looking for offers on these splinter weapons & ssi Jewelry Icq#744010862 Or leave a msg here
  7. X

    Selling Pet 11 Pets GD TOP: 4.2, 4 slots, 128W, 126T etc...

    For a long time I'm hunting GD, I think GD 4 slots respawn 1 in 200, those were the best GD, I've never seen GD like number 10 our 8, but I need gold our items like: ps +20 westrling, anatomy, tactics , +25 status, AOF, Tangle, cameo demon, undead, reptile, totem is Compassion's Eye. In case you...
  8. X

    [Discussion] WTS Great Dragon 4 Slot Trained

    Great Dragon 4 slot with excelent skills native, with 370 points for scroll all +20 combat, eval etc...
  9. Yuudai

    [Selling] Event Items and more on ATL

    All items are on Atlantic and available now. If an item doesn't have a price feel free to ICQ an offer, not all offers will be accepted but all are welcome. ICQ # 701796542 1. Kitchen Golem ~ 50 mil 2. A traditional Britannian Toilet ~ 60 mil 3. Strange Tissue Of The Paradox Mane ~ 110...
  10. Yuudai


    Came across another great Fel Ice Island Castle spot. This one is to the south east and is not blocked and has less homes surrounding than most castles here. First 200 mil owns it. ICQ #701796542 Also selling Taming III ICQ #701796542
  11. Yuudai

    [Selling] Prime Fel Castle Don't Miss Out

    Selling a prime fel castle in a beautiful deserted pass. There are currently no close neighbors. ICQ #701796542 Price: OFFER Immediate Buyout: 125mil
  12. Yuudai


    All items are on Atlantic and you can reach me via ICQ #701-796-542. Selling 1. Titan reward set all 4 rewards from defeating the titans for the UO 20th anniversary. 175 MIL 2. Invasion 50 SDI Spellbook 164 MIL Taking Offers (With interest I will change to auction) 3. Max mod invasion...
  13. Night Stalker

    [Selling] 18X17 UMBRA ROAD SIDE - ATLANTIC

    18x17 west of Umbra I'm asking for 50 million gold obo | trades ICQ 711952899 Check out my 13x18 too! [Discussion] - 13x18 fel on grass | zero traffic
  14. Beeble

    [Selling] Closed

    HI All, I have a few Rares i am selling to free up some gold for some larger items. Please See below. PM me or ICQ me at 717744841 or buy straight from vendor on listed items. 1. A Void Crystal of Corrupted Spiritual Essence - On Vendor For 55m - NONE RARE - Removed - 2. A Dark...
  15. Beeble

    [Selling] Selling a few rares - Take a looksie

    Hi, Looking to sell off these items. Have a look, make a offer, eat some cake etc 1 - A container which holds the essence of borbarads morbid sense of humor -Back for Sale - 2 -Royal Guard Shock Trooper. Sold 3. Painting of a boy called Addie walking hand in hand with the time lord...
  16. Beeble

    [Selling] Selling 90 Stone Vendor Deeds, Whispering Roses, and Other CLOSED

    Hi, I am clearing out and have the following up for sale if anyone wants them. Just post here. 90 Stone Deeds- SOLD Pending transfer A deed for a vendor named Alex (90 Stone) A deed for a vendor named Akala (90 Stone) A deed for a vendor named Kevin (90 Stone) A deed for a vendor named...
  17. Beeble

    [Price Check] Legendary Jewels/Rings, Weapon and Gear

    Right Attempt 2. Hi, I dont know much about rings/bracelets and Weapons can someone tell me if these are of any value or if they are complete trash. (Any tips as to what to look out for would be great) Let me know. PM, post would be great or if needed ICQ me at 717744841 Sorry if they are...
  18. Andy

    [Selling] Tram Yew Lrg Tower FOrsale

    hi selling a tram large tower just south of yew moongate very nice tree lot for more info ICQ 669590442 thx asking 35mil
  19. Beeble

    [Selling] 3 More Rares for Sale - Livery coat, Ranger Garb and more

    Hi, Selling these 3 awesome items. Make some good offers and hopefully we can do business. These are some nice items, so lets have nice offers. Let me know. PM me or ICQ me at 717744841 1. Ranger Garb - Chessy - (15) - (SOLD!) 2. Crystal Taken From A Spiders Lair (Makes Spider Hissing...
  20. Beeble

    [Sold] Crafting/Blacksmith Bundle - Closed

    Hi, Could i get a general price check on this bundle? i dont have much for crafting, so was going to sell it all together though not 100% sure of value. 70 - Ash Runic Fletching tools 90 - Heartwood Runic Fletching tools 90 -Oak Runic Fletching Tools 45 - Barbed Runic Sewing Kits 15 -...