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  1. V

    [Auction] Rare Caulderon Hue 2729 Bids to set reserve at Acropolis Auction on Sept 28 at 7pm ATL

    Post bids here or ICQ @ken1985 Ken High bid will determine the reserve set in the ATL Acropolis rares auction this week and if no sale will default to you. CUT OFF TIME FOR BIDS IS MONDAY SEPTEMBER 28TH AT 7PM!
  2. Nails Warstein


    CHECK OUT MY SAFES & VENDORS FOR MORE ITEMS Please send your offers through: Stratics Private Messaging ICQ # 150528775 Discord Nails Warstein#9946 FaceBook.com/NailsWarstein DISCOUNT CHART Buy any 2 items in a single purchase receive a 5% discount Buy any 4 items in a single purchase receive...
  3. Syntrix

    [Price Check] Fel moonstones

    I came across a couple old fel moonstones on an alt on Baja - is there any market for these in the rares market?
  4. Lady Murphylinchen

    [Selling] Some Rares, Event Items, Neon Gift Boxes and various Stuff

    i'm selling some of my shinies, please contact me at ICQ 181220 if interested. all items are on atlantic and ready to sell, please send me an offer and we'll work something out. thank you. Anju Sermani - A Magical Spell From Old Sosaria Used To Restore A Destroyed Body The Cursed Lantern Of...
  5. hardy-

    [Sold] EM event and Old event item

    All Items are on ATL 1m bid increments under 50m. 5m bid increments over 50m. Reserve on each item 10m Will be sold after 24h without a better bid All bids should be in topic Current Offer 1 - SOLD 2 - SOLD 3 - SOLD 4 - SOLD 5 - SOLD 1 A Lantern Illuminated By Imprisoned Souls - Stratics...
  6. Dropkick Murphys

    EM Event Item Auction Safes Started soon - Waves, Sphinx, Server Birth, ....

    ICQ 181 220 or PM if questions or to offer. Atlantic Luna South/West Corner
  7. W

    [Discussion] Returning 10 year vet looking to offload my stuff

    Hey all, I am a returning 10 year vet that started back in 97. I just found out about EJ earlier this week and started playing around in UO again. With the new vault system I have gained access to my old bank accounts and am looking to clear them out of anything cosmetic in order to help raise...
  8. T

    [Price Check] 1997 Happy Holidays bag (complete)

    Hey guys, I am going through my old toons to see what interesting stuff they may have and I have found this bag. Can anyone help me figure out what its worth? Pictures attached. I also have another bag but it's missing the fireworks wand (although I think I have one on another toon). My...
  9. Nails Warstein


  10. V

    [Selling] Rares, EM Items & Teleport/Invisibility jewelry (Europa/Atlantic)

    Hi all. Selling various items. These items are on Europa now but will move to Atlantic this weekend. Please contact me on ICQ: 2745489 if you would like to buy any of the items. Thanks! 1 Magical Door [Replica] 2 Essence Of A Nascent Time Gate 3 Pen of Wisdom 4 Weapon Engraving Tool 5...
  11. BeMaD

    [Selling] Rares (ATL)

    Hello, All items are located on ATL. I will accept gold on ATL or GL (GL Preferred) Please post in this thread. The items and images are posted in here. All items are Offer and a BIN will be set once I get some offers or have had enough time go by. Mors Gotha's Scintillus Class Portrait [150m...
  12. BeMaD

    [Selling] Neon Boxes For Sale! (ATL)

    Hello, All items are located on ATL. I will accept gold on ATL or GL (GL Preferred) Please post in this thread. The items and images are posted in here. All items are Offer and a BIN will be set once I get some offers or have had enough time go by. These have taken me a long time to collect and...
  13. Yegger

    Avid Book Collector buying!

    Hello! The Luna Library is looking for exotic and rare editions of Ultima lore and adventure books to put on display. If you have anything available for purchase OR if you have something that you would like to put on loan to the library, please let me know. The building is just north of Luna...
  14. Kirthag

    (Player News) Pacific Memorial Museum

    Status: OPEN while under construction Location: Dagger (Ice) Isle, Trammel Access Point: Yew Community Center, Trammel Museum Features Complete collection of Sosarian Snow Globes Wax sculptures of Ron Silverbeard and friends wearing their infamous armor sets Mannequins displaying rare...
  15. Pulsar

    [Selling] Burning wood fragments, Pixie Dust

    Selling these items on Atlantic !!! Asking 200mil each If interested please ICQ me at 692358982 Thanks people !
  16. Beeble

    [Buying] Rares Including- Pole of Souls and Rendition of tuan and Chests - UPDATED

    Hello All, I am looking to buy some specific items, hopefully some of you out there are open to sell and a good price. PM me or ICQ me at 717744841 - chest of mutated souls - BOUGHT Thanks Pampa - Pole of souls - a life like rendition of tuan filled with part of his soul -Chest Of...
  17. Beeble

    [Selling] Closed

    HI All, I have a few Rares i am selling to free up some gold for some larger items. Please See below. PM me or ICQ me at 717744841 or buy straight from vendor on listed items. 1. A Void Crystal of Corrupted Spiritual Essence - On Vendor For 55m - NONE RARE - Removed - 2. A Dark...
  18. Beeble

    [Selling] Selling a few rares - Take a looksie

    Hi, Looking to sell off these items. Have a look, make a offer, eat some cake etc 1 - A container which holds the essence of borbarads morbid sense of humor -Back for Sale - 2 -Royal Guard Shock Trooper. Sold 3. Painting of a boy called Addie walking hand in hand with the time lord...
  19. Beeble

    WTB Rift Pillar and/or A Life-like Rendition Of Tuan Filled With Part Of His Soul

    Hi All I am looking to buy a one of these items, if you have any of the below, and would want to sell, let me know. Hopefully we can make a deal Let me know. PM me or ICQ me at 717744841 Looking for: Sign of the Mad Scientist BOUGHT Pending Transfer A Life-like Rendition Of Tuan Filled...
  20. belkins

    [Selling] A Bag of Peanut Brittle - Sonoma 2010 30M

    All of these are from Sonoma EM Events Like a item? ICQ, PM, or leave post in this thread. I will try to check back in here every so often but best way to contact would be ICQ or PM for fastest response. All items located on atlantic and are marked with prices and i am open to trade for...