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Who Are You?


Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Ok, I had started this early so it would be less work for when the thread gets closer to 200. I tried to PM it to myself but apparently PMs have a tighter character restriction than posts.. so since I did all this work, welcome to your new Who Am I thread!

Below is the relevant quoted posts from the first thread. From here, if you need to update your stats, make one new reply to this thread instead of editing your old post in the old thread. I'll remove stuff from this first post as necessary based on new posts.
miss lilac lady-slate blue bunny hw50,rb50,dt?,fl
moonlight mcboo-black cat hw50,rb50,bw 33,ym5
utter confusion-black cat hw 50,rb26,sd10,fl2
mr crazy ham -red pig hw 50, rb 8, bf5, and hasn't got his flunky yet lol
loopy mcgadget yellow duck* catalogue toon and 23 laff to help fr w small toon task
raven black cat*catalogue toon
2nd account
princess daphne preciousdoodle-seagreen duck,nd3, sc 1-haven't got her suit wet yet.
miss fancy featherdoodle-blue dog tri color-was nieces-now catalogue toon
Loopy Crunchenzapper (blue cat) 130 dropless
Trish McBoo (black cat) 127 dropless
Trish McBurp (peach bear) 126 toonupless
Trish (periwinkle mouse) 30 with toonup (maxed sell uber)
Navigator (blue monkey) 115 trapless
Frau Blucher (blue horse) 43 with toonup and lure (4 track sell uber)
Noisy Spunky Loopenphooey (royal blue mouse) 111 trapless
Rain E. Day, Sally, Miss Crazy Funnymonkey are friends of mine. Crazy Funnymonkey is friend of the Miss.
Sheriff Tricky, yellow duck 121 laff trapless
Shadow McBoo 111 black cat dropless
Maze Runner 25 brown mouse sell uber
Atta D'Black Periwinkle Cat, twin to Atta D'Blue
Mata Hairy 71 green monkey TUless cash uber
ATTA Tricky Jester perewinckle cat, waiting for a dare before I can build him up
I'm Fleabag McZilla, green monkey all but boss maxed, don't even have a boss suit.
Young McBurp, but it's been a while since she's been outta the yard.
I am:
Sally Bumblefoot 120 laff maxed sell and cash, BW 8, CR 8
Precious (yellow mouse) 77 laff, CC4
Cuddles (pink Mouse) 19 laff
Louise (yellow dog) 17 laff FINALLY created!!!
I know, I have no imagination (Thelma and Louise was Pink's idea)!!
I'm Noisy Cliff Bumbleswirl, I'm USUALLY there, but vacationing is interrupting like.......... EVERY WEEKEND THIS MONTH! ahhhh well! I'm a red dog w/ 110 laff, the only almost impressive thing I've accomplished is getting to Hllywd level 9... At least 110 is all non-boss laff!
Huddles 106 Laff Pink Mouse(if in VP most likely controlled by someone else now)
Sir Crumblebrains 40 Laff Brownish Rabbit (can only VP for the moment)
Dippy Drippy Dizzyquack, 111 laff citrine duck
Winky Wonderpoof, 111 laff citrine mouse
Truffles, 110 laff citrine pig
Rhesus Pieces, 56 laff citrine monkey
Cross-Eyed Gladly Bear, 26 laff citrine bear
Hoof Hearted, 15 laff citrine horse
I am SuperMac - green mouse (Sharon)
My son is a red rabbit (Leroy McTeeth)
I know another toon who has been coming with me Roxy McGoober (tan bear). She has been on runs with us, and actually thought she had joined this board, but it ended up being the other board!
since she comes to runs religiously, but doesn't come here much:
tee is:
aunt trixie-black cat
trixie bumbleberry-lilac bunny
anna banana-yellow monkey
teresa-black cat
i'm sure i'm forgetting one.
her sister sharon used to come but plays potc now

codi comes occasionally
codi-pink cat

princess dandynugget is green dog -kid fr-who understands not to block pie hole now

princess roxy-mouse (omg-i'm experiencing senior moment-can't remember her color-think it's pink)

rosie came to us via them-she is the red mouse

sally is now playing potc so if you had her as fr she cancelled her tt account
mr hyde-flesh colored pig
total confusion *moment of silence for departed comrade from utter confusion*black cat
loopy something-was blue bear
anita brak-brown mouse
My toons:
Steveo 116 (Green monkey)
Ricky 55 (yellow duck)
sashimi (Black Cat)
Lucy 57 (Lavender Duck)
Little Stubby Twiddletoes, see signature
Lollipop Gigglequack, 58, bight pink duck
Fancy Fumblemuffin, 45, light tan dog
Little Daffodil 107 cyan cat dropless
- daughter's toon but like i posted in another thread, we've generally taken over her toon so she readies it for promotions and holds the estate and geyser parties, does the occasional VP if her lazy bum parents aren't around . the rest of the time it is me or my husband
Princess Kitty Scarlet 27 red cat
- mine
Loopy Cecil 24 brown horse
- son's toon that is used for the under 25 laff tasks
My signature has the toon I play with often.
I also started Royal Bluegrooven (blue dog) recently so I can get sound.
My sons have 2 each.
Prince J.C. Rhinomash
Doctor Fangs
King Von Biggensnoop
Master Max
I only have one toon that I really play, Miss Ginger Poodledoodle. Ginger is a 115 tan cat that is trapless.
Good Ol' Dinky 52 Laff Main Toon. Sound.. Lure.. training toon-up
Miss Jabbermouth 27 Laff Orange Mouse Toon-up.. Training for Drop
Shawty (LOL!) 16 Laff Dog. (Not Focusing Too Hard On Yet..)
Prof. Fuzzyfuffin (In A Clan) 20 Laff Cat training Sound
Icy Cold 17 laff monkey. (FOCUSING HARD ON) training toon-up (I think)
DLite: 125, dropless (maxed sell and cash, spin doctor and Cheese 24)
Thunderzilla: 129, dropless (maxed sell, cash and law, pencil pusher)
Lady Yippie Dynocrumb: 109, trapless (no bosses maxed)
Babe: 66, lev.5 gags (almost 6) working sell
and my favorite:
CatMaw: 60 laffs, maxed gags, (mingler and Rober Baron)
Sergeant Squeaker - tan mouse - organic trap - dropless
Jam Jam - 2 of them - one brown - one black - used for catalogs at the moment
Pixelated - baby green cat - working with daughter
Daphne Whiskermuffin - daughter's toon - organic trap - soundless
Lily Lemonhoffer- 107 yellow cat
Peanut- 36 purple monkey
Im bonzo 105 laff lureless red duck
im mister wally mc goose daisy garden task no suits drop toonup are my specials so far
Pinky Pepperpow, pink duck, trapless, 120LP
Dina Might, turqoise pig 38LP
Thelma (partnered with Louise) light yellow dog 24LP
Mouse Trap, brown mouse, don't know LP cuz rarely use
Scopes Trial, brown monkey, 18LP - my uber
Fat Dudley Wildgoose, yellow duck, 106 laff, no trap. I dont play much, havent played in ages.
Thunderhead, dropless blue cat, currently 116 laff, all gags maxed except trap (of course).
Retired toon with all four suits is Yippie Rhinoseed, 111 laff lureless purple dog. Hated being lureless so I switched to Thundy.
The little toons I bring for beans but don't have time to work to high-laffer status are:
-Imin Wonderland (fraternal twin to Allison Wonderland the duck); yellow duck, currently 18 laff, normal toon eventually
-Ethereal Box; small brown mouse, supernoob-to-be; in the meantime, anyone have a blackboard eraser I could borrow?
-Tini; little red mouse; working with Allison Wonderland (the person) with her twin toon Apple; currently 16 laff and forever needing that last cog of four in TTC
-Trapper McWolf; to appear as of Halloween 2008; black cat-to-be, though currently brown; will be normal toon, not uber
HW50 RB10 BW12 MM7
Me ~ Roxy McGoober (108) dropless NC, GH, CC, F
Hubby ~ Old Brownandyeller (24)
Daughter ~ Nutty Purpledoodle (29)
Neighbor Kid ~ Loopy Daffodil (28)
Me # 2 ~ Bubbles Fuzzyhopper (26)
Me # 3 ~ Duckaholic (16) this is my project toon
I am Ugly Wrinkleflip AKA Joe.
My main toon is Electroflap and I am still pretty behind all of you.. my new toon is Sgt. Fluffykins which i want to be able to level up and use for stratic events.. the info for each should be found in my signature
Sir Bumblenoodle 128 HW50,RB50,BW50,BC15; Little Looney Giggletoon 122 HW50, RB50, BW25ish, Fl3; Curious George 105 HW8,RB12,DT3; Anita Goh 80 RB50; King Furball McWoof 58 TM5; Stinky Phorts 15 laff; Kris P Bacon 75 Laff Tightwad; Slippery 76 Laff Bean Counter
also.... you will usually find Prof. Stripey hanging around me... he is a pink female cat with 100 someting laugh.
Loopy Pinky Purpleberry 130 laff (or 129?) maxed except BBHQ, golf, and one dumb fish. Purple cat, lureless.
Abracadabra 127 laff black cat, dropless.
Sister Smiles 120 or so laff, purple dog, dropless.
Gold E Locks 70 or so laff yellow cat, cash uber, maxed in sell, trapless.
Rosie Cheeks 43 or so laff red monkey, sell uber.
Bubbles, test toon, 130 or so laff green duck, dropless.
King Salty Wondermuffin 57laff trapless, I hangout at sellbot HQ in the N districts
I am Dizzy Loopenwig (107)
and Duckygirl Gigglequack (41)
I also have 2 toons other then Winky Mac Ncheeze Noodle- all yellow bear, and Quackers Ann Cheeze- bright oarnge duck I play occasionally but not so much with smaller toons.
I'm Bert Bizzendorf, 107 Blue Mouse, maxed throw (organic), squirt, toon up, lure, lvl 4 trap (need to work on that).
I am also a browish orange duck named Lady Thunderboom that I don't play very often.. see sig.
Pinky Thunderpop
126 laff green dog, trapless, maxed sell and cash, big wig, big cheese.
Anita Smirk
69 laff red dog, dropless, glad hander
Taffy Crumblesnooker here!
Orange Bear: 107 laff
Penny Peppersticks 97 laff green cat lureless
Princess Petunia Peppersticks 27 laff purple cat
Prof. Peppy Peppersticks 19 laff tri color cat
Princess Peanut Peppersticks 17 laff lavendar dog
Princess Apple Peppersticks 18 laff pink duck
Canu C Meow 15 laff maroon cat (future black cat)
2nd account
Max E Mum Kitty 25 laff purple cat (will be dropless)
Eye Yque Too cat (new toon)
Cat Shoe Later cat (new toon)
daughter account
Prof. Penny Peppersticks 55 laff green cat (trapless)
Eye Yque cat (new toon)
Prince Ozzie Rockenspinner 58 laff blue bunny dropless
duke pierre 131 laff (got hacked)
duke pirre 139 laff (got hacked)
duke pierre 55 laff (calling tt 2 get back this toon
king lopez 28 laff sound 1 throw 5 squirt 4
Royal Bluegrooen. If anyone wants codes pm me!!
I play a duck called Allison Wonderland.
J.C PurpleGoober -- 103 laff, maxed all, organic throw, trapless have all four suits
see my sig.
My son plays a green rabbit - August
My daughter has a purple pig - Katey - but she hasn't killed any cogs
Big Dog 64 laff, maxed throw, Lure-less(oops!). I play often with Myky, a 55 laff mouse, who loves to Lure. I've seen a few Special Delivery! messages around and I assume it's from you guys so I thought I'd say hello.
98 laff -max throw & squirt,level 6 trap level 6 lure level 6 toon-up level 5 drop soundless
Miss Me, Loopy Violet Kookyteeth, Abominable Snowlady, Stinky Kitty Litter, Furr Adoption, Keep Atta Trouble, Moody Mare and one more that will be out this Halloween stirring up trouble in the SBHQ as my second uber.
Sherif Looney Funnymonkey, a 125 laff monkey, trapless and HW50, RB50, BW50, HH10.
I am:
Miles Tails Prower, 37, Squirt is hose, Throw Cream pie, Sound is elephant. No suit yet. Currently Non- Member
Miles Tails Prower, 38, Squirt is seltzer bottle, Throw is Full Pie, Toon-Up is Megaphone. No Suit yet. Currently Non- Member, person who was paying stopped.
Miles Tails Prower, 17, Nothing yet. Non- Member. No gags- still at 1 point.
Daphne Whiskermuffin.... and I've been up to lawbot lately
jaypaw-brown cat-gonna be drop or trapless dont know yet 42lp. i have another file on my friends account that is 101-firestar-dropless
Prof. Bingo SnorkelHopper 109 laff points. He is dropeless.
Super Jellyroll Superthud 81 laff points. I am trapless.
Captain Comet Whistlezilla is 36 laff points.
Lady Snuffy FeatherSwil is 36 laff points. I am working on geting the whole cream pie I am geting close.
Super Vicky Poodleton is 45 laff points. Is working on geting teleport to Daisy Gardens.


Lore Master
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
*LICK to you too*

Elga McBurp
125 Laff
Maxed in Sell/Cash/Law
Currently abandoning Bossbot.
All Gags Maxed.


Guess I got lost in the "shuffle" or maybe I didn't post earlier (could've sworn...) Anyway, my toons as of now are:

Granny Jellyroll Jabberbumble - Green Rabbit, 122 trapless
Missus Hoggat - Maroon Pig, 109 trapless
Baggins - Yellow Bear, 58 dropless
Omar Cod - Brown Horse, 49 laff
Lawnchanee McWolf - Black Cat, 111 laff, dropless

Stats are mostly in my sig, and my first name if anyone cares to use it is Marge.


Jellyroll Kookyzilla- cyan horse,132 laff lureless- maxed gags, maxed sell cash law.BC35
Soup and Quackers- red duck, 112 laff dropless- maxed gags except trap&TU, random lvs
Black Knight- black cat, 103 laff trapless- maxed throw and squirt, fog, 10bill, dust, safe.
Plumbody Special- purple bear, 43 laff sell uber- cake, hose, ele, blue magnet


My latest project of course!

Sergeant McWolf... black kitten... going to be dropless - yet currently trapless too :D


Flappy is now gone.

Here are revised lines and a new character:

Little Oldman ~ 43 ~ lr·sd·th·sq ~ Sell Uber ~ NO PIE TU!!!
pencil smusher ~ 124 ~ tu·lr·sd·th·sq·dp ~ Sell key · Law key ~ Bossbot HQ Duty
Mister Stinky ~ 101 ~ tu·tp·lr·sd·th·sq ~ Boss Uber
Kertruffle ~ 112 ~ tu·lr·sd·th·sq·dp ~ ???
Lady Fleabag ~ 21 ~ Fishing Uber ~ 64 Species


I need to revise my list as well since we've deleted several to make new black cats:

Sally Sniffleslam X2 (one at 120, the other at 116) - maroon cats
Mom (multicolored dog - 119)
New Mewn (black cat - 46)
Little Cranky (purple bear - 107)
Super Cranky Flippensmirk (purple bunny - 107)
Spider Web (black cat - 31)
Cinder Soot (black cat - 56)
Barkie Ruffer (dog - 60)
Charcoal Snowflake (black cat - 107)

and a couple more I can't think of right now!~

Little Sadie

Update to mine:

Little Sadie Twinkleberry-135 laff Purple bunny maxed in all HQs
Feline Fine-109 laff Black cat HW14, RB14, BW14, HH6
Atta D'Bleu-104 laff Blue cat
Sushi-97 laff Black cat
Sake-18 laff Black cat
Atta Whack-15 laff uber Violet cat

M.T. Head

Hi everyone...since I'm new to the forum might as well introduced my toons :). Little Sadie introduced this site which I find really interesting :love: .

Lady Gigglenout 136 pink rabbit
M.T. Head 92 brown monkey & M.T. Tummy 34 pink pig
Baby Brat 111 yellow cat
Ducktor Heart 99 yellow duck
Beary QT 20 brown bear
Angels Breath 25 '07 black cat

I take time playing each toon. I get bored easily, lol. Toons on my other account are mostly ubers and ubers in training which for most part identities are not revealed, LoL! I posted M.T. Tummy because she's always all the time being seen with M.T. Head.

First name on siggy :heart:

See you around TT!


Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Duke Bizzy 109 green mouse. lureless maxed throw squirt drop. lvl 6 tu and trap lvl 5 sound

Mountain Man

Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Update on my toon list:

Still have Captain Comet Thunderboom, Bonnie's Last Chance, Simon Mcboo, Mountainbeary McBurp, and Sergeant Sootyface. I replaced my piggy with a duck. Been a lot of toons through that slot, I think I've finally settled on one I want to keep there. Quackerjack McMallard, currently working TTC.


Little Boo Boo Dynoboom 107 laff MAX toonup/lure/sound/throw/squirt/drop

Real Name is : Lisa



I guess this is a good spot for my first post ....LOL

Sarcatstic..08 black cat 107
Lemontoes...130 cat
Red....130 cat

I won't bore you with my list of pirates....LOL:sword:


Welcome Sarcatstic! Lovely place for a first post. :)
Looking forward to many more runs with ya!

Loopy Moe 27

I have three toons. they are:
Loopy Moe Fumblephooey-85 laff- trapless
Deputy Bongo Loopenbumper-30 laff- will be dropless
Lucky-17 laff-will be sellbot uber with toon up and lure


Hello All. I am new to stratics but not so much to toontown. I play with my fiancee everyday and we are always looking for people to battle with or events to join.

The toon I play is named "Weird Coconut PurpleGloop"

He is a 106 laff, Soundless, Max toonup, 5 trap and lure, max throw, squirt and drop.

I now play a different toon he is "Dippy Stinky Thundergoober"
He is 102 Laff, trapless, max all

If you would like a True friend code please PM me.

I hope to meet some of you in game and battle.

Thank You

My name is Kris by the way



*Laff 106

6 on TRAP



Truly Scrumtuous

Truly Scrumtuous (Coral dog) 134 laff trapless
Little Rainbow (Pink mouse) 118 laff trapless
Clockwork Mouse (Coral mouse) still a 'pinkie' working in Donalds Dock

I have others but these are the ones I really get to play.

Have been a member here for a while, just haven't got round to visiting yet. Christmas is upon us and work is slowing down so I shall hopefully get time to catch up and see who's about.

Jolly Crimbo everyone


welcome aboard haha i joined two days ago so i'm sure many others will wish u a warm welcome.

*happy tooning


Hi Everybody! My name is Deanna and I'm a noob here, but I've been in Toontown since May ...

My toons are:

Miss Lily Fuzzyfoot-Pink cat, 81 laff, maxed squirt and throw. Dropless.
Heathcliff-Orange cat, 18 laff (I wanted more doodles at the Estate! They have Harry Potter Names, lol!!!)
Professor Clover Thundercrash-Purple Horse, 17 laff
O'Malley-Orange cat, 47 laff, sound

Boyfriend's toons are:

Master Fritz Fumblemuffin-Green Duck, 60 some laff, trapless
Clifford-big red dog-30 laff

Roommate(s) toons:

Nelly-purple rabbit whose been abandoned b/c he got his own account!
Zippy Dippy-Maroon rabbit, 63 laff, lureless
Milton Fuzzymuffin-57 laff, toonupless

Happy Tooning!!! :)

Woot! Welcome dear! Wondering when you'd make an appearance!


I has new toon!

Sea Green Duck (to be named Twiddle Doh! Hopefully). We have a family of Twiddles, Dee, Dum, Ditz are just the beginning.

So, stats:

Twiddle Doh
Sea Green Duck
Likes pastels and long walks on the beach
1st level Throw and Squirt
16 laff

Not sure if going to be trapless or dropless ... could go toon-upless i s'pose, but Twiddle Dee has strict rule against playing with toonupless toons, LOL ... hmm ...

Ugly Wrinkleflip

Welcome to Stratics one and all. Check out the calander of events and come join the fun.


Welcome everyone! I've seen some of you around and always a pleasure! On a side note.. I don't know why I'm thinking of this after reading the last post but... Willy Wonka or just a carnival scene? Sorry Joe - maybe I need more coffee :D Maybe it's because I'm picturing a monkey saying it...


My toons are Daymare 107 laff and King Stubby Rockenburger 120 laff. I am Mike Dad of three.:spider:


Miss Daphne
Maxed Cash
Mr. H Sell
Eagle 10
121 laff

Mrs. Wascally Wabbit

Hi there i know you all know me. Im Jo Jo or Martha Jo,
but I thought i better post here too.

Well Mrs. Wascally Wabbit you know yellow bunny 120 laff Trapless
Susie McBoo Black cat 107 Dropless
Donna Ruffle Me Feathers 27 or so laff Coral Duckling NA
Boomerang Koozie brown Pig 42 laff Trapless
Night Rythym Black Cat 66 laff Trapless
Bluebeary Mcburp blue bear 107 laff Trapless

welcome miss Daphane to Stratics. So glad you are here. Hope to be fighting many battles with you. Jo Jo

Boomerang Koozie is gone, but wanted a Australian toon so I finally got it right. I just made a new baby doggie named Kookaburra Katie only 16 laff. Well, all I wanted to say. See you on the game you all. :) Jo Jo

Pinky Nickelnerd

I am not new to toontown, been playing pretty close to six years. I have been a member of stratics for a while, but usually only read. :D I am down to two TT accounts. Here are my toons:

Bubbles (cream mouse)117 Laff, Trapless, all other gags are maxed. HW 50, RB 27, AC 7, MM 7

Knot Beary Funny, (blue bear) 98 Laff, Dropless, gag levels are pixie dust, trap door, goggles, fog horn, birthday cake, storm cloud. Organic lure.
CC 2, SC 2; no law or boss suit yet

Have a great evening!

I have other toons, but those are the two I play the most.


HI! Toon details are in my sig, will try to keep them updated. And yes Mister Fuzzyfoot goes with Miss Lily Fuzzyfoot above.

Crazy Fireball

I have A Update
Crazy Fireball - 130 - Sell, Cash and Law Maxed. Boss 16
Silly Stubby - 109 - no suits maxed.


I am a Aqua Duck Named Silly Fizzletoon. I have 114 laff points.

My gags:
Toon-up 7
Trap 6
Sound 7
Throw 7
Squirt 7
Drop 7


Hi One and all. My name is Randi, Screen name is TealAngel I use that for just about everything, tried to use it as a toon name but it was rejected :thumbdown: I am a southern calif lady. I have been playing toon town off and on for almost 3 yrs now. I have been a lurker here at static for about a year, when my oldest son brought me here, when i got stumped on 6 bean flowers. I knew i gave birth to that kid for some reason lol..:lol:. I love reading all of your posts. :thumbup1: You guys have a great sense of humor. I finally chose to become a legal citizan a few days. My favorite stories here i think are the feel good ones, where someone helped someone else out. :thumbup1: I guess Toontown is alot like real life in the sense that most peeps are nice and along the way you gotta run into a few that just enjoy being mean. :twak: Anyway I could run on forever. (like i havent already done that) here are the stats for my main toon. I have 6 total but she is the one that gets played the most so I wont list the others right now, I will wait until they get more active, Look forward to meeting and maybe playing with you guys, :grouphug:I think I may have already done that, some names look familiar. Hugs to all

Princess Dinky Twinkletoes 112 Blue Duck
Maxed in Tune Up, Trap, Sound, Throw, Squirt and Drop ( wishing i had known what i know now would have chosen lure instead of drop but oh well.
Organic Trap.
Hw 23, BC 7, BF 1 , FL 1
7 bean flowers, that are still sevens because i just dont plant everyday lol
Currently working on maxing out my Sellbot. But today i am fishing almost non stop ( i am here right now because i just cant take another moment fishing lol, taking a break but gotta get back trying to win the dvd for my 2 yr old grandbaby. We go to Disneyland often, and Pinochio is one of his favorite rides so ganma is working here tushie off fishing, wish me luck lol)
Claim to fame, been on the top toons 3 times for gift giving. Once was even by accident, lol I just love giving gifts.

Hugs and Waves to All :heart:


Thanks for the welcome. As for the fishing, I made the leaderboard. I came in second, so I am hoping that means that I am one of the top three for my gold rod. Fingers crossed. The number one beat me out by double my score. I dont know how he did it, but personally for me, If u happen to see me even within five feet of a fishing hole, please come kick me in the tushy lol, I never ever want to fish again lol....... :shots:
Hugs and Happiness to you and yours
Princess Dinky Twinkletoes aka Randi


Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Pretty soon I will have 2 computers with 2 accounts. I will update later on who i am.

just little update I am Prof. Bingo Snorkelhopper 109 laff dropless. I am Prof bingo mcwalf trapless 64 laff i am major bingo 19 laff them are the main toons i am playing for right now

just little update

prof. Bingo snorkelhopper 110 hw 30

Prof. Bingo SnorkelHopper 111 hw 45 mb10 lawbot dt 3 bb 4
Major Bingo 80 telemarketer 3
just update

Prof. Bingo Snorkelhopper 112 Hw 50

Mikey Mouse

I was Mikey Mouse, a tall, cool, blue rabbit, 108
until Disney pulled my name (which I had for *years*, even on the public beta of TT).

Now my toon is named Toon until I come up with a new name.:sleep2: