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The Hungry Halfling Tavern (Deco'd Classic Large Brick)

Dryzzid of Atlantic

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This home is outside of Fel Britain on Atlantic (1218,1917) in the player town of Rivendell which has been around since 1997. This can be reached pretty quickly from Fel Britain moongate or there is a teleporter from the North Harbor Tele Hub.


It was decorated in spirit of the original, which was owned by Zym Dragon, may he rest in peace. Here is a picture of the original design from Zerver's review for Stratics in 1998:


Zym kept the interior IGM blessings until shortly after AoS released when he requested that they be removed so he could put up a custom plot. The opening of Tram slowly killed off Rivendell (familiar story, I know) and he designed it as a burned out version of its former self. It eventually came to me and I've tried to restore it as much as possible, though some graphics are still unobtainable by players. I used to hang out here a lot when I was in my teens. It was a popular RP and RP-PvP hub in the early days. There were several other houses up in the farms which have since fallen and cannot be replaced, but at least the Halfling still stands.
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I still have a house in Rivendell where Craig's house stood. I tried to build it similar to what he had. Craig is back now and comes and goes. We have also preserved Miss Amy and Beowulf's house plot. We could not set the exact house but they built one similar to fit there. With the placement of the benches and bushes they were blocking setting the original house. I spent most of my UO early years there. My character got married there and the Seers sent an Orc Raid to the reception. I will never forget that. Too much fun.