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Progressive Discipline Points System

Progressive Discipline Points System

  Progressive Discipline Points System  

Stratics employs a points-based progressive discipline system. When a poster breaks a rule, he or she is issued a warning. For each warning issued the user earns a fixed number of points, and at designated points thresholds the user will receive increasingly lengthy suspensions and eventually a permanent ban.

Violations of the Wiki Usage Rules will result in a 2 point warning for minor offenses, serious offenses such as intentional sabotage or vandalism will result in a 4 point warning.
Repeated violations or extreme examples of breeches of these rules will result in removal of a members ability to edit the Stratics Community Wiki.

Each of the following warnings will result in 1 point applied to the user's account:

  • Trolling
  • Trade Forum Bumps Rule
  • Sale Duration Violation
  • Number of Auctions/Sales
  • Inappropriate Language/Circumventing Profanity Filter
  • Advertising (Not Spam)
  • Discussing Moderator Actions

Each of the following warnings will result in 2 points applied to the user's account:

  • Misuse of Alternate User Account
  • Disallowed 3rd Party Content
  • Posting Bugs / Exploits
  • Ignoring Mod / Admin Warnings
  • Player to Player Real Currency Sales
  • Personal Attacks
  • Posting Private Messages
  • Inappropriate Username

The following, more severe warnings will result in 10 points being applied to the user's account, triggering an immediate ban (all bans will be reviewed by the administrative staff, please see below):

  • Posting of Personal Information
  • Evading Temporary Ban
  • Threats to Cause Physical or Mental Harm
  • Spammed Advertisements (bots)
  • Uploading or Linking to a Virus
  • Malicious Attack / Threatening to Hack Forums or Otherwise Harm the Site
  • Evading Permanent Ban
  • Racist or Pornographic Posts
  • Leaking of Content covered by an NDA agreement without permission

When a user has a total of 1, 2, or 3 points, they will not receive any suspension of service.
At 4 points, a user will automatically receive a 3-day suspension.
At 6 points, a user will automatically receive a 7-day suspension.
At 8 points, a user will automatically receive a 30-day suspension.
At 10 points, a user will automatically receive a permanent ban.

All permanent bans will be reviewed by the administrative staff. For bans initiated for the most egregious, 10-point offenses (with the exception of spam bots), this review will happen after the ban has been given for the purpose of determining if it was done in error and should be lifted. If a 1 or 2-point item will trigger a permanent ban, the review will occur prior to the ban being put into effect. As always, a community member may request a review of any moderation action by emailing [email protected], or by contacting a member of the moderation team.

Warning points will expire after a 1 calendar year from the date they were received.

Trade forum specific rules will be handled at the discretion of the moderators, making use of thread bans, locking threads etc. in addition to or at times as an alternative to the point system. For other areas of the forums, discretion by the moderators may occur, but this will be solely based on the warning history of a users account.

Users may view their own warning history and current points total in a tab in their profile. If no tab is visible, then no warnings have been issued.

Effective date: 5/12/2016