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Trade Forum Rules

Stratics Rules of Conduct

  Stratics Trade Forum Rules  

In addition to the Stratics Rules of Conduct, posts on the trade forums are subject to the following rules to ensure that all users have a fair, competitive opportunity to present in-game items for sale.

It is strongly preferred for the best interest of potential buyers and for future public reference purposes that prices and bids for items listed on Stratics be made publicly in the sales thread.

It is also strongly preferred that posts for not be 'blanked', with the body and subject of the posts left visible for future reference. There is a "Sold" tag which you can use to properly list that an item has been sold.

Sales and auction threads must primarily consist of items consistent with the forum topic.

Sellers and auctioneers may not 'bump' a thread more than 1 time every 24 hours.

  • For this context, a 'bump' is defined as a post devoid of any content or meaning other than to raise a post to the top of the forum.
  • Deleted bumps can be seen by the moderators, and still count towards the 1-per-24 hour limit.
  • Posts announcing the addition or removal of items will also be considered a 'bump', and are subject to the same 1-per-24 hour limit.
  • Posts that add content or contribute meaningfully to the sale or auction are permitted and encouraged, but a pattern of posting such content in a way that intentionally and systematically circumvents the bump rule may be treated as excessive bumping.
  • There is no restriction on the amount of updates within the last hour of an auction.

A single poster may have no more than 5 active auctions and/or sales (in any combination) threads in any one section of the trade forums at any given time.

  • An "active" sale is one that was posted or bumped by the seller within the past 2 weeks and which has not been marked "sold".
  • An auction is "active" until its end date.
  • Posts listed as "auctions" must meet these criteria:
    • An auction is defined as a sale in which goods are sold to the highest bidder, in which the reserve and buyout price are not the same, and where a specific end time and date is given.
    • All auctions must begin at the time of posting, and end no later than 30 days after the date of the first post in the auction thread.

Conducting any of the following commercial activities on Stratics is prohibited without permission of the Senior Leadership Team:

  • RMT or selling virtual goods or services for any real world currency / real life goods or services for any virtual currency.
  • Contracting to or hiring other users for out of game activities paid with in-game currency or items.
  • Contracting to or hiring other users for in-game activities paid for with any real world currency.
  • Sale or trade of game time or other game codes.
  • Sale or trade of game accounts for any game.
  • Sale or trade of items known to be illegal to own in game.

All transactions are made at the user's own risk. Stratics can not enforce the completion of any trade offer and makes no guarantees in regards to items traded.

  • Stratics staff can not and will not arbitrate or mediate any trade disputes.
  • As trade disputes can not be mediated or resolved on the forums, they should be kept to private channels. Please see the Rules of Conduct section under Trolling, Personal Attacks, and Harassment for further clarification of accusations and airing public grievances.

  • Effective date: 5/20/2016