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***OT*** Corrupt a Wish

Braelynn Aria

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Your Wonderful wish has been granted BUT, You find with in the week of you owning the PepsiCola Company (so you own Mountain Dew sub-company) Stcok and revenue has drop to Zero. No one is buying Pepsi or its products, not Coke and its products, everyone is buying Jones Soda now. so there for your company crashes and you still owe your suppiers for supplies, your now in the hole multi millions! Con-grats!!!

I wish: I could Eat my dinner with out being interupted with work at work!!

[/ QUOTE ]

***Back to this old thread, I love digging up threads***

Granted, now your a stay at home dad with 18 kids and your wife is pregnant again! No more work to worry about, you can eat whenever you want to, good luck getting a bite in without a kid needing something!

I wish there was an 18x18 spot in Makoto available for me to place in!


Stratics Veteran
Your wish is granted.. but Inu's huge beetle Kurai Kabuto is hungry and he and his hoard ravage your house, leaving only the plumbing and you, sitting naked and cold, on the toilet with a copy of Sherry The Mouse's "My Story".

I wish I could customize my castle.


Granted, but now your castle is a mini-castle, only 7x7 tiles in size.

I wish Battlestar Gallactica was a new episode every day!