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  1. Bierce

    [Stealing] Real skill checks for Thief skills

    I have a thief character that I haven't played in years and I decided to play around with the template a little. I want to max Snooping, Stealing and Stealth using equipment instead of real skills. My question is, are there any benefits to having these three skills maxed with real skill values...
  2. K

    [Stealing] My thief initiation

    Hello, I would like to share my story as a player with you. I started out as an Ultima Online player in 1999. My first character (Catskill) was a Miner and Blacksmith in the days when Trammel and company didn't exist. It was later that I decided to create a mage / Swords wow that was good in PvP...
  3. Fat Tony

    Poor Little Drummer Boy

    I was tired and bored as I aimlessly roamed Britannia looking for a mark. There weren’t many to be found. I finally hit pay dirt when I stepped into the Tokuno Mines. Bourne Killa was there but unfortunately for me, that did not end well. Pay dirt quickly turned into a dirt nap when I caught her...
  4. Fat Tony

    Where the hell is my whip?

    I was lost in thought. I had been drinking on the Tokuno Island of Isamu the night before and inadvertently misplaced my whip. I had met this fan dancer and things kind of got out of control and well tis a long story. I was retracing my steps when this clod ran over my toe with his silly giant...