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[Stealing] My thief initiation


I would like to share my story as a player with you.
I started out as an Ultima Online player in 1999. My first character (Catskill) was a Miner and Blacksmith in the days when Trammel and company didn't exist. It was later that I decided to create a mage / Swords wow that was good in PvP !! But after a few years of playing I decided to take a break. It's only been a few months since I'm back in the game. UO's nostalgia. There has been a lot of change, and a lot of updates (expansions). I created a lot of new characters for myself but still, I was missing a few more fun things to do. So I decided to create a Thief. It’s seeing a post here on UOStratic that I got a taste and more on a different server to the hard Siege Perilous.

Soo here's the start:

My Initiation

Now My Robe and get my First Task :

Get robe gt task.jpg

I have to complet my First official Steal:

Thanks to Storm :)


And Boom My first steal:


Now the first one done, I had to do my second one;


trying to do my second steal and BOOM !! Failed the item has no value;


Few minutes later, here is my next potentiel target;


and then !! I successfulyy done my second steal;


Soo here the end of my short story and Wont be my last.

Cya around guys :)