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price check

  1. M

    [Discussion] Ultima Online World Faire 2000 - Dragon

    I attended the UO World Faire in Austin in 2000 and bought this limited edition (128 out of 2500)dragon. I'm just curious how much it is worth today, almost 20 years later. Also, I forgot how much it originally cost, so if anyone remembers, that info would be appreciated, too. lol.
  2. S

    [Discussion] Price Check, For Sale.

    Mainly Looking For A Price Check On The Splintering Wepons! Also Interested In Selling them!!! 1. 2. Thank You So Much!!!
  3. S

    [Price Check] PRICE CHECK PLEASE

    Price check please!!!! thank you soo much! 1 2 3 4 5
  4. K

    price check

    anyone tell me how much this is worth
  5. Cork

    [Sold] Price check splintering weapons

    I have a few splintering weapons I'd like to sell. I can deliver to Atlantic or Chesapeake. Thanks
  6. Tarod

    Price Check PP WW

    Price check on a pre patch White Wyrm with 760 str?
  7. fspy

    [Price Check] Some Jewelry

    Been back only a month, no idea how to price these. A) B) C) D) E) F) G) H) I) J) Thanks for looking! :)
  8. Garavon

    [Price Check] PC/Selling new Frost (Krampus) Drake

    Atlantic - I've got one of the new Frost Drakes freshly tamed about an hour ago. They're so new I need help pricing. I've only seen one other post and no one selling in game yet. That post was 50m obo, I also heard people say 20m, 10m whats reasonable? Any offers? It's 2 slots.
  9. Garavon

    [Price Check] Return Intro and Price Check Please

    Hi. I'm returning to UO after being gone for like 20 years. I'm playing on Atlantic. It's great being back in Britannia but things have definitely changed a bit. Between the magic item system changing drastically and inflation I'm trying to wrap my head around current prices. I have done some...
  10. Innoxicated

    [Price Check] 3 pieces of +skill jewelry; PC if you please!

    Recently returned and was pleasantly surprised by the quality of some of the monster loot with the "new" loot system! Unfortunately, I'm only starting to gain some sense of what makes an item desirable, and stalking through the trader's hall has been very beneficial in that regard. Now I'd like...
  11. Yuzo

    [Price Check] Pc on Ring and Bracelet

    Was wondering what they would be worth? i am on Atlantic, thanks!
  12. E_T

    [Price Check] Legendary Studded Legs: 10%LMC 10stam 20%LRC 5dex etc

    Looking for a Price Check on these studded legs. They give total 13% LMC since they are studded leather.
  13. X

    Selling Pet 11 Pets GD TOP: 4.2, 4 slots, 128W, 126T etc...

    For a long time I'm hunting GD, I think GD 4 slots respawn 1 in 200, those were the best GD, I've never seen GD like number 10 our 8, but I need gold our items like: ps +20 westrling, anatomy, tactics , +25 status, AOF, Tangle, cameo demon, undead, reptile, totem is Compassion's Eye. In case you...
  14. Yuudai


    All items are on Atlantic and you can reach me via ICQ #701-796-542. Selling 1. Titan reward set all 4 rewards from defeating the titans for the UO 20th anniversary. 175 MIL 2. Invasion 50 SDI Spellbook 164 MIL Taking Offers (With interest I will change to auction) 3. Max mod invasion...
  15. Ferran Trinity

    [Discussion] Invasion Spellbooks Price Check

    I would like to know what people would pay for the following invasion spellbooks: -Fey Slayer - DCI 5 - SDI 24 - FCR 2 - LMC 4 -Undead Slayer - DCI 7 - SDI 28 - FCR 2 - LMC 5 -Undead Slayer - DCI 9 - SDI 27 - FCR 2 - LMC 4 -Repond Slayer - DCI 10 - SDI 30 - FCR 2 - LMC 5 -Dragon Slayer -...
  16. F

    [Discussion] Random House Price Check

    I've just managed to snatch a 14x18 house location in Atlantic, near-ish to the shrine of compassion, and was wondering how much it would be worth. Probably not going to sell it anytime soon as my old castle collapsed awhile back, but it would be good to know where it stands in terms of price...
  17. Beeble

    [Sold] Crafting/Blacksmith Bundle - Closed

    Hi, Could i get a general price check on this bundle? i dont have much for crafting, so was going to sell it all together though not 100% sure of value. 70 - Ash Runic Fletching tools 90 - Heartwood Runic Fletching tools 90 -Oak Runic Fletching Tools 45 - Barbed Runic Sewing Kits 15 -...
  18. Odin Firefly


    Wondering if someone could tell me what Glenda sells for. Have 2 of these and may want to sell.