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Who's playing LoA Alpha 3?


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I need to check it out. I haven't played since a couple releases back.


Not even close to UO and its running away from uo day by day. Its Got tier system for crafting ?
And you need katana blades to craft a katana. So it means tha the crafters are gluing the parts not crafting :)

And the most important issue; community is really bad.
Theyre streaming the game as UO 2.0 and if you tell them "thats not uoish", the community yells together "ITS NOT UO 2.0!!"

I do not know maybe the game will be better in future , but it looks like albion more than uo for now.

Zeph Wightfyre

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I mean if I want to play UO, I'll play UO. The important thing is LoA is inspired by UO, not trying to replicate it. There were many things that UO got wrong, hell there's many it still gets wrong.

Crafting is boring to me, so I can't speak to that. I do know several crafters who are enjoying the system. But like everything else right now it's buggy and unbalanced.

It's also nothing like Albion. Not real sure how you can even make that connection.