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Wheres the action at?



Hi, I,m trying this game for first time on the 14 day trial - I was just wondering which is the most populated server to play on? and also if there are any active role-play guilds out there? This seems like a great game, though I dont want to start paying a subscription for an online game without other online players :)

Mystic Princess

Well I'm form Halgar but I think most servers have similar ammounts of people, perhaps with exception to pvp which I do not know about, the game is awsome and well worth playing, I know Halgars peek times are raising again nicely now we have this new area for people to try, personally I'd recommend it but then I play it and love it :)

RPG well its not a strong thing with Halgar, but then again it would be a bonus to any server, we have a few ex rp'rs among our guild and I know they would 100% join in with anything rp, so perhaps someone new might liven the rp side up :)