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NEWS Where are the Governors


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Elections are complete and 5 cities are without governors.

The position of Governor is mostly role play. We meet once a month with the King (EM Topaz would like this meeting to be used to help the event story line).
Governors can set trade deals, grant titles, and hold events in the name of their city is they like. Events can be a fun way to build community and earn funds for the city trade deals.
As Governor of Yew, I'd love to be able to work with the other city Governors.

If you are interested in becoming a Governor, come to the next King's council meeting. You need to be adored in the city you want.

Cities in need of a governor are:

Minoc, Moonglow, Skara Brae, Trinisc, Yesper

Cities that have governors are:

Britain-Governor Mylene (Trade deal Guild of Arcane Arts)
Jhelom-Governor Garion
Magincia-Governor Red Cloud
Yew- Governor Tamais (Trade deal Guild of Assassins)