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  1. Bierce

    Europa - List of Town Buffs & Governors

    I've recently started spending some time on Europa and today I travelled around towns to choose buffs. I decided to share the list here for public use. I'll try to update it every few weeks, check the end of the post for the update note. JHELOM: +1 Faster Casting | Governor: Skuld NEW MAGINCIA...
  2. Tamais

    NEWS Where are the Governors

    Elections are complete and 5 cities are without governors. The position of Governor is mostly role play. We meet once a month with the King (EM Topaz would like this meeting to be used to help the event story line). Governors can set trade deals, grant titles, and hold events in the name of...
  3. Tamais

    NEWS And the Governors Are

    The election period for Governors has just ended. All people who won need to be sure to accept the position. If you are interested, there are several cities that are open at this time. The King will be accepting petitions at the next king's council, tentatively scheduled for the 25th. (...
  4. Zynia

    NEWS the Governor's Meeting, October 2015

    October 25th, 2015 All governors with the exception of the Governor of Yew, and the late arrival of Governor Arya were present for tonights meeting. Governor of Vesper, Lord Quacklebush announced he has the cities armada out searching for Lady Khaleesi. The Governor announces he...