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[Imbuing] When did they


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HLL & HML DISPLAYED are based on the FINAL SPEED of the weapon after SSI is factored in. Add SSI (or have SSI on a reforged weapon), and the max displayed for those will be less than if the same intensity was on a non-SSI weapon - at the same intensity. Been that way since about 6 months into Imbuing.


@Basara Let me try to explain better. 2 months ago I made a few Double Axes and imbued them to 81% HML and HLL now when I try to do it they only go to 62%. I think they did a stealth patch. That is why I'm asking when did they do this. It is even changed on knuckleheads.


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HLL and HML is depended on ssi property as well, cap dropping, as ssi is increased. To my knowledge it hasn't changed in a long time.