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What will you name your character?



Well it depends... if I can be Vala I will be thrilled. But if that is restricted or she happens to be an in-game npc... I'm sure I will come up with some nerdy sci-fi reference. :)


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Depends on a few factors. Will you be allowed first and last names? One name only? Will there be blocks on canon character names? Etc.

Personally, I never say my names of my characters till i have them in game, that way some *insertnamehereformeanpeople* doesn't reserve my name and try to parade as me.

So no, my name will -not- be Kayhynn.


Most of the time, I pick up "Kiminality" for Forums or IRC, or such.
Failing that, there's the alternatives of "Deadly Brain" or "Scary Mojya" ;)

Very rarely do I use Kiminality as a character name.
Generally, I think "In the unlikely event that I end up with a human worm-baby of my own, would I name it 'xxx'"

Obviously, that failed when I thought it would be a good idea to call a character "Angelic Panda" :/


I'm just going to use my real name: Anthony. We can have last names...right?