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[Discordance] What do I target?


When training discordance by casting Despair, what do you target? yourself? or a creature with at least 90 bard difficulty or what?



Lore Master
Well, I figured out you can target self, but my armor is taking a hit. :(
Not sure if it works the same for bard masteries, but with the taming masteries I can gain without targeting anything. The skill check happens when you use the skill, not when you select a target. Could be different with bard masteries. You might want to try it to see if you get gains and maybe save your armor. At the very least you should remove your armor.


LOL ok, well, I went naked and it seemed to work, but had to wear bracelet of health to stay alive, maybe because I'm an Elf.

Anon McDougle

Lore Keeper
Stratics Veteran
I can't count the times I've mistakenly cast despair on myself rather than the mob and died...