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What are you looking forward to in SWOTR


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I have not played in Beta. It sounds like its a cross of SWG & Guild Wars. I throw Guild Wars into becuase of the Companions. In varous chapters of Guild Wars after the Night Fall expansion you can get your own NPC`s. I think there are up to 13 companions you can choose(Heros) from in Guild Wars. GW use to allow up to 3 of them in your party. These compains your able to choose skills from the primary & add skills from a secondary class. You were able to customise there weapons, armor, & equipment.

I`m not sure what the number of companions you can have in SWOTR. On top of that you get to play in the Star Wars galaxies. I`m not 100% sure if all the class from KOTOR will be aviable on launch. The path you choose affects what companions you get, & there development(not 100% sure on this).


Always been a fan of the Star Wars franchise, so thats the aspect I'm mostly interested in. I used to play WoW but got rather bored with it. Hoping this can hold my attention a bit longer as it sucks countless hours of my life lol