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Welcome to the wiki beta test forum! Take a look around the wiki, then check in here. :)

If you have any comments, suggestions, etc, please feel free to discuss them here. Any bugs, please post in the stickied threads up top.

After you've had a chance to look around the wiki, feel free to help fix and add to the info. If you get a new drop that's not yet listed, please do add it, but maybe first check that it's not already at least partially been added already:

Last month's items: Login required - Stratics Community Wiki | Stratics
This month's items: Login required - Stratics Community Wiki | Stratics

Please do note that when you add a new drop, you have to at least include the year and month in the info, or it will not show up on those pages.

Again, welcome!

Princess Zora

Hello Brian :)
Thank you for the Invite and i will do my best to Help with the Wiki.
Looks like i have alot to Read to find in this System *g*



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Stratics Legend
Wow this is a wealth of information! Good work to everyone involved in creating this.

I just have a question. Can I change the colour scheme?

The red text on the dark background is very hard to read.

When I try to click the "style chooser" in the bottom left it does nothing but it works for the Stratics forum fine. I use "uo classic".

Petra Fyde

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While I am consumed by curiosity about how you're updating hunter's guide I have deliberately not logged in to this. That way there is no question about any conflict of interest - or stealing of ideas.

In fact if you should feel it advisable to remove my access to this area entirely I will not be offended.