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(OT) UO in Hospital.....

Life is funny in a sense.......

I am just lying here in my hospital room, waiting for the time for my Op and the nurse has just came in and asked me if I wanted the code for the WiFi as she had seen I had my laptop with me (Which I brought for the Post Op to watch films and listen music....Never thought about playing UO), well I am sat here with a massive smile in my face as I can do something I enjoy while I wait for the time to enter...... Its nothing serious, just checking and biopsy of a lump, but I am remaining happy and positive and that is the important part. I might be on and off, so If you see me and I am saying something weird or strange don't worry its probably the effects of the anaesthetics still.... hehehe;)
Well see you all around the game, be safe and kill the foe!!!:banana: