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[UO.Com] Publish 95 Comes to TC1


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They gonna get tossed anyway...you really think someone is gonna spend time (other than the scripters) to get the resources, make the product, fill the bod, and turn it in for like 0.05 points? Really?

Among all the boneheaded boondoggled screwups I have seen in UO, well, I myself am done with this. It's stupid
No I'm pretty sure they'll still be thrown on the floor.

Why waste materials for .005%?
There's a mass accumulation of low level BODs that are required to fill large BODs that would previously be the only way to attain certain high level crafting rewards. Right now small BODs are, as have been pointed out many times, largely worthless outside being used in large BODs. Now there is a value for them. The balancing factor is concerned with giving small BODs value while still preserving value of large BODs. Large BODs are, and continue to be, the most effective path at getting high level rewards. Now, aside from being used for large BODs, small BODs are worth points towards rewards they previously were worthless against achieving. Is it worth spending some of your ingot/cloth/etc supply to fill them? That's up to you. The fractional conversion rate is something we are monitoring throughout testing and will adjust as necessary - keeping in mind that the most effective path to high level rewards will continue to be large BODs and not become small BODs. Thanks for the feedback.