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[UO.Com] Combat Changes in Testing


UO Software Engineer
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Well man to think originally they were trying to have alchemy and/or parry down to the 15 non focus spec. That would have dropped the damage burst to roughly 99 pts while archer damage just from AIs didn't change.

Even for a straight Melee it'd be 35+11 every 1.25s.

It's just a silly argument.

No one wanted to argue balance vs non parry mages and archers.

Why? because the damage is so lopsided which is why people use parry to begin with.

Tonight a group of people even tried to convince bleak to get the sdi cap back down to 20 sdi again.
I just want to thank everyone who has come out to TC this week and provided feedback. This has been a long week and I have taken a lot of time to reflect on your feedback.
It is my opinion that ranged Dexers(archers/throwers) out class every template in DPS in this current Meta and that focused mages even with 30 sdi are still not close.
The proposed changes to the ranged weapon damage calculation taking the swing speed of the weapon into account is to help to solve this issue.
My goal is to add more diversity in templates and I feel that the range in DPS must be tweaked in order to open up templates. I also feel that the increase of ranged DPS has pushed templates to rely on parry more for survivability.
I understand that DPS is not the only factor to balance but I view it as an important step forward. Thanks again for your patience during this process.