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Training Lower HP Pets


I noticed that some pets start out with more hit points than others. How does the tamer keep up on healing the lower hit point pet during training when up against the unbound energy vortex? Or, does the tamer have to settle with the lower creatures to kill and just "slightly" gain battle experience? Nightmares, for example come to mind. They start out their hit points around 300 or so, but the Cu's start out around 550-600. Seems that the nightmare would be harder to keep alive during battle against a tougher creature.

Adell of Catskills

Stratics Veteran
For nightmare start on crazed mage. You should have no problem keeping it healed. Beetles are trickier. Maybee a dread pirate.

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Billy Butcher

For one slotters I get a 3 slot cu to tank dread pirate and 2 1 slotters. Or bring second account. If I keep one account on pirate ship it does not decay and I can bring a train of 1-2 slot pets to train up quickly.


Seasoned Veteran
I let another account tank the Ev or crazed mage.

Training 1 slot beetles is rough. The gains are much slower even on the top level of great gains

Once you get a beetle to two slots you can pump up resists and hp regen, so it all keeps getting easier.