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Training Bard Skills by using masteries on myself...

Val Van Wolf

Seasoned Veteran
Stratics Veteran
Help. This sounds like the dumbest question. I'm trying to make a pure bard with magery. Using the macros I've seen in this forum, I'm using masteries to raise Discord and Peace. (my provo is only 85 so I can't use masteries yet.) I'm also using the little macros I've found here but this is my question: When does the music play? When do I double click the instrument I'm carrying? Don't be too mean when you answer.... Or is there no music whatsoever when using bard masteries. I have the books... I have a drum...I have 110 music. I have over 95 discord and peacemaking. (they were on soulstones for a few years). What am I leaving out? I use the old 2D client.

Well, thanks for any help...


UO Legend
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
First you need to select a mastery path to be active(context menu on the mastery book).
Active any mastery ability (and target it if necessary). On target or use there is a chance to gain.
If you don't have an instrument set, then you will be prompted to select one. Then you may have to re-use the ability.
Their is only a gain chance on successful use so you want to stop it as soon as it starts, and then start it again.


Crazed Zealot
Stratics Veteran
I prefer to double click a musical instrument after logging on to be sure that one is set up (and to know which one).
It takes 1 charge to activate a mastery so be ready to spend a lot of musical instruments while you are training.


Seasoned Veteran
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Everything Logrus and Corwin said is spot on I just wanted to throw a couple more points in.

When using the masteries you will never hear the music play. You will only hear music when double clicking an instrument or when you use a particular bard skill on a target.

I am currently training up my second bard and am going through the same things you are right now. I didn't work peace up by doing the masteries, I just set a macro to area peace all the time while I was training or just puttering around my house. For Provo and Discord I used the masteries. To make things go a little faster, you may want to think about dropping your Music skill down to GM, this raises the difficulty when you use a particular bard skill and will help with skill gains. Also do not use GM made instruments because these also lower the overall difficulty, I just went and bought instruments to train with from Carpenter NPCs. Once you have your other bard skills where you want them then train your Music skill back up.