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[Tinkering] Tinker Made Magic Jewelry


Howdy! Is the tinker made magic jewelry pretty much a waste of time since one can imbue their own jewelry? I was remembering how I used to make it years ago, so I thought I'd try to make a few items just to see how it turned out, but only got one property on every attempt. Is that how it is now, or do you have to go through hundreds of gems to get anything with more than one property?


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Some people treat getting one property as the base for imbuing the rest - especially for the ecru citrine ring.


Depending on the shard you play craftable stuff might be all you have access to for a base piece. As @Basara alluded to the ecru citrine ring for 50 ep, or 5 ssi, or other properties could be what is needed to gear a toon. I personally have dozens of 50ep rings for different fights and set ups.


So, what are 4 other properties to imbue with a 50 ep ring, that players look for?
with 200 intensity already taken with the ep typically you are bound by what else shows up. I like hci15 dci15, di to what ever i can get once i drop other property to 1 with imbuing. sometimes skill is done. if you play 3d just having 50ep is good and you can use dress macro with potions... 1 button change and chug.