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(Player News) The LS Town Crier ICQ is shutting down


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I've recently received a notice from ICQ claiming that support for unofficial clients and unregistered users with be suspended in the near future, so I'm taking this oppportunity to shut down the ICQ town crier.

The platform had a good run, and served in it's time. But several of the contacts no longer seem to play, or even have access to the ICQ addresses logged in the town crier. In addition, most of the announcements sent out do not turn into player attendance to announced events.

Town crier schedules will still be posted in the regular forums and activites will continue on the shard, but the ICQ town crier will be turned off in the coming weeks.

She's had her run, it's time to let her rest.
Thanks for your service! I'll be sad to see it go.

I go on spurts of playing UO a lot, and then not playing it at all for months.